From Planning to ‘Milk Him Dry’ to Falling in Love | Love Doesn’t Judge – Video

From Planning to ‘Milk Him Dry’ to Falling in Love | Love Doesn’t Judge – Video

The video titled “I Planned To ‘Milk Him Dry’ But Then I Fell In Love | LOVE DON’T JUDGE” follows the story of 30-year-old Carrie and 63-year-old Randy, who met on Tinder. Initially, Carrie admits that she used Randy for his money, with her intentions being to “milk him dry” and then move on. However, over time, her feelings towards Randy developed, and she began to feel sorry for neglecting him and his feelings. Despite this, some people in her life are still unsure of her intentions, assuming she is a gold digger or has daddy issues.

The video explores the dynamic of their relationship, with Randy providing for Carrie and her eventually realizing that she has genuine feelings for him. The couple also navigates the societal judgment and assumptions surrounding their age gap relationship, with Carrie addressing the online comments and criticism they receive.

Carrie’s friend, Sabrina, also shares her initial concerns about the relationship, but ultimately acknowledges that Randy treats Carrie well and has contributed to her happiness. The video highlights the couple’s commitment to working on their relationship and the challenges they face due to age gap stereotypes and societal judgment.

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Video Transcript

This is 30-year-old Carrie she fell in love with 63-year-old Randy Carrie admits that initially she used Randy for his money Randy and I met on Tinder my first intentions was to basically milk and dry and peace out but her feelings towards Randy developed over time I felt

Sorry that I was kind of neglecting him and his feelings however some people in her life are still unsure that she really has good intentions people typically assume that I’m a gold digger does this guy just want some young hot girl who’s vulnerable where are you on your budget

I blew it again have you been shopping lately I know that answer every day she normally spends money on clothes clothes clothes my name is Carrie and I’m 30 years old I’m Randy I’m 63 years old and we have a 33e age capap I’m a stay-at-home girlfriend and I just

Started an only fans I do sales I’ve been doing sales for 30 years Randy yeah babe you want to help me pack for Coachella oh good idea so here is the pink translucent bra you like that that’s a thong oh my goodness you will be um definitely noticed in that in the

Beginning of our relationship she would go over her budget thousands of dollars and finally we had to have a come to Jesus me I don’t even know she’s over her budget until she calls me and says my AMX isn’t working and I said okay well you can

Have it but that’s it and then normally like two days later she was like well you know I need this Randy and I met on Tinder in 2019 I just swiped up um to the age I just made it Go the whole way up What attracted me to him was probably

Um he went on vacation a lot I actually thought that it was going to be more of a business transaction my first intentions when I met Randy was to basically milk him dry I wanted to get from him what I could and peace out every once in a while I

Would get a message hey can you do me a favor and help me out because you know I’m low on money after a while of him doing that I just disappeared one day I didn’t message him for what months I said you know what I’m going to change

My life I’m going to do the right thing I’m going to work a job so I was walking to work I didn’t have a car after I Disappeared for a while he messaged me out of concern because he hadn’t heard from me I said look I’ll buy you a car I

Said so this way you can get back and forth to work because I don’t want you walking at night time she worked graveyard shift so I ended up uh buying her a BMW I am so grateful that he’s given me the car thank you after a year of talking I decided to

Meet him in person because my life was getting a little bit better because of him he was helping me out long distance and I felt sorry that I was kind of neglecting him and his feelings when he was doing so much for me when I first met her I was like wow she’s

Hot I had never been with an older man before so I didn’t know if he was safe yeah she always thought I was going to kill her I realized that I had feelings for Randy when he sat me down one day and said make a list of all your

Problems and we’ll check them off one by one and probably a week later he said to me if you give me a year I’ll change your life so babe you going to make that breakfast CLE yeah we had it before I liked it we’ve gone to a restaurant

Before and he has gone to the restroom and I’m sitting there and they’ll ask me what my dad wants to drink and normally I Just Go With It um sometimes I’ll correct them I I don’t like to embarrass people so I just I let it go and then give an awkward kiss

After the meal she’ll be like she’ll be like this is what my dad wants yeah people typically assume that I’m a gold digger or I have Daddy Issues people stare sometimes I catch them pointing I’ve seen them make fun of us or me especially I don’t think car’s using me

For my money because I’ve seen a change in the way she treats me in the beginning um yes but in the last uh 2 or 3 years no nope not at all she really cares she wants to make sure that I take my medicine because I got high blood pressure I’m not using

Randy for his money anymore um at the beginning of course I had a different mindset but when you fall in love with somebody then you appreciate them for what they are and not what they have the the online judgment has been I guess difficult for me more than it has him a

Lot of the comments that people have said are he’s going to die in the next couple of years I’m dating my grandpa I thought she said father not Grandpa I’m sorry I have two boys that are uh they’re younger than Carrie and both of them actually um thought wow dad she’s

As um and um they get along with her very well and they were like you know I got to give you Kudos you’re doing great initially my friends were surprised so my friend Sabrina is going to come over in a little bit she hasn’t been that supportive I’m Sabrina I’ve been car’s

Friend since we were about 16 years old we went to high school together when Carrie first told me about Randy I definitely was thinking what is she doing with an older man what is she benefiting from this is this going to be a fling is she G to get hurt is this

Even safe for her to do Carol how are you how are you it’s been so long I thanks for coming of course thanks for having me so what concerns did you initially have about the relationship you guys dated I’d say from your standpoint I was like hm what is she getting from this

Why is she doing this is it just a phase I don’t I don’t know I didn’t want you to get hurt but I also didn’t want you to be using someone so really just worried about what your intention was to be completely honest you’re not

The type to settle down so I was like what is she doing well um what do you think about the age Gap were you worried I was a little worried about does this guy just want to showpiece is he just trying to find some young hot girl who’s

Vulnerable to take advantage of not even mentally but sexually to be completely honest did you just want a little piece type of thing like but I mean clearly you’re a great guy again make her extremely happy so I see that this is something real I truthfully never thought she was going

To find someone that treats her so well and I am so appreciative that you have helped her mentally physically honestly everything under the sun you’ve given her her happiness now is truthfully in my opinion contributed to you and what you’ve done for her I really appreciate

That of course yes I see you honestly as like a brother-in-law what makes you love Carrie what gets you going with her what do you see in her that satisfies you and what you need shut the up I mean are you I honestly wasn’t going sexual but I see

That’s what you’re doing we put in the work every day to make each other happy to the haters I like the attention baby and I have it and she comes home with me every night

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CARRIE, 30, first met Randy, 63, aged 27 on a dating app. At the time Carrie was in a challenging financial situation and realised Randy was well off. She explained, “Randy and I met on Tinder. My first intention was to milk him dry and peace out.” But her feelings towards Randy developed over time, as he supported her to get back on her feet, even purchasing her a BMW so that she could drive to work. “I felt sorry that I was neglecting him and his feelings when he was doing so much for me,” she said. After a year they met in person, and their relationship blossomed. Carrie is now a stay-at-home girlfriend, living with Randy. Despite the 33-year age gap, they enjoy their time together, going travelling, to festivals and fancy restaurants, all paid for by Randy. However, some people in her life are unsure whether the relationship will last the test of time. Carrie explained, “People typically assume that I’m a gold digger. People stare, I’ve seen them make fun of us.” Even her long-time friend Sabrina has had doubts, appearing in the film she asks the couple: “Does this guy just want some young hot girl to take advantage of?”

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Videographer: Joe Nation
Producers: Amy Nicholson, Yasmin Walker
Editor: Reuben Yarwood

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