Exposed: James O’Keefe Reveals Disney’s Secrets – Video

Exposed: James O’Keefe Reveals Disney’s Secrets – Video

In a shocking video titled “James O’Keefe EXPOSES Disney,” hidden camera footage captures a vice president of The Walt Disney Company making discriminatory comments about hiring practices. The video shows James O’Keefe confronting the vice president, Michael Jordano, about his remarks, where Jordano is heard saying, “No way we’re hiring a white male” and “I’m not looking to bring on any more clients who are white.” O’Keefe questions Jordano about Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act and highlights the issue of discrimination based on race and religion.

As the confrontation escalates, Jordano attempts to flee the scene in a Tesla, narrowly avoiding running over O’Keefe’s foot. The video captures the tense exchange and exposes the alleged discriminatory practices within Disney. O’Keefe promises to release more footage in the future, shedding light on the inner workings of the company. The video serves as a call to action to address discrimination and hold companies accountable for their hiring practices.

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