Exploring the Incredible MAE HONG SON LOOP in Thailand by Motorbike Ep1 – Video

Exploring the Incredible MAE HONG SON LOOP in Thailand by Motorbike Ep1 – Video

The Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand is an incredible journey that takes travelers through some of the most stunning landscapes and must-see places in Northern Thailand. In this video, The Detour Duo takes you along on their motorbike adventure from Chiang Mai to Pai, giving you a taste of the adventure of a lifetime.

However, riding the Mae Hong Son Loop by motorbike is not for the faint of heart. With Thailand’s high accident rate, it’s important to take safety precautions. The Duo made sure to get their motorcycle endorsements and International Driver’s Licenses, providing them with peace of mind and added safety before embarking on their journey.

Throughout the video, they take viewers on a journey to some incredible stops along the way, including a lake with stunning straw sculptures, and the picturesque Pai. They share their experiences of the challenging drive and the breathtaking views, all while offering valuable insight and tips for those considering embarking on a similar adventure.

The video ends with the Duo settling into their accommodation in Pai and exploring the town’s famous walking street, where they sample local dishes like cooy and take in the ambiance of the town.

Overall, this video provides a glimpse into the incredible beauty and adventure that awaits those brave enough to take on the Mae Hong Son Loop by motorbike in Thailand. It’s sure to inspire travel enthusiasts and adventurers to add this unforgettable journey to their bucket list.

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Video Transcript

Thailand by motorbike over the next 3 weeks we’re going to show you what it’s like to ride along the mayong sun lop and in this video we’re taking you with us to our first stop Pie our 3-we road trip starts now Welcome to our adventures on the May hongsang loop we’re starting the loop today we’re going to head in EN counter clockwise Direction going to piie first with a few fun stops along the way yesterday we rented two scooters from a

Place called ANS and the people there were so incredibly nice to work with so I’m with again for 12:00 not return yet oh no so I’m around Shang looking for the the shop and buy new one buy new go I’m hey so we’re starting a

Little later in the day but we are ready to go and it’s time to gear up I’ve always wanted to do this sorry about the cheesy Montage let’s hit the Road the May Hong song Loop is considered to be one of the best drives in Southeast Asia but right now we’re taking a detour because we need some food and so our first stop is here at this Lake well all along the lake there the there are these super cool like

Bungalows and I didn’t really know what they were for but we went to go find food and they said just go have a seat so we picked a little Bungalow there’s a pup hi what a cool view this is this was about 30 minutes from changai they we’re

Still in changai 30- minute ride I’m a little scared cuz we are very close to the water and I feel like a fish is going to jump out but we’ll see the food wasn’t that great here honestly but I will say you come for the view not the

Food so you know how I mentioned we have some fun places to see before we make it to pie well one of them is this place the ho Tong Lake I actually went to the front office to register my drone because I really want some shots of this

Place like how cool is this it is just like a ton of straw sculptures of like the King Kongs some Lions some tigers some warthogs all kinds of cool things I don’t know if you could see the sweat just pouring down our faces but it got hot out here really quick so this is the hottest I’ve been in our month in Thailand and I don’t want to take this off cuz I’ll fry yeah of course we’re wearing like full length

Clothes worth it though rice patties coolest sculpture sure is the most beautiful backdrop you could ever imagine this place is just so fun to Explore save me King Kong okay play time is over time to get back on the Bikes we took a much needed snack and bathroom break after driving for a while then it was back on the road then thank You I don’t know how people drive this entire Loop in 4 days that just sounds exhausting I think an hour is our Max driving distance before we need a break cuz everything starts hurting and buzzing and cramping so we took a break but this break comes with a fantastic View we drove for about an hour more through the mountain I will say driving long distance distes is way different on a motorbike you get sore quickly if you’re not used to it we made it I’m pooped we couldn’t show you how nice the outside looked at

Night but once the sun came up the sun rises here and the way the clouds roll over the mountains is worth every second what a way to wake up I mean this place is just it’s just gorgeous the name of this accommodation is Fu view house and it was 540 bot per

Night it is our first day in pie so we are heading to walking Street this is supposed to be just a short little jump from our Bungalow I did read that we have to cross maybe a semis sketchy bridge to get there so we’ll see what that’s all about but today we’re just

Going to kind of take it easy recover from the drive we have seven whole days here so I’m really excited to see what we get up to so sketchy it no longer exists I did see on maps there is another bridge that we can walk across

To get to the other side so we’ll see if we can find that one found It doesn’t look so bad it’s like bamboo but it looks structured okay it’s a little bouncy but especially if there’s more than one person on it I can’t imagine walking on this after a night of Drinking the bridge will also lead you to walking Street which is the main part of town we’ve had a chill first day and Pie we sent out some postcards to the travel buddy tier of our patreon did a bit of shopping and grabbed some lunch like banana bread batter

For lunch of course we got Co soy but then we also got some fried rice and some chicken saes in a homemade peanut Sauce so we’re going to talk about cooy a good amount on this road trip because we ate a lot of it but I realized we haven’t really explained the significance of it cooy is a coconut curry with fried egg noodles it originated in Northern Thailand it’s creamy it’s rich and it’s slightly spicy

Depending on how you like it next to Pat Thai this is our most ordered meal but there’s more to walking Street than what you see during the day at night this area comes alive with street food and live music we didn’t stay out very late

Because we had a lot to do the next day starting with a trip to see this I know Sarah’s a little jealous I’m a little jealous of that we made it over to the big Buddha it was a quick drive but uh that’s a lot of stairs it’s a lot

Of stairs Pro tip come at the hottest time of day for the fewest amount of people like we did you want to count how many stairs there are no I need to focus on Breathing almost There I am out of breath I need need to get back in Shape been impressed by that pace don’t be [Applause] Impressed don’t know how many stairs it was but it’s worth the trip if you can make the hike there’s a lot to see at the top you got the Buddha and if you turn around you get a nice little view of all of pie after visiting the Buddha we

Headed back down to see Memorial Bridge it’s kind of scary well there’s a lovely little informational sign where I actually learned a lot about this bridge uh in 1939 it was World War 2 and the Japanese had built this bridge they were on their way to attack what was formerly known as

Burma in 1941 the japanes came and burnt the bridge down leaving the locals kind of stranded cuz they were reliant on the bridge the community built it up again I think that was in 1973 I’ll need to fact check that the bridge also seems to have a

Guardian or two I have my guesses but if anyone knows what this sign says leave a comment down below and it looks like I made a new friend follow me around we wrapped up at the bridge and cold it a night because we had a pretty

Early day coming up we’ve made our way to P Canyon to try to catch the Sunrise it’s a little after 6 it’s a bit Misty hopefully when the Sun starts Rising it’ll burn off a lot of this fog and we will get a decent Sunrise so we didn’t get any Sun never came out we may come back in the evening cuz that’s when everyone says to be here but it’s also super crowded which is why we wanted to get here in the morning and this will probably be directed towards fellow Travelers and tourists but come

On y’all don’t leave your trash in beautiful places like this also the canyon doesn’t have much in the way of protecting you if you slip and fall so as you walk across do so at your own Risk we move to some new digs a few days later to prepare for a celebration well we just checked into our next accommodation in pie and I’m calling this budget luxury because for us it feels really cool but it was only $20 a night but I had booked us a little Villa

With no air conditioning just a fan and since it’s my birthday they upgraded me to air conditioning so I bet someone is very excited about the air Conditioning Good morning so today is Sarah’s birthday we’re headed to the naon caves and if you guys could just wish her happy birthday in the comments this video is probably going to come out well after her birthday but just say like happy bled it it took us about 45 minutes or so to

Reach the Cav from piie but to see the caves you need a guide [Applause] So before it gets too dark we’re about to enter the cave and you’re going to see how dark it gets look look at this there’s something mysterious and thrilling about riding these bamboo rafts through the darkness of the Caves you can hear the bats the natural Limestone of the Cave System makes for a unique tour and everything is lit up by a lantern which is carried by your mandatory guide trust me it’s so dark you’re going to want someone to light the trail along the

Way so we just wrapped up her cave tour and I think that is my favorite thing we’ve done in our entire month that we’ve been in Thailand that was really cool especially the bamboo raft and when you go in the big cave you can just hear

All of the bat which was kind of spooky it was 180 bot per person so 360 total lasted maybe like maybe 30 minutes and I’m not sure which cave or how many caves we went into but I know during wet season which is right now they limit the

Amount of areas that you can go in which makes sense because you don’t want to get stuck we’re going to skip ahead a little bit because after the caves we drove to a place called bon japo for an incredible view we’ve never seen a place like this

Where you can just enjoy a coffee Seated on the side of a mountain as your feet tangle in the air Sarah said what I was thinking when she said how crazy is this View We were back on our bikes the next day heading to another really popular spot in pie but the drive here is not for beginners to get to the bamboo Bridge you’ll have to go down a road that is not in a very good condition and is

Quite steep well it was a bumpy ride and a bit sketchy but we finally made it to the bamboo Bridge not my favorite drive so far and it’s hot today which is like we’re finding is the best time to go explore cuz there’s not a lot of people

But it’s also like we’re dying by the end of it um the bamboo bridge is super fun to walk on I will say it’s not super accessible there are some like makeshift stairs and makeshift bridges that you have to me Ander your way down and Through it’s a good way to spend a couple hours at the end there is I what we think is a temple we couldn’t go in cuz we were not dressed appropriately so we turned away which is totally fine keep that in mind if you want to visit

It was 30 bot a person to get in and as we mentioned the drive is just a little bit rough if you’re on a scooter or a motorbike I am drenched and sweat but for how long this bridge is it is rather wellmade all the bamboo is just intricately entwined together makes this

Nice little pattern and it’s really stable really sturdy the area itself doesn’t have much apart from being beautiful you can walk around the bridge and take in the surroundings but the truth is that this is mainly used to allow monks and locals to travel more easily from the temple once we were done

At the bridge we took a short drive just down the road to a cafe and I got to say the views were incredible as well we got one of our favorite TI dishes pad Kow and I think our spice tolerance is improving because we’re able to make it through the whole dish

Without our mouth couching on fire we bought some gas from the restaurant before heading back home but this adventure is nowhere near over we’re hitting the road again to find even more amazing places and local Villages along the loop so we made it over to the big Buddha we

Made a quick drive over to the large Buddha and it is a lot of stairs so we made it over to the Giant Buddha and picking a new objective not a lot to see at the top just the Buddha but you got this whole view

There’s a lot to see at the top you got the Buddha and if you turn around you get a nice little view of all of Pie

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