Extreme heat persists in widespread areas of the US

Extreme heat persists in widespread areas of the US

As temperatures continue to soar across large parts of the United States, more than 70 million Americans, about one in five of the population, are living under heat alerts. Authorities are particularly concerned for vulnerable people in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, as these states are not accustomed to this level of extreme heat. As a result, cooling centers have opened up in cities across the north-eastern part of America, with officials warning that temperatures could surpass 100F (38C).

Scientists have attributed the increase in extreme weather events, including heatwaves, to climate change. As temperatures rise and heatwaves become more frequent and intense, it is crucial for authorities to take proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the population.

The video showcases the impact of the extreme heat across the US and highlights the efforts being made to address the challenges posed by the rising temperatures. Stay informed and subscribe to BBC News for the latest updates on this issue.

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