“Hey Hunter! What’s Your Preferred Style of Crack?” – Video

“Hey Hunter! What’s Your Preferred Style of Crack?” – Video

The video titled ‘Hunter! What’s Your Favorite Type Of Crack?’ showcases a heated exchange between Hunter Biden and members of an oversight committee. The video begins with questions about Hunter’s alleged crack use, with accusations of him avoiding a congressional deposition. The tense atmosphere escalates as Hunter is accused of white privilege and refusing to face strong conservative women. The video captures the intense confrontation and the frustration of those questioning Hunter’s actions.

Throughout the video, Hunter is repeatedly questioned about his alleged crack use and his refusal to cooperate with the congressional subpoena. The intense back-and-forth between Hunter and the committee members creates a charged atmosphere, with accusations of cowardice and fear from those questioning him. The video highlights the heated exchange and the intense pressure on Hunter as he is repeatedly challenged about his actions.

Overall, the video captures a tense and confrontational interaction, showcasing the frustration and accusations surrounding Hunter Biden’s alleged crack use and his refusal to cooperate with the oversight committee.

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Would you please I’ll answer your question if you be quiet and let me make a statement okay crack do you normally smoke Mr Biden let me start again Hunter what’s your favorite type of crack are you on crack today in your bu Mr why did you put your dad on

Speaker phone if he had nothing to do with your business you put him on speaker phone multiple times to talk to your business partners why did why did you do thatp do you have a dad did he call you yes answer the phone yes okay but why

Did you need to talk to him during business meetings if he had nothing to do with your business dangerous you’re very dangerous you are the epitome of white privilege coming into the oversight committee spitting in our face ignoring a congressional subpoena to be deposed what are you afraid of you have no ball

To come up here and Mr chairman point of inquiry Mr chairman um L recogniz if the G if the G lady wants to hear from Hunter Biden we can hear from him right now Mr chairman let’s take a vote and hear from Hunter Biden what are you afraid of hold on hold

On are women allowed to speak in here or no are women allowed to speak in here or no you keep interrupting me the question the American people are asking us is what is Hunter Biden so afraid of why can’t you show up for a a congressional deposit position you’re here for a

Political stunt this is just a PR stunt to you this is just a game that you are playing with the American people you play stupid games you win stupid prizes I believe that Hunter Biden should be held completely in contempt I think he should be hauled off to jail right now I

Can’t get over the gentle lady from South Carolina talking about white privilege it was a spit in the face at least of mine as a black woman for you to talk about what white privilege looks like especially from that side of the aisle chair recognize Miss Green from Georgia for f

Minut thank you Mr chairman uh excuse me Hunter apparently you’re afraid of my words oh i’ like to reclaim my time Mr chairman burst their bubble wow that’s too bad I think it’s clear and obvious for everyone watching this hearing today that Hunter Biden is terrified of strong Conservative

Republican women because he can’t even face my words as I was about to speak to him what a coward to us there is no greater Duty than reporting the truth and fighting back against the corrupt corporate news narratives that are poisoning our country for us to continue to be the

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