“Exploring the Intersection of Art and Science with Edoardo Dionea Cicconi” – TEDxZizhuPark – Video

“Exploring the Intersection of Art and Science with Edoardo Dionea Cicconi” – TEDxZizhuPark – Video

The video titled “Space-Time: Art & Science” by Edoardo Dionea Cicconi, presented at TEDxZizhuPark, delves into the fascinating concept of space and time through the lens of contemporary art and science. Cicconi, a contemporary artist focused on creating site-specific installations, shares his unique perspective on how space and time are intertwined in the universe.

By exploring the latest discoveries concerning black holes and spacetime, Cicconi showcases his series of artworks titled XY Z T, which aim to establish a dialogue between past, present, and future. Through kinetic mirrors and metal totems, Cicconi creates thought-provoking installations that distort and play around with the surrounding space, engaging viewers in a profound experience that transcends time and space.

From displaying the beauty of the Aurora Borealis through digital coding to creating ephemeral sculptures that mimic the phenomenon, Cicconi’s work challenges our perception of reality and invites us to contemplate the mysteries of the universe. Through his unique blend of art and science, Cicconi takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey that explores the depths of space-time and our existence within it.

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EDOARDO DIONEA CICCONI是一位意大利当代艺术家,他擅长以互动装置的形式将抽象的科学概念具体在艺术表达中,尤其是表达时间与空间的关系,他有一个中文名字爱德华。

他在现场为大家展现了艺术的多样和可行性,也展现了艺术家永无止境的好奇心,把艺术与自然万物相连,很好的诠释了大会的主题。 Edoardo Dionea Cicconi is an Italian contemporary artist working with installations, sculptures, sound and other media.

Addressing universal themes often in an interactive way, he tries to find a synthesis between art & science, investigating the concept and perception of “time”.His latest solo-shows were set both in Italian museums/institutions and large-scale outdoor installations. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

Video Transcript

Life goes on with the flow of time you now find yourself in a hall among other people listening to our talk tonight you will be go back home tomorrow brings another day but this flow is not as it seems time is not Le time is not a straight line from point A

To point B I am deeply fascinated by the latest discoveries concerning black holes for example War hes and SpaceTime I am a contemporary artist focus on creating size specific installations to aim and establish a dialogue between artworks and the surrounding space I’m a metaphysical Timeless Dimension here you are a recent installation I

Did Land Art outdoor installation as well as U indoor artworks today I would like to share with you three series of the work I’m doing XY z t fragments 15093 I know could sound weird at the first listening but actually you have a very easy explanation about

That the title of the series XY Z T is a code with a specific meaning XY Z represent the axis of a greed the space and T is for time the artworks aim to summarize the concept of space and time and to establish a dialogue between the faces

Past present and future and their changes what is happening here at first glance this artwork appear as a clean sharp essential object however the mirror on the front this trayed in sharp surface as a pecularity it reflects the image and distorts it the image flexes and then revers to

Initial appearance this isn’t a digital screen or a filter this is real the mirror actually moves these uh kinetic mirrors let the viewer become distorted disappear and then reappear by surprise when you disappear you blend in with a surrounded space like a sort of a black hole where everything become dense inside

And this is exactly the inspiration of the whole series exedy Z was first presented at the M Museum in Italy which was a particularly special project for me the museum is not a contemporary art museum as you can see it’s actually holds masterpieces from the past from antique

Art in this room it was dedicated to two huge paintings by kavaj probably one of the greatest painter ever the initial idea the concept was to elevate the painting create a dialogue between the users the viewers and the antique collections so two metal totems are facing the

Artwork and it’s create a deep profound experience melting past present and future together following that exhibition I continue creating Land Art installation with this series distorting and play around with the surrounding space especially nature in this case we have volcanic rocks sea front these black rocks are actually coming from a

Volcano or in a castle with an altitude almost 2,000 M surrounded by mountains this total this totem this metal totem here is completely out of context if you if you see this imagine hikers the reaction of hikers encountering these strangers at 2,000 meter high during that day other special

Project in non-contemporary art museum such as this archaeological collection eventually in London in the Contemporary Art Gallery where which I’m working with so it was beautiful to start from outdoor installation and ending up in a contemporary art gallery with smaller version of the big totem the big tall metal totem but this more

Little world sculpture on the right we can see also the interaction with the light as the black holes also has a very specific interaction with black with light so what is a black hole one of the most fascinating and mysterious phenomena in the universe a massive force in term of

Power and yet virtually invisible to us we gone from knowing nothing about black hole to a little bit more and more with time discover with science about it from Einstein general relativity to 1960s the year which proved its existence gravity is so strong that nothing can escape from a black hole not

Even light a black hole can be formed by the death of a massive stars out of the universe what was once theoretical an idea now it’s empiric it’s proved it is science it is not science fiction anymore in 2021 we had actually the very first picture the photo of a black this is

Stunning tonight if you look at the star for example above our heads we in the direction of Sagittarius we can feel you know very long distance there is a huge black holes right now in this moment when we are speaking we actually gravitating in in in into

That this was the entrance of another show called fragments fragments began as a contemplation about suspension suspensions in general suspension of thought suspension of feelings suspension of Time Eternity at the center of this Hall the exhibition area there is a ring in the middle a suspended ring and you’ll

Notice Treads strings extending towards the walls in a room seems they stretched into the infinity from from this point of view it seems symmetric but it is not shifting to a side view it reveals numerous line heading in different directions cycle infinite eternity space and time are not distinct

Reality space and times can be curved and a wormal is a place where some space time is so extreme that creates it’s a tunnel like structure so what if inside a black hole there is not Oblivion what if inside a black wall we have a tunnel like

Structure and we have an entry and an exit this is a very big question today for science for physics worm holes could be shortcuts through space and time transporting us to different universes different time like a time machine for example a bridge with an entry and an

Exit we now go back and we now returning to planet Earth with this number 15093 150 Millions kilometers 93 Millions miles is the number of a distance between our planet and the Sun a small alteration in this number would disrupt the delicate balance of our existence potentially it can destroy all life on

Our planet so it’s a very important measurement it must be like that this cture is five me 5 meter high and it was a truly unique project I did in palat in palmo Sicily Royal Palace geometry is the language of universe here all the measurements are not arbitrary all the measurements are

Either multiple or factor of the number eight eight represent the concept of infinity eight is Infinity Cycle Infinity eternity again so long edges short edges diagonals everything ties back to the number eight the entire structure takes the form of an octagon the artwork follows the ground

Of the GE the geometry of the ground as you can see in the clip the space and the artwork merge into one thing it is incredibly different there is this contrast yet integrates at the same time somehow I was touched by the feedback from people and one of the most

Intriguing was it makes me connect with nature and it’s weird because actually this material is Glass and Metal is not organic yet it was a very very beautiful feedback it changes from day to night acting as a mirror during the day and at night this mirror dissolve eventually it become

Illuminating behind this installation lies um a digital coding of the actual color of Aurora boreales a breathtaking phenomenon resulting from solar storm interacting with the Earth electromagnetic fields creating a stunning spectacles ignite all thata all this coding of the real color were put into the motherboard

A circuit and then were put into the light source so we did two public installation with the same concept of the sculpture but in a different way this was a representation of Aurora boreali typically spread across the sky but in this case is condensed and displayed in a vertical sculpture an

Ephemeral sculpure with no matter no metal no glass just light Untouchable and it was moving at night a neat sculpture today’s talk was like a journey from something so distant like black holes trillion kilometers away from us to warm us to the Sun to our planets eventually to our inner

Self everything we discussed is deeply tied to perception what you see here in this picture this is a Glass and Metal sculpture could be something microscopic could be something like a atom structure or could be also a constellation what all these have in common by studying the Stars we learn about

Autonomy and the other way around star anatomy and the other way around as an artist my words try to express the relationship between the micro and the macro with time as a central protagonist everything is interconnected every is connected and what is the difference between Art and Science what is the

Difference between between science and philosophy they may not seem following the same path but it’s not like that they flow together everything flows together Confluence derived from Latin which means flow together or converging it is about multiple thing converging so the common track am among all of these is a DOT small

Dot this dot is actually a question mark this is what humans have done forever making question and solve that and go further again making other question and go further wonder wonder we should never cease to wonder because wonder is actually what is driving the force the driving force of all things everything

So let’s keep wandering and let’s stay curious because it’s the very important the most important thing ironically my time ran out but I I will be here if you have any other question thank you very much

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