KYD: Big City Blitz – From Florida to Michigan – Video

KYD: Big City Blitz – From Florida to Michigan – Video

Join Keep Your Daydream for an exciting RV journey from Florida to Michigan in their latest video titled “KYD: Big City Blitz – Florida to Michigan.” The episode takes us on a road trip through some of the top RV hotspots, including Door County in Wisconsin and Duluth in Minnesota.

The video showcases the routine aspects of drive days, as the team dry camps along the way for a simple overnight stay. They share tips on places to stay, food to eat, and things to do in popular RV destinations like Louisville, Kentucky.

Throughout the video, viewers are immersed in the beautiful scenery, the fun experiences, and the camaraderie shared by the Keep Your Daydream team. From whiskey tastings to filling bourbon bottles, the episode is filled with memorable moments that highlight the joys of RV travel.

So join Keep Your Daydream on their adventure and get inspired to hit the road and explore new destinations in your RV. Don’t forget to check out their Patreon page for exclusive content and meet-ups with the supportive RV community. Happy travels!

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