Insta360 unveils new Connect Dual-Camera AI Video Bar at Las Vegas InfoComm 2024

Insta360 unveils new Connect Dual-Camera AI Video Bar at Las Vegas InfoComm 2024

Insta360 has been one of the coolest camera companies in the tech scene for a while now and its wide range of high-quality gear features in many a creator video you will have seen on YouTube. Now we have the likes of the Meta Quest 3 to play with, creating your own 360 videos and reliving your memories is more than possible but that’s a story for another day as Insta360’s latest device is aimed at the more collaborative market

The Insta360 Connect was unveiled at Las Vegas’ Infocomm show last week and was undoubtedly one of the stars of the show. Now while you may know Insta360 for its range of great 360 action cams, the Connect is aimed more at video-conferencing and enabling teams to communicate better together.

The dual-camera AI video bar is packed with technology to make those online meetings a little less annoying. Gone are the days of terrible sound quality, loss of focus, and the necessity to sit stock still in front of a cheap webcam.

The Insta360 Connect boasts a dual 4K camera setup consisting of a wide-angle camera and a telephoto gimbal camera. The two work seamlessly together, capturing 4K group views and individual close-ups for unparalleled meeting visuals.

Obviously we like all things AI here at and the Connect comes with what Insta360 is calling AI Resolution+ – a machine-learning algorithm that transforms image quality and detail. It shows whoever is speaking in double resolution for remote interactions that feel like the real thing.

Now anybody who knows me knows I talk a lot in meetings so get ready to see me in double resolution team-mates, whether you like it or not.

A 14-microphone array ensures you will hear every important word I have to utter and noise-reduction and canceling should get rid of unwanted background sounds, leaving it easy to concentrate on what is being said.

The gimballed camera keeps track of the speaker if you are in a room with other people and will quickly switch focus to speakers should they change. It also tracks movement so feel free to walk over to that whiteboard for that part of your presentation too.

The world has changed since the pandemic and with teams being spread around the globe it has never been more important to help far-off colleagues feel included. You can pre-order the Connect at the Insta360 website and get $200 off the asking price.

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