It Has Been 16 Years Since She Last Ate (Confirmed by Doctors) – Video

It Has Been 16 Years Since She Last Ate (Confirmed by Doctors) – Video

The video titled “She Hasn’t Eaten in 16 Years (Doctors Confirmed)” takes us on a fascinating journey to a rural village in Ethiopia to uncover the mysterious story of a woman named Muluwork who claims to have not eaten a single piece of food or had a sip of water in 16 years. The video follows the creator, Drew Binsky, as he interviews Muluwork, her family, and members of the community to try and understand this unbelievable claim.

Despite initial skepticism, Drew is met with convincing stories from Muluwork’s neighbors who attest to her not eating for years. Even medical tests conducted in Dubai show no traces of food in her stomach. Muluwork herself confidently confirms her 16-year fast, stating she has no desire to eat or drink, not even the holy water from the church.

As Drew delves deeper into Muluwork’s story, visiting her home and witnessing her daily life, he discovers a humble woman dedicated to her family and her gardening. Even though she cooks meals for others, she herself does not partake. The video captures moments of discussion and contemplation as Drew grapples with the mystery of Muluwork’s claim.

The video ends with Drew and his team enjoying a homemade meal prepared by Muluwork, despite her not being able to taste her own cooking. The intricacies of Muluwork’s story leave viewers pondering on the line between reality and the unbelievable.

As the video concludes, Drew poses the question to the audience, inviting them to share their thoughts and debates on Muluwork’s extraordinary story. The mystery of Muluwork’s 16-year fast remains unsolved, leaving viewers intrigued and curious about this woman who defies the norms of human survival.

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Video Transcript

This woman in Ethiopia has not eaten in 16 years not a single piece of food or a sip of water doctors in Dubai examine her body and confirm there are no traces of food in her stomach but somehow this 26-year-old remains healthy is it true you haven’t eaten in 15 years oh yes

It’s true I’m going to track her down in the countryside of Ethiopia to find out if she is a superwoman or a straight up liar to find the woman who doesn’t eat whose name is mul work we hop on a domestic flight from the modern city of

Adis Ababa to the rural town of Jimma that feeling when you arrive in the middle of nowhere Ethiopia where coffee originates one little cup and you’re done it’s that strong and we are about to drive 4 hours on the bumpy back roads near the border with South Sudan in

Hopes of finding a clue to where she lives this is why we have four-wheel drive otherwise we would never get through these puddles joining me is my production manager AJ when doctor SE said all the Places You’ll Go I never thought G would be on that list for me

And we are Guided by our local friend fit who has never been to this part of Ethiopia we are going south we have a VI idea where she is but we’ll ask people and find out where she is we have serious reason to believe we are the first International media to seek out

Mullor and tell her story as I understand like nobody knows about her F you don’t know about her before I have never I I never have any idea of what there’s less information online about this woman than the no sleep man in Vietnam so we are really on a quest

Yes this is like proper rural Countryside dirt road experience here look at the wooden stick houses a lot of ass whole lot of ass someone had to say it fit some did you know that donkey is ass yes is that why you’re giggling up there yeah yeah to a lot of

Ass we pulled over on the side of the road here to this epic Brown stream which is probably rainwater because has been pouring R outside do you know her no no we’re looking for her do you know her no all right we’ll keep looking we driving through the clouds

Right now it’s super mystical really cool got some waterfalls right here have you ever seen this lady thank you for the banana really sweet and flavorful just chilling here literally in the middle of nowhere we got to De with the machete we got a big ass bus is passing

Us I’m holding a drone and AJ’s eating a banana a hello my friend do you know this lady he don’t know he have never seen her you know the fact that nobody knows where she is leads me to believe that she’s not telling the truth because no

Sleep man every everybody knew who he was yeah so far we’ve asked four or five people on the side of the road who is she and they don’t know but we know we’re heading in the right direction I’m a little skeptical as well like it’s impossible not to eat but she’s met with

The Prime Minister she’s had medical tests done in Attis Ababa and in Dubai I think there’s so much mystery around mull work that we’re determined to meet her and investigate her claims but so far we are striking out on our search and she could be anywhere in these

Rolling mountains while stopping for a quick bite of Ethiopian food so good man we come across our first clue do you know her he is pointing her house it’s over there apparently we are in the right place and these people know exactly where M work lives we have found her Houseo hi stepping into M work’s living room is like entering another world I love it she’s asking you to sit down okay no problem there are posters on the walls and a variety of antiques that make it feel like we’re stuck in a time capsule of her childhood and what does it did

This one say here with with a picture of her it says unique creature of the K region never had water or meal for the last 9 years she Embraces the word creature is that the direct translation creature yeah exactly almost say they’re using her to bring tourist here but no

One has come and nobody told us she has a daughter how could she have given birth if she doesn’t eat what you think she’s thinking right now who is this guy it’s remarkable how big and protected her house is compared to all of her neighbors apparently this

Compound was a gift to muler from the prime minister to me that sounds a little strange M work what does it mean that is a cross like a cross on her neck in in Yos she want to imitate like a rocket like a tennis rocket that was not what I

Thought it was this is the bathroom in her backyard which she doesn’t use but her daughter and her sister uses very very interesting M work is giving us a tour of her backyard here beautiful garden wow is this like your favorite hobby is gardening oh yeah she said she

Never like sitting down doing nothing she always work on the garden she loves doing that you’re growing all this food who you is it for your daughter or are you cooking for people I’ll let it grow as much as possible and then Harvest it my sister is here she cooking eat and whenever

Somebody a visitor come and ask for for that I’ll give it to them medicinal for the kids kind to smell this smells like strawberries this is like a tea your house is really cool kitchen you don’t get hungry when you’re cooking yeah I cook as much as I want

But I have no appetite she say even with the smells she no appetite she say according to fit some mul work is already planning to cook dinner for her family tonight so for now she offers us tea and I’m excited to sit down and get to the root of her 16-year Fast mul work usually when I visit people’s houses I like to bring a gift but I wasn’t sure what I should bring you so is it okay if we you know maybe get some food from the market for your family would that be okay you don’t have to worry about that

It’s okay my question is is it disrespectful if I bring you food but you don’t need it my sister eats and my my my daughter eat it’s not disrespectful okay do you ever drink tea I make a tea and I make coffee too but I I don’t drink n something still

Doesn’t make sense and I want to find the truth so I invite mul work on a walk outside to ask some hard-hitting questions I came here because I heard that you haven’t eaten in 13 years or 15 years is it true oh not know yes it’s

True I have haven’t eaten for the last 16 years was there a moment in time where you just ate and then you said I’m tired of eating I’m done or is it a medical condition it was one morning that I used to leave with my family and they asked

Me eat breakfast and go to school she said I had eaten but she she was pretending she had eaten she never and she lost appetite and for water or for any food have you seen a professional doctor about your condition and if you have what have they told

You yes I have seen a doctor abroad and uh they have tested me for for a week and they even question my mental status they think I was crazy but I’m intact she said I was pregnant to her and uh they have to give a lot of glucose for

The baby did you breastfeed your child there was no breast as much no breast milk she did not breastfeed you seemed to have a lot of energy where is the energy coming from if you’re not eating anything I don’t even know it’s it’s it’s a natur don’t question is it an act

Of God or is it just random this is what I believe it’s a work of God what else could be mul work what was the last thing you ate can you remember what the meal was uh the last meal I had is inera with lentil do you think there will ever come

A day where you get hungry again and you start eating I I don’t think so when people watch this video they’re going to think that you’re fake that it’s a lie that it’s all for show what do you want to say to those people I have nothing to say to them

They can come and observe my my daily life and I don’t eat and I don’t drink when you say you don’t drink no water no nothing she say I’m Orthodox Christian I go to church and there’s a holy water that you’re supposed to drink I don’t

Even drink that you don’t even drink the holy water yes if you don’t eat and you don’t drink do you ever use the bathroom uh little the only reason I go to toilet is because I have to wash my my body and I never used bathroom for 16 years

Really I find that so hard to believe but I guess if you don’t eat or drink then you don’t have to use the bathroom it is so nice outside right now like sun is going down everyone’s like friendly what a life out here this is like a peaceful Village very Lively I love

It hi hi come here what do you know about her she’s in Ean amazing girl is it true that she really doesn’t eat food yeah she can’t eat she can’t eat really yeah really really so you never see her eating before no I can’t see and you

Never see her eating here no kind why do you think she doesn’t eat food it’s amazing I don’t know I have heard and known that medical personnel came here and proved and she has not been eating for 13 or more years and everybody knows about her people

Come and visit her and we know about her can you tell me about her as a person what does she like to be around she works any time she’s hardw working she works around her garden and she’s good person what countries did you go to to see a doctor Dubai

Dubai Saudi Arabia yeah she been four countries most importantly what was the diagnosis of the doctor what what did the doctor tell you the doctor thinks she’s uh 100% healthy despite not eating anything you can see the crowd of people behind me that were just standing outside of her

House interviewing her and it seems like the entire Village is gathered around I can sense that Mula work is starting to feel overwhelmed so we go inside to give her some space as we inch closer to dinner her family starts to trickle in including the man who first discovered

Her condition his name is Mr bacho he’s the one the first who discovered that she doesn’t eat and drink how did he first find her he used to leave an arst and every driver used to tell him that there’s someone who never eat and drinks and he

Was so curious and came all the way here and talked to her and brought her back to Addis five years ago she was tested in in one of the biggest Hospital in Adis which is called zodo hospital and they have testified there is no remnance of food in her

Intine he has a observed on a daily basis for 3 years he never saw her eating or drinking so like nobody else in the world can do that so why is she special how did it even happen for her I have no idea why it’s happened her

Brother told him that ever since she was child every time she was given her food she throws away so she had never had an interest for food all he knows is since her age of 10 she had no interest for her food so why is she not like extremely

Skinny she was even bigger than she was now skinnier theup the amount of work she does for for someone who don’t eat is amazing so mul work wants to show us church so we’re heading in the car going to church after talking to this guy who

I’ve watched her uh for 3 years and observed her for 3 years I’m more convinced than ever before going to church seems appropriate because if you believe her Witnesses then mull work is a miracle I keep wondering what role her faith has in all of this do you come

Here every week or every day I come every week on every Sunday here what does it mean to you to pray at this church I’m very happy to come here and pray do you come here to pray that you can eat again I don’t think about it I I don’t

Pray about it do you pray to thank God for giving you this special unique trait oh yes um uh yes I’m I’m very thankful for this why do you think God did this to you but nobody else I have nothing to say it’s a god

God’s will and I just accept that M what makes you happy in this world bra having a relationship with God and uh to to have my daughter to raise her it’s good that’s what makes me happy what if your daughter stops eating will you be worried I would observe her for a while

And if she turn out like me then that’s okay how how does not eating impact your faith how does it help you feel closer to God some some people fast to have a better relationship with God uh but I don’t eat and drink and that that strengthen my relationship how would you

Feel if you got a lot more attention and many more people wanted to come and meet you and share your story I’m very happy that I’ll get more attention ahead so far I have not taken my eyes off mull work and she still hasn’t eaten not even a sip of water

Under the hot sun we are now heading back to our house for the promised meal and her sister is there waiting for us so is it 100% true that your sister doesn’t eat you never once saw her like sneak a little bite of something no are you worried about her

Health I was very afraid at the beginning I was worried at the beginning but now I see she’s she’s doing well without and uh I don’t mind mul thank you for the tea that is some really good tea wow he said how does she know that Tea’s good

If she can’t taste it she just has a Magic Magical touch do you think your sister is blessed by God why would God want her to stop eating say she dreams and then she tells her dreams to her whatever she tells her it always comes through what kind of

Dreams Force coming what do you think tell me your honest thoughts about what you’re experiencing it’s it’s unreal takes time to process and to understand why would they lie no no reason to lie why would they I mean like no one’s coming here and paying her for this no

It’s not like a business no I’ve come across other people in my travels who would scam you and make up a story and lie to make money but she’s not so why would the question is why would she lie in this remote area you have no

Attention she have no reason to lie who she can impress without the need to eat she must be saving money because she doesn’t have to go buy food all the time only for the little one so the electricity is out so we’re using phone lights right now then I ask for a

Passport and she’s bringing it out right now passport is proof cool looking passport let’s open it up and see yeah she has stamps in here I feel like I’m an investigator right now this is yeah that’s Dubai February 7th 2021 so 10 days were you seeing doctors every

Day 7 Days Seven Days In Hospital who sponsored through the trip the prime minister of how did you meet him and what was the meeting like with the Prime Minister he came to visit the National Park which is like an hour drive from here and he discover about her and he

Come and meet her that’s a pretty big deal to meet the head of state of of your country what what did he say about your condition said he’s happy to me just like me if she is so special that the prime minister is going to send

Her to Dubai and elsewhere why is she not more famous if she’s received all this attention um she thinks where she lives matters I live here an isolated area and then I have no much exposure do you think it’s a good thing to get your story out there

Or do you prefer to keep it private yes it is good for me do you want to be famous yes yes that was a strong yes too I’m skeptical that Mula work says she wants to be famous is all of this just a trap so she can get rich I still can’t

Ignore the evidence and valid testimonies that support her claim of not eating there’s also a feeling I get that’s too hard to describe just the humble way that muler carries herself which convinces me she is 100% telling the truth I still don’t really know what

To believe but what I do know is that the house is smelling delicious and we’re all excited to try Mula work’s home-cooked meal we’re now just chilling in the living room she’s very hospitable she’s bringing a bed in here a mattress so we can lay down but I’m pretty comfortable on the

Couch our driver has gone to the store and got all the ingredients here for mul work to cook thank you we’re getting sleepy over here in the living room it’s just so cozy Mula work and her sister are preparing dinner right now they have all these ingredients I don’t even know

What they’re making but it’s starting to smell really good she stepped out to put on the headband serious business now it’s very surprising to me that she’s so passionate about cooking because she doesn’t eat is mul work a good cook she’s the best cook she’s a good cook

But she can’t even try the food to know if it’s good she just have the skill to cook best she doesn’t even test uh the salt and the spices but she just make it perfect when you think about chefs in the kitchen they’re always testing it

You just see them like with a little spoon she’s using a black stone to mash up the garlic if you forced yourself to eat something what do you think would happen to yourself you say I don’t think it’ll hurt me or do anything but I have no desire of eating that smells really

Really good like wow all right after about an hour dinner is ready she’s been cooking up a storm over here I watched her like instead of tasting it she like looks at it really closely on the stick for the texture just took out this massive piece

Of inera you know Ethiopian food is my favorite cuisine in Africa and I’ve yet to have a homemade meal what are your thoughts about this meal we about yeah it already looks delicious that is crazy she just made that it’s amazing it tastes like itell ask her what she thinks of the

Food is like the Best wa that’s really really tasty it’s like spicy and sour chewy I don’t know very garlicky oniony is it crazy to say the best chef I know is from a lady who doesn’t know what food tastes like so here’s what we know we know that the Prime Minister sent mul work to

Dubai for medical checkups that trip is confirmed by her passport stamp but we have no way of contacting those doctors to ask them what’s true we know that everybody around mul work believes her story not just her family but also her neighbors and acquaintances who have no

Incentive to lie but we also know that it’s not humanly possible to survive without food or water let alone for 16 years so that must mean that Mulk is a superhuman unless she’s the most talented liar of all time what do you guys think I’d love to hear your debates

In the comments down below as this puzzle remains unfinished

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