Explore Ephesus – The Second Largest City of the Roman Empire #travelvlog – Video

Explore Ephesus – The Second Largest City of the Roman Empire #travelvlog – Video

Welcome to Ephesus, an ancient city located in Türkiye’s Central Aegean region. In this travel vlog, we are taking a guided tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was regarded as the second-biggest city of the Roman Empire and the most important trading hub of the Mediterranean. Ephesus has a rich history that reflects centuries of ancient civilizations, from classical Greece to the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity.

As we walk through the paved streets of Ephesus, we encounter squares, baths, and monumental ruins that showcase the architectural marvels of the time. We visit iconic landmarks such as the Library of Celsus, the Stadium, the Temple of Hadrian, and the Roman Baths, each providing insights into the ancient way of life and the sophisticated infrastructure of the city.

The tour also includes fascinating fun facts about Ephesus, such as its role as a cosmopolitan center of culture and commerce, its Hellenistic origins, and its significance as a major port city for trade between the East and West. We also get an up-close experience with the ancient columns, touch the centuries-old marble, and even interact with the friendly cats that call Ephesus home.

Throughout the video, we are immersed in the rich history and cultural heritage of Ephesus, learning about its significance as a center for knowledge, learning, and social life. The tour also highlights the engineering mastery of the ancient Romans, from the heating technology in the public baths to the magnificent structure of the Library of Celsus.

Overall, the travel vlog provides a captivating and educational journey through Ephesus, offering a glimpse into the wonders of an ancient city that has stood the test of time. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a travel aficionado, or simply curious about ancient civilizations, this video is sure to inspire and awe with its exploration of Ephesus. So come along and step back in time to experience the grandeur of Ephesus and its rich historical legacy.

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Video Transcript

Welcome to Ephesus ephus we’re in Turkey we’re stepping back in time to an ancient Roman Port City and major trading Hub between the East and the West this is Ephesus and present day Turkey we’re here in December and we’re taking a guided tour to learn about the highlights of this Exquisite UNESCO

World heritage site erosion in centuries covered Ephesus so it preser so everything you are going to see how many people were living in this city 250,000 people largest Port City Port was down the hill this was their Hightech of the day terracotta pipes used gravity to get the water

Here stepping on foot here in Ephesus gives you a sense of wonder at thinking back to its Greek Roman and Christian history is this your first time in Turkey what do you think this amazing look you like it look at [Applause] it before proceeding with the tour we’ve

Got cats to pet Ephesus is famous for having some very friendly cats that live on the premises now time for some Ephesus fun facts it was founded in the 10th Century BC According to some sources Ephesus was at the time second only to Rome as a Cosmopolitan center of culture and

Commerce here on our tour we’re able to get up close and personal and even touch the ancient columns that Mark this site thousands of years old marble Still Standing this was built for Parliament with the W on the SE for 14400 the great theater we will see at the end going to be

24,000 seats this is400 have to function you can see the original seat uh during the day when they were holding the political meetings at night it used as an Aion o o n spend a lot of money we’re going down the colonade and this used to have mosaics on the

Floor how beautifully this was preserved is ionic colum by the way you are in Ionia you are in Asia Minor province of Asia Minor where epes is located is I we’re in a really cool Valley right here we were’re walking on the original marble horn power and fertility I column here is

Ionia we see the signage for an ancient Pharmacy marked by a symbol that we still use for medicine to this day this is Nike this is Nike G of Victory Greek name Nike R name Victoria you always see her wink on her back holding the re symbolizing the victory

She was ready to give the victory to Great Alexander originally it was on top of the Gate of Hercules which separates official and a social part just do it oh just do it here is CL American from Oregon when he visited Ephesus that was a competition it became

This swish Nike swish the symbol of Nike perul walking through the ancient mall on the original Marble they could on the street this is where all the merchants were all the shops kind of like Rodeo Drive Here original same private same radiator system that we used today before they built they PL put the terracota pot inside the wall underneath the floor warm it up the water hot air hot water they warmed up their houses this is the men’s Club where they had the

Brothel so our guide was saying that the people that lived in these houses were extremely rich they owned these two story homes the second story is missing but there was an Atrium in the middle and then a common mut area and they have Fresco and sculptures

Inside so this is called the Temple of Hedren this is one of the most well-preserved structures in Ephesus it contains a curved Arch and what is believed to be Medusa in the center and it was dedicated to Emperor hadrien going inside the ancient Corridor and we’re greeted by a little

Guard do you know the history of this ancient site we’re now on our way to the public baths the public baths were an important part of Roman society the public baths were not just used for washing they were an important meeting place a place to relax meet with others discuss philosophy politics and

Topics of the day they even use slaves as seat warmers on these public latrines today we just have cats the bathing area was quite luxurious and had many pools and they even had heating technology by the way if you’re enjoying this video be sure to like And subscribe

Down below if the baths weren’t cool enough it’s time to head to the engineering Masterpiece and most well-known structure of Ephesus the library of celsus okay we have made it to the p and this is the library the third largest library in the ancient world Alexandria was number one and as you can

See it’s two stories but it was found here in rubble and they had to reconstruct it took years stunning it kind of looks like Petra First Impressions amazing you got to make it here first impressions magnificent amazing astonishing the whole trip was worth this First Impressions this is really amazing a magnificent

Site I feel like I’ve stepped back in time all these centuries ago this Greek or Roman structure is said to have held 12,000 Scrolls it was a place for knowledge and learning and it was dedicated to celsus who was a Roman Senator the library operated as a

Public space for the city its facade is is ornately decorated and impressive with archways and statues wow this is incredible just how large this structure is one of the most magnificent ancient Roman structures I’ve been to so the ancient Port was right here back in the day so they did a

Lot of trading with the ships that came through and the library was biggest center of the social life fun fact is this right here of bulls testicles now we head to a monument that was used for sports and entertainment the stadium we’re passing through a really cool colonade right here can you imagine

Watching a concert behind me they said that a number of different performers were here including sting so during the day they had shows 24,000 people here and they had their natural Acoustics based on the shape of the seat the great theater was the media of the ancient world and it influenced

The people this was mentioned in the Bible what do you think about the theater wow 24,000 we’re seated there with perfect Acoustics we hope that you get a chance to check out this ancient Marvel of Ephesus very soon and if you do be sure to say hello to our friends and like And

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