“Yariv Levin, Israeli Justice Minister, Discusses Israel’s Efforts to Overhaul the Judiciary” – Video

“Yariv Levin, Israeli Justice Minister, Discusses Israel’s Efforts to Overhaul the Judiciary” – Video

Israeli Justice Minister Yariv Levin recently spoke with “60 Minutes” about the ongoing effort to overhaul Israel’s judicial system, following the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the government’s attempt to limit the court’s powers. The court also ruled that it has the right to strike down “Basic Laws” passed by the government.

In the interview, Minister Levin expressed his belief that the government should continue to respect the verdicts of the Supreme Court, as it has done for years. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the balance between the government and the judiciary, stating that any discussion about changing this balance is dangerous. However, he also expressed concern about the court’s power to strike down laws, stating that it does not have the authority to do so.

The interview sheds light on the ongoing debate in Israel over the balance of power between the government and the judiciary. The decision by the Supreme Court has sparked further discussion and controversy, and Minister Levin’s perspective is sure to be a part of that ongoing conversation.

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Video Transcript

Let us say that this Supreme Court says that the law the reasonableness amendment is not constitutional would you obey their ruling all along the years at least up until now all along the years every Israeli government respected the verdicts of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court respected the laws that

Were approved by the parament especially the basic laws and I think it should stay like that I don’t dare to think that it will be changed so I don’t think I don’t you know you have to be thinking that it’s possible it is possible I I’m

Thinking to you all along the years we respected the governments respected the verdicts of the court and the court resped the basic laws of the parliament and it should continue like that and then I think that any discussion about changing it is dangerous is something that we shouldn’t do but the court has

The power nevertheless to say it’s not constitutional the court doesn’t have the power to do this it does no it doesn’t have if they don’t have the power what’s this hearing all about what’s going on that’s a very good question I also ask it but the but it is

Going on but the fact is that they don’t have the power so I mean a Minister of Justice saying that he may not abide I didn’t say it well you are I didn’t say no I didn’t say it look I not those world but the essence the Essence no

Even though it’s in English and not in Hebrew I hope that everyone can understand what I’m saying I didn’t say it

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