Insider Secrets: What Qatar Airways A380 Crew Want You to Know – Video

Insider Secrets: What Qatar Airways A380 Crew Want You to Know – Video

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes on a Qatar Airways A380 flight from Doha to Bangkok? In this fascinating video, we get an exclusive look at the operations of the world’s largest airliner and what the crew do that passengers don’t see.

The video starts with a behind-the-scenes look at the crew briefing and pre-boarding cabin checks, showcasing the meticulous preparations that go into ensuring a safe and comfortable flight for the 517 passengers on board. Captain Fatima briefs the passengers before takeoff, giving flight details and emergency instructions.

As the A380 takes off, the crew demonstrates how they prepare the cabin for inflight service and even reveals the ‘hidden’ A380 crew rest area. The video also gives viewers a glimpse into the cockpit during landing, providing a pilot’s-eye view of the approach to Bangkok Airport.

But what truly sets this video apart is the insight it offers into the crew’s day-to-day activities beyond just serving meals and drinks. From checking the toilets for prohibited items to assisting passengers with cabin luggage, the crew’s attention to detail and commitment to safety are evident throughout the flight.

The video also highlights the importance of teamwork among the crew members, who work together to ensure a smooth and efficient flight for all passengers. From the captain’s command in the cockpit to the galley operators preparing meals, each member of the crew plays a vital role in the overall operation of the flight.

So the next time you board a plane, remember that there’s a whole team of dedicated professionals working behind the scenes to make your journey a safe and enjoyable one. And thanks to videos like this, we can now appreciate and understand the hard work and dedication that goes into operating a Qatar Airways A380 flight.

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Video Transcript

So now I’m back at Hammer International Airport and ready for tonight’s A380 flight to Bangkok this is pretty cool riding a monreal inside a building from one end to the other end of the Terminal this is new right yeah it’s like a new like a soup inside the airport yeah yeah look at this stuff I still remember when I was a kid we watched these VHS tapes and cassettes look at this picture 1958 Suw so here I’m boarding the 380 a little bit ahead of all the passengers because I want to document how the crew are preparing for the flight before everyone boards Mr Sam you’re welcome on board today uh we’re doing a flight to Bangkok flight time will be around 5

Hours and 45 minutes we’ll be cruising at around 39,000 ft as the highest we do not expect turbulence however if it gets bumpy please take your seats put your seat belts on and take care of yourselves and passengers if you think anything could affect the safety of the

Flight do not hesitate call us at any time and we’ll give you our full support sure um it’s going to be a standard Taxi time 15 minutes or less so give us your best from your side I know that you have a full house today but uh do you have

Any specials we have an expecting for Kevin willare in economy class that’s all and we have for one business class for children since so 16 in economy and also one infant in premium cabin that’s all we just had a breathing with all the crews how many crew tonight Opera we

Have 25 crew 25 crew so Whata show me what do you do exactly before the passenger arrive you’re preparing we are here towards the hospitalities but B basically we are here to um save for your safety so basically when we come on board we do our safety checks and

Security search so make sure not no prohibit items on board and not authorized people on board as well so you can follow me in the cabin so basically after we done our checks we have present uh preset the cabin preparation for customer before customer boarding so the how we present

It we have the our pillows personal blanket A Min kits and person no headphone this is the entire cabin of economy which is has 461 customer on board I’m going to take you through Apper deck which is we have premium economy Upper Deck as well so this is the upper deck economy

However behind the scenes we do have catering on board as well we have to check our toilets as well make sure it’s no probid item inside inside the compartment or below the trash compact uh I mean the trash Bean as well so this is quite unique on the kar 380 there’s a

Small section of economy Upper Deck but they have the board from downstairs and walk from the rear staircase to come upstairs so now the passenger are coming one by one behind me now the two crew are preparing the ground service Vis is for premium customer another thing that we do it on

Board we assist the customer to put the bags in overhead bins when the overhead bins are full we ask to be close that but we have Al also make sure that the bag is fitted properly this is the premium gy that we are calling G or the kitchen that we

Preparing the premium customer food on board behind me is a first class G right behind me now we have eight uh first class Suite which is in front of the aircraft over here which is behind me this is the end of the aircraft of the premium uh cabins which is end up with

The changing room which is facilitate for first class customer yeah we know this this is huge right let’s come have a look let’s go inside have a Look once again ladies and gentlemen all customer have now B aircraft and this aircraft is now ready to departure to bangok Thailand this have BR to disar than ladies and gentlemen very good evening to our captain speaking my name is f I’m sharing the cockpit today with my colleague Rodriguez would like to

Welcome you all on board on behalf of the crew of Qatari flight 834 from Hamed International Airport in dohaqatar to Bangkok in filand the flight time today will be around 5 hours and 45 minutes cruising at a highest altitude of 39,000 for your safety please keep the seat

Belts on even if the seat belt signs are Switched Off just in case we go through unexpected turbulence in the fight i’ like to thank you for choosing today it’s a pleasure to have you on board and wish you all a pleasant flight for left rice any stua one any

Stua 2 any Stu Tre any gr St all right confirm no gr St on one thank you copy that thank you yeah Captain me may ask everything so good yes may ask permission to close the door I still have a cargo door open let me just confirm that everything’s okay

And no ground on board and Che already emergency briefing any Mal function between 0 and 100 will stop for any relevant reason between 100 and V1 it’s Master caution Master the warning flight controls engines or windshield for the safety of the flight the call be stopped or close to leave

Use max reverse Max Auto Brak and if required manual braking and once we come to a complete stop I’ll St the reverses set the parking brake on and do the p8 engine scare station your actions okay I just want reactions acceleration and once aircraft stop I will call the ATC

That we have rejected the takeoff and uh I will wait for your command to start any inam actions or any abnormal procedure using the checklist for the QR just finish a for your Train out ground is good morning 834 super ready for taxi3 good again thank you taxi hold short of char okay short of Charlie right is clear you morning 27 Juliet contact Tower 118 decimal 525 good aim to e good morning K 834 super ready for departure in sequence we can do alha

181 K 8346 you can plan for Alpha Taxi Alpha holding Point 34 right Alpha holding Point 34 right 834 take off review please I have 34 right now is full length 976 34 right 40002 4,000 so basically no changes C secure and Signal take a rway three four right full length three four

Right full length back one and two P’s on check is completed fly up and wait behind checked behind departing air a 380 L 34 right by Alpha behind behind 380 departing L behind Away by Al 3834 34 by Al take off 3 2 13 frequency 124 decimal 7754 super right 12 4

7754 thank you 4 right Taxi full Al holding 3 right 1 1342 Taxi full Alp holding point4 right unli 70 SRS Runway Auto Trust blue checked th set 3 652 taxi Alpha 2 holding Point 34 right continue holding 4 checked right Al 5 and left on Bravo rotate good morning I 1342 holding

Char on 1342 H good morning Taxi full Alpha holding 34 positive Europe Checked If you have experienced more than 3 hours in Flight Del flight cancellation or denied boarding you could get up to €600 in compensation by EU regulation ec261 with skyop for flight delay more than 3 hours and if this was the airline’s fault such as operational issues or technical issues you could get

Compensated depends on your flight distance the same compensation also apply if your flight is cancelled within 14 days of departure dates or if you got B off from an overso flight you can go to skyop to claim for compensation in a simple freest step process the good news

Is there is a promotion right now if you know anyone whose travel is disrupted encourage them to submit a claim on skyop once approved both yourself and your friend will receive a €50 MasterCard gift card this video is sponsored by skyop we are now at uh 37,000 ft or what

We say is flat level 370 Z and we’re cruising at decimal 83 Mark 83 we departed from the took off about 50 minutes ago and uh expected to reach Bangkok in around uh 5 hours from now in the beginning uh I’d like to say that

It’s a pleasure to have you here with us um I’ll give you a small uh peak of our operation what we do basically is we meet each other in the uh in the dispatch from there we come to the airplane and then we introduce ourselves to our crew and we give them some

Details about the flight time or flight level uh if weather is expected or turbulence is expected we also take some information from the crew as um if there’s any uh special passengers or special loads that we have uh that we might need to know about then we come here and we check

First the status of the aircraft if there’s any defects uh and uh today we had a little minor defects before departure and that’s why we were having conversation with the engineer to clarify the situation and after clearing that up we were on our way what we do basically is

We insert the information about the flight plan basically it’s the root the performance and what we going to decide to do like from the beginning of the flight until the end we check everything together and we’re always two because we always need someone to cross check the information I come from an aviation

Family uh my uncle actually was the first bahini pilot and I was always fascinated by airplanes and I decided to be a pilot when I was five yeah it was that early but eventually I was so lucky to get a chance to to study what I like

And then I joined Qatar as a second officer and as well I was blessed to fly the 330 in the beginning of my career I was a second officer on 3:30 and then uh I flew the 380 as well as a first officer then I got my command on 320

Flew that for another 4 5 years approximately and I’m very glad now to be back flying the four Engines so we’re still cruising at FL flight level 370 right now we’re over the continent of India and we just passed this way point here we still have another 3 hours for landing in in Bangkok Sunrise just broke up and Yeah that’s it we for for and then we walk in the camp and then we are the customer the one who wake up who want to have for breakfast who want to use the washroom and that’s it I will conduct mini brief to my crew to prepare and

Plan what the next service we’re going to deliver to the customer actually overnight fly we have to do the uh wake up drink for the customer and we Divine for four zones walk in the cabin using for the food Trace put the train is there and then they wake up the customer

Before landing into Bangkok see since at the cabin all the customer is sleeping but now we prepare for the service and the service ready I will adust the lighting system right here you see on here you will see the lighting system and now you will see all decks here

Upper deck which is only for the first class business class and next one the main deck it’s here it’s VI show only for economy class for the fs and the off back to Upper Deck once again you see first business Lou and this one normally first class is personalized service is

We don’t bother them we go one by one to ask the customer to rate the customer business class is relaxed now which is for breakfast it’s here and now we go and check the lighting system is there missing missing missing we still missing the B Basically um here in the galley we have the galley operator and also the galy asses so basically we will divide the job here ky manager she prare all the food and she replated all the food for a customer in the cabin and then when the crew came

Over here then we call out we call call out for the food here so now purple Cino for One customer now hi welcome to the secret place for the cabin crew on airb 380 this is we call the coupon follow me this is when we go

Down we go the back turn the backside like this and hold the handrails when you go back here so now we are in the secret place for the cabin crew on airb a this is a crew bunk this look like this normally we provide two pillows

Here and also we have the lighting here we have the air for that one next I going to tell you about how many crew Bank we have on airb A380 which is we have total 12 one up one down right here and for the supervisor officially it’s

Going to be here why supervisor here because next to the in phone this one and also we usually went for Ultra Long Haul flight for example we fly to Australia to Sydney to part all right I know that you want to know what it is this is a crew changing rooms when they

Came for the race chain remove the uniform and then put the pajama T Here soon we start our descent to Bangkok gradual descent is starting in around 10 to 15 minutes there’s the arrow to descend we expect to land in u the next 45 minutes from now Bangkok and for now the arrival Runway is the northern Runway the western side

Usually most of the time Qatar was parks in this part of the airport so we expect to land vacate on the right side and then as for the ATC will taxi the aircraft to the designated stand now we expect some good weather in Bangkok today it’s clear skies um winds

Are easterly winds about 10 knots and um nice nice weather generally that’s It 1 2 5 1 0 4 all right so tell me this one start with big bottle of water 19 19 yeah small you don’t have sparkling you don’t have I I have we will summarize what we have left from this flight to let another supervisor

Will take over the aircraft to know that harm manyy we have for example here the big bottle of water still water sparkling water and all the rest of the drinks and juices that we have and also how many we need to uplift from Here 100 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 This is after the fly V call cin discrepancy lock if there is any defect and then we have to lock here to let the captain know and then the engineer will come and fix it but if can fix it they’re going to move to CDD Kevin V

Lock book that one which is engineer have to fix when they air CFT back to Doha okay welcome to Thailand see you later have a good day together on YouTube soon there Channel thank you so much have a good day Welcome to My Country have a good

Day thanks have a good day thank you enjoy your vacation yeah have a good day thanks lot have a good day sir thank you the flight number registation from where to where from Doha to Bangkok here and also now I finish the flights already so Entertainment System need to be

Off and we check everything Bing music need to be off also after AUST Med bar everything down now and now I going to lock out close the flight and okay 834 is land to B thank you very much for flying with us C always see you next time As

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