Here’s How the New Hands-Free Controls on AirPods Work – Video

Here’s How the New Hands-Free Controls on AirPods Work – Video

AirPods Get New Hands-Free Controls – Here’s How They Work

AirPods, the beloved headphones known for their incredible audio experience, are taking hands-free controls to the next level. In a new update this year, Apple has made it even easier to interact with Siri without having to speak out loud in noisy or crowded environments. Now, users can simply nod their head yes or shake their head no to respond to Siri commands, making it more discreet and convenient.

Apart from interacting with Siri, AirPods are also perfect for taking calls on the go, even in windy conditions or loud environments. With advanced voice isolation technology, background noise is eliminated to ensure crystal clear call quality. This feature makes it ideal for staying in touch with friends and colleagues no matter the surroundings.

Additionally, AirPods are enhancing the gaming experience with personalized spatial audio, bringing gamers right into the middle of the action. With a new API developed for game developers, personalized spatial audio will deliver the most immersive listening experience ever. The highly anticipated Need for Speed Mobile by Tencent Games and EA will be one of the first titles to feature this technology, launching this fall.

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