20 Saturday Night Live Sketches That Wrecked the Entire Cast – Video

20 Saturday Night Live Sketches That Wrecked the Entire Cast – Video

“Top 20 Saturday Night Live Sketches That Broke the Whole Cast” is a side-splitting compilation of some of the best sketches from “Saturday Night Live” that were so funny, they caused many or all of the cast members to break character and burst into laughter. From the absurdity of “Gaps Girls at the Foodcourt” to the iconic “More Cowbell” sketch, this video showcases moments where the comedic genius of SNL couldn’t be contained.

Whether it’s Will Ferrell’s unforgettable portrayal of the motivational speaker Matt Foley or the equally hilarious antics of Bill Hader’s Stefan, each sketch featured in this countdown is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud. The infectious laughter of the cast members, including the likes of Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, and Kristen Wiig, only adds to the comedic gold being presented.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh until your stomach hurts as you watch the top 20 “Saturday Night Live” sketches that left the whole cast in stitches. And if you have a favorite SNL sketch full of character breaks that didn’t make the list, be sure to share it in the comments. Laugh along with the SNL crew and enjoy the comedic genius that makes this show a timeless classic.

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No you do not in what one G stories welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 20 SNL sketches that broke the whole cast Okay Okay L okay for this list we’ll be looking at the best sketches from Saturday Night

Live that were so funny many or all of the cast members couldn’t keep straight faces if there’s an SNL sketch full of character breaks you’re broken up didn’t make our list break it to us gently in the comments number 20 cast list this sketch which was cut for time sees a group of

Excited teens awaiting the posting of the bye-bye Birdie cast list by their theater teacher Will Ferrell’s Mr Koenig I see the sharks are circling the boat oh my God so funny Mr Conan shut up Beth the whole cast energy perfectly captures the theater kid wanting to know who gets which part

Energy of every High School ever Mr tonic’s imperious attitude and vague hints about who may or may not have gotten apart are also Pitch Perfect miles would you kiss a girl with tongue if the role required it I know your family is the difficult kind of Christian however when frell steps in

Front of the list to block it from view practically everyone gets the giggles back up please back up please what do you do and they have a hard time shaking them through the rest of the sketch we were all already laughing but seeing everyone lose it never fails to take us

Out number 19 gaps girls at the food court the Gap girls played by Chris Farley David Spade and Adam Sandler appear several times during the show you guys have been watching too much Court TV I know have you been following the Menendez trial however this occasion sees the trio frequently struggling to

Hide their laughter their use of ’90s Valley Girl speak is hilarious throughout but their there are a few moments in particular that cause them to break the first is after Farley drops the falsetto and tells Spade’s character christe to lay off of him about eating all the fries I thought you were um

Trying to lose weight lay off me I’m starving the next major break is when Sandler’s Lucy gets emotional over Christy’s boyfriend treating her badly I hate to see this happen to you you’re my best friend they may be interested in hot Goss but the Gap girls Giggles are

Even hotter number 18 new military weapon the United States military is always looking for the next big thing and this sketch sees a bizarre new asset that they’re developing my orders in heading this project were clear make America the technological leader in the battlefield host simu plays a major who

Reveals the weapon to a senator and a cabinet secretary doghead man it’s literally a dog’s head and neck on a man’s body you put a dog’s head on a human being’s body uh dog’s head and neck ma’am the real pups adorable and it Shenanigans lead everyone particularly

Sesily strong and Mikey day Not only would doghead man have taken Bin Laden out he would have eaten him too who’s the scientist in charge of it to break at some point while the moral and ethical implications are horrifying as a sketch the results are undeniably cute

And funny number 17 cork soakers at a winery in Italy a group of tourists are shown around this is where the final step in the bottling process happens where we prepare all the cks for all the bottles of Brunello that you saw earlier any questions the two owners played by

Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sans introduced them to a special part of the process cork soaking the suggestive sounding words are used liberally throughout for one of the most innuendo Laden sketches ever made as a we like it to say cork soers are born not made amazingly Fallon isn’t the biggest offender here instead

It’s host Janet Jackson who can barely make it through her lines without breaking though she’s not alone so does your wife like soaking soaking court and given the elaborate and hysterical puns we really can’t blame her we’d be real cork soakers if we did number 16 Scared Straight this recurring sketch always

Features plenty of actors breaking it sees Kenan Thompson as Lorenzo Macintosh a criminal attempting to convince others not to engage in big- time offenses usually joined by the episode’s host on your feet now sit down however Thompson’s up close and personal approach as well as Lorenzo’s use of movie plots frequently leads his

Audience laughing instead of being frightened okay that’s definitely ET easy plus some of the hosts being the opposite of hardened criminals makes it hilariously tough to take anything they say seriously the Betty White installment certainly comes to mind you’re following a lion a tin man and a scarecrow down a yellow brick road

Because this here this right here this is real okay needless to say the cast breing always makes the sketch 1,000 times better number 15 Dr Bean’s office test results one of will frell’s lesser known characters is Dr Beeman what do you mean you’re my wife okay if you’re my wife what’s our cat’s

Name Mr Stitches damn you’re good here this bizarre alleged medical practitioner sees a couple Tom and Cathy who are eager to hear about their recently born son rather than tell them immediately Bean Rambles on the phone insults them and even claims their child is a witch now I’m going to tell you

This quickly and it’s probably going to sting a little bit your son’s a witch what oh my God no it’s incredibly absurd even for SNL standards however it isn’t until Tim Meadows comes in as consultant Dr Steven poop that the actor’s break his performance of the robot completely

Sends Molly Shannon and will frell that’ll be $5,000 good day to you both what the hell was that look I couldn’t think anything good can you blame them Chris Parnell keeps it together though he’s no von Dro whatever that means number 14 girlfriend’s game night in this sketch a

Group of girlfriends get together for a game night however one of them jeie brings her much older elderly husband Horus with her hi hi sorry we’re late it’s been a chaotic week horus’s sons are suing me again the near expressionless old coot is played to Perfection by Bill hater and things get

Extra awkward when his special medication kicks in prompting jeie to attempt to capitalize on it right there jeie it’s here now it is like right now oh that’s inconvenient amazingly the actors largely keep it together through all of this but once hater has to move horse’s wheelchair around bumping into

The table pretty much everyone breaks it’s the kind of silly thing that can only happen in a life performance and the actors all find it just as funny as we do you know what you should be ashamed of yourselves this number 13 career day there have been several School career day sketches

Over the years but only one of them has Adam Driver as Abraham H Paces greetings children I’m mori’s father hello boy the ancient oil tycoon gives a stirring speech on crushing your enemies to the kids and repeatedly demanding his son morai to look at him look at me boy look

At your father look at at me look at him morai Pete Davidson who plays morai often has difficulty fulfilling his request since he’s too busy laughing some of the rest of the class and teacher also seemingly struggled to stay stone-faced at various points and now you return her to drivers towering

Over-the-top performance is spectacular so we can hardly blame the actors for breaking before they break for Capri Sun number 12 Stefan arguably Bill hater’s most iconic Ence character Stefan became a frequent Weekend Update fixture are you okay you seem different I’ve had a weird few years okay although ostensibly charged with recommending destinations

To tourists Stefon instead lists off wild and often bizarre establishments usually scripted by John meany who appears along Stefon on one occasion these appearances are famous for hater breaking this place has everything asbestos lupus the magazines at Super Cuts Dan Cortez him hiding his face behind his

Hands to conceal his laughter never gets old melan’s last minute changes to the scripts often resulted in hater hearing jokes for the first time as he said them explaining his frequent laughter have you heard of blackula the black Dracula Yes well they have a Jewish Dracula oh what’s his name Sydney Apple bound Stefan’s appearances May often just feature hater breaking though the anchors aren’t immune with the cumulative FRS are enough to earn him a spot on our list number 11 extremely stupid this iconic sketch sees host

Candace Bergen’s Fern meet with her friend Lisa played by Gilda Radner I’m so thirsty I could drink a horse Fern proceeds to mock Lisa for her malapropisms and decision to pour milk in her purse instead of drink it however Bergen then messes up a line herself calling Radner by her own character’s

Name you’re not too bright are you Fern I mean this makes Bergen lose it entirely unable to contain her laughter as Lisa does a PSA in defense of stupid people Radner largely does a great job staying collected with Lisa’s smile arguably helping her out but Bergen is

Half the sketch’s cast so it counts extremely stupid people are discriminated against all the time and I should know and so should Fern cuz we are extremely stupid people it just goes to show that whether you’re extremely stupid or just play Dum on TV you’re bound to find this one funny number 10

Jeff with Shawn Hayes this early 200 sketch sees Shawn Hayes and Jimmy Fallon as two workers at a fashion store called Jeff look we don’t carry diesel we work at Jeff we read Italian Vogue it’s our deal I don’t come to where you were and knock the corn dog out of your hand

Rather than a sister their customers the duo instead spends their time lobbing insults at their choice of clothes hi um I’m looking for a sweater for my boyfriend really well if you wanted to match your outfit I suggest you try a Hallmark store well Fallon gets the giggles at Horatio sans’s comebacks both

Of them lose it when their supervisor played by Will Ferell rolls up okay you guys hold on and to be fair to them if frell pulled up in that outfit and pulled out a cell phone that small we’d have a hard time containing our laughter too number nine the love us with Barbara

And Dave this entry in the recurring sketches featuring Roger and Virginia Clarin better known as the L us sees the couple in a hot tub joined by A Man Named Dave and later by their friend Barbara Hernandez he remember the first time Roger and I made L yes we had

Pulled over after a long Sunday Drive Roger LED me to a clearing laid me down upon a bed of Fresh Meadow grasses like most of their scenes this one has the couple speaking in bizarre accents making wildly sexual small talk with a stranger and of course while Jimmy

Fallon will laugh at the drop of a hat the fact that Will frell was reportedly doing things with his foot under the water probably didn’t help Fallon stay in character Dave Dave Dave David D his laughter is infectious and soon enough the love us and Barbara are giggling too we

Always we always order them up special from the wel and isn’t laughter a true expression of Love number eight Matt Foley van down by the river when a father and mother discovered their children Brian and St sty have been doing drugs they hire Matt Foley a motivational speaker to talk to

Them enter Chris Farley at the top of his game first off I am 35 years old I am divorced and I live in a van down by the river fulley motivates the kids by describing how horrible his own life is with a particular emphasis on how he

Lives in a van down by the river going to end up eating a steady diet of G government cheese and living in a van down by the river the Larger than Life Farley’s over-the-top performance has both David Spade and Christina Applegate struggling not to laugh as he gets in

Their faces lifts Spade up and crashes into the coffee table oh Matt’s going to be your Shadow here’s you here’s me there’s you there this sketch is the first of many mat Foley appearances and it will make you laugh whether you’re in it or you

Live in a van down by the river number seven close encounter another debut of a recurring sketch this one sees a trio of alien abductees interviewed by scientists at the Pentagon this nuts man I mean we’re just small town buds you saw UFO in the woods I me now we’re

Hanging out with the government while the first two played by cesal strong and host Ryan Gosling describe a wonderful experience the third played by Kate McKinnon had a different kind of abduction and you miss rery wow what floor were you guys on her description of urinating in front of a

Bunch of great aliens and the weird things they do to her has to be heard to be believed Gosling especially is smiling throughout though even the scientists played by ad Bryant and Bobby Monahan are less than government professionals look it one my worst Wednesday night McKinnon’s character may not have

Been dealing with the best of the best but her performance here gives us a Transcendent experience number six Lisa from Tula at a birthday dinner for Shaina the spotlight is quickly stolen by her sister Lisa from Tula Lisa we’ve heard so much about you it’s so nice to

Finally meet you mhm that’s cute but don’t think I’m giving up the butt tonight along with her insistence that Paul Pedro Pascal’s character is hoping for some butt her order of an extra extra well done steak proves distracting for everyone as actress ago WM saws on a piece of meat the table cartoonishly

Jumps around spilling food and drink alike but a few nights back this this dog this dog followed me home about to tear this thing up Pascal braks first as his character has a story to tell but the rest of the table isn’t far behind including WM actually everything is not okay much

Like Lisa’s steak the comedy here is extra show well done so they couldn’t help but laugh number five Super showcase spokes models on this fake game show a contestant played by Vanessa beay loses out on showcase prizes when she gets a question wrong the answer is

Nine nine not not beef I almost said nine I said beef which is wrong Bill haters host has the Showcase models Shonda and Vonda played by Maya Rudolph and Kristen wig show her what she did didn’t win bad news Deborah you didn’t win his and hers matching luggage by

Luggage guy if it’s not luggage guy luggage it’s just a bunch of luggage from some place you to be the taco baggage claim with Lage baggage Shonda and Bond’s absurd accents make it difficult for Wig and Rudolph to get through their displays of various products made by ridiculous generic

Names with straight faces and that’s not all you’ll be a rough swinger with this it’s a nice matching golf clubs by Golf Club guy four wig having to drive a golf cart around adds even more hilarity and hater gets the giggles that wasn’t supposed to happen only Bayer keeps it together sounds like

She could use some laughs by laugh guy number four Gus chickens Old Prospector at a military briefing for the Afghanistan conflict the soldiers are all puzzled during roll call when it becomes clear that one of them is an Old Prospector Old Prospector the prospector Gus chickens proves distracting given his old timey

Sayings and numerous noisy pans the group gets separated where’s the rund point oh that’s easy top a old Boot Hill just follow the Dry Creek bed but be careful there’s quick sand eventually their commanding officer reveals that Gus is really a character actor but that just raises more questions will frell’s goofy

Old man voice is too much for even this Gathering of comedic actors and practically everyone breaks at some point during the sketch you hear me make the sound of a chipmunk stay real still how we know what that sounds like oh trust me Joshua you’ll know Gus doesn’t need to do any panning

Because this sketch is straight up gold number three more cowbell speaking of Will Ferrell breaking everyone this is one of the most famous SNL sketches of all time for just that reason I put my pants on just like the rest of you one leg at a time except once my pants are

On I make gold records in a recording session for blue oyster Cults Don’t Fear the Reaper fictional band member Jean Frankle played by frell Goes Ham on playing the cowbell during the song far far from being upset about it producer Bruce Dickinson played by Christopher Watkin

Just wants to hear more of it I’ll be honest fellas it was sounding great but I could have used a little more cowbell frell’s enthusiastic performance and tight t-shirt as well as Watkins dead pan delivery of increasingly ridiculous lines leave everyone else struggling to keep the laughter in guess what I got a

Fever and the only prescription is more cowbell and for the record we’ve tried to get doctors to prescribe more cowbell for fevers but no luck they think they know better than the Bruce Dickinson number two Debbie Downer Disney World the very first appearance of the aonomus Debbie Downer this sketch sees the

Character join a family reunion at Disney World you guys here on a special occasion well we’re here on that new magical Gatherings family package got the whole matusic clan down from Ohio right guys say hi despite the happy surroundings Debbie can’t help but bring the mood down with dire commentary on

World events I guess Roy isn’t doing as well as they first thought what who’s Roy Roy of Sig freed and Roy he was attacked by his own tiger and suffered devastating injuries however in contrast to Debbie’s Grim remarks actress Rachel drach and everyone else in the scene can’t stop

Breaking part of this was due to dra Messing up a line early setting everyone off but the frequent Wawa sound effects were used for the first time in the live show catching the actors all off guard by the way it’s [Applause] official I can’t have children host Lindsay loen claims she

Ran off stage because she couldn’t keep it together we can’t blame her before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if

You’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one The Californians this recurring soap opera sketch is guaranteed to have multiple actors break character Devin what are you doing here the over-the-top drama of soap operas paired with dialogue mostly centered on Southern California’s roads and freeways which is delivered with nearly incomprehensible Valley Girl accents is a recipe for hilarity I tried to go through the Westwood but my GPS put me

On Beverly Glenn and I didn’t want to end up in in Ceno the sketch’s most recurring actors Bill hater Kristen wig and Fred Armon are the most frequent cast to break though they’re far from from the only ones and everyone just yourself to some dried just seeing them make goofy faces

In the mirror is enough to get us rolling so it’s impressive they make it through any of the dialogue did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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