First Impressions of South Africa: Exploring Cape Town 🇿🇦 – Video

First Impressions of South Africa: Exploring Cape Town 🇿🇦 – Video

Our first impressions of South Africa, specifically Cape Town, have been nothing short of amazing! In this video, we explore the vibrant city for the first time and share our experiences with you.

From the colorful neighborhoods like the Malay Quarter to the breathtaking views from Table Mountain, Cape Town has truly captured our hearts. We even enjoy some delicious local dishes at a Cape Malay restaurant, immersing ourselves in the rich culture of the city.

Throughout our adventure, we were able to stay in a spacious and affordable apartment in the city center, providing us with a comfortable base to explore all that Cape Town has to offer.

However, we also note the challenges faced by the city, such as homelessness and drug addiction, but this did not detract from the overall beauty and charm that Cape Town exudes.

Overall, our first day in South Africa has been unforgettable, and we can’t wait to share more of our experiences with you in future videos. Stay tuned as we continue to explore all that this incredible country has to offer!

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Video Transcript

Hello everyone here from the country of South Africa once again a new country for us and we’re in Cape Town we’ve already been here a few days but I’ve just been recovering for those of you that watch this channel you’ll know that I was a bit sick in Namibia where we

Were previously some sort of cold I don’t I don’t know what it was and right now we’re at a part called The Waterfront definitely enjoying the milder climate here yeah uh in the meia was extremely hot but here the weather is being great so far uh when Sunny it

Gets a bit hot but just like normal not extremely hot and when it’s like this it’s a bit chilly we even brought our Co yeah I think now it’s just around 22° C and I think at Max it’s only getting to around 27 Namibia was like 40 which is

Dangerously hot so yeah definitely enjoying this weather down south so we’re just going to walk around here a bit I think this is like a mall Victoria walk I guess that’s named after Queen Victoria since the Brits colonized this for a period this country where are we

At here yeah okay it looks like there’s a few sites this looks like a interesting Area So we just passed through that mall back there and I think this is the main area now cuz you can see the harbor here it’s actually a cruise ship over there I didn’t even know there was a a cruise terminal and back there you can get a

View of the famous Table Mountain I think it’s that one on the right or is it all Table Mountain I don’t know I don’t know that part looks like a table so maybe that’s that’s the one yeah I think that’s definitely it super flat on top and we’re planning on going there

Later on yeah cuz it’s one of the main things to do here in Cape Town so we might check it out later on so you can do loads of different boat tours around here got the pirate looking ship over there I don’t think we’re going to have

Time to do boat tours on this trip so we got a lot of a lot of things things planned over the next few days but it definitely would be cool see dolphins whales all sorts Shar sharks yeah I think here you can go like uh inside the

Water on a like a cage like a Sumer oh yeah like I’ve seen that before and the Sharks come next to you but I wouldn’t do that not at all yeah I’ve seen videos of that before where you’re in the cage I don’t like the idea hear that Either A quick intermission to talk about the sponsor of this video sar which is our recommended vpm provider that we’ve been using for the past 3 years while traveling even when we are not on the road it is one of the most important apps that we keep on our devices C Shack

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And that also includes a 30-day money back guarantee policy so that’s cool we got some seals here didn’t need to do the boat tour for these guys South African fur seals looking very very lazy and smelly lazy and smelly there’s one swimming around here somewhere too oh he’s back

There says here that the male seals can weigh up to 300 kilos and the female ones only weigh 75 kilos massive difference they can stay underw for about 30 minutes before surfacing but tend to dive only for a few minutes at a time N wow wow wow w W Oh So we ended up getting into uh Uber which they have around here and we come to a really cool looking neighborhood called Bap I don’t know if that’s how you pronounce it as you can see it’s extra colorful also known as the Malay quar so this neighborhood was established in the

1700s at the time the Dutch ruled here and they had trouble trying to enslave the local indigenous groups so they brought people from Southeast Asia like uh Indonesia and Malaysia where the the Dutch also had colonies at the time they brought the people and they were the

Ones that lived around here which is why it has the name the malake water so I think even now the Muslims are the majority over 50% but there was a time where it was 100% they were the only ones that were allowed to live in the neighborhood and even from here we can

Still see Table Mountain I think we’re even closer now probably see that massive thing for from almost everywhere in Cape Town so we stopped at this local place to have a meal we were going to eat on the water front but it was expensive there I don’t know how you pronounce the name be not sure asalam Alum says that this is run by a local family established in

1982 so they have Cape Malay dishes and also Cape Indian dishes so I went for a Cape Malay dish called SEO Brey so this is like lamb in some sort of stew and there’s the SEO pearls which is like a tapioka Cava and I went for rotti could have got

Rice as well and that was 155 overall and Carol went for the cape Indian dish yeah fish curry 165 smells great yeah so this is like one of the famous dishes Malay dishes yeah that’s amazing the the stew Taste of the stew also some potato in there feel spicy yeah quite spicy but

Really good this is actually the first time that I’m eating fish curry I usually when I’m at like eating Indian food I usually get the vegetarian ones but this is really good I love it and I went for the chai tea 35 haven’t had this in a while I think

In India I’d have like two or three of these every day So now we’re just going to wander around the neighborhood a bit more even the mths here are a beautiful color I read that one of the Moss is from the 1800s I don’t know if it’s that one looks like the place is in Baya Brazil yeah colorful like this some of those

Places in Bay also had the the Cobble streets too really is nice especially with the Ultra Blue Skies today and I read that this neighborhood has the most buildings from before the 1850s they actually look kind of new though yeah so like this one it’s very like well painted I’m think I’m thinking

That they are like uh renovating and painting all the time because of tourists yeah it kind of looks brand new so just a bit down from that last neighborhood we have the city center where we’re staying we’re about a 12 minute walk from there I think you saw a

Lot of places to stay around here yeah many hotels I think that’s where most of the tourists stay because the the the the harbor area the Waterfront is very expensive so this is more affordable but still you can still find the five star hotels around here and we’ll be showing

Our place later on which was really good value for what we got so it’s kind of a mix of modern buildings and then you get these more like classical European old buildings around here over there too so I think we’re actually going to stop by our place before we head to Table

Mountain we’ll getting Uber again so we got a nice Market here some cool colorful souvenirs and check this church out too a real Gothic looking Church like the ones that you see around England so it’s kind of hard to see with the sun hidden the sign but this is Green Market Square

The vibrant heart of Cape Town for over 300 years N So we’re here at the base of the Table Mountain now where you get the cable carart up to that point there I think seems like it’s pretty packed cuz there’s car pked all the way down the road here and it was 65 to get here in the Uber about a 15-minute drive already

Get amazing views from here though without even going up it’s going to be windy up there if it’s already this windy here already windy here that’s why we brought our jackets yeah I think it’ll be pretty chilly up there so we just got the tickets we bought them here

But you can buy them online if you want and those are 360 per person and that’s to go up and down she did ask if we’re going up and down so I don’t know if that means you can walk down or something but we’re going up and Down Passion passion So we have made it wow what a view we are above the clouds we couldn’t even see the clouds on this side no only here there’s more over there yeah I don’t know if they’re they’re coming in on the side that we got the cable car over there there was no clouds at

All can even see some beaches around here when we make another video around this area we’re hoping to check out the beaches so we’re going to walk around and try and get all the angles before the clouds come in they might never come I don’t know the the

Tablecloth that’s what they call it you said yeah when there’s like a layer of clouds that come above this place I think they call the tablecloth and that’s what I see I think it’s coming so I think we’re around 1,60 m above sea level here so I think

I’ll plan on the other day is to drive around all this are area here yeah there are many hikes to do but we might do one I don’t know if we have time to do more it’s a very good place for nature lovers as you can see it’s just so beautiful so

You can drive all the way to the bottom and loop around that’ll be another video though I think there’s a wedding going on over here looks like a wedding nice place for a wedding oh Yeah He This is Cape of the storms so it has listed some of the famous shipwrecks all these here 20 of them the ship wrecks along this Coast although this says is over 650 over the past 400 years so we said that it was going to be

Crazy windy up here cuz it was so windy at the base but there’s literally zero wind like none whatsoever not even a gentle breeze all right now we’ve cut across to the the other side where we came from wow look at the size of that beach there gigantic Beach there’s also an

Island that you can see over there I think it’s called Robin Island you can do boat tours to that place from the marina where we were before so it’s definitely awesome just how much you can walk around up here I thought it was going to be a smaller area but it seems

Like you can explore pretty much everywhere go wherever you want to go the cable carut was really cool cu the floor rotated so it didn’t matter where you’d stand you’d end up seeing all the angles cuz you were spinning Around So I think this will be as far as we go today not sure if you can climb all the way over there too can see that mountain in the distance there’s some Trails there that are visible even from here so I think that’s Devil’s Peak another

Popular place to hike yeah before I came here uh people would come to us and say oh since I’m from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil they would say that Cape Town is basically Rio but in a different continent and that’s what we were expecting but I’m not sure if because I

Am from Rio de janeo born and raised I don’t think it’s like the same I see some similarities of course the mountains and like the fact that there’s like big mountains in the middle of a big city that’s very similar from what we you’ve seen uh the touristic part of

Cape Town is kind of like this area here um not very spread out in Rio I think it’s a bit more spread out but we love Cape Town it’s really really beautiful one of the most beautiful cities we’ve ever seen because of the mix of like a

Big city and the nature like I said it’s really Amazing I so this is the apartment that we’re staying in it’s $51 a day which is a pretty good price really big apartment really spacious and we’re right in the city center pretty close to a lot of the attractions I always like these kind of sofas where you can lie down head on

Watch TV and we got the kitchen so we’ll probably be doing a lot of of cooking and then there’s two bathrooms there’s one here for the main living room and this is the bedroom also a really big bedroom really nice and spacious too and we got a bathtub and a

Shower so that’s good the internet also seems to be pretty good and here they don’t do what they call load shedding South Africa seems to have some sort of like power electricity issues so some accommodations can’t provide you with power or electricity the entire day but

I think here in the downtown area cuz it’s like the business district they always have power so I don’t think we should be having that issue here and I’m not sure how safe it is here at night um we have noticed that the homeless situation here is really bad especially

In the downtown there’s a huge camping area near some like Fort looking place I suppose it kind of looked like um what is it Skid Row in California that famous place it’s kind of like that so there’s a lot of beggars a lot of people that seem like they’re on drugs so when

You’re walking around you’re constantly passing them that doesn’t exactly mean you’re you’re unsafe but yeah there’s just a lot of that going on that’s all and overall it’s been a really good day first day here in South Africa and there’s more videos to come going to be

Exploring more of Cape Town and also doing a safari here so looking forward to that if you like this video drop a like as usual to support us subscribe see more videos like this follow us on Instagram and Facebook and we’ll see you around No

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