“Exploring Antarctica: A Vlog of Sailing, Vernadsky Base, and Penguins” – Video

“Exploring Antarctica: A Vlog of Sailing, Vernadsky Base, and Penguins” – Video

The video “SAILING ANTARCTICA VLOG | Vernadsky Base, Adelie and Chinstrap Penguins” takes you on an incredible journey through the icy waters of Antarctica. The vlog showcases the incredible sights of the Vernadsky Research Base, the Wordie House, and the adorable Adelie and Chinstrap penguins. The video also captures the stunning giant glaciers up close, providing viewers with a glimpse of the mesmerizing blue landscape of Antarctica.

Exploring the beauty of Antarctica, the video captures the process of gathering ice for drinks, and features the unique experience of being surrounded by the adorable penguins. The video also offers a look at some of the exhilarating activities, such as visiting Peterman’s Island for snowshoeing and possibly considering a Polar Plunge.

The video provides a firsthand look at the unique experiences of sailing through Antarctica, offering a rare glimpse into the remote research bases and the stunning wildlife that inhabits this icy continent. For anyone who has dreamed of exploring the wonders of Antarctica, this vlog provides a captivating and immersive experience. Subscribe to the channel to see future Antarctic adventures and be prepared to be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of this pristine and untouched region.

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We are about an hour southeast of bratki Ukrainian base where we went last night for drinks and now we’re at this island with a bunch of Adel AES and a deli same thing and CH straping on on 9:00 a.m. on Friday 13th so when we were at the veraty

Ukrainian base I was taking a couple videos but then at the bar they said don’t post anything so I think I’ll include some but everything’s going to be blurry so you see colorations but that’s about it that’s all I’m allowed to show sorry just know there was a Christmas tree there were pirate

Flags and there was a surgery unit so last night we went to the veraty Ukrainian research base and we got a little tour there are 14 people there for one year one constant year so they’re there during the dark Winters and they’re so far our South that it’s

Hard to get evacuated if they needed to and if they really really needed to it would be a million dollar to be evacuated so there’s these 14 people doing all these research there’s like a biologist electrician a geologist a doctor and we met them and then we they

Took us to they they have this little bar and we got some of their moonshine and apparently they make their own vodka there too but you ask them what what’s in the Vodka like how do you make it they said a variety of chemicals and then other guy’s like no no

Flavoring and then a few people were playing Russian Billiards which is a lot harder than American pool pool that’s something like super super unique like cruise ships cannot come down here they can’t get down here so that was really cool to see oh also yesterday um we went to this old Museum

Kind of of thing called The Ward wardy House Up in by the boots my grandfather really and then on the way back hanink the captain asked you want to go to school Island a few people were like yeah and so he start he turns around and he heads to this cliff and I’m thinking I was thinking like are we

Going to look at skuas like in a nest on a cliff but no he noses the dinghy up to the cliff and he’s like off you go and I was like kind of in the front so I was the first one off the dinghy and there’s nowhere to really like let everyone else

Off so I it kind of involuntarily became the leader of the little up the cliff mountain goat very fun semi dangerous if you fall then you fall hitting rocks and then into the icy water while the captain on the dingy left us we didn’t have a radio we had no

Safety line no supervision no Trail I decided not to go I went back to the boat cuz I saw it did not look like it was going to be fun yeah we were like in rain boots and my gloves were soaking wet it was snowing not ideal conditions but it was

A highlight for me I thought it was extremely fun take a look at this little Billow this is my the delad penguino friend don’t take it going need this you can smell It it’s not food say Hi say hi are you the cutest penguin here oh I think you are little buddy you get my boot you get my boot you’re too funny are you leaving me now are you leaving me that’s okay We’ve been having conversation for like 10 Minutes there a baby right there see right there right There pretty Fast Looks like a cruise ship thingy is coming bunch of people in matching jackets live jackets and flags I think they’re setting up a little boundary for where all the cruise ship passengers can [Applause] Go So later today we’re going to go to peterman’s Island Peterman Mountain Peterman something and going to go snowshoeing up to the top never done snowshoeing before and then I don’t know if Laur was serious or not when he said that today looks like a good day for the Polar

Plunge he said there’s two requirements sow wind and Sun there’s no wind but there’s is there yeah there’s a little bit of so I don’t think we’re going to do it today I feel like it’s going to be up near deception Bay because it’s a little bit higher in

Latitude and it hasn’t been Sunny yet yeah that’s the plan for today good clear on don’t they don’t the white got a hand [Applause] so [Applause] I’ve got my feet in the mud and you down Realize I will a walk down the alley you got me Twice

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