Installing New Engines: Follow Step 1 to Remove Old Engines (Ep 280) ⚠️ – Video

Installing New Engines: Follow Step 1 to Remove Old Engines (Ep 280) ⚠️ – Video

In the latest episode of Zatara’s sailing adventures, the crew got new engines installed in their beloved catamaran. The entire engine removal process was made easy and stress-free thanks to the expertise of Just Catamarans. The new engines, two gorgeous 110HP Yanmar engines, were carefully inspected and tested before being sent to Just Catamarans for installation.

The decision to go with Yanmar engines was influenced by the reliability and worldwide service network that Yanmar offers. The new engines come with additional features like a second alternator and a remote oil filter system, adding to the performance and convenience of the boat.

The crew also worked on some boat projects, including a kitchen remodel and getting a new dinghy. With the boat undergoing various upgrades and improvements, the crew is gearing up for more adventures on the open seas.

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The video showcases the excitement and anticipation surrounding the installation of the new engines, along with some behind-the-scenes footage of the crew working on other projects. Stay tuned for more updates on Zatara’s sailing adventures and happy sailing to Renee and the Z-Crew!

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For the last several weeks we’ve been at our cabin in Montana enjoying the snow and new friends and family and we also drove over to Seattle where Finn found the Volkswagen van he’d been searching for then we all came back to the boat in Florida to prep for just catamarans to

Install our brand new Yanmar Engines I tell you a St about me you out on the surrounded by the blue wo scam it only I’ll be saved the toss out the line that I just let it flow away yeah I’ll let it float away I let it Flo away I let it Floow shine in the yeah I’ll let it flow I’ll let itow and Flow Away hey guys welcome back to Today’s Show guess what this week we are installing the new engines and here they are straight from the Netherlands Yanmar 110s these brand new 110 horsepower engines were built in the Netherlands

And sent to Mastery engine Center in Florida to install the second alternator and remote oil Filter the engines are run by their in-house Tech to check for any issues and make sure all Electronics work properly then they’re carefully packed and sent to just catamarans for Zara turbocharged ready to go I got all the controls in here I got digital displays I got start stop buttons I got

Turbochargers I got remote oil filter system on these things I’m so excited to get them opened up and get them in the boat in the meantime they’re over at the boat right now cutting making holes so they can take the old Volvo engines out of there one of the reasons I went with

Yanar is because the first boat we had the the monol the ymar engine we had in that thing was Flawless it just never caused any problems it worked all the time never had any issues with it and Everywhere I Go the Yanmar engines are always just running running running

Running running running and and I like that I like I like reliability and I like the worldwide service network of Yanmar I know this design is like sales pitch but yanmar’s everywhere in the world and so I just like it and I’m glad to have them and with the kids leaving

The boat I want reliability on our boat I want something that I can count on so cuz it’s just going to be me and Renee most of the time and I want something I can count on so we’re excited about Yanmar we’re looking forward to it we’re here at just

Catamarans they are doing all the hard work of cutting out the fiberglass doing all the install so we’re really excited about that and uh hopefully in about 10 days all right I want to open this box Up so I went and got some pliers think let me open these bad boys up right here oh that feel good oh you know how that feels guys oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah uh did y’all feel that on the camera I felt a little bit here I

Think I just peed myself a wee bit just a wee bit just just a little pee right there oh my gosh now let’s see what’s in here oh look at that bad boy wow so clean oh look at that look at that oh my gosh there’s boxes inside of boxes it’s

Like Christmas T don’t no question oh look at this everything’s going to work you know I got those emergency stops on mine an emergency stop or R stop so I can stop and start the engine right there at the when I’m working on it hopefully I won’t be

Working on it right hopefully there will be no working on it what all we got in here we got transmission and I got I went with manual transmissions guys or manual actuated stuff so that uh here’s the throttle so that if anything ever happens and my electronics go down or

Something like that I can always put the engine in gear manually and I can actually the throttle manually I didn’t want Electrical uh controls on that and uh so that’s what that’s what we did oh it looks really good this box right here is remote oil filter so I

Wanted I wanted to put the oil filter somewhere other than on the engine I’m going to put it back there where I have my oil pumps so I can change the oil filter without ever having to uh climb down around the engine it’s really cool then what else we got here let’s look

The control they made this impossible but let’s get it open we’re going to open it up we’re going to open it up oh that’s the other thing I put on these engines I got the Balmar alternators accessory alternators I hope they put out enough juice they got to be

Putting out some kind of juice for my deal but that’s the balar accessory alternator there’s the engine alternator you know on my Volvos this this alternator was mounted below the water pump so every time the water pump would leak it’ leak onto the alternator no WR

That jazz the jazzer size is over so this is all good all right now we’re going to see what’s in this other box got to get in here guys a kid with a new toy it’s Christmas it’s Christmas time in the city I didn’t come over here

Prepared for the night I don’t think that matters this is what I got going they taped this up like this is a nun and none in a none of them none of the pickle [Laughter] form I hope there’s no nuns watching don’t go to a pickle farm oh god oh oh my God

Horrible horrible ah at this stuff we got to get in here but look at that real Sleek start stop button right like that those are going to mount and then I got the Sim rra displays now I know a lot of you guys might be thinking Keith you need some

Analog displays and I am old school having analog engine temps and stuff like that but I’ve got backups cuz this stuff will all go through my B&G chart plotters as well so that’s going to be the show all the engine stuff on there nice and

Uh I hope and if I if I need to I guess I could probably put some analog stuff on there but I think this is going to serve the purpose I like the T for redundancy or what yeah redundancy to be able to see that what’s really nice is it all plugs

Into my v& chart plotter so I can have it on my CH plotters as well and the harnesses wiring harnesses that’s all good it’s all good cool all right all right I’m going to see what I can do with this kitchen this hideous uh gray it’s like a metal backsplash on the

Walls I don’t know I found something on Amazon going to try to stick it peel and sticky and see if it Works so this is not looking bad at all actually I like it looks way better than the gray metal looking stuff this is like some kind of I don’t know what it is metal I don’t know it’s just dingy and nasty anyway this looks good I like it

Doing the windows is difficult and I can get some trim to go up here or I could just slice one small but I think there’s like uh trim molding crown molding can you put on there yeah I think I like it I think it’s going to be good

My inspiration comes from a friends boat which is also a privileged catamaran and I really like how it looks and how easy it is to do I also order that giant sink which we be in in a few Days Okay it’s finished I actually like it a lot I think it looks really really good Keith put the microwave in that little cubby hole it used to have te it was just a locker and so we recessed that back in there and the tiles were kind of

Difficult to put on in a lot of places just cutting around the edges making it look natural was a little tricky but got it done put the trim on and I’m very pleased with it I am really really happy with the way it turned out um we’ve got

Lots more counter space now that the microwave is is recessed and also I’m getting the new sink in a few days a nice big rectangle sink that’s going to be exciting and anyway I’m very very happy with my new kitchen fin tell me what’s going on so

Right now we are taking the engines out of the engine compartment and then putting the new ones in sometime this week and they are using our MK and stuff yeah easier D like a car with a moon just where they Retract you clear y Okay let come in a little bit yep take up a little bit done P just take up okay Luke you’re going to have to slowly ease eh get them going first T you got to take up a b the guys at just catamarans really know what they’re doing initially we were a bit

Worried when they told us they were going to have to cut the fiberglass to make big holes in our boat but they did a really good job their work was very professionally done and they removed both engines quickly and smoothly and without any problems one down one to go Jack okay you good go up There you go right okay the holes are empty Kate step one we can’t go anywhere if we wanted to we’d have to throw a sail out and Sail Out of the marina hey that’s what for though you know I think that would be impossible I sure people done it before

All right job just caterans Yeah so we are going to get this Captain seat reupholstered yes cuz it started to come loose so anyway you can guys see that this is coming apart my is terrible terrible terrible take that in get that fixed take that in get that fixed and what are they doing in the engine compartments

Right now well they’re painting them the old engine they’re sanding and painting where the where the old engines were cleaning up they’re going to be fresh and new by the end of the day fresh and new and then when do we get the new engines uh the probably uh Monday

Tuesday or Wednesday they’re going to be mounting them in sweet they still got to pull wires out they can mount all our new displays up here yeah all that kind of stuff so awesome it’s going to be awesome it’s going to be it’s going to be fabulous and when are we getting the

Dingy the new dinghy I don’t know we’re waiting on nautical Adventures to get that over here finish finish doing what they need to be doing and that’s what we’re doing okay cool that’s what we’re doing so get out of my way okay bye okay bye and there’s Jack Jack what are you

Doing today I’m getting my shoes on and then I’m going to going to we’re going to I don’t know exactly where it is we’re going I’m submitting my I’m submitting my Captain’s certificates to the United States Co card to get the actual fiscal copy of my license exciting that’s cool yeah cool

Let’s go all right so we rented a car for a month which is a lot cheaper than renting it by the day since we’re going to be here in Florida for at least four weeks came out to about 30 bucks a day to rent this big nice SUV so that’s pretty cool and

Since we have an extra guest we needed room for six people cuz MacKenzie’s with us you can do this how long next week yeah wday how much okay and as you know every time we get to the city we get lots of things done we’re getting all sorts of things

Done on the boat right now I can’t even think of everything engines obviously we’re selling the old dingy getting a new dingy we got some new lumc lights coming we got some new ctm thermostat covers ice maker getting that repaired um we had a guy come out and look at it

And he said it was a solenoid or something that Keith has so Keith is going to fix it and what else I redid the kitchen uh I can’t think lots of stuff we’re listing those engines for sale on like eBay and Facebook Marketplace but otherwise if they don’t sell I don’t

Know what we’re going to do with them um cuz we’re going to get on the boat soon as all this is done in about 2 weeks and take it down to Grenada get it out of hurricane zone so that’s what we’re doing all right you guys know how

We’re always filling our kits up well scan strut sent us these brand new spanking and these are mountable air pumps and they mount I’m going to mount one on each side of the boat that’s cool and they’ll Mount flush over there by by the winches that’s neat and let me open

One up they’re so cool so cool and you hook your it’ll be sitting right there on the side of the boat and you hook your hose up to defl your inflate a paddle board or whatever set your pressure and Bing it’s all wired in I don’t got to worry about

Charging anything they don’t have to haul them from I don’t have to haul them they’ll be mounted they’re to 12vt and they’ll be ready to go just like that that’s cool neat like it boat’s a mess all it’s under construction originally I put these lumatech Mirage lights in all throughout the boat

Because I wanted LEDs and I wanted controllable lights and up here I stuck some RGB the full color spectrum lights in and I thought well that’d be great for night Crossings because I can make them red so but they’re really white and and and illumin even told me Keith

You’re not going to like those and so I put the soft white ones in and we like those I’m just going to change out the hard white or the the GB color ones so yeah that’s the we don’t turn many red lights on even on passage sometimes in

The cockpit for me to get footage but that’s about it yeah there we go pop these bad boys right out like this unscrew boom boom CH like a boom oh the house is a mess what the house is such a mess it is a mess we’re going I keep a

Really dirty house guys I’m just saying I tell her all the time oh my gosh I’m tired of living in a pig oh my gosh and you guys know that’s not true and the kids me and the kids we constantly are picking up after her you’re so I mean

Constantly it’s it’s a never ending battle MH struggle is real ladies when you live with with a man who’s so neat and Order ocds over every little thing gosh it’s getting thick here you know what I’m talking about girls the flood is rising okay y didn’t know on European boats

Brown is hot or L1 and blue is neutral or ground ground is really green and yellow but uh that’s just the way this one is and like GES on and just like that I’m a hero again look at that wow look at that look at that he’s got skills I don’t care what

You say so after much searching he finally found the ice maker part could fun see his organization system is really really good he throws everything in a bucket and then he can’t find anything no no and he blames it on me for putting it somewhere when she wants

To clean I just start putting stuff up I do not I always ask you where you want me to put stuff yeah but I don’t know where it needs to go okay so you’re going to fix the ice maker now I’m going to try see I can’t do that right quick but

The guy that came out the repair man said he said it was this $250 I could have told you it was this I’m not quite sure it’s this though oh but he wanted to charge another 250 to replace it they wanted $20 part they wanted to charge $150 for

It but his whole bill was going to be 500 bucks yeah yeah and I was so busy that I thought okay yeah I can to do that switch for that builds down there excellent all kinds of things going on so if it’s not this part you can call

That guy to come out again right and not pay him anymore and he’s got to figure out what it is cuz we already paid him $250 to look at it and tell he was up part okay so see if that works let see if that works all right this is

Just getting water everywhere there’s water all over the place uh it’s dripping everywhere so I turned it off I’m dripping it’s not good Ben water everywhere dang it we’re going to go on that boat yeah yes all right Keith got a new shirt Kate looks beautiful we’re going to go uh hang out

On a boat you go fishing with rightner this is Brett Brett is friend doctor fan Keith’s brother from another mother brother from another mother right here if you guys are every in South Florida look up Mr Brett he’s a great guy great friend oh wow just to be able

To hang out with the wealth of knowledge the Oracle of sailing there you Go World renowned circum Navigator Keith Whitaker has now given up the helm I’m giv up to the the old lady and it’s the good thing it’s not my boat so I’m not paying for it if he re cuz Brett gave it up willingly so if if na ne wrecks the

Boat it’s it’s Brett’s deal not mine so I’m I’m covered hopefully we’ll make it back safely don’t miss the next Episode

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