“Dad Teaches Kids Efoil Safety on Family Surf Vacation to Fiji Islands” – Video

“Dad Teaches Kids Efoil Safety on Family Surf Vacation to Fiji Islands” – Video

Join The Bucket List Family on their exciting family surf vacation to the breathtaking Fiji Islands! In this video, the family shares their journey, starting with their travel with Fiji Airways to their stay at the luxurious private villa resort Six Senses Fiji. The video showcases their exhilarating activities, including surfing, e-foiling, and diving into the vibrant underwater world. The children’s fearlessness and infectious enthusiasm are sure to put a smile on your face, and the family’s interactions with the warm-hearted locals offer a glimpse into the rich Fijian culture. Throughout their adventure, the family shares the valuable lessons they’ve learned and the bonds they’ve strengthened, making this trip a sentimental journey back to where their love for exploring the world together first began. This heartwarming and inspiring video is a reminder of the simple joys of family life and the beauty of embracing challenges. So, join The Bucket List Family on this unforgettable journey and get ready to tick off more destinations from your own family bucket list!

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Video Transcript

Okay all right scoot scoot scoot oh my gosh guys this place where are we where we are don’t know Dad goodbye buddy mom what about good morning good morning good morning from P p p did the kids do that once upon a time p p p pop quiz what was our family’s first ever country as The Bu those family it was Fiji Fiji that’s funny stuff you feel me Dorothy I feel you Daddy everyone here says baa what do you do back to

Them say boa how about that flight we are boarding Fiji Airways brand new aircraft you’re all Right oh help him help him help him two all right wait wait go slow go slower now oh help him help him this C wow oh my God where are we going Fiji and how do you say hello in Fijian ba bua you good just break dancing in

Business so many options okay what do you want okay P Airways please I need to go party okay let’s go Party Yeah we love it here we landed in piji and immediately I was like and immediately I was like why do I not come here all the time and immediately reminded that these people the genan people are the greatest on Earth there was something actually in the airline video that said what did it

Say Oh shoot what is it we are born into happiness some people are born into wealth we are born into happiness and there’s plenty to spare and I thought that was so beautiful and so accurate that there’s so much happiness here in fui and the people love to share it

Yeah oh this whole area this place is bigger than our house everything here this is all our place oh my gosh holy moly guys W do you see what I see it’s huge it’s huge it’s avocado it’s huge it’s actually shaped like a pineapple Oh What a Beautiful what so

Big wait look at this what is this oh I think it’s the same pool under the bridge oh that’s cool yeah oh this is the spot right here man from bed to pool through the window let’s just jump in yeah well let’s continue oh oh let’s keep exploring and

Then we count do that please guys I can’t what this is it I found my this is my room this is the place room oh cute room no oh this is the deely the kid room oh my no way what’s up there guys this is it this is the

Place who designed this wa we got to send him a thank you card dad all right I’m coming up um that’s um no bed that’s my bed oh fun those are our beds so Fun kids room we got four funkin beds pumpkin beds pumpin bsed again yes thank you two beds this is the kids room this is so cute this place all right just keep exploring guys we just need to have meaningful conversations in this area this conversation pit he let’s check

Other houses all right let’s go like the mold wait it’s just like the mold how because my pants are and this is let’s call some friends good job Kell yeah place is Welcome To Paradise Welcome to the six ansers Fiji First Impressions go my first impressions are I just love

Fijians I love this cook so much it’s better than all the rest where’s the bathroom you’ll find it keep looking and of course Paradise wouldn’t be paradise without an outdoor shower JZ yeah do you know there’s a another bedroom over here where oh that here you

Go oh thank you buddy wow thanks WR boy ready can we get our swim yeah swim suit on for sure let’s go I think we start in the ocean then jump in the Pool that has stpes on it on his back What how cool is that sing right in front of our place guys oh we play to the pool a lot a lot I repeat a lot a lot we do it like three times a day or more find yourself a dad that’ll do bubbles with you in the pool

For hours it has just meant a lot for me this trip because it shows a lot of hard work and time has gone a long ways for us for sure uh this week we’re working with Fuji vacations if you come to Polynesia make sure you use a travel

Agent you will save so much time so much Mone money things will be so much smoother and this time we got to stay at a place called six senses okay six senses this was the first for us we had heard we had heard the rumors ever six senses the rumors

Are true my friends wow six senses and they’re all around the world so we’ve got some work to do yeah what’s your favorite thing about this house I like the big pool and the bridge there’s like a bridge across the pool and it’s so fun to jump off it mhm it’s so fun

And it’s so big and sometimes we jump out of the Window okay guys stop stop smiling okay okay think of the saddest thing you can the cat okay ready ready okay go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep Oh my gosh stop oh my gosh hey Callie what’s your favorite part about Dad this house if you’re looking at this cut that out from the video okay what’s your favorite part about this house um I like how like um um there’s like you see um there’s a house so you can

Like the camera can’t see it Callie the camera just just one sec okay start over kie what’s your favorite part about this house oh I know I know frogs oh there’s so many frogs at night bro this is crazy that’s a toad that’s a toad you

Think so yeah that’s a toad I mean he’s bumpy but they’re all the same but some have bump bus and some don’t oh should we hold it no see this one this one’s smooth three look one right there one right there there’s so many Callie oh one right there and one right there

Callie why you on my back scared wow wait but Dad okay off oh the frogs like and they’re very dumb we step on them we like rat to step on them we like put our shoe on them softly and they don’t do anything yeah and then so

That’s why there’s hard and they don’t they don’t do anything we don’t go hard we go a little hard like not going to lie they kind like smash all right what was your favorite thing about six senses Fiji the serve the serf huh okay they told us when we arrived

That the six senses has the best spa in Fiji and it was incredible but we did this really cool activity that I loved yeah you were so stoked on this I was so stoked on it yes it was it was like a what do they call it Apothecary oh yeah

Oh yeah they have this Apothecary do you like that smell C what are we making no I love it like it yeah me too that’s good yep they can share this body scrubs wait why is the sugar yeah you’re going to scrub your body

With is a base or no and you can go and you pick your like base like your salt or your your scrub and then you pick your oils you have all these different oils to choose from and then you can pick any herb or Citrus or no you miss

Your favorite part you got to go in the garden and forage for your own stuff so you’re picking the cinnamon and the lemongrass and then all of that you would pound up into your own personal Custom Body just tired about Sim let’s talk about surfing surfing here was so fun

We had the most epic family surf day we’ve ever had in our lives yeah number one best day ever wow look at that right go for It Okay oh you J oh you oh yeah if it was my last day on Earth if it was my last day if it was my last day on if it was my last day look where you going look where you going if I close my eyes and

The sun don’t rise would I be okay if it was my last day on Earth if it was my last day if it was my last day on Earth I wouldn’t be in church I’m sorry God but it’s my last day in this universe I need

To see bir and Buzzing Bees green grass have green oh nice one how did you do that yeah Kelly oh yeah oh his popup is getting better tell when you’re done just lay down on your board good good job bud wow I think you set a world record with that one was that

Fun holy cow that was so far all right you want to grab my leash if it was my last day on Earth I wouldn’t be in church I’m sorry God but it’s my last day in this universe I need to see birds and Buzzing Bees green grass ever green trees I seeing people

Who have been meaning me and why would I waste my time all my favorite people need TI goodbyes talk laugh hug and give a bunch of hard high fives I did my best man I gave this thing a if it was my last day on Earth if it was my last

Day if it was my last day if it was my last Day Okay where did we where was the place that we surfed I got 30 waves I 13 stop stop you stop okay okay Callie where is the place that we surfed pools swimming pools swi and why is it cold that cuz it’s so clear in the ocean it’s

So clear and it’s turquoise and it has lots of wreath and fish and it’s so pretty and the waves are so good there you go now down the line J down the line oh Yeah go Dy I’m got a couple barrels yeah yeah sneaky barrels it’s when you go and then stand up look where you’re going hands up yeah there you go look where you going though all right now lean a little bit that way it’s to turn good job buddy that was beautiful you love

It wow good this wave okay let’s really get into this okay let’s really pick this apart so there’s this area this region in Fiji and it’s just within this small little zone so many different surf brakes that you can pick from a lot of lefts a lot of Rights some steep some barreling

Waves some slow grad oh just it’s a menu It’s like a buffet a lunch buffet of Day Surf options and so one day we decided hey we want something full family friendly and they give us exactly that from this incredible menu of lunch I mean surf options it was Epic I under the moon I thank God I’m breathing then I don’t take me soon I am here so okay so you never know what the swell is going to be like when you get to Fiji right and we were just hoping there’d be some like good family days we’re kind of

In off the shoulders shoulder season look at me talk you so proud of me so So okay and uh but a lot of the days were too big for and the kids so you went out with Justin and a a bunch you went out a bunch with day on the big kid surf waves and wait wait wait wait wait wait cuz there’s a famous surf break

Called Cloud break and I was like hit me with some Cloud break let’s go see wo look at the boy scrambling oh jeez man look at that God he’s going it’s a solid 6 to S footer 8 footer oh go oh he took me to cloudbreak for the

First time ever in my life I’ve been in some big uncomfortable surf but I’ve always given a go and caught at least one wave this was the first time we pulled up and I like felt deep down I was like if Jess knew how I was feeling

She would tell me please don’t go I felt like it was it was a wrong decision for me to get on the water and I knew it inside my heart you’re not making me feel any better but I got on the water okay but for my first

Time ever I didn’t even try for a wave it was so so gnarly big uh I was grateful that I could like feel the energy and feel the power and like scrape up and pedal up and over but I B you you got to to yourself to catch a

And not go out when you feel that that’s like it was oh gosh so so then we go to a different spot uh very fast left-hander my specialty and I drop in on this wave and and immediately not just expecting a regular wave I honestly didn’t expect

Anything too special and all a sudden it starts to suck out below me wall up next to me and then pitch over me and all of a sudden I’m like it is happening and I go to the front of my board and I should have if I were a better Surfer I could

Have achieved my lifelong goal of getting barreled meaning going into the barrel coming out of the barrel and catching it on film those are my stipulations if I was a better Surfer I would have had more speed got up higher in the wave and made it in and out I

Just let it happened to me I just held on to him in front of my board and was like what happens happens and I went into the barrel it clamped down on me and I didn’t make it out run for your life came here ready to fight on this

Night you better just run for your life you better R for your life you never been with life you you your life it clamed down on me and I didn’t make it up bye what you talk about ice cream oh yes oh yeah ice cream let’s go Callie

Ordered black rice and he’s like are you sure yeah he sampled it it did not taste good it t it tastes like black rice cuz that’s what it flavor was because it was the flavor we did wind foiling I mean e foiling e foiling for the first time for

The first why you do that do what you m oh sorry okay we’ll r e Boil guys ready your D Coming okay when you’re phone ready start to stand Up all right you ready to lift off y woo now we’re flying now we’re Flying oh nice Manila all right all Good oh yeah Girl J all right the kids are hugged Here Comes e foil session 2 with the coolest guide coach in the world Curtis Curtis today’s our last day here and we ask the kids what do you want to do on your last day and this is what they wanted to do really yeah wow Deth you Rock oh yeah J you rock oh yeah Great oh my goodness the kids on the EF foils this is what I’m loving I love that as we do our travels the kids are just kind of picking up scuba and E4 and Surf and just all these like unique skills that they’ll have the rest of

Their lives those foils were massive and really easy to learn on they were really cool yeah I mean if you’ve tried to eat for it gets scary once they start flying and I was so impressed that our kids mastered it as well as they did yeah it

Was super fun it was our first time doing it and for our first time it was kind of scary but you wouldn’t go high just a little high but it felt really scary but it was also really fun and it felt felt like you were flying and everything was quiet

Once you were flying let’s talk about the village yeah we we drank something called like what it called Cava oh yeah Cava tast root it tastes like cereal no toothpaste no it’s it’s it’s tastes like it’s um it’s a traditional je it is called Cava and then they drink it to

You clap and then you drink it and it makes your tongue go numb ba did I speak viran yeah and English always always a highlight in Fiji is going to the Village always I love these Villages they’re so welcoming and seeing how they live this is my favorite

Part this is why Fiji is so awesome immediately you walk in and our guide is like look you can see every door is wide open the vigians community they have their doors are always open they are always there to help anybody and I was like what a beautiful sentiment in life

To be able to live in I wish we could all live in a world how many communities that they literally have like bars on their windows and triple locks and you know allans are just they’re innit together they’re there to help each other and it’s it’s beautiful man the

Viian people I just I love you so much you’re so beautiful you don’t need to if you don’t want to Telly there’s alcohol I’ll try hand so you clap before you hold it drink it and then clap three times do this I love that when we traveled here

Years and years ago we ranked Fiji as the number one most kind people in the world and here we are 90 countries later and they still they still hold that number one spot of the most kind welcoming people in the entire world oh this part’s the worst just the worst it’s heartbreaking [Applause] a sad Song Oh Jess why is such a heartbreaking song Beautiful

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