Exploring the White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand 🇹🇭: Our Unforgettable Experience – Video

Exploring the White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand 🇹🇭: Our Unforgettable Experience – Video

Chiang Rai, Thailand is a place full of adventure and beauty, and in this video, we’re sharing our experiences at the White Temple. The video takes us along with Tony and Sara, The Detour Duo, as they explore the province of Chiang Rai, Thailand. From finding the perfect café to trying out delicious local food, and renting motorbikes to explore the area, they take us on a journey through their travels.

One of the highlights of their visit is the Wat Huay Pla Kang, also known as the Goddess of Mercy Chiang Rai. This stunning temple offers breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere that is definitely worth a visit. They also stumbled upon the Lita Café, a unique and enchanting spot just down the road from the temple, which provided a magical experience.

Another notable stop on their journey was the Blue Temple, a recognizable and beautiful location that is a must-see when visiting Chiang Rai. Despite being a bit busy, the temple was free to enter, and they were able to soak in the beauty of the architecture and surroundings.

However, the video also highlights a surprising and disappointing experience at the famed White Temple. This unexpected turn of events serves as a reminder that not every travel experience is perfect, and provides insight into the more challenging aspects of exploring new places.

Despite this setback, the video showcases the honest and authentic experiences of travel, complete with both highs and lows. Tony and Sara’s dedication to sharing their adventures and explorations provides a realistic and relatable portrayal of travel, inspiring others to get out there and explore the world for themselves.

If you’re looking for a genuine and engaging travel experience, be sure to check out The Detour Duo’s video and follow their journey through Chiang Rai, Thailand. From hidden gem cafés to stunning temples, their travels are sure to inspire you to embark on your own adventure.

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Been to a lot of amazing temples and seen a lot of amazing things on our trip but I think this is the first one that makes me go like wow so guess what we’re still backpacking in North Thailand this time in the mountainous province of changai this place is pretty interesting and a

Lot of fun I don’t even know what you are you Spider-Man Iron Man but there was one place that I think we’d skip in the future we’re going to start here since this was our favorite stop in Chang Rai but let’s recap how we got here first we

Started the day by hopping on a bus headed to Chang Rai as a sid sleeper I love this travel pillow we’ll put a link to it in the description below this bus ride was about 3 hours so my travel pillow really came in handy we’ve arrived but we can’t check in yet so it’s time to find a cafe So it’s about 10:30 we just arrived in Chang Rai the plan is to kind of find a coffee shop to walk and park at with all our stuff before we can check into our next Place how do you feeling all that the thing about traveling slowly is we don’t have to do that often so when we do have to do it it sucks I don’t know how you Backpackers are carrying 70 L we have 4 L on our bag it’s not even my clothes

Bag it’s my bag with like my work stuff in it that kills me which I can’t get rid Of so yeah fins it was a nice little gem of a coffee shop we found with some really good food here we ordered the beef Curry plus scen coffee dang that’s really good had have beef Curry this trip yet scen it’s tie style ice coffee delicious my favorite

Not all places have it though at least on the Menu onward to the hotel we’re back on the road again we got all our stuff with us 6-minute walk to the Hotel New dig $10 a night $31 for three nights here it is it’s not bad looks clean that’s all we need I’m going to need a minute well it’s time to get out and explore Chang we have a couple of things that we know we want to do over the next couple of

Days but during the rest of the downtime we’re just going to kind of explore so that’s what we’re doing right now just going to kind of walk around on foot I also think we’re going to see if we can get some motorbikes for the next few Days we wandered around looking for motorbikes to rent until we finally found what felt like the last place in Chang Rai that still had motorbikes left to rent which probably explains why the cost was 300 bot per day but these bikes will be key in getting us to the next few

Places I don’t think the camera can do justice just to how large this thing is in scale that looks so cool and it’s so massive look at that this is often mistaken as a big Buddha but this is actually Guan Yin I’m so sorry if I’m mispronouncing that this

Is the goddess of Mercy we are here at 7:00 a.m. on a Monday right when it opened and I will say this is prime time and is absolutely beautiful it’s just starting to get a little bit hot for my taste but definitely recommend coming here in the morning if you can if you’re

Up for it you can climb the stairs right up to the goddess of mercury the view from the top is worth the journey as well nothing gets the sweat pouring like shooting a hyperlapse up all these stairs and realizing it doesn’t look good so you got to do it

Again but this is such an amazing Temple Just down the road from a temple is without a doubt one of the most unique cafes that we’ve visited on our journey so far if you stop by the temple this Cafe makes a great stop afterwards it cost 60 but to enter the garden but you

Get a voucher to redeem that amount for food and drinks this is called Lita Cafe I found it on Tik Tok so we just wrapped up at the goddess of mercury Temple and Sarah found this this place it’s like a fairy Cafe it’s really cool like got waterfalls Mists forests Fairy

Songs this is a wild Place [Applause] we redeemed our vouchers at the cafe for a couple of coffees fried rice and Pat Gile before hitting the road again we have made it to the blue Temple this place is actually really cool it looks little busy so it is free so we

Can come back at another time if it is too crowded I think the blue Temple is one of those like notable places you always see when you’re looking at Chang Rai on the internet at least for me this was like an instantly recognizable like oh that’s in Shang Rai it’s really cool I’m

Glad it’s free to to be honest it’s a little busy right now so I’d recommend coming like right when it opens or right when it closes but easy to get to easy parking doesn’t cost anything yeah after visiting the blue Temple we went back and relaxed a little bit

Before walking to the night Bazar welcome to the Chang Rai night Bazaar it’s a little sleep and I just woke up from a nap so I was hoping for a little more energy this looks great looks like there’s a lot of food options but the uh musician is a little somber right Now my assumption is that this is where everyone goes and train ride all of the streets are pretty empty and it seems everyone has gathered here so this is like the big foodport area and then it looks like there is a shopping alley or shopping street that we will check out

Next at the night market we got a couple of plates of Patti and some orange juice this looks good not going to Lie crispy pork is where it’s at I like that we came in through the food court first because we got to eat and now we can kind of walk it Off walking back we stopped briefly to admire some cute kittens and the street art at the bus depot but we had to call it at night because in the morning we were headed to wat rang K the white temple a lot of the art at the white temple takes the form

Of current events and recognizable characters it’s kind of fun seeing what you can spot there so the artist and I won’t even bother butchering his name sunk his own money into repairing the white temple as it was in much needed state of repair pairs so the white temple is not super

Busy but it’s busy enough that I think we’re going to come back in the morning okay so this might not be one of those places that you can get to early and beat all the crowds to be fair though there are a lot less people here

Now than there were last night so still get here early to enter the temple it costs 100 b a person the first kind of wild thing you see when walking into the main building of the white temple is these hundreds of outreaching hands that are supposed to symbolize unrestraint desire the bridge

Proclaims that the way of happiness is by foregoing Temptation greed and desire so the white temple is nice it’s beautifully designed it’s a gorgeous place to visit but it kind of feels like one of those places you go to to get your picture taken which is exactly what

We’re doing as well but I feel like with other temples you can kind of get your your photos and then like take some time and like take in the the peacefulness and appreciate everything here there’s just a lot of people there’s a lot of stopping and kind of dodging everyone’s

Photo so um if that’s your Vibe great if that’s not something you want to encounter then keep that in mind yeah so knowing a little bit about the history of the white temple and how the artist funded his own money to repair and transform this place has made me

Appreciate it a lot more the art here is beautiful I honestly have nothing but good things to say about the temple itself I just think the large crowd of people that get ushered through here makes it feel less like a temple and more like an art exhibit made a quick stop to singhai

Park we’re going to try to get to a waterfall but we have to return the bikes by 300 p.m. so we a little crunch for time just wanted to show the park because this is a cool little statue it’s a little smaller than I thought it

Was honestly I thought it was a little bit bigger than this but it’s still a really cool thing that’s what she said come on this is a PG Channel if you do want to spend time at this park there’s a lot of other things here it’s a huge Park there’s a petting

Zoo over there I think there’s zip lining somewhere around here there’s a lake with swans you could spend a good chunk of time here if you wanted to kind of feels like we’re paying homage to our favorite Thai beer like a Shrine I thought those were Stormtroopers it kind of looked like it from afar I’ve done it one her over now she thinks everything is a Star Wars reference we’ve done it called C3PO Lance yesterday you did call C3 Lance called obob Spaceman small victories we’re working our way there and although they aren’t

Storm Troopers these statues are pretty hilarious okay we’re taking one more detour before we make our way to the waterfall well we needed a place to grab food before we head to the waterfall because last time we went to the waterfall we didn’t eat e and I was bam

And I think this one has even more walking so I looked on maps and typed in breakfast and came up with Canary Cafe and it turns out it is very beautiful it’s right on this lovely little like River the grounds are gorgeous and we’ll see how the food is we aren’t doing our

Budget any favors by finding these places like this either here’s what I meant by that we got two coffees to start Sarah got the fried egg with bacon venedict and a vegan sausage and I got the homemade honey toast with Berry sauce the food was good but it was

Pricey our total here was 560 bot but I guess you kind of pay for the views too I love it okay back on the road again because we’re running out of time I love moving slow woo that was a nice drive that was it really pretty like driving through the

Jungle well we did drive through the jungle guess we got to walk the rest of the way shouldn’t be too far of a walk I don’t know if this counts as the hike s just yell you good what oh it’s my you thought that was a bug yeah and I

Was like swatting and then I thought it was like a hair but oh my God we just Started start here and kind of make our way up to the waterfall oh okay first time we’ve seen a warning for snakes let alone pit vipers so they do like to hang out in the trees though so we got to look out for the ground and above Us another Shameless plug about my shirt see forgot to put on bug spray but it’s got a built-in hoodie so I can keep the bugs off the back of my neck and out of my ears and a little bit out of my face so not really bothering me too much

Right now but it’s good too cuz it’s lightweight it’s thin and it’s long sleeve so I can beat the heat and beat the bugs cattle Mountain apparel should send that to them as our new slogan beat the heat and beat the Bugs this isn’t that bad of a hike but it’s all uphill so you see the sweat starting to pour off my face now but I think we’re almost there Sirah said we’ve been walking for about 30 minutes and I can hear the waterfall oh I think I see it found it oh it’s

Windy you feel the force of that waterfall man With it being slightly more difficult to get to you often get the Falls to yourself before more people show up if you’re willing to have a little patience you might get a few Windows of where you’re the only one at the waterfall we can finally say we went to an epate

Waterfall but we are soaking wet so it’s time to head out of here we’re going to hike back down about 30 minutes and then dry off and then head back cuz we got to return the Bites I have some thoughts about Chang Rai I want to share but first 7-Eleven Chang Rai is a little slower pace which we don’t mind at all and it’s super affordable for such a beautiful Province we didn’t love our experience at the white temple but don’t let that

Deter you from coming here sir and I both agree that we would return here for another visit anytime back at it with all our stuff I don’t want to say back at it cuz that’s travel spree thing shout out shout out travel spree naked soaked wet naked sh it like a

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