Democracy under pressure | DW Documentary

Democracy under pressure | DW Documentary

Democracy under pressure | DW Documentary

Right-wing extremist attacks on politicians are endangering Germany’s democracy – it’s better to talk than to fight, say these three initiatives.

Kristina Krömer in Dresden wants to keep Germany’s democracy alive – and resilient. She regularly sits on the tram with her team and encourages people to take part in political discussions. Sometimes they get ignored, sometimes they succeed in creating respectful debates. In Brandenburg, the ‘travelling pub’ wants to offer a space for such discussions at eye level in the countryside. Because in many small towns, the traditional pub has long closed down. And in Munich, the ‘10drei’ association wants to teach young people basic democratic rules. DW reporters Tessa Clara Walther and Bettina Stehkämper visited the three initiatives and experienced how citizens are successfully getting involved to strengthen Europe’s and Germany’s democracy.

0:00 Intro
1:02 The tram in Dresden
3:17 Dissatisfied with democracy
4:12 Travelling pub in Brandenburg
6:53 The far right is booming
7:41 Munich: Democracy at school

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