Godzilla vs. Kong: 5 Reasons Why It’s Epic and 5 Reasons Why It’s a Flop – Video

Godzilla vs. Kong: 5 Reasons Why It’s Epic and 5 Reasons Why It’s a Flop – Video

In the latest installment of the MonsterVerse, “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” brings together two iconic movie monsters for an epic showdown. As always, when these titans share the screen, opinions are bound to be divided.

On WatchMojo’s list of the 5 best and 5 worst things about the film, a range of aspects are considered. From the human characters being somewhat forgettable, to the visual storytelling and references to the showa era, there’s a mix of hits and misses in this monster mashup.

The film embraces the showa era of Godzilla movies, finding a balance between old-school vibes and modern technology. The visual storytelling shines, particularly in the development of Kong as a complex and tragic figure through his expressions and body language.

While some may find the pacing to be a bit off, with multiple storylines competing for attention, the focus on the monsters themselves is a standout element. Godzilla and Kong command the screen, with their interactions and battles taking center stage.

Fans may be disappointed by Godzilla’s limited screen time and rushed interactions with Kong, but the bond between Kong and mini Kong (or Suko) provides an emotional core to the story. Their relationship, akin to that of a father and son, adds depth to the film.

Ultimately, the climax of the movie delivers on the promise of a grand showdown between Godzilla, Kong, and other monsters. While Godzilla may be more of a supporting player in this installment, when the monsters team up, the spectacle is undeniable.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the MonsterVerse or new to the franchise, “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” offers plenty of giant monster action to satisfy your cravings. Let us know in the comments what you thought of the film and whether you agree with WatchMojo’s list of the best and worst aspects of this epic showdown.

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We’ve made some minor augmentations oh welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re taking a look at the highs and lows in the latest installment of the monster verse we’ll keep spoilers to a minimum although we will touch upon a few plot points something is coming something even they’re afraid

Of number five worst the human characters are the humans are often cited as the weakest link of any monsterverse movie monsterverse shows are another story as Monarch Legacy of monsters gave us several layered human characters with compelling Back stories why do you have these pictures how did you get in here I have

The keys while we can’t say the humans in Godzilla Kong are bad they still aren’t especially interesting to the Studio’s credit you get the sense that they Reed the memo that the audience isn’t here for the humans for most of human civilization we believed that life could only

Exist on the surface of our planet as such there are fewer to keep track of with just Rebecca Hall’s Eileen Brian Tyree Henry’s Bernie and Kaylee hoddle’s Gia returning Dan Stevens is the only prominent addition what is that that’s not Kong all great actors but they’re mainly there to dish out

Exposition as we wait for the film to get back to the main attraction number five best embracing the showa era era the Godzilla movies are defined by several Generations the first being the showa era which lasted from 1954 to 1975 where the first film was a haunting allegory for nuclear war the era’s

Subsequent entries leaned more into Kaiju action with additional monsters outrageous scenarios and Godzilla being redefined as a protector rather than an antagonist Godzilla Kong is in the spirit of these movies with director Adam winguard working in several references and Easter eggs the filmmakers even managed to incorporate some of the shaah era’s

Goofier elements in a way that doesn’t feel out of place in this more grounded Universe with a solid balance of old school Vibes and modern technology longtime fans and newcomers alike will find something to appreciate number four worst it’s no Godzilla minus one it’s almost unfair

That God Zilla Kong is coming out a few months after Godzilla minus one which won an Oscar for its astounding special effects and the Japan Academy Award for best film the comparison is inevitable though and there’s no denying that minus one is the superior film with a more emotional

Story higher stakes and visuals that while not as flashy feel more gamechanging all that said Godzilla Kong clearly has different artistic goals with more emphasis on bombastic action which it delivers in Spades it’s apples and bananas and if you go in with that mindset it’s a satisfying banana as for

Those wanting another bite of Apple we’re sure minus one will be streaming at some point number four best focusing more on the monsters we have a feeling that legendary took a page from the modern Planet of the Apes movies which gradually shifted the focus away from humans making the digital characters the

True Stars Apes win war Apes together strong while humans remain present in Godzilla Kong the film isn’t overly concerned with giving the actors enough FaceTime there are long stretches of the story without a human in sight almost to the point we forget that they’re in the movie The Monsters are given the

Spotlight with their scenes ranging from thrilling to intimidating to surprising in L emotional we can’t help but wish the movie went all in on this approach if the franchise keeps moving in this direction though the monsterverse may get its War for the Planet of the Apes I

Showed you Mercy when I spared your men I offered you peace and you killed my family number three worst the pacing Godzilla Kong can admittedly feel like three movies fighting for screen time one is about Kong’s search for companionship and ENT mention as the king of the titular new Empire what is

That this is by far the most absorbing part had it been the soul Focus Peter Jackson’s King Kong might have had competition for the Century’s best take on the character alas the film begins to drag whenever the human subplots come back into play just try not to swallow your tongue

What what oh my God surprisingly Godzilla’s story isn’t much more engaging Godzilla spends most of the first two acts slowly stomping to the third act Godzilla doesn’t fight many monsters or wreak much Havoc along the way making the audience feel as if they’re in traffic waiting to get to the

Arena for a big Showdown number three best the visual storytelling Adam Wingard demonstrated with Godzilla versus Kong that he has a keen visual eye for large scale set pieces Godzilla Kong doesn’t disappoint in that department but winguard goes a step further with the film’s use of visuals whereas most tent pole Hollywood

Movies exclusively employ CGI for Action winguard gives Kong a lot of Quiet Moments of self-reflection Kong is developed into a weary Warrior who’s fought battle after battle without anyone else to fight for though all of this is expressed through Kong’s face and body language without relying

On any dialogue it reminds us that Kong isn’t just a big senseless monster he can be a complex even tragic figure whose greatest fear is being alone number two worst Godzilla and Kong’s time together cut short Godzilla versus Kong saw the titular Titans Clash on a massive scale the film did a good

Job of spreading out their interactions with the two starting as opponents before finally teaming up Godzilla Kong essentially does all of that again except this time it’s condensed into the third act Godzilla and Kong don’t reunite until near the climax when they butt heads again in Egypt between the Transformers and

Napoleon haven’t the pyramids been destroyed enough times why do all of these fights occur around historic landmarks anyway while the fight is cool it feels rushed and the same can be said about the central Dynamic for a film called Godzilla Kong we’re disappointed that there isn’t more of them

Together number two best Kong and mini Kong the film’s most gripping Dynamic isn’t between Kong and Godzilla but rather Kong and mini Kong who the internet has identified as suko is that a mini Kong suko recognizes Kong as somebody who can free him and his fellow Apes from their cruel

Oppressor Kong also forms a bond with the little big primate coming to view him as his surrogate son again this comes across through the visuals with Kong and suko saying more with their eyes than they ever could with Words their fatherson rapor even brings God of War to mind seriously you’ve got an aging warrior with a Grizzly beard an Axe and a little kid with reddish hair it’s Kratos and atraeus if they were donkey and Diddy Kong which isn’t a bad thing looking fine DK what’s up I’ve got

To look good you do number one Worst featuring Godzilla despite getting top billing Godzilla is truly a supporting player here Kong can’t stop this his own he won’t be alone although the extra time devoted to Kong leads to some strong character moments and worldbuilding you’d think

Godzilla would have more to do in a film that bears the monster’s name between a brief fight in the beginning and the Final Act Godzilla doesn’t do anything that exciting literally freezing at one point it is fun seeing Godzilla adapt as Humanity’s Champion while attempting to coexist with the tiny people

Below Godzilla sleeping in the Roman Coliseum is officially our new desktop background still there are times when the film will cut to the giant lizard with little reason other than to remind us that this is supposed to be a Godzilla movie too before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and

Ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one best Kong Godzilla and other monsters teaming up eventually monsterverse movies have a

Reputation for starting slowly but delivering with their grand finales last time those two met up it was almost the end of Kong Godzilla Kong continues this trend while it takes longer than desired for Kong and Godzilla to join forces again the audience is treated to the spectacle they were promised in time we

Actually given more than promised with a few new Titans making their monsterverse debut and even some old favorites returning for the final fight say what you will about the monsterverse but when it wants to go big it goes gigantic the climax of this movie is no exception looking at the

Bigger picture the glass may only be half full but it is a humongous glass that’s sure to quench anyone ‘s thirst for Kaiju smackdowns what did you think of Godzilla Kong the new Empire let us know in the comments did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo

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