“Get Ready for Apple Vision Pro: Feb. 2 Release Details #shorts” – Video

“Get Ready for Apple Vision Pro: Feb. 2 Release Details #shorts” – Video

Apple Vision Pro Arrives Feb. 2: What To Know #shorts

Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, is set to hit the market on February 2nd. The headset is now available for pre-orders starting January 19th, and comes with a price tag of $3,500. Despite the hefty price, it does offer 256 GB of storage, along with a front cover for the lens, a polishing cloth, and a USBC charger. Additionally, it includes two head straps, and it is rumored that there may be other storage tiers available as well.

The Vision Pro will boast some exciting features, including the ability to display content on the outside called eyesight, as well as 3D support for movies and a selection of films. Disney Plus is said to be an early partner for the device, offering a new and immersive way to experience their content. However, details about other accessories and additional features are still under wraps.

With the release date fast approaching, tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting more information about the Vision Pro. As the first of its kind from Apple, the mixed reality headset is expected to revolutionize the way we experience digital content. Keep an eye out for the launch in February for more updates and a comprehensive look at what the Vision Pro has to offer.

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Apple’s first mixed reality headset The Vision Pro is coming out in less than a month the date was finally announced it’s February 2nd and it’s going to be on sale for pre-orders starting January 19th at 8:00 a.m. eastern now it’s $3,500 which is a lot of money but it

Does come with 256 GB of storage which I kind of expected more but there may be other storage tiers plus it’s going to have its own little case or not really case but a front cover for the lens and a polishing cloth a and a USBC charger

Plus two different head straps are going to be included we don’t know anything else about accessories yet we do know that some of its biggest features like the ability to show displays on the outside called eyesight will be there plus 3D support for movies and a handful

Of films and Disney plus seems to be one of the early Partners we’ll know more when the Vision Pro launches in early February so stay tuned for a lot more but we still have a lot of questions about this thing

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