30 Movies That Didn’t Stick to the Real Horrific Ending – Video

30 Movies That Didn’t Stick to the Real Horrific Ending – Video

The reality behind some of the most iconic movies can often be more distressing than what is portrayed on screen. In WatchMojo’s latest video, “Top 30 Movies That Left Out the Real Horrific Ending,” viewers are taken on a journey through films that were based on true stories but failed to capture the full extent of the tragedies that ensued.

From the chilling aftermath of the Andes flight disaster in “Alive” to the heart-wrenching fate of Mulan in the legends, the video sheds light on the real horrors that were left out of these cinematic renditions. While movies like “The Accused” and “12 Years a Slave” tackle heavy subjects like assault and slavery, there are also lighter films such as “The Sound of Music” and “Pocahontas” that conceal hidden truths about their characters’ lives.

The video reminds viewers that sometimes the reality behind these movies can be darker and more unsettling than what is portrayed on screen. It serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of acknowledging the full scope of history, even if it means facing uncomfortable truths. Whether it’s the untold trials of the real-life heroes or the harsh aftermath of their stories, the video prompts viewers to reconsider the narratives that they thought they knew.

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No hello I need Dr rosen’s office please you got to stop her John welcome to watch Mojo and today we’ll be looking at the top 30 Films that were based on true stories but left out key factual details that would have made their conclusions even more depressing Courthouse got

Papers to prove it and we got papers proven he’s free number 30 the aftermath alive the true story that inspired this movie is chilling and its representation on the screen stops short of the full picture alive is an account of the aftermath of the Andes flight disaster involving Uruguayan Air Force flight 571

Crash Survivor spent 72 days in the harsh Andy mountains before they were rescued this point marks the end of the 1993 dramatization hey after returning home the survivors were heavily criticized when it was revealed that they had resorted to eating their dead friends for sustenance we shouldn’t

Murder Innocents to live what about our innocence what’s going to become of our innocence if we survive as cannibals even with such a great loss to Bear the father of one of the Dead victims was arrested for grave robbing when he went up to the mountain himself to retrieve

His son’s remains after they were buried number 29 the abandoned bus into the wild is there anybody here guess not into the wild details the life of Christopher mandas who hitchhiked across North America and ended up in the Alaskan Wilderness mandas camped out in an abandoned green bus where he eventually passed on

Reportedly due to starvation would you see then what I see now after being documented mented in the biographical book of the same title mccandless’s story became a cultural phenomenon and inspired quite a lot of people to tread the same path as him if you want something in

Life reach out and grab it in the Years following the book’s publication many hikers journeyed to mccandless’s abandoned bus with two people losing their lives in the process and countless others needing to be rescued to prevent further harm the bus was removed from its original location it currently sits

In a museum at the University of Alaska Fairbanks number 28 Mulan ends her life Mulan Mulan is a badass in this movie and she is just as cool in the legends that the film was based on Mulan did join the Army according to Chinese Legends and she kicked ass throughout her military Career Disney said that she was cast aside when her identity was discovered but proved herself when she saved the emperor from the Huns you have saved us All this reveal plays out differently in the Legends but there’s a version of her in the 1695 story Su Tong romance that sees a very sad conclusion after returning from the war she discovers her father has passed instead of being forced into Service as a a concubine she

Ends her life at her father’s grave she didn’t deserve that the greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter I’ve missed you so I’ve missed you too Bubba number 27 Anastasia didn’t survive Anastasia Fox’s animated movie about a lost Russian princess has more of a historical basis than other entries

On this list in the early 1910s Russia was ruled by the Imperial Romanov family mark my words you and your family will die within the for night I will not rest until I see the end of the Roman ofline forever in the movie former adviser and sorcerer gregori Rasputin Sparks the

Russian Revolution causing Anastasia to be separated from her family while being evacuated from danger take my hand hold on to my hand oh my God Ohia but that is an alternate history retelling in the real world Rasputin was assassinated in 1916 before the execution of the Roman OBS in 1918 by Bolshevik revolutionaries this film was based on the rumors that duchess Anastasia escaped due to a number of Impostors who had come forward

In the years since haven’t you been listening listening I’ve had enough I don’t care how much you have fashioned this girl to look like her sound like her or act like her in the end it never is her her remains were eventually found confirming her horrible fate number 26 Sleeping Beauty’s problematic origin

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty is another charl perau inspired story that leaves out shocking moments from its source material before the sun sets on her 16th birthday she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die Hero’s story plays out similarly albeit with some later

Troubles after the prince awakens the princess but perau simply adapted another version of the folk tale published by Italian author Gian Batista Basile it’s Aurora she’s Here and and and Phillip in his version The Sleeping Beauty named named Talia is beset upon by a Wandering King he brings her to bed leaves and she gives birth to twins all while asleep once the king comes back his Queen tries to remove Talia and the children from the equation

But the King instead turns on his wife so he can now commit to his new family this one is both weird and disturbing now shall you deal with me oh Prince and all the powers of Hell number 25 ALS diagnosis Rescue Dawn I’m not going to bail off I’m not going to bail Out Deeter dangler was a pilot for the US Navy during the Vietnam war who was captured and held prisoner for 6 months dangler managed to escape and spent the next 23 days in the jungle before he was found and rescued by an American pilot his har ordeal was first

Reconstructed in the documentary little deer needs to fly before it was dramatized in this 2006 film starring Christian Bale empty what is full Phil what is empty scratch where did you the movie gets its happy ending in Danger’s rescue but the real life events take a sad turn afterwards while he

Gained his physical self dangler never fully recovered from his traumatic experience the decorated pilot was diagnosed with ALS years later and ended up taking his own life and the thing is from that moment on little deer he needed to fly number 24 thousands of PS and civilians died

Building the Burma Railway The Bridge on the River Quai many British World War II veterans took umbrage with the Oscar winning film The Bridge on the River [Applause] Quai it portrays a British commander played by Alec Guinness who takes pride in ordering his imprisoned men to build a bridge for the Japanese in actuality when forced to build the Burma Railway British officers encouraged sabotage in a BBC interview a former prisoner said that an officer like the

Movies Nicholson would have been killed conditions too were far worse than the movie depicts tens of thousands of laborers from Thailand Burma and Malaysia were conscripted to Aid in construction the appalling conditions have made us dangerously thin we have no beds inadequate shelter atrocious diet

And no sanitation by the end of the war 13,000 PS died from exhaustion thirst starvation and disease between 80 and 100,000 civilians also died number 23 the KKK were terrorists not Heroes The Birth of a Nation The Birth of a Nation was the first Blockbuster ever Produced it was also replete with lies from beginning to end covering both the end of the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era the movie doesn’t just spin history it invents it the film shows black militias roaming the hillside murdering Southern families the KKK however are just honest white folk defending their Homes black politicians steal elections and corrupt the government thanks to reconstruction history reveals that the opposite was true the KKK and similar groups attacked communities all over the American South stamping out black voting whenever possible in apalus Louisiana a sister organization to the KKK murdered 200 black people to stop their votes

Corruption and murder killed Reconstruction in its infancy klex clam was born in 1865 1866 and they use terrorism right away against black voters number 22 the killings my friend dmer my friend dmer doesn’t delve into the outright horror that serial killer Jeffrey dmer would become known for but that doesn’t mean

It’s not without its tensor moments sorry man my mom will just kill me if I don’t get on for dinner on time so I just yeah I’ll see you on the flip side dmer adapted from the graphic novel of the same name by John derf backderf the film recounts derf’s relationship

With a young Jeffrey during their high school years sorry why’d you do that I just wanted to see what his insights looked like throughout the film a series of red flags regarding jeffy’s behavior goes largely unnoticed and the film ends with him picking up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks who was

D’s first victim in real life my name is Jeffrey Stephen Hicks nice to meet you obviously the film never purported to be about the murders instead opting for a fascinating look at nent psychopathy plus there are other biopics that do get into the nitty-gritty of it all number

21 67 exorcisms The Exorcism of Emily Rose don’t ask it any questions or pay any attention to what it says it we won’t be dealing with Emily Tonight Part demonic possession movie part courtroom drama The Exorcism of Emily Rose tells the story of a college girl who dies sometime after a failed

Exorcism and the subsequent trial of the priest for negligent homicide though alleging to be about a real person named Emily Rose the film actually took inspiration from the story of a German woman named Analise Michelle and I am Lucifer the devil in the flesh whereas Emily has a single exorcism performed on

Her in the movie hence the singularity in its title Michelle reportedly underwent a whopping 67 over the course of 10 months before succumbing to malnutrition did you enourage her to eat yes every time I saw her but the few times she tried it seemed like seemed like she she couldn’t

Swallow or she couldn’t keep it down we can understand why the movie would want to streamline things but truth really is Stranger Than Fiction is there anything else you’d like to say about Emily no the defense rests number 20 career struggles Edwood this is the one this is the one I’ll be remembered

For if you know anything about the real Edwood then you know that his whole career was filled with ups and downs mostly Downs come to think of it but his real life post plan N9 from outer space doesn’t exactly match the tone of the final scene let’s get round H right now

Let’s go to Vegas that idiot’s pouring in the car TR is stuck boy it’s only a 5-hour drive and it’ll probably stop by the time we get to the desert heck it’ll probably stop by the time we get around the corner let’s go after the premiere of the aforementioned flick Ed and Cathy

Go off to get hitched the onscreen text at the end alludes to his descent into alcoholism and nudie films but that barely even scratches the surface in addition to adult movies wood wrote upwards of 80 sex novels just to get by often spending the money immediately on booze though he and Kathy stayed

Together until his death their home life wasn’t exactly swell to say the least number 19 hindered acceptance speech A Beautiful Mind Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind is an emotionally rough exploration into a psyche that is both brilliant and damaged showing the toll schizophrenia had on mathematician John Nash saw my

Name on the lectures later you li son of a bit who are you talking to tell me who you see though the depiction of the disease wasn’t entirely accurate to Nash’s experiences they work in a narrative sense after a heavy two plus hours of runtime Nash accepts the Nobel prize and dedicates it

To his wife Alicia in a speech it is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical reasons can be found I’m only here tonight because of you as cathartic as this moment is Nash’s disease prevented him from making any such speech in real life though the

Movie came out 14 years prior it should be at least mentioned that Nash’s story would end tragically as he and Alisha were killed in a car accident in 2015 number 18 failed businesses Schindler’s List as if Schindler’s List wasn’t horrific enough and know what we’re about to describe as nothing

Compared to the actual horrors of WW2 but it is interesting nonetheless I could have got more I don’t know if I just I could have got more husar there are 1100 people who are alive because of you look at them after the war Oscar Schindler found himself financially

Feeling proving no good deed goes unpunished he moved to Argentina and raised chickens for a while but this Venture eventually went belly up and he returns to Germany that’s to be expected startup problems this isn’t pots and pans this is a precise business his subsequent business ventures were even

Less successful forcing him to declare bankruptcy in 1963 onscreen text acknowledges this but not long after Shindler suffered a heart attack and from then on was sustained on donations from the families that he helped save the though there’s some heartwarming Humanity there it’s still saddening to

Hear that he didn’t Prosper as much as he deserved number 17 divorce and allegations of mistreatment The Theory of Everything if someone is I want The Theory of Everything definitely depicts the fraught ending to Steven Hawkings marriage to Jane wild but while the punctuating onscreen text is right

And that they eventually stayed friends it leaves out a good portion during which they decidedly were not I did my best during their marriage Hawking became close to one of his nurses Elaine Mason Hawking actually left wild for Mason in 1995 but his second marriage may not have been so peachy either in

The early 2000s police started an investigation on concerns that Hawking was being physically abused but it was quickly closed when Hawking refused to make a statement Hawking and Mason divorced in 2006 before his passing in 2018 number 16 no Revenge the Revenant it’s a little weird to call an ending

Horrific because it didn’t actually have a violent confrontation but such is the nature of the Revenant in the movie Frontiersman Hugh glass goes through hell after his son is murdered and he’s left for dead ultimately tracking down then getting revenge on the man responsible you came all this way just for your revenge

Huh will you enjoy it CL there ain’t nothing going to bring your boy back in reality glass got no such revenge of the two men who left him for dead glass tracked down a man named Bridges but ultimately spared him on account of his Youth and inexperience the other the John Fitzgerald depicted

In the film was virtually Untouchable having enlisted in the Army glass telling him that he would kill him should he ever leave the intent was there but it’s definitely less climactic must he reenlisted so he could justify killing again these tracks right here are his number 15 the Davies boys

Unhappy endings Finding Neverland if you need evidence that real life is far from a fairy tale look no further than the Davies boys the inspiration for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys Finding Neverland ends sadly enough with Peter Pan author JM Barry adopting the Davies boys after

The tragic death of their mother Sylvia she went to Neverland and you can visit her anytime you like if you just go there yourself the final scene has a sadly uplifting undertone but tragedy would follow the family in real life eldest son George was killed in a World War I battle in

1915 and in 1921 second youngest Michael drowned alongside a friend with some questioning if it was wholly accidental mere months after Jack succumbs to lung disease in 1959 9 Peter himself took his own life having struggled greatly for being the namesake of Peter Pan and I would be extremely honored if you would

Allow me the use of your name for one of the characters I don’t know what to say say yes number 14 whales ambiguous Fates Big Miracle everyone loves an uplifting story about Humanity banding together to save animals in need so it’s not surprising that Big Miracle ends with with the trapped gray whales

Escaping their icy prison to Freedom you know what I’m going to miss them though operation breakthrough the real life rescue mission on which the film is based ended in a similar manner there wasn’t nearly as much optimism to be had just stop fighting that baby is gone you can’t change that though the

Baby whale did indeed die while the parents were freed from the section of ice that they were trapped in their physical States after such an ordeal meant little hope that they’d survive much farther past very similar terrain no evidence was ever found either way but many experts believe that the whales

Didn’t get nearly as big of a miracle number 13 unhappy marriage my left foot Christy Brown was a man who endured many hardships in his life while the biopic my left foot doesn’t shy away from that fact it did leave out a dark chapter of his story his relationship with his wife

Mary Carr hello my name is Mary I’ll be with you till you go on this evening the film depicts Christy meeting car at a charity event and the film ends with them celebrating with a bottle of champagne what do we drink to let’s drink the doin the doin because Christy bro was born

There Unfortunately they happily ever after may not have been so happy after all when Christy Brown died at the age of 49 a postmortal analysis showed bruising on his body many suspected that the bruises were from neglect or from someone physically harming him a biography was also eventually published

That depicted Carr as being unfaithful is he good looking who you’re appointment yeah his own way is nice it doesn’t matter to me you can meet who you like number 12 PTSD and alcohol issues news unbroken unbroken tells the riveting true story of Louis Zamperini an American soldier who

Survived a bomber crash over the Pacific and endured a series of P camps before the end of World War [Applause] II sadly as is the case with many veterans zerini was plagued with post-traumatic stress disorder in the Years following his return home he had had nightmares of confronting his captors that were so intense that he once attacked his wife at night before regaining his senses when Zamperini turns to alcohol

As a way to sleep better he only further damaged his psyche thankfully Zamperini found closure with his ordeal and did improve this was further covered in a faith-based sequel unbroken path to Redemption number 11 Nazi headquarters The Sound of Music the HS are alive with the Of when you’re singing along to the Happy Sound of Music track you’re probably not thinking about Nazis living in the Hills but that’s the sad Reality sometime after the Von trap Family vac ated their Saltsburg home in 1938 the house was seized and used as a headquarters for Nazi operations it specifically served as the summer home for Heinrich himler who was a major architect of many war crimes the Von trap home was even visited by Adolf

Hitler himself thankfully the estate was turned back over to missionaries after World War II we’re not surprised that the Von traps left out a song about the houses regrettable history goodbye Goodbye Goode number 10 the dark final years The Aviator while Martin scores The Aviator gave us a pretty solid preview of what Howard hughes’s life would ultimately become it didn’t portray every detail go away just for now but I’ll see you soon the movie depicted how he would sequester himself from the outside world

For months on end in real life his isolationist Tendencies only continued his germophobia also prevented him from seeing his own wife for several years before they divorced by the time that Hughes died in 1976 he was so unkempt that his body was almost unrecognizable he us to open the bag with his right

Hand and hold the bag out to me at a 45° angle so I may reach in into the bag without without touching the paper although Hughes had a stature of 6’4 he weighed a poultry 90 lb by the end of his life while we can’t list all the

Crazy details here we encourage you to look them up there is fascinating as they are disheartening the way of the future way of the future the way of the future number nine the bearded lady’s life the greatest showman it’s you isn’t it sir I have to ask you to leave you

Are so talented blessed extraordinary most audiences knew that the greatest showman wasn’t entirely factually accurate especially since PT Barnum had a notorious history but it turns out the movie was omitting more than just the uglier parts of his story lety Lutz the bearded lady was based on Annie Jones she was surrendered

To his custody when she was just an INF not one to despair Jones was an advocate for the rights of so-called Freaks and even broke away from Barnum to promote her cause but her dire Financial Straits forced her to return to work with him I’m not scared toenies is

Me Jones would succumb to tuberculosis at just 37 years of age it’s definitely not the big happy family ending the movie implied maybe you are a fraud maybe it was just about making a buck but you gave us the real family number eight a firing Remember the Titans Remember the Titans is an

Inspiring true tale of uniting in the face of cultural and racial divides but not every person involved was infallible 8 years after leading TC Williams first racially integrated football team to a state championship coach Herman Boon was fired we will be perfect in every aspect of the game you drop a

Pass you run a mile you miss a blocking assignment you run a mile you fumble the football and I will break my foot off in your John Brown hind Parts the main reason he lost his position was because he was accused of harming his own players this is no democracy it is a

Dictatorship I am the law although the firing was something of a shock to the city of Alexandria three assistant coaches had threatened to walk if Boon was not not relieved of his duties ironically a movie called Remember the Titans forgot to talk about the unceremonious end to coach Boon’s career

He did a good job up here he ran a tough Camp from what I can see well I’m very happy to have the approval of a 5-year-old number seven billing the family of a musician who lost his life Titanic what’s the use nobody’s listening to us anyway well they don’t

Listen to us at dinner either come on let’s play keep us warm Orus we know this epic disaster drama couldn’t cover every single tragic story involved even at over 3 hours but this one is particularly interesting after the RMS Titanic sank over 1500 people lost their lives one of the bodies recovered was Jock Hume a violinist who valiantly played amongst his compatriots

As the ship sank but his Brave final actions were Dishonored that’s it then goodbye good luck bye the company that employed Hume had the audacity to Bill his father for the Damage Done To The Uniform Hume was renting and how did he get damaged we have a feeling it had something to do

With the tragic sinking of the Titanic thankfully hume’s father chose not to pay the bill gentlemen it has been a privilege playing with you tonight number six death after release conviction starring Hillary Swank and Sam Rockwell conviction is a fairly underseen legal drama about a woman who works to become

A lawyer so she can personally get her incarcerated brother exonerated for a murder he didn’t commit a lot of grueling work later the conviction is indeed overturned 18 years later much like in real life and the film ends with Swank’s bettyanne Waters sharing a tender moment with Rockwell’s Kenny knowing you’re out here

Working so hard for Me no one that you love me that much curiously the ensuing onscreen text omits the fact that the real Kenneth Waters tragically died in an accidental fall only 6 months after his release this information certainly would have put a damper on the story though it does feel somewhat crucial to getting the

Whole picture number five ostracization and death the accused this is a really depressing list isn’t it that’s the best you can do and your best sucks now I don’t know what you got for selling me out but I sure as hope it’s worth it a powerful film the accused follows jod Foster’s Sarah

Tobias a woman who was assaulted and ultimately able to have a betters convicted in addition to her attackers we find the defendant Matthew Haynes guilty of criminal solicitation while Tobias herself is fictional she and the movie are based on the story of Cheryl arujo who in 1983 went through much the

Same experience however only four of the six charged with the crime were convicted serving at most 6 and 1/2 years the trial itself exhibited suggestions of victim blaming and arujo was subsequently ostracized in the town of New Bedford Massachusetts she then moved to Miami but tragically died at 25

In a car accident while reportedly being heavily intoxicated number four what really happened to Pocahontas Pocahontas this animated Disney movie is notorious for its factual inaccuracies especially when it comes to the ending you have to go back but I can’t leave you you never will no matter what happens I’ll always be with

You forever although the film concludes with John Smith’s departure from the Americas it doesn’t show that the real life Pocahontas was subjected to a number of atrocities she was captured by the English and used as a pawn in negoti ations with her father the chief of the

Pans for a full year in 1614 she got married to tobacco planter John Ral but it’s unknown whether Pocahontas had a choice in their Union that if you know any impediment why you should not be lawfully joined together in matrimony you will confess it she was subsequently taken to England and used

Primarily as a propaganda symbol unfortunately she passed away from an unconfirmed illness at just 21 years of age your dear Mother Rebecca fell ill in our outward passage at graves end number three the town’s continued decline Aaron Brockovich while the real Aaron Brockovich deemed the film to be about

98% accurate this fascinating people’s interest story doesn’t exactly address what happened after David slayed Goliath he’s going to make them pay 333 million brockovich’s class action suit was indeed successful in that the business pg& was mandated to compensate the families affected by the company’s tainted water a whopping $333 million in

Real life many found that their cut was less than they expected the law firm took roughly 40% of that cut which is shown but what’s not shown is how unsatisfied many were with where the chips fell boy do I know how you feel the first time I heard that number I

Said you’ve got to be kidding me 40 goddamn percent I’m the one that’s injured and this Joker sits at a desk all day and he wants to walk away with almost half my reward from there the town of hinley California turned into a proverbial Ghost Town the fears of the

Water’s furthered contamination drove away many residents by the way we had that water brought in special for you folks came from well and Hinkley number number two Tate murders Once Upon a Time in Hollywood uh you are I’m the devil and I’m here to do the devil’s business much like in glorious

Bastards Quenton Tarantino Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is pretty upfront about changing historical details specifically in regards to the Sharon Tate murders most everyone knows that pregnant actor Sharon Tate and four others were brutally murdered by members of the Manson family in 1969 so those watching this movie were probably

Expecting to see it however in an awesome display of cinematic Justice Tarantino has the masonites taken out themselves by fictional actor Rick Dalton and his stunt man cliff Booth while Tate and the others are safe and sound while some of the other entries probably could have included their real

Endings this is one historical ret conning we can totally get behind before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the Bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if

You’re on your phone make sure you go into settings and switch on your notifications number one disappearance after Freedom 12 Years a Slave you’re not any free and I promise you I promise you upon my Liberation I will have satisfaction for this wrong Solomon norup was a free black man living in New

York when he was kidnapped in 1841 won and sold into slavery in the Southern United States as the title suggests he endured 12 grueling years before eventually regaining his freedom and reuniting with his family I apologize for my parents but I have had a difficult time these past several years afterwards

He wrote the Memoir of the same name and became an iist but 4 years after returning home he disappeared again without a trace it’s possible that he was resold into slavery or that someone took his life but his final fate is a sad mystery although the film acknowledges The uncertainty regarding

His death it omits just how Bleak the end of his life might have been forgive me there is nothing to forgive which of these endings did you expect to see in the film let us know in the comments here we are oh please please be real do

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