Explore Samsung’s Extensive Booth at CES 2024 – Video

Explore Samsung’s Extensive Booth at CES 2024 – Video

Take a Tour of Samsung's Massive Booth at CES 2024

Take a Tour of Samsung’s Massive Booth at CES 2024

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Samsung’s massive booth at CES 2024 before the event even kicks off. The video takes you on a tour of Samsung City, showcasing a unique display of miniature white buildings representing different Samsung products and features. The tour highlights sustainability efforts, including interactive displays demonstrating Samsung’s recycling and upcycling initiatives, as well as showcasing sustainable materials used in their products.

Additionally, Samsung’s smart home ecosystem, SmartThings, is showcased, with a focus on energy efficiency and monitoring. The video explores how Samsung’s AI energy mode can reduce energy consumption across connected devices and highlights partnerships with companies like Tesla for sustainable energy solutions.

Accessibility features and innovations are also highlighted, including audio subtitles for the visually impaired and a remote control designed for individuals with low vision. The video also showcases Samsung’s SmartThings’ map view feature, which provides a visual representation of a smart home’s layout and integrated devices.

Other features of the booth include technology for pet care and remote veterinary services, as well as gaming innovations, such as a PC gaming monitor with glasses-free 3D technology and eye-tracking capabilities.

Overall, the video provides an in-depth look at the cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions that Samsung is bringing to CES 2024, showcasing their commitment to sustainability, accessibility, and seamless home integration.

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Hey guys I’m here at Samsung’s booth at CES 2024 we’re going to give you a behind the scenes look before anybody else arrives and look first this is Samsung City what do you guys think it’s a bunch of little white buildings uh they have some city names here we got

Micro LED City Hall look there’s jetbot AI combo Park who knew and right next to that we got a Neo qled Loft and of course the family Hub Lookout which I here has excellent ribs there’s the Smart Oven Tower and watch lake so this is a little little tip what’s going on

Here before you get into the booth itself follow me we’re going to take you inside so Samsung has one of the largest booths if not the largest maybe I haven’t checked at CES 2024 this is the heart of it all let’s start over here they’re talking about sustainability so

One of the cool things that Samsung does um guys can I just put something right in here absolutely and do this so what Samsung is demonstrating here is this is their sustainability uh display and it’s actually pretty cool it’s interactive here so I’m going to recycle looks like

A lithium ion secondary battery I guess this is something that you found in a phone or something like that I’m going to go you know what let’s see what happens with this thing so oh give it a second there goes the battery oo this is it turning into a resource it was waste

Before but now it’s being recycled and turned into a resource look at that there it is that’s a resource pretty cool pretty cool display to visualize all the stuff that Samsung’s doing sustainability there’s a a bunch of the things that they’re using over here to kind of show off the

Materials that they’re using that are a little more sustainable we have recycled plastic boxes recycle graphic sheets they’re saying the galaxy book 4 ultra is one of the most uh recycled products in there so they have a lot of different things that they’re doing to kind of help the environment uh chemical

Recycled resin and Samsung’s upcycling project so all this is here in the booth we’re going to take you over to talk about energy now Samsung’s uh has a smart things app that’s a smart home uh sort of hub for everything so what they’re doing now is using an AI energy

Mode to reduce energy consumption across devices so the idea is you can track the energy consumption of all the devices that are connected to your Samsung smarthub I asked them whether this actually works with only Samsung devices or any device you can actually plug like something like a third party washer

Dryer into one of the smart plugs that works with Samsung smart home and it’ll yes report that energy tracking if it’s compatible so pretty cool you can integrate all these things into your smart home and again the idea is to make it visible make it obvious how much

Energy you’re using uh you can see over here too they also have a partnership with Tesla they got a power wall here uh there’s even a new solar panel technology a solar roof uh which are basically roof tiles on the solar uh that transmit solar energy to look just

Just like a roof instead of having something that looks more on slightly like a standard solar panel so pretty cool here their Partnerships they’re showing off one of the things about Samsung smart things that they do have a ton of Partners I’ll talk about that in

A second but here we’ll we’ll we’ll drop off here at the audio subtitles and these are some accessibility features that they’re building into their televisions so new for this year they have an audio subtitles feature that actually listens to the audio subtrack and AI turns it into words on the bottom

Of the screen so let’s say there isn’t uh you know subtitles that come with that particular program you can turn this feature on and it’ll essentially read them out loud to you so if you’re you know visually impaired it’ll read the subtitles at the same time that it’s

Recognizing them so that’s pretty cool and of course they’ll help uh visually impaired users enjoy their TV so there’s some text speech going on some AI pretty cool feature especially if you have those subtitles on all the time like so many of us do these days uh and this is

A remote that is actually used to make it a little bit more accessible people that are with low vision can enjoy their television so they’re doing some cool things with that I’m going to take you over to the smart things section which is big as you can see here this is the

Uh the center right of Samsung’s booth and briefly uh smart things is their smart home system that integrates with hundreds of other partners and this is kind of a demonstration of how it all works together so they’re talking about how you can have remote monitoring uh of

Your home when you’re away uh you know you can do a lot of other things there’s a map view that they’ve added to smart things over here so the idea with this map view is that it actually allows you to map your home so the cool part about

That is you can have you know for example a map of your home and it’ll show you all the different rooms and all the different smart home devices that work within those rooms and that kind of thing again shows you A visual representation of that smart home and

That all works on Samsung television so of course Samsung makes a ton of televisions as well they’re integrating all these things between those smart home devices and the biggest screen in the house which is pretty cool so let’s see what else we got here let’s take you around the

Corner I don’t work here I just do the tours um real quickly they have uh some technologies to care for loved ones for example medication reminders uh there’s even apps designed for family caregiver to kind of make it a little bit easier for folks to take care of people in the

Home and of course they have uh a new optional camera that’s built on their televisions so you can connect that to the TV and it’s not really working right now so a little bit of demo fail but we actually have the oh there it is hey look

Hi hi of course the camera is totally optional you don’t need to have it um but that’s another little extra that they’re building in the TVs I think it’ll work with third party cameras as well let’s go around the corner there’s some gaming stuff that is uh part of it

Oh you know what we’ll do the pet section first another part of Samsung’s Booth is devoted to pet care that’s right they do have a little device that you can attach to the pup itself uh hi little guy and um you can track him uh it’s called the Galaxy smart tag 2 and

Of course you can use that kind of to to track uh our our furry friend here anywhere you want to go um we also have uh another section devoted to pet care you can stay connected to your pets wherever you are uh this uh demonstration here looks like it’s uh

Doing some kind of remote uh Veterinary service so you can use that to talk to your vet and diagnose your pet from home pretty cool uh what else we got going on here this is the gaming section uh we can blast through here real quick a lot of

These things um this is a PC gaming monitor that uses Glasses free 3D technology so the idea is you can play a game in 3D without glasses uses eye tracking technology uh I don’t think this is a product they’ve announced specifically yet this is more of a technology demo but certainly pretty

Cool to be able to see that in action here it works with any gaming device and um got a Xbox connected to it here uh looks pretty good I’ve seen it it tracks the eye relatively well uh we’ve seen this technology a little bit in some of these monitors before so we’ll move

Right along um this is Samsung’s gamehub uh a couple of tweaks this year this is the uh system that allows the it doesn’t look it’s working right now so we’ll keep going um what else they’re showing off their gaming Hub this has been in their TV for the last couple years it’s

Basically a cloud gaming service includes Microsoft uh Microsoft cloud gaming as well as a few others uh Luna GE Force now the idea is you can game on the TVs by connecting a Bluetooth controller and not have to use any kind of console so pretty cool for remote

Gaming secondary TVs that kind of thing if you want to use the cloud gaming feature and one of the cool cool things here we we we have a little uh demo we’re going to check out I’m going to try and hoist myself into this seat here all right let’s

Play all right so this is very immersive the bucket seat doesn’t quite move but you get the idea oh no somebody’s somebody’s driving for me what’s going on with this um anyway pretty cool demo I’m going to crash real quick yeah that’s good stuff all right

Very immersive all right so what’s oh my gosh okay so now we’ll take you over to oh is this a robot going on we had a demo of Samsung’s robot right over here it’s called Bali let’s check it out real quick looks like about to start guys all

Right when working out B can project workout so that’s that’s Bali Samsung’s introducing a new AI powered robot that’s what you get when you go to CES is a live demo of that robot doing all the things that it’s supposed to be doing uh we’ll take you around real

Quick to the back of the booth lots of TVs Samsung makes TVs they’re really big that’s micro LED very big very expensive very bright pretty cool technology I think this one’s about 140 in uh nice size there and uh you know probably $100,000 maybe a little more um we have microed craftsmanship

Which again shows how this new technology is being created uh and then this this is thing they announced recently this is a transparent micro LED brand new for 2024 I’m going to stand here because it tells me to on the sign and experience the fact that I can see

Through these micro LEDs to the other display behind it uh this isn’t announced in the market yet we’re not seeing where it’s going to appear this is basically the first time this has ever been shown but it’s another transparent display technology to competing against transparent OLED so

Pretty cool it’s brighter from what I’ve seen so that’s neat to see uh we got a few other TVs here um they AK Neo uh qled we got uh that’s an 85 in right there the neq technology it’s basically their highest NTV they’re saying it’s much brighter this year they using some

AI processing to improve the image quality and that’ll improve motion tracking it’ll even do upscaling from standard definition up to 8K which is the first time they’re saying that’s the first time we’ve seen that uh Samsung’s also going to be bringing this out up to 98 inches in screen size so I don’t

Think there’s a 98 back there but still extremely large and impressive uh we also have a whole bunch of appliances other devices here you basically saw half of the Samsung booth but I’m going to say goodbye because Samsung’s Booth really massive um some really cool things here at CES 2024 thanks a lot

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