“Shocking Taboos in Austria That Surprised the World” – Video

“Shocking Taboos in Austria That Surprised the World” – Video

15 Taboos in Austria and Weird Things That Shocked the Whole World!
Taxing Dogs and Cats, organizing a Cigarette Smoking Competition, or Deducting Taxi Services – these are just a few of the many bizarre things happening in a European country – Austria.
Traditionally, when Austria is mentioned, we often think of an incredibly livable region, a beautiful country, and hospitable people. However, the reality unfolding in Austria is quite different.
You’re sure to have a different perspective on this country after watching our video today. Right now, welcome to 15 prohibitions and bizarre occurrences that only exist in Austria.

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14 prohibitions and strange things that only exist in Austria taxing dogs and cats organizing a cigarette smoking competition or deducting taxi services these are just a few of the many bizarre things happening in a European country Austria traditionally when Austria is mentioned we often think of an incredibly livable region a

Beautiful country and hospitable people however the reality unfolding in Austria is quite different you’re sure to have a different perspective on this country after watching our video today right now welcome to 15 prohibitions and bizarre occurrences that only exist in Austria number 40 I’m inverted toilet if

You are eating something you might want to reconsider continuing as what I’m about to mention may seem quite unhygienic but believe me it could be very beneficial for your health what I’m referring to is the toilets in Austria most countries around the world Ed toilets with a bowl-shaped design where

Waste is flushed straight down the drain this is the basic toilet design found on most continents however in Austria they use a peculiar design called the flat bottom toilet instead of tapered shape the bowl has a flat bottom and is positioned higher than the drain to

Explain this we need to delve into the centuries old history of toilet design at some point there was a Divergence in the toilet design Community the majority believed that waste should fall quickly into the water to minimize unpleasant odors this is the classical Western approach however somean designers argued

That traditional toilets had flaws the drain was too low and straight posing a risk of water splashing onto the seat therefore the flat bottom design with an inverted drain could significantly reduce the risk of water splashing onto the seat Western designers on the other hand argued that flat bottom design is

Not perfect waste would sit there emitting odors interestingly austrians don’t seem to have a problem with it even serves a purpose in the flat bottom design they can observe their daily excrement to assess their Digestive Health detecting worms or blood in stool is a serious matter you might think that

At this point Western designers would be adamant in their stance they continue flat bottom toilets could cause splashing around when men urinate standing up it is a valid concern that needs addressing and austrians chose to address it by encouraging men to sit while urinating ensuring that the water

Flows directly into the drain nothing is perfect and these are two ideological approaches two different cultural Perspectives number 13 if you still genuinely believe that Hitler the name associated with the most ruthless dictator in history was German you are mistaken taken Hitler was Austrian near the main Square on solsburg vo Street in Bren way am on the Southern Bank of the river in in Austria

Stands a three-story light colored house the place where Adolf Hitler was born on April 20 1889 Hitler only stayed here for a few weeks before his family moved to another house in bra when he was 3 years old the Hitler family left this town forever later Hitler returned

Briefly to Broner and lived there for a short period in 1938 the 17th century building later became an in and was subsequently purchased by Nazi Germany renovated into a cultural center with exhibitions and a library after World War II the house was returned to its original owners and by

1965 it became a public library for many years it was a tourist attraction the Austrian interior Ministry was concerned about the Resurgence of the Nazi movement so since 1972 they have leased the the building to prevent Hitler supporters from visiting or buying it the house has no identifying sign

Instead there’s a granite Block near the sidewalk with an inscription for peace freedom and democracy never again fascism millions of dead admonish this Stone serves as a substitute for a memorial and was brought from the famous stone quarry at the mou thousand concentration camp in recent years there

Have been plans to demolish the house however in the current moment it still stands as a reminder of a dark era its existence has attracted descendants of Nazi sympathizers who have visited it multiple times number 12 evil Santa while around the world Santa Claus is believed to

Bring gifts to well- behaved children in Austria Santa Claus is a devilish figure this story seems to be kept hidden to preserve the innocence of children but it does exist in Austrian culture the Austrian version of Santa clus Clause is called Krampus the Krampus figure originates from German folklore on

Christmas Eve Krampus visits each house leaving bundles of birch sticks for naughty children or even giving them a good thrashing stuffing them into sacks or baskets on his back and then throwing them into a stream or straight into hell therefore some families in Austria also decorate with Birch sticks inside the

House to remind children the demon is portrayed as half man half goat reminiscent of a devil character has a long tongue that extends down to its chest and it has appeared on Austrian Christmas greeting cards since the 1800s crampus named after krempin in German meeting Claw is believed to be the son

Of the Norse goddess hell in northern European mythology this demon also shares terrifying characteristics with some other demonic figures in Greek mythology today the image of Krampus is popular in Austria young men dress up as Krampus wearing wooden masks Bell’s horn horns on their heads in costumes made of

Sheep or goat skins they roam the streets to intimidate children during the kampoo not Festival in the city of salsburg Austria on Krampus night those participating in the parade along with this demon might surprise and catch people unexpectedly some seek refuge in shops and restaurants people may be

Chased bushed or even playfully beaten but in the festive atmosphere no one takes it too seriously in Austria people sell Krampus framed chocolates and small figurines to tone down the Demon’s ferocious image however many believe that the crampus figure has become too commercialized children nowadays no

Longer fear Krampus they see the name as that of somewhat eccentric looking characters number 11 ban on dog and cat meat Austria seems to be a paradise for dogs and cats is they extremely well protected here in Austria the consumption of dog and cat meat for for

Food or any other purposes is strictly prohibited under article 6 section 2 of the animal protection act violators can face administrative fines with maximum penalty of €7,500 and for repeat offenses the maximum fine is €1 15,000 in Austria killing dogs and cats from meat is seen as an inhumane and

Unethical act as these animals are often regarded as loyal Companions of humans respect for the right to life and the rights of animals is typically prioritized furthermore there are health risks associated with the consumption of dog and cat meat including the potential transmission of diseases from these

Animals food safety measures may also be a reason to ban or control the consumption of dog and cat meat overall this ban is widely welcomed in Austria and is also a contributing factor to The Continuous increase in the population of dogs and cats in the country number but Thai American

Sentiment ranked eighth on the list of countries with the least favorable view of the United States Austria as 55 its population expressing an unfavorable opinion of the US this sentiment has increased by an additional nine in 2022 the reason for this seems relatively straightforward Austria wants to continue trade activities with Iran and

North Korea which the US opposes information conveyed through Austria’s National media along with NE ative assessments of the US has led to unfavorable opinions among the country’s citizens apart from being anti-American Austria is also one of the top 10 countries least supportive of China’s leadership with 70 of austrians surveyed

Stating their opposition to Chinese leadership a notable difference for Austria compared to many other countries on this list is that is not a former Soviet block country and is not a predominantly Muslim Nation number knife dog tax in Austria dogs are everywhere you can encounter them in cafes restaurants subway

Stations and many other public places there seems to be an abundance of dogs to the extent that the government cannot Overlook them authorities believe that dogs are consuming societal resources and dog owners should compensate for that leading to the introduction of a dog tax this tax is imposed on the

Owners of dogs regardless of the breed each city sets its own tax rate but on average a dog owner pays €72 per year for the first dog and €15 for each additional dog those who do not comply with the regulations May face a significant fine approximately 100 times

The amount they pay annually for their dogs dog taxes are often utilized as a local source of income to to support budgets and provide basic services to the community such as managing Parks providing veteran services and offering dog and Cat Care Services High tax rates may be established to encourage dog

Owners to keep their dogs safely and responsibly such as registering their dogs keeping them on a leash when outside and adhering to community rules however dog tax regulations can face opposition from the community if not implemented fairly and transparently some may argue that imposing a dog tax can create unnecessary Financial

Pressure on dog owners smoking Paradise while Russian men may be known for their alcohol consumption austrians both men and women have a pension for smoking often seen with a cigarette in hand despite efforts to impose smoking bands Austria remains one of the few European countries that still allows smoking indoors although Vienna

Implemented a ban on smoking in restaurants and bars in 2009 there are still loopholes such as smaller establishments under 50 square m deciding whether to allow smoking or not as much as onethird of adolescent aged 15 smoke cigarettes purchasing cigarette is is relatively easy for teenagers consumer health protection agencies

Argue that a lack of political determination due to fear of voter backlash has prevented Austria from having stricter regulations the government’s lack of resolve has significant consequences for austrians and even tourist visiting the country if this situation persists Austria May no longer be remembered as a dreamy Misty

City but rather a city immersed in cigarettes so seven highest obesity rates in Europe it may be hard to believe but did you know that over 60 of the Austrian population is obese this is a concerning reality in the country according to the World Health Organization hog obesity rates in Europe

Are continuously Rising with nearly a quarter of European adults being obese Austria leads Europe in this issue the obesity rate is higher in men than in women with a rate of 63 in men and 54 F in women at one in three children is overweight or obese with 29 being boys

27 being girls and concentrated in the Adolescent age group according to who obesity is a cause of at least 13 different types of cancer and is estimated to contribute to around 200,000 new cancer cases each year in addition obesity also increases the risk of various other dis diseases including

Cancer cardiovascular diseases type 2 diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases it is also responsible for seven of disabilities in Austria factors such as lifestyle diet and cultural factors can play a crucial role in shaping this reality however the Austrian government struggles to address this issue and obesity rates continue to rise each Year so six are to understand and accent even if you know German you might have difficulty taunting what austrians is saying if you ask for a paper bag in German at a cashier counter it’s not surprising if all you get is a bewildered look in Austria they call

This item sackle while Austrian children are taught German literature in school the country has a significant amount of dialects locals can use these dialects to identify where someone is from the Austrian German language is truly a headache for tourists Imagine Learning a language that is already challenging on

Its own then you venture out to test what you’ve learned only to hear a completely unfamiliar language Austria has a total of nine states and each state uses a distinct dialect sometimes they might even struggle to understand each other so five and direct communication austrians don’t beat around the bush

When they are displeased don’t be surprised surprised if you hear somewhat blunt comments about your behavior or appearance when talking to austrians this is because austrians highly value honesty something that is often mistaken for root if you ask an Austrian question like do I look fat in

This the answer you get might be yes if that’s that’s the truth austrians are often perceived as very straightforward compared to many other cultures however if what they say reflects the truth there’s nothing rude about it from their perspective they just speak what they see their straightforwardness is a

Demonstration of respect for austrians speaking the truth is a sign of respect they deserve to hear the truth rather than fake words however humans have developed language for thousands of years there are ways to communicate truthfully in a more tactful manner unlike the straightforward approach used by

Austrians so four everyone knows how to ski you’re no stranger to photos of skiing from Austria a country covered in snow throughout the year skiing is as important as learning to drive in a country like Austria Austrian children are taught to ski from a young age often accompanying their parents to ski

Resorts moreover when they reach school age they must learn skiing as a formal subject it’s no wonder that Austrian athletes often win the most medals when participating in world championships as well as European championships an Austrian mentions skiing is a relatively extravagance sport so many people only

Do it once or twice a year however almost all of us know how to Sky and skiing is just as important to us as football even more so we Excel so three sign the most beautiful Village in the world wow we’ve talked about quite a few negative aspects of

Austria now let’s look at something positive about this country the Landscapes are undoubtedly the most impressive in this tourist Destin ation among many pristine areas Village of holat is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the world situated on the western shore of holat a sea surrounded by towering mountain ranges

Holat is a must visit destination when you come to Austria with a history dating back 5,000 years basy and being considered the world’s first salt M the town of holat still retains its picturesque and tranquil beauty holat is poetic with pastel colored houses reflecting on the sparkling Lake where

The beauty of the houses and streets alone is enough to attract a large number of tourists especially in the warm summer sun in Winter although many shops close early the snow covered citycape becomes a dream for those who love photography beauty of Hall stat is crafted by human hands but seamlessly

Blends with nature making every corner look naturally captivating The Ivy covered walls Mossy wooden railings are things that cannot be replicated Hol stats copycat versions only make people more curious about the original and lead them here to witness the harmonious blend of human civilization with nature and experience the Serene charm of a

Village nestled between mountains and a lake one of the most beautiful villages in the world so to no fitted bed sheets when checking into a hotel room in Austria you’ll likely notice that there is always a neatly folded sheet on the bed but the bed itself has nothing covering it even at home

Austrians rarely use fitted bed sheets while Travelers or immigrants from other countries often equip their homes with them the reason for this peculiar practice in Austria is that austrians are concerned that bed sheets can pose health issues for them bed sheets can accumulate a certain number of bacteria

After use it may be dust from hands and feet environmental dust dead skin on the body Pet Hair Etc our skin comes into direct contact with a bed sheet if the sheet is dirty it accumulates a certain number of disease causing bacteria such as fungi molds Etc the skin especially

For those with sensitive skin is the first place where the effects of this are felt the risk of Arne pimples rashes is very high if not you’ll still feel itching and extreme discomfort if you continue to use dirty bed sheets there is a high risk of inflammation and

Fungal infections the longer it is left untreated more severe difficult to treat the disease becomes however all these issues can be addressed by regularly washing and maintaining bed sheets hygiene but it seems like austrians are quite lazy in this regard so they choose to do away with fitted bed sheets Altogether so voiding taxes it might be normal in another country to call a taxi even if your destination is just a 10 to 15 minute walk away but in Austria it’s a different story taking a taxi here is reserved for the elderly who can’t move around independently or for the

Extremely wealthy who prefer not to be bothered for the rest most people say no to taxes many cities in Austria have an efficient and convenient public transportation system including TRS trains and buses this makes using a taxi unnecessary when there are convenient and costeffective public options available Austria has been focused on

Environmental and transp ation policies promoting the use of public transportation and electric vehicles citizens may be encouraged to use these modes of transport to reduce the impact of rail traffic and greenhouse gases Austria also has good bicycle infrastructure and cycling is a popular choice for short distance travel within

The City austrians View cycling as a daily exercise routine therefore becoming a taxi driver in Austria is a challenging job as not many people use it resulting in lower income with this we’ve explored 15 prohibitions and peculiarities unique to Austria hopefully you found it interesting to discover these new aspects in this video

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and subscribe for more videos on culture and peculiarities from around the world I’ll see you in the next adventure thank you for joining us

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