“Exploring Middle Eastern Cuisine in London after dark: Inside the vibrant Arabic hub of the city” – Video

“Exploring Middle Eastern Cuisine in London after dark: Inside the vibrant Arabic hub of the city” – Video

In this video, Nima takes us on a late-night Middle Eastern food tour in London’s Little Beirut, also known as the Arabic capital of London. He explores the culture and meets the people while trying delicious Middle Eastern food such as shawarma and baklava. Nima shares his favorite shawarma spots and is shown running into some locals who share a bit about their stories. He does his best to capture the real Edgware Road and the true Arabic culture in London. Watching this video, you’ll be immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of the Middle Eastern food scene in London, and you might even find yourself craving some shawarma and fresh mango juice! Don’t miss out on this mouthwatering late-night food adventure in London.

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Video Transcript

This is edgeware Road this is little Lebanon in London so what do we have here basically you have like a thousand sh places basically just lots of Lebanese places Egyptian places some Moroccan places too yeah I I I’ve come in many times trying to find what the

Best shamas are and I’ve got two places in m to show you two places two places all right let’s go I also saw a yemenese place right here looks really nice cafe Helen just comeing up there and like the good thing about edra road is so where

Most of the clubs in London are it’s just like 5 10 minutes away and the club’s closed at 3:00 a.m. and people want food and most places aren’t open but edgear road is open for like 5 6 in the morning so always late night with’s

An influx of people here you pay like 6 7 you get yourself a nice sh and you go home Miami I London Cafe what’s your name my name Muhammad Muhammad where you from mam I’m from Egypt from Egypt yeah yeah Cairo or Alexandria Alexandria that yeah you like

That one yeah you know that you know that one I haven’t been yet to Egypt not yet not yet it’s one of my last ones so can we see yeah course see that one yeah can I see that one that one very good you they have great hello hello hello beef Sharma right

There how are you good good you good what’s up man how you doing I’m very well how are you very good where you from the best show in London yeah yes coffee Helen a Lebanese yeah Lebanese show Lebon are you from Lebanon no I’m from Egypt you’re also from Egypt so i’ never

Been to Egypt where should I go to Egypt a lot of places so nice to go there maybe Cairo or sh Shake you’re very welcome and how long have you been here I love you so let me get um one lamb shaara regular and what do we want you

Want to half on a halumi and a mixed yeah let’s do that one halumi and one looks amazing guys right over here you have the lamb you have the chicken he’s cutting he’s wrapping he’s going fast lettuce he throws some tahini on it is that what is that very spicy the the

Sauce or no um we can add a spicy yeah you can add spicy all right I want Spice no I like heat I like heat the lamb spicy are the Egyptians into spice you can’t hand no don’t put too spicy first let me see let me see oh that’s the

Fuff that’s good that’s all anything else do you like some drink uh how’s the juice fresh juice yeah we do fresh mango fresh lemonade fresh mango oh my gosh and we get a fresh mango fres M yeah I’ll get one like a lemonade give me lemon a

Lemonade for him one mango one lemonade yeah yeah that’s all and it’s probably like uh like 20 lb of lemonade or something that’s what what it is don’t tell me that bro I’m going broke in the city I don’t know how people do it here bro lamb one

Spicy no not spicy L one not spicy not spicy and mix is medium spicy you like thanks bro all right I’m actually hungry like seeing it open up my appetite cheers how long has Cafe Helena been here about 40 years 40 years 40 years in business in

The same spot yeah we got three brunches three branches the two so they have chicken lamb they have the mixed chicken lamb they have a lawful spicy potatoes and the B it’s amazing just right here in front of the kitchen come watch these guys all day the Middle East is shawarma in

Turkey is it’s a donor donor exactly donor and then in gree it’s a yo that’s the three differences for the three different ones everything else is my favorite yeah yeah no the Pororo unfortunately middle Easter can’t find that that’s a big one huh it’s massive oh bro this looks good this

Mango oh so fresh bro thick yeah yeah M lemonade that was worth the 4 lbs bro the Lemonade’s good too yeah that’s good very refreshing after a cold day yeah yeah let’s go with this so what’s halumi yeah so halumi is like a cheese which I think like use in Middle e

Cuisine and Greek cuisine it’s like quite a salty cheese with a lot of flavor and what’s unique about this wrap is normally halumi is gred but this is like slightly deep fried it’s got a nice crunch on the outside self from the inside and just goes really well with

The tagini sauce which is like a sesame based sauce yeah it looks like some of those white cheeses you see in Latin America they fry them it’s let’s go yeah look how good it look look at that the Mayo juicy garlic May garlic Mayo Egan a little different see it’s

Funny cuz you think that they’re all the same the shamas but they all taste as little like this one the shamas probably light color m I think they use like a higher content fat meat so obviously makes it tastier but not good for the heal no and these

WPS nice Peters this one’s not too flaky the cheese is great though in this neighborhood is popping on I love because this restaurant’s open 24 hours yeah this one’s open 24/7 the most OB are mainly walk to like 3 4 in the morning and as you’ll see as you walk

Along like a lot of people come here and just have shees they us set up for people watching like you see a lot of the tables they have seats just on one side facing the wall yeah so I kind of like that cuz like in London everyone’s kind of rushing around

And I kind of just encourag you to come sit down have your tea have your shisha just look at the road and just like slow down a yeah you’ll see all the places around here we’ll see some people just smoking shisha looking this way so it’s enjoying her time seeing everybody pass

Through yeah man some good food halumi what’s interesting is like a Lebanese place but lots of people are Egyptian I always assume that Lebanese yeah I guess it’s a big influx of of Egyptians no I mean wherever something’s happening people are moving migrating nice salty ass cheese though

The halumi so I’ve seen beef and lamb this is lamb and chicken yeah I personally think like a lamb sh is way nicer again higher content fat way more juicy and you get to slow cook it too just way more oh it smells incredible nice spices that’s the lamb that’s good so

Juice oh the coriander in it as well then the parsley with the pickles and then you got like the onion as well and the tahini sauce on top all that’s missing is the portion of Baba yeah right to just dip it in I was going to

Say I was like damn I need some hummus right now yeah they don’t sell it here but the next St I like how they’re light nice and light thanks bro that’s really good bro mine’s like dripping out nice and Hy tomato nice and refreshing it actually tastes like I’m

In the Middle East right now wow so much shisha I don’t want shisha hurts the lungs yeah shisha no good can imagine getting out of a club at like 4 in the morning come in here hits the spot it does hit the spot hits the spot dude you can imagine the mango

Though it’s like straight out of Miami my favorite fruit in the world mango dam was good no no no gr no it’s joking no he said you came here a lot when you were younger it’s this Central like O Street just there so like you know you’re always going to

Come through yeah you’re always going to spend time in Edge Road like I said it was convenient cuz we used to I mean I retired from that life when I used to do the clubbing and stuff we go to the club just down there in mther it’s like 4:00

You’re hungry come here grab a sh and you know it’s kind of cool to come here as well because if somebody who likes to travel when I come here and spend time it feels like I’ve traveled you know cuz you just come here and it’s like a whole world of like libyans

Egyptians Moroccans Lebanese so it’s super cool and it’s like the one place in London where you get nice tasty food quick and it’s cheap you know like here you come your full with like 6 sound there aren’t many places to do that in London it’s just a convenient place so

How are people doing now in London yeah I think it’s changed I think everywhere in the world is changing but like having being away for a year and come back I definitely noticed people struggling more and just cost of living gone up like for example a pint of beer year and

A half ago you get it for like5 now it’s like7 like everybody’s kind of gone up in 20% prices and like heating bills like for energy people are like spending an extra 2,000 a year so it’s tough for people you know like there are people doing well but for people who kind of

Like starting out and trying to build their life in London it’s tough and like for people trying to get on the property ladder it it’s difficult but at the same time you know we live in a place where you’ve got good schools you got good health care all free of charge so you’re

Looked after so you know I think it’s harder places to be in the world very nice if the camera could capture the smell it wouldn’t do well no this is like true Lebanese it’s like you just go this the girl like runs the girl runs bro she’s like what the hell is

This I I was just I’m from even so I’m around T telling David that like people come to Ed Road have AA have some tea but it’s main Middle Eastern people right so I was like you guys Co just enjoying yourself with your see Anda I

Was like why don’t have a chat with you guys so where you from uh Maiden head Maiden head is that here in London no no it’s near wind Castle in B so and you come here often this area yeah Mom does weekly weekly and then I join maybe

Once a month go shopping M and SM together yeah and what’s this Moroccan tea that mint tea yeah tea yeah you’re also eating the bakar yeah so how have things changed in the like in London since you did you grew up here or you no we’ve been coming

For nearly 20 years to this place this place yeah and how how this how this neighborhood changed since you’ve been coming here it’s not two shops shut down but that was due to co but this actually survived Co pretty well yeah so I think they’ve had the new building over there

That they’ve done up and uh for more restaurants and shops and renting but no it’s it’s the same so so know it’s a mix of like Middle Eastern cultures here has any new Middle Eastern like countries comeing in cuz I know there’s more yemenese coming in as well all Egyptians Egyptians Lebanese

Iranians um it seems to be syrians seems to be standard it’s just which that’s the best food I like all the Middle Eastern food Iranian we do it the best I’m Iranian oh well yeah I used to work for an Iranian guy and yeah loved loved him when he

Took us out for dinner and stuff yeah but then I think a lot of the Middle East are as well they really look after you here as well nice I said to them there they’re super curious to know last time we were in London was before brexit they’re super curious to know how

Things have changed after brexit it has cuz that’s what I said I don’t think most people have noticed a difference in life in the UK after brexit unless you were working in that industry but just things have gotten more expensive right things have got expensive yeah but I don’t think brexit’s changed anything

Day to day I think the pandemic had a bigger effect yeah absolutely sure I think like a lot of businesses were affected um but day-to-day wise brexit I don’t think I’ve noticed a change yeah I think it is the same so the cost of living has definitely gone

Up um I was out in the states earlier this year and we’ve got friends in Boston and their gr their weekly grocery bill was $500 or nothing it was really crazy so I think I noticed it more there than I do here thank you course thank

You David I’ve been to Kuwait yeah what you live here orid you want to see me in Kuwait vacation vacation vacation yeah oh Kuwait Kuwait I was in Kuwait my man yeah man yeah welcome good stuff man it’s too hot in Kuwait in the summer from Miami from

Miami yeah so where you from Kuwait City born in City welcome man welcome thanks good food here what have you you’re eating here or no oh just tea just tea got it yeah you want some tea no I’m okay thanks so much thank you thank you I I

Need what I need is water I’m going to go inside and get some water dude it looks actually really nice in there hello Miami actually I want to stay here hello hello how are you I’m good you very good where you from from Iraq Iraq yes where

In Iraq Basra Basra I’ve been to Basra yeah yeah yeah Stadium went to the stadium the best shrimp is in Basra Bas you’re very close to Kuwait this Kuwait yeah yeah it’s right there right there I know I know that’s why it was so hot it’s like the hottest part in in Iraq

Was there in Basra very nice very nice yeah M go let’s go from from Miami Miami yeah set Cofe yeah we’re just walking around trying some food and just talking you know yes come back yeah yeah sit there drink no problem come back thank you goodbye all

Right thank you that’s good vastra is the hottest place the hottest place bro oh you got that going here here here so I’ll do this for you I’ll do this for you I’ll try I’ll try do tonight this is in the Middle East only in the Middle

East well I’m in I’m in London’s Middle East so what do you say is good here over there they got like the Baba Gan so super super nice it’s like over jeene it’s got like a homeless texture to it super good and then the kid as well just

Like deep fried lamb and like wheat flour or something like that super tasty it’s raining now the rain is coming down hard got to run let us film anything inside we film outside well that didn’t work out as planned no let’s go which’s the place alal that’s

The next place Lees view don’t judge my pronunciation unfortunately that’s a change so they didn’t let us film but it’s all good we’re going to keep going this endless places here I don’t know what’s happening he’s like we’re going to interview somebody I’m like okay let’s interview somebody we can’t get

Some food we’ll talk some People this is cool like this tiny little market look you don’t see this anymore you don’t see in Miami I barely see this in New York tiny little market was with M okay okay she’s on call with her mom it’s okay it’s is a very nice neighborhood though it yeah I

Mean this is cool look at the building super modern the favorite thing about London are the Cs look the cabs are ridiculous it’s like if you go ever go to Kota you’ll see the old school British Vehicles the old cabs all yellow these they’re very unique old school

Still here show me show me what are you doing out that’s enough where you from EGP Alexandria or KIRO alandria Alexandria you like fish of course of course Seaside fish Kebab fish no no fish can I ask you one question well we we noticed there’s a lot of Egyptians here why why

Is that is there like just like a strong no but Arabic streets yeah but we’ve seen way more Egyptians than Lebanese they work you know that’s right they work that’s why a lot of work Egyptian but here mix Iraqi Egyptian all Arabs this shawi the green one if you cross

There it’s called shawi this the only Egyptian and also they they have one it’s called Kos you know koser one Egyptian dishes 10 minut a lot of Egyptian there all right well I guess we it look guys hey thanks bro thank you thank you thank you thank you Habibi on

Let’s go I don’t know if you guys like my Arabic but I speak two words [Laughter] fluent in uh to Drake you know you know who says a lot Drake he’s like Habibi Habibi Habibi barers Shop videos Barber Shop oh I don’t do it anymore I don’t do it

Anymore so I don’t do this anymore I’m getting a haircut no I’m getting a scrub or something crazy let’s see is it okay uh stretch away straight away muhamad Muhammad’s going to do something to my face I don’t know what he’s going to do let’s see no hilarious hey perfect pleasure moment let’s

Go let’s see let’s move this down bro so I’ve done this many times where you’re getting haircuts lots of millions of views no one cares anymore but I enjoy it so let’s do this and where you from Syria Syria Damascus [Applause] Yes he did a great job very nice blend now like Wolverine you know I fell asleep bro audience the audience too right probably yeah it’s ASMR to the max it was good you didn’t talk it was great can I see your ring the ring right here there’s a huge ring culture in the

Middle East everybody wears rings I had from every country Saudi Arabia from from Iran from Yemen it was like too many thank you oh my God he did an amazing job man yeah looks way better man looks clean that was relaxing want to like pass out this is better than a massage

I’m going to get a massage now little head massage I’ve never had this before bro it’s a face face gasm it’s like dude I don’t even know how to tell you what I feel right now I’m feeling all types of tingling bro what is this dude he’s buing my

Eyeballs with Like Glue I don’t even know what that was and the he from my ears this dude I can’t even but I can’t walk I can’t move I’m like I’m just in all dude seven seven layers oh we have to be done what are we doing here bro it’s

Been a [ __ ] 45 minute video over here one look looks good though Abbi that was so good good how much was that how many pounds 45 45 lbs I thought it was 10 what happened it’s okay it’s okay 45 but it was worth it my man thank

You thank you thank you thank you all right let’s go let’s go going for baklava I might not get it tonight actually I found baklava hey I found Bak laava no we need some Bava only I wanted look like you got kind of I got kind of

Uh so I got spoiled but I didn’t know the price and it was 45b plus I had to tip them I mean if not but I didn’t know that was that price feel like maybe you got yeah I feel like maybe I got a little scam a little bit a little bit a

Little bit unfortunately I mean in a way it was like damn he just went all out I yeah yeah woo Bak laa right here let’s get some we’re this video with some Baka o there’s the small ones right here those are the ones I want pistachio

Almonds oh man this one’s like cheesy oh this is a super crunch with the SE wow this looks amazing hello how you doing which one you recommend that’s KFA yeah okay so let me get a pistacho baklava small one and let me get a canafa this one

Just but can I get a small piece yeah just small right here yeah that’s fine it’s fine oh look at this one this one’s like the creamy one in the middle it’s super cream that one’s the one I had a lot of in Baghdad and the canfa all

Over kfa’s cheese with some uh some Sev as well but they also have a sugar syrup so it’s super sweet and it’s hot it’s amazing lemonon a lot okay this what’s this one called again let’s go outside I got canf amazing cheese with the almonds on top look at that the cheese

M too hot but that’s is sweet over here one of the best things ever created on planet Earth with that filo dough The Baklava right there feel I’m in the Bava was amazing but it was very very thick it’s like turkey and in grease very similar right here the

Canafe the amazing there cracket open how you guys doing the best right I’ve had it in Lebanon and Iraq is this place Syrian yeah yeah it’s Damascus oh it’s from Damascus dwan Damas Damas to Delhi and where you from Syria as well but also I born in Damascus but I’m not from

Damascus Dan how long have you been here for 3 years 3 years and you live in this neighborhood yeah close to here close here yeah what’s your favorite food for me it’s it’s always this yeah yeah this one with the ice cream can I I was told

You right now it’s called the special one yeah yeah the special one what’s your name w w I’m David nice to meet you nice to meet tooi cheers brother bro that’s proper cereal one that one cereal yeah that like Salina with the cheese we we roll it inside the cream one inside

Oh yeah yeah this is very tasty one do you want to taste one I’ll taste one bro I’ll taste one from Hama from Hama h a small Countryside in near Damascus there you goach hello it’s it’s frozen it’s a frozen fluffy creamy cheesy one that’s Cal that’s Cal dude I’m going to ca That’s ice cream don’t nice nice mix they make it like doing like live ice cream oh wow look at that it’s like layers it’s like ice cream steak you know like no it’s like cut up you know like a nice Cut I me he’s going to have a piece of

That this guy’s too nice he’s like dude I’m Syrian this is Place Syrian you have to come to Damascus one day we have to try this ice cre this is Syrian canaf Syrian baklava tasty stuff I have to go one day mix it mix it just like this right it be

Likees that’s cheese and ice cream cream unusual com it’s good good contrast like this they frozen know that oh it’s hot as well it brain freeze compliments the faceal dude it is too good hey it’s Heaven bro if I match n try it how am I going to do

This don’t know you have to find out the Syrian ice cream with canfa the best one that’s like orgasm of flavors in your mouth dude it’s so cold and so hot what the red one it’s a different G one andan one which one do you prefer two of them

Two two is similar we are say ice never had ice cream like this you know what it is it’s not ice cream like you would have in the state it’s not whipped it’s like more of like a sorbet type ice cream I had Cana that’s good no first time first time I

Me Cana right you never so say cheese is like a dessert so it’s sounded weird but sweet cheese so good it’s like the sweet cheese with the cold pistachio ice cream on top nice combo it’s an amazing combo yeah for you for you all right bro you K why’d you do

That to me I need to eat more tonight he’s had 12 Meals today 12 Meals no but this is the best one bro one this is like the most decadent at that the cheese all right I’m done and F has a jump off you know it’s funny cuz people in the states haven’t

Had canev canev is I never had it as well I never heard of it it’s amazing it’s something unreal last one last one just say say nothing so remember I told you about that I ate the other night I had ice cream with my family we ate from One

Bowl we did the same thing right now just not yeah no it wasn’t my family it was some random people Syrian it’s like whatever he is Venezuelan Mexican Hungarian Italian Iranian where are you from Egypt Egyptian Egypt Egypt ISO the best the best hey bro thank you for

Inviting us bro you’re too kind you made my night hey Habibi thank you so much than you eny thank you guys you bro that’s the best Middle Eastern food in London peace

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