T-Mobile parent company wants to create an AI phone with no apps

T-Mobile parent company wants to create an AI phone with no apps

An app-free smartphone is the future goal of Deutsche Telekom which is championing a first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) phone concept together with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Brain.ai.

Announced via a press release on the Telekom website last Thursday (Feb. 15), the idea involves: ‘An assistant based on artificial intelligence replac(ing) the countless apps on the smartphone. Like a concierge, the assistant understands your goals and takes care of the details.’

An app-free smartphone design is being created where the AI can predict and generate the next interface contextually, based on the user’s flowing thoughts. The AI will be located in the cloud.

The aim is for this to take over the functions of a wide range of apps, with the ability to carry out all daily tasks via voice command. The Deutsche Telekom’s generative interface will be powered by Brain.ai. The German company, known for its telecommunications brand T-Mobile, is set to present its idea at the Mobile World Congress 2024 which takes place in Barcelona next week (26 – 29 Feb).

Chief Product and Digital Officer Jon Abrahamson shares more via the company website: “Artificial intelligence and Large Language Models (LLM) will soon be an integral part of mobile devices.

“We will use them to improve and simplify the lives of our customers. Our vision is a magenta concierge for an app-free smartphone. A real everyday companion that fulfills needs and simplifies digital life.”

Announcements at the Mobile World Congress 2024

More information is likely to be shared next week when the idea is unveiled with industry experts. Deutsche Telekom will be showcasing another version of an AI smartphone alongside this idea, which will be powered by the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Reference Design.

The conference will be attended by global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and content owners. This will include the likes of Meta Platforms Inc, Orange, 3Tech Corporate Limited, and many more.

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