“Love Don’t Judge: My Decision to Let My Bridesmaid Sleep with My Husband” – Video

“Love Don’t Judge: My Decision to Let My Bridesmaid Sleep with My Husband” – Video

The YouTube video “I Let My Bridesmaid Sleep With My Husband | LOVE DON’T JUDGE” provides a candid look into the lives of Kirsty and Tom, a married couple who are involved in the swinger lifestyle. The couple meets up with other couples to swing, and they openly discuss their experiences, including how they became involved in the lifestyle, the dynamics of their relationships, and the impact it has had on their families.

The video also features their friends Katie and Dan, who are also involved in the swinger lifestyle, and how their friendship has evolved as they explore their sexual fantasies together. They discuss the challenges they have faced, including judgment from their families and negativity from online comments. Despite these challenges, they share how the lifestyle has brought them closer together as a couple and has given them a sense of liberation and confidence.

The video challenges societal norms and demonstrates how the swinger lifestyle can work for some couples, providing variety and excitement in their otherwise “boring normal life.”

Ultimately, the video offers a glimpse into the unconventional relationships and sexual dynamics of the couples involved, providing a platform for open and honest discussions about non-traditional relationships and sexual preferences.

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This is Kirsty she fell in love with Tom the married couple meet up with others to swing we’ll have busy weeks sometimes and we’ll have four or five in a week they hook up with their good friends Katie and Dan it’s just a normal friendship like any other friendship

Yeah even though we share wives and stuff but not all has been smooth sailing for the group has there ever been any jealousy the lifestyle choices have broken apart Katie’s relationship with her family they thought that what we were doing was disgusting they don’t really speak to me anymore because of

It right should we get these clean for tonight go on give us a wipe I’m K this is Tom where swingers and we’re just prepping for our friends coming over this evening to have a little plate we were about 2 years into relationship when we decided to open up

And explore it wasn’t until about the fifth sixth year year that we actually delved into it and started meeting people this one’s got the remote isn’t it oh yeah you can put that in today if you want this is a good one as well yeah

I like that one it’s quite small it’s a bit better for the back door isn’t it so usually we’ll meet people maybe twice a month three times a month we’ll have busy weeks sometimes and we’ll have maybe four or five in a week a week but

Then we won’t do anything for two months or so yeah I think for me I enjoyed the most because of how it brought us closer together there’s a lot of couples that um want to do it but don’t know how to tell the partners and if you’ve not got

That openness and trust and respect between themselves anyway then just means that we’re a better couple than everyone else oh that’ll be there do you want to get it do you want to get it get it so we met Katy and Dan from The Retreat

That we went on we hit it off straight away really we it’s just like a normal friendship but with benefits hi guys come on in come on in how are you good how are you good good to see you one night in bed we were talking about different things we want

To try fantasies and I said to Kate that I’d want to see her with another guy she was a bit shocked but eventually it all worked out and then I decided that I wanted to explore my bisexuality as well so as we started to explore that we and thought it’d be

More fun to play together has there ever been any Jealousy when we first started opening up as a couple I expected to feel quite jealous seeing him with another woman cuz that was completely new for me and when we first started open up our relationship it was a noo um but the first time I saw him with a woman I

Actually found it really hot um and yeah it’s been great since then we haven’t had any issues the jealousy is kind of part part of it makes things more exciting I think from the day we met Kirsty and Tom we automatically had that connection and that’s just grown from

There and that ended up progressing to me ask and C would be my maid of honor for my wedding so how have you guys been good have you got your wedding photos back yet Yes actually we got them back this weekend so we can go through those

Ones cute that’s nice in front of the water yeah it was a really lovely photos that we got there what happened on your wedding night who did you sleep with we ended up taking one of my girlfriends up to our bedroom we had some drinks and ended up having a with

Her and it was really fun it was really good she’s one of my best friends so it was very comfortable and to do it on such a special day is just makes it so memorable so how have your family been since then then cuz obviously they were

A bit iffy beforeand didn’t they I haven’t heard anything no still didn’t show up still didn’t show up still didn’t get a message or anything anything I think a lot of the Judgment I’ve received has mainly come from my family they disapproved of what I was

Doing and they don’t really speak to me anymore because of it when I first told my family about us and our lifestyle they were very upset and thought that what we were doing was disgusting they actually blamed Dan and told and told me that they thought he was my and he was

Convincing me to do it um which was really difficult but they just couldn’t accept us for who we are I struggled for a long time with the fact that my family didn’t come to my wedding but then like I look around the room and I look at the

Photos and I see how happy everyone was for me for yeah yeah and everyone loves us for who we are so what kind of negativity have you received like online and stuff about it all there’s a few comments and it’s just oh that’s disgusting and how can you share your

Partner and I think part of that is why we want to educate other people on the lifestyle lots of sick emojis fake I want to vomit on their faces very specific specifically well don’t kink shame true fa play Dan wants the D most of our negativity aimed at me as

Well you know like I’m pushing you into this or I’m clearly in the closet T are all because he’s buying like men by they’re either straight or gay world’s gone mad mhm see that’s it it’s people can’t accept that the world is changing I think people think we’re like sullying the sanctity of

Marriage we can play and we can have fun but we’re still committed to each other if you enjoy a bar of chocolate are you just going to have one bar of chocolate your whole life and that is it no I’m committed to that bar of chocolate you’ll always go back to your favorite

Bar oh like them Creations that they brought out at Christmas yeah let’s see what you’ve got okay ooh nice this one I like purple on you and then we have this little o suit yes I think Tom might like this one Dad I’ll like that one I think

So yeah looking forward to tonight always yeah absolutely I’ve seen what kirsty’s going to be wearing oh yeah any good yeah it looks very good I’m sure you’ll enjoy it swinging for me has been a very eye opening in the fact that people actually like fze people cuz body confidence was a huge

Issue for me at the beginning the amount of people that actually like me not to do my own horn but yeah it’s really nice it’s the same for me really like I always had body confidence issues I never liked my stomach and now I’m confident in what I’m wearing yeah I

Love sharing my husband it’s more like a little proud moment for me like yes that’s smart and have a taste but you can’t have it for me obviously cuz Tom’s bisexual it’s something that I can’t give him so I like the fact that it gets all around it’s just a normal friendship

Like any other friendship yeah even though we share wives and stuff happy yes should we go see what the boys are at to have drink drinks cocktails Tak Dr social think the lifestyle works for us cuz we just have a boring normal life that adds a bit of extra doesn’t it it

Just adds variety like you don’t want to stick to the same thing for the rest of your life you know after we’ve had sex with other people then the sex that we have together is even better better yeah like makeup sex without the arguing are

We swapping are we all in a couple I think we’ll all just go with the flow girls couples get everyone involved at once mix and match so um should we take this to the bedroom then yeah yeah it’s pleasure I would say don’t knock it till

You try it it’s not for everybody it’s not for everybody but it works for Us

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KIRSTY and Tom met on Tinder nine years ago, quickly falling in love and getting married. Two years ago, the couple began to open up about their sexual fantasies and both discovered their desire to sleep with others. The conversation kick-started their journey into the swinging world. Tom told Truly: “I think for me, I enjoy it the most because of how it’s brought us together.” Agreeing, Kirsty said: “I think there’s a lot of couples that want to do it but don’t know how to tell the partner.” Nowadays, the couple hook up with others regularly, choosing to get intimate with both men and women. Kirsty explained: “We’ll have busy weeks sometimes and have maybe four or five in a week.” During a sexual retreat, the pair met another couple, Katey and Dan. The foursome often sleep together and Tom explained how the dynamic is: “Just like a normal friendship, but with benefits.” Katey and Dan decided to open up their own relationship after discussing their fantasies in bed one night. Dan revealed: “I said to Katey I wanted to see her with another guy, she was a bit shocked, but eventually it all worked out.” Speaking about their bond with Kirsty and Tom, Katey admitted: “I think from the day we met Kirsty and Tom, we automatically had that connection. And that’s just grown from there.” The couples do receive their fair share of judgement and in today’s episode of Love Don’t Judge, we’ll be hearing all about the challenges they’ve faced. Katey admitted: “When I first told my family about our lifestyle, they were very upset and thought that what we were doing was disgusting.” Reflecting on their unique set-up, Kirsty said: “I love sharing my husband. It’s more like a little proud moment for me.”

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