JRE: Massive Volcanic Uplift Detected by Yellowstone Officials – Video

JRE: Massive Volcanic Uplift Detected by Yellowstone Officials – Video

The recent detection of a huge sudden uplift inside the Yellowstone volcano system has sparked concerns among officials and experts. In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan shed light on just how deadly an eruption of Yellowstone could be. The Yellowstone Caldera, also known as the Yellowstone super volcano, has the potential to cause a catastrophic event that could wipe out the entire United States and Canada, impacting the entire world.

With the capability to produce the largest style of eruption, known as a super eruption, Yellowstone poses a threat that has been studied extensively by scientists. The eruption of such a super volcano would not only spew dangerous materials like molten lava and rock particles, but it could also lead to global temperature drops and significant disruptions in ecosystems and human societies.

Comparing Yellowstone to past volcanic events like the Mount Pinatubo and Tambora eruptions, the scale of devastation that Yellowstone could potentially cause is alarming. However, while the possibility of an eruption may not be imminent, the constant monitoring of Yellowstone by government agencies and experts offers some level of preparedness for a possible event.

In addition to volcanic threats, the podcast also touched on the dangers of asteroid strikes and the need for a planetary defense plan to protect against such catastrophic events. Despite advancements in technology and the ability to potentially deflect or mine asteroids, the lack of a funded defense mechanism remains a concern.

As we ponder on the existential threats posed by natural disasters like volcanic eruptions and asteroid strikes, the question remains – are we truly prepared for such events on a global scale? The uncertainty surrounding the outcome of these potential disasters leaves us wondering what the future holds for humanity and our planet. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Video Transcript

Like no that’s a super volcano that is a continent killer and it blows every 6 to 800,000 years and everyone dies like the whole country dies if you’re a geology or archaeology buff you might have heard about the Yellowstone volcano it’s been touted as arguably the most dangerous

Volcano in the world so much so that it’s even got its own class the super volcano super volcano is basically a name that was made up for a volcano that has at some point in the past produced the largest style of eruption over the years the Yellowstone volcano has

Largely been a mystery to many of us no one really knows the impact that an eruption of this scale could have and even worse many people don’t even care much about it however there has also been a recent revisiting of this topic among interested parties one of them

Being the popular podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan in a recent episode of his podcast The Joe Rogan experience Joe was able to shed more light on just how deadly an eruption of Yellowstone would be and trust me it’s enough to get you super worried so what did Joe say and

How does this impact us buckle up because this is about to be a lot this could be the end so before we dive into the clip from Joe Rogan’s podcast I think we need a bit of a backstory the Yellowstone volcano or as it’s more formally called the

Yellowstone Caldera is a super volcano located in the Yellowstone National Park in Northwestern Wyoming although the park itself actually expands into parts of Montana and Idaho now for those who might not know a Caldera is essentially a crater that is formed as a result of a volcanic eruption this essentially means

There have been eruptions at Yellowstone in the past we’ll get to that in a minute the Yellowstone Caldera and really the entire Yellowstone Park is one of the most popular tour tourist attractions in the cowboy state but as you can imagine it’s also one of the most dangerous being one of the world’s

Biggest volcanic systems the Yellowstone Caldera sits above one of the planet’s hot spots essentially parts of our planet where hot plumes rise and form volcanoes so far there have been three eruptions at Yellowstone in the past 3 million years the Huckleberry Ridge tough eruption which occurred 2.1 million years ago the Mesa Falls

Eruption 1 . 3 million years ago and the lava Creek eruption 631 th000 years ago considering that there have been three eruptions already some people have been wondering whether we should be worried about another one that could eventually happen and in a recent episode of his podcast Joe Rogan actually touched on

The topic speaking with author and fellow podcaster Michael malice back in March Joe explained that a possible eruption at Yellowstone would be completely and absolutely devastating the discussion began with Joe pointing out that as a species humans are very vulnerable to a host of possible apocalyptic occurrences I’ve talked to

Enough people that are like really they’re really educated in the history of ancient cultures and ancient civilizations and the evidence of natural disasters wiping people out and people having to start from scratch it seems it seems like we’re a part of like this giant NeverEnding cycle of getting

Knocked back into the Stone Age and then rebuilding to a new version of complex society I think we’re on a version of that now but I think there’s been many versions of that and I I I think that that’s also on the table for us Michael

Went on to point out that things could be different for us in this age thanks in no small part to the growth of our advanced technology but Joe wasn’t necessarily sold on that idea as well but I think it’d be a lot easier for us to bounce back than someone 2,000 years

Ago with our technology and and our ability to no no not at all not at all because when it hits first of all very few people survive and everything goes to there’s no electricity no generators work there’s no one pumping oil no one knows how to make a generator no one

Knows how to make a cell phone so all that Technologies law what the Jim Baker people do wait so what could really be that bad that would cause an existential threat possibly wiping us all out and leaving no crumbs well according to Joe super volcanoes are among the biggest

Threats to us as a speci and to our planet and that’s where Yellowstone comes in but what would this be like a meteor other than a meteor hitting the Earth this super volcano would kill almost all of us the Yellowstone super volcano it’s a Caldera volcano like they

Didn’t they didn’t realize that it was so big until somewhere in like the 2000s I think it was they did satellite imagery and they realized oh my God that’s the Caldera of a volcano like this Yellowstone thing we thought it was just this crazy place with hot springs

Like no that’s a super volcano that is a continent killer and it blows every 6 to 800,000 years and everyone dies like the whole country dies and it happens every 6 to 800,000 years the last time it happened was like 600,000 years see that’s another reason Texas should be

Its own country it’s pretty interesting to think about over the years there have been more and more existential threats that have essentially made us rethink our role in the universe climate change is getting crazier and and the threat of nuclear war remains a huge problem now

We’ve got to add super volcanoes to the list what the heck could Yellowstone really end the human race now I know what you might be thinking this is just classic Joe Rogan making everyone scared and talking conspiracy theories but this isn’t necessarily true for those who do know the Yellowstone volcano is

Something that’s been studied extensively and while many of the topics on Joe Rogan’s podcast tend to move away from conventional science a bit this is actually one topic where everyone seems to be on the same page Yellowstone really is deadly to start with it’s worth looking at the super volcano term

Itself as you’d probably expect a super volcano is a much larger type of volcano larger than the regular ones we see erupt from time to time to give a bit more context Neil degrass Tyson one of the most popular physicists in the world also shed some light on that back in

August 2020 Neil invited a volcanologist named Janine kryner on his show Star Talk where she spoke about the super volcano classification this Yellowstone is in the news anytime someone wants to think apocalyptically so and we’ve all been told and we’ve all heard it’s a super volcano what is a super volcano

Super volcano is basically a name that was made up for a volcano that has at some point in the past produced proded the largest style of eruption now in terms of eruption size Janine also explained the scale that these super volcanos tend to have okay so when you

Say a big eruption do you speak of volume of yes Ash that comes out and or of so what’s what’s a typical volume for a super volcano to be called a super volcano so for these super eruptions or we have this volcano explosivity index VII so it goes from one or there is

Smaller as well but for this 1 to eight eight is this super eruption one to eight of yellow stone being eight and and walk in the park being one where is 2020 so a vi8 or these super eruptions are um you’re looking at a volume of magma erupting that around a thousand

Cubic kilometers so a lot of rock coming out of the ground cubic kilometers so a thousand if you take the cube root you get how big a cube would be on the side so 10 kilometers on a side so for for the American audience heard of 10K runs that’s about six miles so

Imagine a cube 6 miles across deep and high damn and that’s how much lava came out that’s crazy that’s yeah yeah the Yellowstone volcano measures a distance of about 45 miles in diameter alone so I think we kind of get the scale of such a volcano now besides the fact that they

Are bigger than regular volcanoes super volcanoes also spew much more dangerous materials when they erupt most of the time when you consider a volcanic eruption you think about the molten lava covering the entire land mass and engulfing the whole surrounding area now while this would happen in the case of a

Hypothetical eruption at Yellowstone it would be far from the only effect that this event could cause in fact the lava coming out of the volcano isn’t even the biggest thing to worry about why well according to scientists there most likely isn’t even much lava at Yellowstone you see before lava is

Spewed out of a volcano it is first created as magma think of it as how caterpillars become butterflies and then come out of their shell magma is created it grows and then becomes the lava that is shot out of the volcano for Yellowstone however much of the magma

Won’t even get the chance to become lava this is because instead of developing an eruption would basically shoot the magma into the sky turning it into Airborne particles of Ash besides the ash much of the magma will shoot out as rock particles and with the wind carrying it

All there’s no telling how much it would be able to travel or even how quickly it would be able to move the effects of such An Occurrence would be so crazy that scientists say it could lead to the death of everyone in the entire United States and Canada as well for good

Measure think about it if a person breathes this time type of toxic Ash it would form a cement-like structure in their lungs and essentially choke them out buildings would also be covered in Ash and the particles could easily affect things like electrical grids and power lines so yeah this is not looking

Good at all oh by the way if you think you’re gravy because you don’t live in the United States and Canada well you’ve got another thing coming due to the massive volume of Ash in the air a volcanic eruption on the scale of Yellowstone would cause a global

Temperature drop the ash in the air would be enough to significantly block out the sun creating a sheet of smoke above our planet that would make it more difficult for the sun’s Rays to pass through According to some sources this could lead to a drop in global

Temperatures by up to 10° an effect that could easily last up to a decade and with the sun essentially being blocked from the earth you can imagine the effects that this could have for instance Agriculture and food production will be significantly affected as growing seasons change and crop yields drop

Significantly there could also be Untold disruptions to ecosystems as animals and plant species struggle to adapt to the changing weather conditions and let’s not forget the effect this could have on human societies from resource scarcity to social changes and much more so while it seems more like the

United States Canada and other countries around them could be the ones to Bear the brunt of this volcanic eruption make no mistake about it the entire world is going to feel its effects and those effects could probably change the way we live comparing Yellowstone to other volcanic events we’ve already seen

Enough proof that temperature changes are a significant possibility when it comes to super volcano eruptions back in June 1991 Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted in what was the second largest volcanic event of the 20th century the eruption had been triggered by an earthquake that happened

Close to the mountain and it was so devastating that It produced a column of Ash and smoke that Rose over 30 km high in 22 days the combination of sulfur dioxide and air circled the entire world and according to reports the Smoky Cloud literally deflected about 2% of the

Entire world’s incoming solar radiation with global temperatures dropping by an average of 0.5° C Mount Pinatubo eruption released about 10 billion tons of Mol magma into the surrounding region Ash deposits measuring over 2 in thick covered a land area of over 4,000 square km causing crops and other plant life around the

Mountain to burn now here’s the kicker the Mount Pinatubo eruption removed so much Rock and magma from below the volcano that the summit collapsed and formed a Caldera that measured 2.5 km in diameter and if you remember from earlier Yellowstone’s Caldera measures 45 km in diameter so if Mount pinat

Tuo’s eruption could cause all of this damage imagine what Yellowstone’s hypothetical eruption could cause then there was the Tambora eruption located on the island of SWA in Indonesia the explosion of Mount Tambora is seen by many as the most devastating volcanic eruption to ever happen the event

Happened in April of 1815 with loud explosions being heard from distances as far as 1,200 Mi even before the eruption itself happened the sounds were so intense that locals reportedly thought an invasion was imminent and they sent out troops to protect the land in the surrounding areas unbeknownst to them

The largest volcanic eruption in recorded history was about to take place the Tambora eruption was considered at the peak of the volcanic explosivity index when the volcano lit up pyroclastic flows consisting of Ash magma particles and gases as hot as 700° Celsius came tumbling down from the

Mountain and into the sea the particles covered about 12 mil on each side instantly killing anyone within the area and destroying an incredible amount of plant life and land while the eruption lasted about 3 hours it caused a reported 10,000 deaths and wiped out the village of Tambora entirely the volcano

Released about 30 cubic miles of rock particles and Ash as well as 60 megatons of sulfur this sulfur mixed with water in the air created clouds of sulfuric acid that blocked out massive amounts of sunlight due to this the global temperature dropped by an average of 5.5

De fight leading to massive changes in global ecology things were so bad that reports confirmed that temperatures could literally switch from blazing hot status to near freezing levels within just a matter of hours the sky was tainted with Cloud colors ranging from pink to purple in fact things were so

Bad that there was quite literally no summer in the world the following year due to the lingering effects of the Tambora eruption global weather changes were incredibly sporadic although most times it was always just so freezing cold as you can expect the summer season got affected significantly crops across

Asia North America and Europe were significantly affected with both animals and people also dying in droves it’s really not so possible to compare the tambar explosion to a possible eruption at Yellowstone especially since the last Yellowstone happened before recorded history began nevertheless less tambar kind of serves as the perfect template

For us all to consider if Yellowstone is really as large as they say it is then I think it’s safe to say that we should all be as worried as Joe Rogan is could Yellowstone really blow up as I said earlier the last time Yellowstone erupted was about 631 th000 years ago

The entire Caldera has remained since then always reminding us that it’s lurking and could go boom anytime soon however while it’s fascinating to think that Yellowstone is pretty much just lying dormant that isn’t actually the case the entire region is buzzing with activity emitting small earthquakes geothermal heat and geysers that erupt

Sporadically each year there are thousands of small earthquakes recorded in the land area surrounding Yellowstone indicating the constant movement of magma deep beneath the surface this Restless Yellowstone Caldera is truly living breathing every once in a while it burp basically it’s kind of like the Earth giving us a warning to not sleep

On this volcano the dangers might be present beneath the ground but things could always change and the volcano could blow up any day if Mount Pinatubo has taught us anything it’s that earthquakes can be a major trigger of volcanic activity and with Yellowstone surrounding areas being especially prone

To earthquakes there really is no telling what could happen so far most scientists believe that an eruption of the Yellowstone volcano might not happen for the next few hundred thousand years or perhaps even more and to be fair they seem relatively prepared to handle a possible eruption today the US

Government has agencies that monitor activities around Yellowstone both above and below the ground all with the aim of checking out whether or not we are safe from a possible imminent explosion everything from tectonic shifts under the ground to the movement of gas asses and even geyser eruptions is being constantly monitored around Yellowstone

Park so there is a general sense that if something was to go arai the government as well as experts could be prepared asteroids when is the next one coming speaking of events that could lead to the complete Wipeout of humanity another example that seems to have a lot

Of people including and especially Joe Rogan worried as a potential asteroid strike back in 2019 Joe had solo comedian Brian Kalin on his podcast where he spoke about the potentially devastating effects of a possible asteroid hitting the planet you it might be the problem is that that there are

Just too many things to worry about I could also I also have to worry about ticks and things that I can’t see like flesh eating bacteria and Mer I worry about more than anything honestly asteroidal impacts you do yep really yeah because they can come and then wipe out civilization almost instant mously

Joe went on to show Brian what appeared to have been a report about an asteroid that came close to the Earth and which was wielding some really insane levels of force explosion the meteor that exploded in uh like December that’s what you’re going to bring December yeah this

Meteor that exploded in December had something like 50 times the power it in the atmosphere okay oh 10 10 atomic bombs Jes 10 times the power of the atomic bomb that exploded in Hiroshima wow yeah and exp in our atmosphere asteroid hits aren’t new of course the

Earth has seen its fair share of asteroid strikes happening time and again from the one that reportedly killed the dinosaurs to the frequent ones that hit different parts of the planet every once in a while but for Joe the major fear is that an asteroid could

Hit one day that would lead to so much Devastation that we would literally not be able to handle it in another episode of his podcast Joe spoke to Graham Han Co a British investigative journalist and author and raised specific concerns over the possibility of an asteroid hitting the world and destroying much of

The tools that we need to survive today our fears that you were just discussing earlier about how soft we are in comparison to past civilizations in terms of like our ability to live off the land that’s one aspect that bothers me but one of the big ones that bothers

Me is the fact that everything is digital all of our information is stored on hard drives you bet and if that goes down there’s not much left you have paper books and and you know few thousands of years imagine what would be left yeah we would lose all of our

Advancement Graham agreed with Joe pointing out that a lot of things in today’s world would be affected if something like a massive asteroid was to strike the planet today and the same group of scientists who are who are looking at the evidence for the impacts 12,800 years ago are deeply concerned

That we may face future impacts from the tourid meteor stream that there are still large objects up there this is not Theory this is a fact there’s a comet up there uh called Comet enki which is part of the torid meteor stream it’s a large fragment of the original giant Comet

Comet enki has a diameter of I don’t know five or five or six kilometers there’s there’s 19 recognized huge objects within the torid meteor stream calculations indicate that there may be as much as 200 asteroids within the T meteor stream uh of a diameter of a kilometer or more

Which would have catastrophic effect if they if they hit the earth despite the imminent danger Graham also pointed out that there are possible ways to mitigate the threat of these asteroids and as it appears the technology of today might just be what saves us from a possible strike because it’s perfectly within the

Level of our technology to do something about it what could they do well to give you an example U commercial interests are looking right now and the technology is there to mine asteroids we can go to asteroids if the if the commercial interest is high enough we can go to

Them we can mine them we can extract minerals we can bring them back to the Earth the same technology would allow you to move asteroids or Comet fragments you don’t want to blow them up with a nuke that would be a really bad idea that would that would uh

Turn one large object into multiple smaller objects which could cause equally massive Devastation and and would be very difficult to predict where that Devastation was going to fall what you want to do is to nudge them and move them out of a dangerous orbit into into a less dangerous orbit so as Graham

Explained it’s really not a question of whether we can do something about it it’s more of a question of whether we will do something about it governments and companies have the chance to go into space and mine these asteroids as well as nudge them away from a potential

Collision with the Earth if they can just get their act together we could be fine now it might seem like asteroids won’t pose much danger to the Earth especially since our planet has survived several asteroid hits but as Joe pointed out earlier it appears that we’ve all

Just been lucky not to really get hit by an asteroid that could really do some serious damage for a perfect example of this Joe and Neil degrass Tyson both explained in another episode of The Joe Rogan Experience that even asteroids that don’t make contact with the Earth can have some pretty devastating effects

What’s crazy is the ones that don’t even make impact and still do devastating damage like tunguska yes that that one didn’t even touch earth right right it incinerated 10,000 square kilometers of forest look at that honk yeah so February 15th 2013 and uh there was a weighs over half a ton that

Little Rock weighs 1,000 lb oh yeah piece that made it through is it iron oh the actual piece would have been uh about the size of this room so a small home wow so but that’s amazing that that small rock go back up to that again

Please look at the size of that that’s not that big no that’s what’s left over most of it vaporized on that on the explosion as it came through the atmosphere right but they’re saying that that piece of it weighs a th000 lb uh did they give it the weight of it yeah

It says it weighs over a half ton yeah oh half ton yeah th000 PBS there you go that’s crazy that that rock is that heavy like Graham Hancock Neil degrass Tyson was also so quick to point out that a defense plan to protect us from asteroids will be very important if we

Hope to survive longterm as a species because while Humanity has so far been relatively lucky with these things the very worst thing for us would be for our luck to run out like a pearl handed revolver yeah yeah I think had a pearl pistol yeah so so yeah it’s a part of

History and it’s a reminder that if you want to think about the future of civilization you have to include a defense plan against asteroids yeah the dinosaurs dinosaurs I bet if they could they would have had a space program to not go extinct so far Neil doesn’t see

Much being done in this regard as he explained to Joe experts are mindful of the threat of a potential asteroid strike but there isn’t much in terms of a possible solution or defense mechanism just yet is there anything that we’re doing now other than looking up yeah we’re looking we’re monitoring and

Cataloging them yeah but we don’t really know what to do if something happens the day would come well we know what to do there’s nothing funded we there engineering conferences how would you deflect an asteroid how would you destroy an asteroid we see one and it’s

A we way and it’s com in 100% just kiss your goodbye basically Neil explained that if a massive asteroid or a comet were to be heading for the Earth with a 100% certainty the best thing that the experts would be able to do at this moment moment would be to tell everyone

When it would hit and the parts of the world that would be affected besides that we’re all pretty much on our own now to put that in context this episode was aired back in September 2018 and up until now there really isn’t much that suggests that we have a

Defense mechanism in place that can help us in the event of an asteroid strike yeah that’s pretty scary we need to act now the question of course is whether our level of preparedness is actually enough to prevent a potential disaster from happening say hypothetically that the Yellowstone volcano decides to wake

Up tomorrow and erupt or an asteroid is spotted today that is on a collision course with the Earth and would hit in less than a year does the government really have what it takes to make sure that we’re all protected and there is no issue what are the plans in place will

Everyone be catered to or will it just be the few Among Us who are wealthy enough to afford protection remember the movie 2012 it gave a pretty harrowing picture of what could happen if a cataclysmic event happens and everyone is pretty much doomed at the end of the day it was

Only those who were well connected and who had the means to afford protection that survived the entire ordeal if Yellowstone were to erupt tomorrow what really happens to the rest of us these are definitely the types of questions that keep me up at night how about you there’s a lot to unpack when

It comes comes to existential threats to us as a planet whether it’s the fact that Yellowstone could erupt one day in what could easily be the largest volcanic event in recorded history or the possibility of an asteroid hitting the planet and wiping us all out but the

Fact that we’re all still here should at least count for something what do you think though are we really safe on this planet share your thoughts in the comments section

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