Collaborating with Cillian Murphy: Insights from Actress Eileen Walsh – Video

Collaborating with Cillian Murphy: Insights from Actress Eileen Walsh – Video

In a heartwarming and candid interview, actor Eileen Walsh shares her experience of working with longtime friend and co-star Cillian Murphy. Describing a scene in their film “Small Things Like These,” Walsh reveals the deep level of trust and understanding that exists between them, allowing for authentic and emotional performances. She praises Murphy’s support and kindness, recounting a time when he even provided her with a place to stay in London when she had nowhere else to go.

Walsh discusses the unique working dynamic they share, where notes are given in a supportive and collaborative manner, fostering a safe and creative environment on set. She contrasts this with other experiences in the industry where actors may not feel as valued or respected. The bond between Walsh and Murphy translates beautifully on screen, creating powerful and moving performances that resonate with audiences. Their friendship shines through in their work, making their partnership a truly unforgettable one.

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Video Transcript

Sweetest thing he ever did for you there’s a scene in in small things like these that I have never gone anywhere else with with any other actor and that was because we trust each other and know each other so well and Tim milence who directed it knew that too

And he and I he and I know that um and that was only because as we trust each other that it suddenly felt uh you felt everything drop in the room and they just let it film and it’s amazing and that’s something that we will always share and always have

Um so yeah that and you know he also gave me their house while they were away and my kids were small and I had nowhere to live in London so he does that too what is the scene it’s a scene where just the two of us are in bed and

Discussing uh he he has seen this young girl that needs help and I don’t want him to do anything because of the shame and the fear and the looks and it’s it just puts a magn magnifying glass over our relationship and our marriage and our girls and our standing in the

Community it’s a very simple scene I don’t understand what you mean by how he helped you in that scene how you felt safe as an actor in that scene what what does that mean I guess sometimes sometimes when you’re filming something because he’s you know more uh

Well known and you know has a previous history with the director sometimes that could mean that they’ll try and trick a performance out of me instead of just trusting me to give me a note sometimes they’ll decide on something so you know um when in Kramer versus Kramer when he

Smashed the wine glass against the wall Merl stre didn’t know that was coming you’re like why why didn’t you why didn’t you trust that she’s good enough to tell her you were going to try something you know but that’s okay that’s that’s the way it works and it’s

An amazing performance but what is incredible is that there were notes given and nothing felt it felt like a very even working environment notes were whispered in our ears by Tim of places to go to places to think of and it was there was no malice

No it was just a very open sharing environment and he said something that was unexpected to me and it was so still in the moment that it blew my it blew our emotions wide open in a very quiet little tiny house in the middle of new Ross kind of way

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