Everyone is Departing! 😭 (Episode 274) – Video

Everyone is Departing! 😭 (Episode 274) – Video

In this episode of Sailing Zatara, the crew is on the move, and it looks like they’re all heading in different directions. As they explore the Caribbean and enjoy the remote seclusion of the islands, they also take the time to do some free diving and hunting for spiny lobsters.

It’s a day of big decisions and innovative plans for the future. Jack, one of the Z-Crew members, talks about his upcoming captain’s license and his plans to work as a whale guide in Tonga. Kate will be joining him on this new adventure.

The Z-Crew shares their excitement and nervousness about the changes ahead, and it’s an episode filled with breathtaking underwater footage and insights into the crew’s personal aspirations.

This episode offers an inside look at the daily life on the boat and the close-knit bonds of family and friends. The Z-Crew’s love for the open sea and adventurous spirit shine through, making it a must-watch for any sailing enthusiast. To join the Z-Crew on their journey, head to their YouTube channel for the full episode.

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Video Transcript

Open air side by side we sway there in all the colors some This is the kind of place we love Solitude peace and Privacy being the only boat around remote seclusion where we can swim and explore freely Talk to me and tell me all that you seen [Applause] All memor watched in every shade of green in all the colors Some The Lazy River day Cano bathing in the turquoise blue and I grab this place to be and nothing [Applause] Toe you want to stay here go check it out where are we going just 14 miles to the other side of this is I need somebody to pull the hook all right pull the hook go pull the hook people so the wind kicked up and it’s kind of gotten rough here it’s been

Sunny for the last few days but today’s gray and cloudy so we’re going to move to the other side of the island maybe it’ll be calmer over there Luke is the bridal man yeah I was nominated keep Going oh you can do it there we go Thank you it’s a messy deck that’s for sure but it’s because we live on it this is not a Showboat that’s for sure we got six people living on board so and there’s one of them right now Yeah To put see the spk for us Off This there might be some sand here go for it a little you can probably try and drop it go that Way yeah think that was a nice grab that was a grab I know while the Mediterranean was mostly void of sea life the Caribbean is quite the opposite our kids have always loved free diving and these waters are filled with underwater life so they’ve recently developed an interest in the great hunt

For the spiny Lobster lobster season in the Bahamas is August to March and with your cruising permit it’s legal to hunt them while free diving using a pole spear snare or with your hands and the tail has to be at least 6 in to keep them and at this

Point they’ve yet to catch any that were big enough to keep however cake did seem to attract a huge flock of birds come on K they’re not chck up here there’s no Lo I’m H in it’s just getting comfortable with the pressure right now we’re uh I’m

Learning to get to the bottom it’s about 30 ft scary scared I’m terrible at free diving too good good practice not like other Adventure Sport you got to be so calm man it is Pitch Black except for our beautiful lumch lights of course all right you ready

Yeah where the heck did it go I can’t even see him dude it didn’t even swim up I know I can geted you didn’t do it it’s the pressure Kate’s going to do it is this like super easy I went earlier how deep 30 ft oh I don’t know I don’t know

Feet like 9 M maybe not even anything yeah times three so 27 ftsh all right ready set go see what you got why do I not Look come on that beautiful these clothes might get a drag though yeah I don’t why you’re fully clothed that was a last minute decision mom told me to get in the water with my clothes so I just I got to listen to Mom’s ERS not I got it I didn’t I dared

You and you did it that’s the same as ordering don’t ever dare Kate to do something all right get back in the water okay bye all right you can do it he doesn’t make it oh that be fine gu how are you doing F fantastic thanks for

Your help last night F absolutely you didn’t have to stay up that’s all right I was on call mine was you how’s that going really you know I’m filming right now right wow he cruised the bottom a that was easy bottom I made it good job Luke thank you it he’s are

Diver our anchor stuck this morning Jack is going to be a hero oh it’s just straight under it hold on I can let some down yeah let it down is a beautiful morning though we’re getting ready to go to the next Island and these beautiful Bahamas oh you got it excellent we

Get the best anchor in the world what best anchor in the world yeah and how about that chain and that chromax chain is like Theon what’s wrong with you I don’t know a broke bone in my foot I guess oh honey and this thing too this guy’s awesome there’s Captain

Jack putting up the ASM and I’m probably right in the way again huh not yet you will be so in a few weeks Jack is going to take uh a course that will give him a six-pack captain’s license so he’s working on that right now he’s headed to Tonga this summer and

He’s going to he’ll have his captain’s license so he can manage the boat for the whale watching tours at our friend’s Resort at maua lodge so he’s super excited about that so he’s getting hands- on practice as always Okay so what is next for Jack whiter what is your plans for the future are you going to stay on the boat forever and live with your mommy no no sorry Mom I got to leave the nest at some point no I’ve tried to figure

Out how I can go about life the most productively the easiest way possible 80% of my results come from 20% of my work I’m trying to figure out what that 20% is currently it’s YouTube YouTube allows me to do what I want to do where

I want to do it I’m going to be getting my captain’s license in Florida once we get there I’ve had a lot of people comment saying I should and I should uh pursue that career so it’s what I’m doing me and Kate are going to be going

To Tonga for like five months just cuz it’s you know who wouldn’t want to go to Tonga it’s a great opportunity yeah yeah and then after that I got no idea so what will you be doing in Tonga exactly do you know I will be serving as a whale

Guide so you point out the whales or you drive the boat there’s a captain and there’s a guide you know since I have my captain’s license I could be either or you take the boat out in the morning you go see the whales you work the tours

Tell people hey go jump in there you know it’s kind of like hurting cats that’s basically what it is if you’re interested it’s called mat M A matua maua Lodge maua Lodge sweet and Kate is going too it’s exciting I’m scared no you’re not you excited all right I’m

Keep reading and he’s going to keep youtubing so make sure you follow his YouTube channel and Instagram and all that thank you yeah all right and Miss Kate we heard that you were going to go to Tonga maybe with Jack I would like to yeah that’s kind of kind of the plan

Right now unless you know something comes up until then but what would you do in Tonga what do you think you’re I’ll be 17 by then yes so I won’t have any official um like boat driving jobs or I can’t be an official whel guide but

I will be helping out as much as I can learning as much as I can and doing basically as much as they give me it’ll be good it be good opportunity I think you guys will be back for Thanksgiving and Christmas that’ll be wonderful we’ll only be gone for probably 5 months so

And will you film it are you a vlogger I probably won’t but I I mean I might you never know it could come up before then yeah and keep drawing Kate is a beautiful artist do you think you’ll be doing any drawing up there your free time I’ll bring my probably bringing

Some supplies with me yeah thank you man it’s been a great sale today just nice and easy we left mayaguana this morning about 6:30 7:00 throughout the symmetrical and we’re going up to concession 140 Mi away and it’s just been perfect the timing is the wind’s

Just right so that we can sail the whole way and get there at uh right now we get there at uh 8:00 in the morning 6 7 o’ in the morning nice and we don’t even got to turn an engine on and then the wind dies off tomorrow and then we got a

Big front coming in spinning around a high pressure system spin around we’re going to have 25 30 knots of wind for 3 or four days guys are going to be coting we’re going to be sitting in beautiful water at conception Island it’s going to be wonderful awesome it’s going to be

Tremendous it’s going to be tremendous I’m just saying tremendous and then after that front Blows By we’ll jump over to Thunderball grot let the kids play there for a day then we’ll day hop all the way up to uh Nassau and then over to uh Miami are we miss skipping

The Exumas that’s where Thunderball grle is but we’re just going to stop in one or two places we’re going to be on time constraints yeah yeah gotcha are the quietest gamers in the world oh oh dude you knifer you knife everyone give me something good something good something

Good people don’t make music like Gord Lightfoot did Lear yeah so here’s Gordon light foot one lifefood is a folk musician from the 70s the new almond Sals have worked out great yes every time I put that gentle out I’m happy the main is great they all stack everything just it’s just been

Relaxing it’s been like a stress off my shoulder cry I’m going to cry C they did a good job and that code zero that’s the go-to sell man I can throw that code zero out no time at all and it does really really good so sweet they did a

Good job and what was really great about about is I didn’t have to hardly do anything they sent those CS ready to go ready to be put on and there wasn’t no manufacturing of anything to get them to fit I mean everything worked it just worked it just worked and they’re on

WhatsApp so you have questions you just ask them a question yeah I me just I just text them on WhatsApp and they hey what about this well it was bam bing bang boo bam just like that bam it’s good it’s good good good it sounds gooda except that that’s not an almond

Sale that’s a barely hanging on float away sale that got to get replaced almond we need an as almond we need an as man this we’re not being powered by alen right now we’re not being powered by alen all right this is Mr Finn he is 17 years old

How are you doing today Finn I’m doing great we are currently sailing to conception Island and I woke up about 2 3 hours ago tell me after boat life what is in store for you what do you have in the in the can in the can well this

Summer I’m hoping to buy a van a particular van I’ve been looking at is a West FIA vanan if you know what that van is then you’re going to be like well those vans are unreliable well we’re going to see how it goes I just like the

Van a lot um if you have one leave it in the comments but anyways I’ve been able to save up enough money from doing YouTube to be able to afford a van which is pretty nice and I will continue doing YouTube during van live so you guys will

Get to see my whole or whoever is watching will’ll get to see my whole Adventure if yeah and you’re renovating it and stuff aren’t you a little bit film film that yeah I mean the van I’m going to get if I get if I get this

Particular van I won’t have to do too much renovating just more engine maintenance and stuff like that than interior design so cool so where are you going to go first I down to Texas to get my license yes you do in June so I guess I’m starting from Texas so maybe I’ll go

To California first or something cool I don’t know go to Mexico no you’re not going to Mexico I could go to Mexico I I’ve heard Mexico safe like a little bit you just got to skip the bad parts it’s like going to anywhere don’t try to buy drugs that’s too late I’ve already

Bought 10 lbs of cocena okay so excellent so you’re YouTube You’re Going to YouTube you’re going to keep making money you’re going to Van life how long you think you’ll van life for um summer maybe next summer we’ll see what happens maybe I’ll get a new opportunity to doing something else

We’ll see cool and Jack and Kate should be home by Thanksgiving do you think you would spend Thanksgiving with us at home and Christmas I don’t have no reason to not to yeah you haven’t met like a girl I haven’t met a girl Finn does want a

Wife and kids he’s he wants a family that’s isn’t that a dream of yours a goal mhm I want some kids I want a wife I want in the van not in the van though Van’s a bit too small I think if I were

To have a wife I might build a house up on our land in Montana and then raise a family there or buy a boat buy a boat depends how much money I have sweet awesome that’s going to be in long time far future okay cool all

Right now I just got to get Luke thank you Finn thank you have a nice day okay and this is Luke he is our special guest he is age 21 from Florida yep so since I’ve been going with everybody else what are your plans after boat life oo okay

So I have a couple different options I can do first off easy option school and go back to school second would probably be Tonga Jack and Kate are going that would be really epic I’d be whale watching and working that season and then the third option is Vin life with

Finn and I’m torn Tor between two of them definitely don’t want to do college we’ll see where I end up I have no idea what do your parents think about the I don’t want to do college thing my parents are are totally okay with it as

Long as I’m making like able to sustain my living then I’m I’m good so maybe Tonga maybe maybe something adventurous I would hope to do something adventurous something adventurous one these people The Three Amigos here Amigos yeah I could start a band and no make music

Come on come on one oh yeah here we go come On come on now okay y’all are terrible terrible terrible terrible and don’t forget to tell us about your YouTube channel I know yes follow me on YouTube Luke Bosworth uh hopefully I can grow a following there and maybe sustain a living the link will be right going to

Tonga van life that’d be helpful having a YouTube channel yes go watch his videos go watch right here Yes All right it’s your very last night shift how does it feel it was all right I mean it’s not I’m not sad you’re not happy though you’re not like super excited like you don’t ever have to do not shift again night shifts aren’t that bad I mean yeah

Mine’s going to be over in no less than an hour so and that’s it no night shift on Van life no night shift on Van life just just uh Road long days of driving finding a place to sleep that won’t be too bad all right it’s your last night shift is that

Exciting not really I’m kind of uh mellow about it Stu all there as for me and Keith we are not done living on a boat We Still Love Boat life I love filming and making movies and we do have to spend some time in Florida in the coming weeks and then

We’re going to go to Texas for a little bit of time to see friends and family and then to Montana for a little bit but then probably April or May we’re going to be back in Florida because Keith is getting new engines on the boat he is so

Excited about that so I will be filming all of that I’ll film everything for you guys to see because I love filming and I like making movies and I want to bring you along on our adventures no matter what they are so uh after that we’ll

Have to move the boat uh out of hurricane zone so we’ll either have to go up north to the east coast of the US or down south to like Grenada or back down here um Insurance dictates where the boat is like where it’s covered so that’s what we have to do hurricane

Season and I I think we’ll be fine without the crew I mean I’m not real good at sailing procedures and stuff but I think once I’m forced to sit out here and do it I’ll remember it and we’ll be fine we’ll be fine I’ll film it it’ll

Make for some good laughs maybe thanks so much for watching our show every week I genuinely appreciate it and uh I hope you guys have a great weekend I hope you come back next Thursday and um much love to you all bye-bye k oh not inappropriate your butt’s like a

N I said no no No you like the shirtless dudes The Three Amigos shirtless oh

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