In this exciting video, join Jason and Nikki Wynn as they embark on a thrilling adventure. After two years of waiting, the big day has finally arrived, and they have just four days to move into their brand-new HH44 Catamaran, prepare for their first big passage, provision up, and sail out of China. It’s a tall order, but the Wynns are up for the challenge.

With intense weather in the Taiwan Straits, odd rules to sail out of China, and the need to document all of their provisions, the Wynns have their work cut out for them. But they are determined to make it happen before the Chinese New Year holiday, which could leave them stuck in the marina for weeks.

Join the Wynns as they organize and pack their belongings, prepare for the journey ahead, and navigate the unique challenges of provisioning and shopping in China. This video offers a behind-the-scenes look at the realities of preparing to live and sail on a catamaran, as well as the logistical challenges of leaving a country by boat.

With their trademark humor and sense of adventure, Jason and Nikki Wynn share the highs and lows of their journey, giving viewers a glimpse into the reality of boat life and the determination it takes to cultivate curiosity and explore the world.

For more exclusive content, behind-the-scenes, and Q&A’s, join the Wynns’ crew and follow their journey as they set sail on their new adventure. Don’t miss out on this exciting chapter in the Wynns’ story!

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Video Transcript

Welcome back to curiosity I’m very excited to be able to say that cuz she is a real boat now last week we were on sea trials and we were sort of beating her up and now this week they are doing well everything that we found from sea

Trials and all of our red tape that’s what they’re dealing with right now and then for us we are trying to prepare ourselves and all the stuff that needs to come on to here so that we can sale out of here and we are going to be doing

That in a little bit of a rush this week because Chinese New Year is right around the corner and if we don’t get out of here before that we will be stuck for weeks because everybody goes on holiday right it’s a holiday everybody wants to go away and not be working as they

Should yeah but unfortunately we don’t want to be stuck in this little Marina here cuz we can’t sail anywhere we got to check out of this country so yeah we are on a bit of a schedule we’ve got several things kind of working against us a little bit not just time our first

Big challenge is weather and looking at me right here you think damn it looks like a beautiful day we got blue sky we got Sun Well actually this Marina is very protected and just out there in the Taiwan Straits it’s blowing a gale and there’s warnings everywhere the waves

Are steep it’s shallow the wind funnels through the Taiwan stats whips around the southern tip of Taiwan and just goes crazy wind against wave massive tides today it’s like the um what do they call it uh king tide yeah it’s like a 27t swing in the tide today incredible

You don’t want to be in rivers and you don’t want to be on shallow banks in that kind of a swing so we thought maybe we’d be able to leave this week there’s just no way it’s also freezing cold it was 30 this morning and it’s like a high

Of 45 so we definitely don’t want to leave in a situation like that so we’re hoping watching the weather checking predict win all the time there might might be a weather window at the very end of next week there’s also some other really interesting things that we have

Just found out and we will show you those inside all right welcome to the staging room the room where we prep to prep we’ve spent most of our day in this room this very echoey echo echo eoy room organizing and we’ve gotten it into sections because this is

The way we think we’re going to load the boat up we think it makes sense we’ll find out very soon this is our prepare to prepare room first section probably third to largest is the kitchen Salon area cuz we thinking if we unload it by spaces we’ll move in the most efficient

And fast put it all away you come back and then you grab the next section this kitchen Galley moving over into bedding and towels yep just bedding and towels then we’ve got the like Sporting Goods this all of our dive gear then we’ve got like coolers dry bags things that will live

Probably in the cockpit or one of the after lockers then we get into a slightly embarrassing section this is all of my throw pillows for all the different spaces it’s I may have gotten a few too many but we won’t talk about that maybe uh empty bags that just need

To go back to load up our clothes this is the second to largest pile which I feel okay about because this is the boat specific stuff all of our tools and extra line and our duck lines and cleaning supplies for the boat but mostly just tools and very practical

Spares water filters fuel filters all the basics then photography gear and video gear office computer vibe that is not going on the boat Medical Kit Closet Storage stuff and then probably our biggest section food this is all of our dried Goods that we are going to be taking with us and

This is also where things get real crazy so it turns out we have to document all of this as in item quantity and weight but but this is the only thing we have to do that for the food which makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever but

You can’t go trying to like figure out anything to do with bureaucracy or governments it never makes any sense to me that is what is required of us here and I have had to which does make sense to me document things when I’m importing them right if we had to ship something

To another island or to the boat we had to document it in that way but never when we were leaving most of the time people don’t care what you leave with but they definitely care what you come in with anyway that was a new requirement also one we just found out

About which is the other reason we’ve decided to separate everything out so we could do the daunting task of writing this all down and speaking of this daunting task I’m not done yet this is just part of the tried Goods we need to make another run to the grocery store

Which we will go do right now to add to this pile so you get to see what provisioning and shopping in China looks like this is a store that is kind of like a Target Costco type thing they’ve got some International stuff a lot of Chinese stuff it’s called Metro not

Every store in China is like this but this is like a good example of a little bit of everything of course this is China so you’ve got an entire aisle dedicated to Rice makers and slow cookers so what are we here for I need spices and they have kind of a good

Selection of that maybe some other dried Goods I’m not actually entirely sure I’m going to just walk the aisles and see what hits me although I do have a list but it’s mostly spices balsamic vinegar cuz they have that here I’ve not been able to find that anywhere else this is

One of the only places with Tabasco beer we have beer on the list I do not have beer on the list but maybe because I knew that we would buy it cuz they also have a good selection of International Beer Australia hor Garden several German

Beers always I wish I had a small keg cuz that would be fun or that and then the nice ones the trappists the tens the Goldens the westf the chames Ooh Baby okay let’s get to it oh oh jeez ice cream maker $15 I had I had one I had one on the

Last boat and I did use it to make ice cream come on no I should get the ice cream maker so many tubs all the tubs what size of tub do you need none of them have seals these would fit in our forward storage compartments H here we have air dried

Beef spicy beef stewed beef exotic skewed beef translucent beef shreds beef in every way you’d like that’s right they have a whole aisle of dried beefs well or dried Meats like I think these are dried chicken beet yeah they’re they’re real big into the chicken feet but hey they get their

Chicken feet imported from the US because nobody in the US will eat the chicken feet so they buy them from us and we buy the whole chicken I mean we don’t personally but I think it’s interesting at least they eat the whole animal so you got to give them props for

That and then of course they have like every type of of nut and dried fruit you could want they love it and they’re peanuts for whatever crazy reason and they’re cashew specifically there’s something different about them here it’s a slightly different variety or something I don’t know but they’re

Amazing they taste so much better than the ones that we usually get I don’t know what it is but they’re awfully tasty these T spiced peanut o what does that mean what kind of spice is on there it looks like just a regular peanut this where my good old friend Google

Translate comes in handy so I’m sure there are other translate apps out there but Google Translate is the one I use and you can download it for offline use which is really helpful when you’re in certain places you can just take a photo five cented flower I wonder if

That’s like a five spice look I’m not saying it’s always perfect but you can get the general gist of things sometimes translations are hard it’s not so literal H okay this is interesting Honey Nut of cocoa balls these are all very similar to ones you find in America but they’re

All slightly different neutr grain Fruit Loops frosties it’s funny how so many things are similar but they’re like slightly different now all the fresh fruit and veggie is all pretty standard but the thing that’s very different is all the grocery stores always have fish tanks because this is the way they do fresh

Seafood around here straight up not just your lobsters oysters crabs shellfish cockal so many different types of clams and cockles fish packed on Ice long eel things squids an octopuses scrims okay Jason’s waiting on Me Joe how you feel about being on YouTube I need a haircut Joe here is uh essentially the first 52 he’s like a hybrid of the 50 and the 52 he’s the Unicorn 51 the UN orn boat great success we got stuff more stuff add to

The pile and then we’ll add more stuff and then we’ll add more stuff mhm our boat is going to be 90% food 10% other things all right we are back on the boat trying to figure out a little random few things safety yeah safety we’ve got this

Really cool thing that’s just this like throwable it says do not open just throw and it’s like an inflatable little raft thing and a big tall inflatable flag and that’s what happens if somebody goes Man Overboard so we can see them easier the whole thing deploys it’s kind of heavier

Than I expected it to be I’m not even going to guess at the weight because I’d probably get it wrong 10 lbs but I’m not saying that I’m thinking we’re going to do a temporary Mount um for starters and the idea is we want to mount it when

We’re sailing and then we take it away and stow it so it doesn’t get sun damage it’s not in the way it’s not this big yellow eyesore out we’re going to do a temporary mount with a big suction cup and I’m thinking like right here now technically this is not like a marine

Mount we’ll get one of those hey sucker this is a camera mount and it is definitely strong enough to hold an SLR which is pretty darn heavy I’m thinking something like that so then oh no she’s gone overboard hey that’s exactly how you do it I don’t

Know where those words came from they just popped out of my mouth but I’m thinking here or maybe here but that’s the beauty of a suction Mount is you don’t have to choose we can move it while we’re sailing and base it on where we end up standing the most while we’re

Working the lines and that’s why I’m thinking maybe not on this side because to see the sails yeah you’re here a lot agree and we don’t want this going up our butt I was going to say I think our uh our safety equipment might pose the safety hazard yeah there you go all

Right we’ll consider this one done until uh the first hour of the sale and we change it continuing on the safety theme we’re also trying to figure out where to mount an eerb in this boat and it’s so hard because now you’ve got this like beautiful lovely thing construction mode

At the moment so I know it doesn’t look super Fab now but you have this beautiful lovely boat at some point and you don’t want to put it’s like the big yellow green piece of equipment which is very important and you need to be able to get to it if

Things go pearshaped can’t put it in that corner because you wouldn’t be able to get to it if you needed to activate it maybe I don’t know like in that corner then we put a plant and you try to hide it uh when you’re at anchor I don’t know

Like it’s about this size this is clearly not the eer this is my we have it back at the apartment because we still have to register it yeah I really I’m at a loss cuz you don’t want to put it down below it’s got to be up above

Probably don’t want it mounted outside right well it’s it’s pretty dry not on this side but maybe on the other but that’s stacked to cushions at the moment but what if you or like up here now I’m I’m pulling the internet which is never a good know seriously though any uh

Thoughts on safety of where and eer Herb should or should not be mounted let me know happy to read it yeah I don’t I don’t know we are doing quality check here inspection we got different members of all different teams on the boat to uh go through our list and make sure

Everything’s checked off so we’re making progress we’re making progress I think it’s maybe 4:00 now and we’ve been there since 1 so there goes like 3 hours in like the blink of an eye which was just going over a list of things and items and Runing the mousing line for

Starlink and all the little like QC things and I don’t even know what my brain is reeling but it’s a long list of things to check over progress I don’t know where we stand right now that’s what going over that list was so that’s kind of the final okay these are the

Things we’ve done these are the things that are still left to do so where does that leave us and that’s what we’re waiting to find out so they’re going to kind of process all of that information and then that should give us a pretty clear timeline for when can we finish

This up and move on in I’m ready for that well that leaves us right here back in this room it’s been uh a day of of finishing up all the QC stuff they got the boat pretty much SP and span we actually haven’t seen it this morning

It’s really early right now it’s on Saturday we’ve got all of our stuff here we are going to move on board because we officially signed the paperwork yesterday we are boat owners for the first time again in two years two years we signed the initial papers before the

Whole molds were even made for this boat so this has been a 2-year process it’s all like funneled into today and I feel excited overwhelmed um thinking about just all the things yeah so we’re moving on we own a boat and oh another cool thing yesterday our bicycles arrived oh look

At this carbon fiber lightweight ebikes yes 13 kg I can’t wait to tell you all about this I can’t wait to tell you about all about everything I can’t wait to tell you about all the food that we’ve got all the things that are going to go on the boat overwhelmed yeah it

Should be I’m excited this is exciting yeah I love that the bicycles is the one thing that you had to point out it’s just cuz they’re spanking new yeah they’re spanking we were just got them yesterday I read them for the first time it’s like yeah they’re pretty cool anyway

Let’s move on this boat and thank you to everybody who told us everybody who told us this is what she’s saying from behind the camera thank you to everybody who told us about these bikes cuz we wouldn’t have found them if it wasn’t for you had a lot of recommendations

When I made that video about our storage locker in the front area I was like oh we had these electrics you know we thought we would use those but they’re too too big they don’t fit blah blah blah and that’s how we ended up with

These yeah we had a lot of very cool suggestions yes oh my God we have so many things to tell you about so many things to catch you up on but we will slowly do things throughout the next couple years I mean we’re not in a hurry

We got a boat never leave the boat that’s our motto never leave the boat we are going to be having a good time yeah okay let’s start moving boxes all right Now we’ll have to do like I don’t know five or six trips like that and then slowly move everything on the boat unpack it get rid of all the Packaging have to be very careful not to scratch everything yeah I’m no longer wearing my can’t on my belts yeah okay if you bring him down I will throw them into a tray to get boxed in very Quickly the bicycle can to come at a better time back can play back in fight back in fight done a little cake is a tiny happy be day yeah a thank you happy birthday to you okay there’s crunchy stuffff in the middle I can feel it Oreo Oreo Oreo and

Mango wow that is a cake check it out whoa thank you Anna yes thank you Anna thank you AJ mhm ity is good mhm oddly enough yes we did officially move into the boat it’s our first day and it is also my birthday which Anna remembered

That was very sweet brought a cake was fabulous and now we are just here all by our lome we had loads of help and now I’ve said we’re good with the help because you can’t help me anymore because I don’t know where to put all of this stuff but we’re going to figure

That out and then luckily we have um a familiar face longtime friend here to help us with that process we have Casey because um when you’re going to take off on a brand new boat with a bunch of new technology you need a rocket scientist

On board so we brought one one if you remember we sailed Casey on the triand we were trying to remember the first time we met we don’t even remember that’s how long we’ve been talking somewhere in Florida somewhere in Florida I think it was a Meetup in la oh

Somewhere in LA in LA California it was one of your patreon meetups yeah also sailor and hole number five is going to be their boat in let play time how do you feel about switching with us cuz we were number five oh I’m happy to take number five I’ll let you guys fig

Everything out and then I’ll have a great trip they needed a little bit more time we wanted less time so we swapped a long time ago and Casey was thinking he was going to be Sailing by now but with the delays and everything else got even more time than you originally planned on

But it works out that’s right we’re being the guinea pigs for sailing out of China and they’ll be the next ones I think after us so anyway Casey’s going to be joining us for the passage so that he can get some extra time on the boat

Before he takes delivery of his and help us unpack all of this crap I don’t know why he volunteered for all this but he did volunteer trial run learning from you guys that’s right okay back to work okay well we didn’t make it very far got

A bunch of crap put in places but definitely not organized and Sun just set day flew by it’s just poof gone in an instant we have like four or so days before we need to leave we got a weather window coming up um and Chinese New Year

Coming up so we have to be gone before Friday really cuz it starts next Monday and yeah then we’d be here for like two or three more weeks before we’re allowed to leave because everybody leaves and Customs won’t be there we can’t check out so ah okay day one moving forward complete

Well I think my pre-organization was helpful but I don’t think that it solved as many problems as I was hoping in other words words of still doesn’t tell me where I’m going to put everything once I have it here and that is what we are facing now and I

Think it’s going to take I got at least two solid days just to figure out where everything goes it is I don’t even have that much stuff and it still is crazy so anybody moving house right now like proper house with real rooms and lots of

Stuff I feel for you because I don’t even have that much stuff and I’m not sure how I’m to get this done and get out of here but it’s going to happen we have help we had lots of help today from the HH crew they were actually fantastic

Loading up the truck helping us bring if we would have been left on our own to do all of that we just still be moving boxes we wouldn’t have made nearly as much progress so that was super helpful so huge thanks to the team for like

Showing up and helping us do that cuz immensely helpful on a Saturday on a Saturday yeah I mean it feels like a it was very nice they did not have to do that and they sent all those guys to come and help us so that was it was

Really nice um so I do appreciate that and then of course we have Casey here who is like super invaluable right now because our heads are so scattered and he’s paying attention to so many things that we are not so very helpful to have him here and uh yeah we’re going to

Spend the next couple of days organizing and then next time we see you it’s going to be like maybe a final provision and then we’re out of here like first passage on this boat that blows my mind I just you feel like you wait so

Long and then all a sudden it is here and you feel I don’t even know what I feel I don’t know I don’t know but anyway thank you for being part of it uh thank you for watching whatever this is I feel like chaos mass chaos so scattered it’s

So real it is chaos is so real cuz this is chaos anyway lots of love very exciting I oh I just I can’t wait for so many things just so many things we got a lot to do before then anyway lot’s of love bye dinner time birthday dinner yeah

Birthday dinner and we’ve got to feed Casey our loyal helper today we owe him a nice dinner it’s your birthday you don’t owe me a dinner I owe you a dinner we owe you a birthday dinner

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