Is the M3 Macbook Pro Enough? – Impressions – Video

Is the M3 Macbook Pro Enough? – Impressions – Video

Overall, in the video titled “M3 Macbook Pro Impressions: Is It Enough?” Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, shares his thoughts on the new M3 Macbook Pro lineup and whether it is a worthy upgrade. MKBHD begins by discussing his current location at the Ultimate Frisbee Beach World Championships in California. He then delves into the history of computer technology and the impact of Apple’s transition to their own integrated chips, particularly the M1 and M2. He speculates on the trajectory of technological progress and the potential competition from other silicon manufacturers such as Qualcomm.

After watching the event unveiling the new M3 Macbook Pro lineup, MKBHD shares his impressions. He notes the improvements in the M3 chips, particularly in terms of performance and capabilities such as improved mesh shading and hardware-accelerated ray tracing. However, he expresses that the gains in performance are more significant when compared to the M1 rather than the relatively recent M2. He also discusses the introduction of the new Macbook Pro models and the decision to discontinue the 13-in Macbook Pro with touch bar in favor of a 14-in and 16-in lineup, as well as the addition of a new color, space black.

MKBHD concludes by pondering whether the new M3 Macbook Pro lineup is enough to warrant an upgrade, particularly given the robustness and performance of his existing M1 Max Macbook Pro. He emphasizes the need for further testing, particularly in his video editing workflow, to determine the battery life and overall performance of the new machines. Overall, the video provides an in-depth and insightful analysis of the new M3 Macbook Pro lineup and its potential impact on the tech market.

Hey what’s up y’all MKBHD here welcome back to another video this one a little bit outside of the usual Studio element as you can immediately tell uh that of course usually means I’m in a hotel room and that’s true again this time I’m in California um and I’m out here because

This week is the ultimate frisbee Beach World Championships it’s like a 5day long tournament it’s super countries all over the world flying in here to compete and I will be competing I’m playing on mixed Team USA so pretty incredible actually this is a opportunity of a lifetime and it’s been

One of my goals for basically my entire Ultimate Frisbee career to play on a Team USA and represent the country in a world championship so pretty awesome that it’s happening so shout out to that team uh and also for letting me get over here to this hotel to also talk a little

Bit of tech because you know I couldn’t resist there’s a random Apple event this week it’s the Night Before Halloween and they’re talking new Max new M3 Max and uh well we got to talk about it see the thing is in the tech World a lot of times you know obviously these product

Announcement events are super exciting but sometimes the story behind like leading up to the event is just as exciting as the actual thing being announced so in the in the Arc of technological progress hopefully I’m doing this on the right side usually there’s a little bit of an arc like a

Really really fast explosive beginning adoption phase and then things sort of even out and become mature and stable and every every piece of tech goes through this Arc at different times you know with the smartphone World we’re at like the flat part most of the time

IPhone 15 is just a little bit better than iPhone 14 which was a little bit better than 13 but we did have to go through that explosive growth to get here and then there’s other stuff like folding phones maybe that are just at the beginning or electric cars we see

All kinds of first and second gen electric cars now so those are clearly at the beginning of that Arc where all the early adopter and bleeding edge Tech stuff is going on and so I bring all this up because with our computers it’s actually not quite as straightforward as

We think they’ve actually kind of had an interesting curve I think we all agree that computers laptops very mature but what Apple did with apple silicon when they announced Apple silic their own integrated chips that they would be making and designing in-house to replace the Intel stuff that was in MacBook Pros

And Macs before they made this really big dent in the graph they made a big leap that you don’t usually see so they’re very very stable with all these Intel machines for a while and then this big jump up to Apple silicon Max and these things were a hit I I love mine

I’m I’m in this hotel right now with my M1 Max MacBook Pro and you would think this is one of those things that I usually like to stay on the bleeding edge and keep the latest and greatest stuff in my Arsenal but I haven’t upgraded this in years because I haven’t

Needed to it’s been amazing a lot of creators that I know use these laptops M2 came out after it was an Improvement but kind of back to being like a reasonable 30% still a big jump but like a 30 to 40% bump in CPU and GPU so we

Had this stability for a while a huge bump and then sort of leveling back off but then on top of all of that there’s actually been a couple other announcements that have been sort of intriguing of other silicon manufacturers actually catching up this is all I’m speculating a little bit

Because I haven’t tried some of this stuff but there was a recent Qualcomm announcement where they showed off some new Chips they’re working on that they are claiming has performance that’s Way Beyond what M2 already offers so all of that is the backdrop for this event that

I’m about to watch where we kind of wonder if Apple’s going to be able to give us some reasons to continue to buy new Macs new Mac sales have not been growing as much of they’ as they’ve wanted and they really want to give us new reasons to so I’m curious not just

About the actual products that they’re about to announce but the story and the convincing that they have to do around the new products I’m very confident that they’ll be very technically impressive 3 nmet chips Etc but I’m about to sit down and watch the event but that’s just the

Backdrop to what we’re about to get let’s see good evening and welcome to Apple Park all right so that event was interesting it it was it was about what we expected but again sometimes the stuff around the event is more interesting the event itself so uh we

Got what we expected it was a pretty short event they got right to the Chase and M3 M3 Pro and M3 Max are the new Chips they’re all 3 nanometer chips too which is awesome and then we got the machines that they’re in so there is a

New Macbook Pro 14in and 16in which have these new chips and they refresh the new iMac now there are some new abilities with these chips right there are some subtle things that you may or may not take advantage of like improved mesh shading or now there’s Hardware accelerated R chasing for applications

That take advantage of that maybe you’re generating three new models or you’re doing after effects work or working in Maya or something like that but something sneaky that they did was in the general broad performance stuff that they talked about they of course showed their usual graphs but they almost

Always verbally compared the M3 family to the M1 family of chips not M2 and you know that obviously makes sense they’re trying to make the improvements look as large as possible M2 Chip is only 2 years old so the fact that they’re 50% better in some stuff 60% better than M1

Is amazing but if you look at comp comped to M2 most of the numbers were more in the 10 to 15 to 20 25% range better than M2 as far as raw performance but again it’s going to depend on your workflow I’m just thinking all right

This is about what we expected I’m going to have to test the machines to figure out what battery life is like and what general performance and the stuff I do is like I do video editing they showed other workflows like DNA sequencing and like building applications and coding

And all all kinds of stuff I don’t do but generally modest update now this whole time I’m watching this event I’m thinking okay I probably don’t need to upgrade right I mean I have this M1 Max MacBook Pro it’s been great so what machines are they going to put this new

M3 family of chips in so they introduced them to us and there are some new Macbook Pros and a new iMac the iMac is easy and probably actually where that M1 comparison makes the most sense it’s the same thin colorful iMac just with the new M3 same price beautiful easy simple

Upgrade but MacBook Pros uh a little bit different they first of all got rid of the 13-in MacBook Pro with touch bar totally fine with me good riddance honestly it’s now just a 14-in and 16-in MacBook Pros the 14-in you can get the

Base M3 or M3 Pro or M3 Max and then the 16 in you can get M3 Pro or M3 Max and they also introduced a new color uh called space black a matte anodized aluminum black MacBook Pro and uh well I might I might want to upgrade I

Don’t I don’t need it though I don’t need it but I kind of I might want to upgrade I don’t need it I don’t need it I definitely don’t need it you know clearly Apple’s very clever about this stuff they know that if they just do the

New chip then maybe not as many people will upgrade but if you want to know that you have the new one it’s the most classic apple thing is they give it a new look and then you know you have the new one just by looking at it and so

This this black one it speaks to me they talked about it in the event as having a special anodized coding to prevent getting lots of fingerprints I’m very curious about seeing that in person we have some footage here ideally that I’m I’m showing you right now of actual

Inperson looks at that new matte black MacBook Pro I’m calling it matte black it’s supposed to be space space black or whatever but I’m calling it matte black and you know I have a black dbrand skin on my MacBook Pro right now it does pick up a little bit of fingerprints and you

Can see that so I’m very interested if that will actually hide fingerprints we’ll see and the other thing that I was actually curious about is uh they’re going to ship a new iMac but they just sent the iPhone to USB type-c so are they also going to switch all these

Silly accessories like the trackpad and the keyboard to finally be USB type-c so we can slowly start getting rid of lightning everywhere but they didn’t it’s still lightning trackpad lightning keyboard so that upgrade will have to see another day so those are just some nuggets for you but I think generally

The thought here is what Apple’s trying to do is make this upgrade seem as large as possible even though really people who have M1 and M2 likely won’t have to upgrade if you have an M1 Max how big of an upgrade is M3 Max really going to be

It will depend on if you’re pushing your current M1 Max to its limit limit and most people aren’t you know who you are if you are pushing it to its limit I’ll put it that way um I am currently you know I’m going to edit this video this

4K video from the Canon R5 I’m going to chop it up on Final Cut Pro on the laptops and it’s going to break a sweat a little bit I already know but it’s going to export in a a handful maybe 25 minutes and then it’s down to my internet connection that’s usually my

Biggest obstacle so I don’t actually need to upgrade but the really impressive part is for the people who are actually maxing out these machines lighting up all the cores you know they have a new maximum of 128 gigs of unified memory on the M3 Max so people

Who are really pushing these machines to their limits are going to have even more amazing machines to go out and do their 3D rendering their DNA sequencing all the stuff that they’re doing and pack that machine up and take it on the go which is ultimately what this is about

Also this was so random but at the very end at the very end did you catch at the end of the key keynote that little message with text the keynote ends they fade to black and on a black background with white text they say this event was shot on an iPhone

And wow I did not see that coming I watched the event fully believing that this this was probably shot on regular cameras cuz there’s also like drone shots and CGI and all sorts of added effects and it’s colored beautifully and I don’t know where the microphones are

Again I have so many questions I want I’ve wanted to see behind the scenes of an Apple keynote so badly for years but more than any other one I’ve wanted I want to see the behind the scenes of this one so that I just I’m just putting that out into the

Universe amazing amazing production I’ll say stay tuned for a review of these machines if you want to see real footage of the matte black MacBook Pro and all this new stuff get subscribed below I do plan on getting my hands on that stuff and reviewing it when it comes out but

This just been my uh first look and impression thanks for watching catch you in the next one go USA peace

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