Celebrities’ First Jobs Before They Became Famous – Video

Celebrities’ First Jobs Before They Became Famous – Video

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Top 20 Celebrities Who Had Normal Jobs Before They Became Famous. Every hero has an origin story, and so does every star that shines bright on the big screen. From Tom Cruise to Rihanna, these mega superstars have risen from the shadows, and have captivated the world with their incredible talent. But what was life like before fame? How did these stars get by before the fat paychecks started coming in. Join us, as we take you through the stories of twenty celebrities who had normal jobs before they became famous

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What Was The First Job Of Celebrities Before They Became Famous And Rich?

What was the First Job of Celebrities Before They Became Famous and Rich?

What was the first job of celebrities before they became famous and rich?

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Um you still going on that swamp tour I said yeah girl damn business doing you know some I don’t know I’m not gonna fight you said wait a minute I had no money whatsoever no one’s actually really seen my whole office every Hero has an origin story and so does every

Star that shines bright on the big screen from Tom Cruz to Rihanna these Mega Superstars have risen from the shadows and have captivated the world with their incredible talent but what was life like before fame how did these star STS get by before the fat paychecks

Started coming in join us as we take you through the stories of 20 celebrities who had normal jobs before they became famous number 20 Tom Cruz for more than three decades Tom Cruz has been one of Hollywood’s biggest box office draws rising from the shadows of Oblivion to the Pinnacle of Hollywood

Royalty this Mega superstar has grown to become one of the biggest names in the movie industry but his early days were not so luxurious before he was jumping out of planes riding motorcycles off cliffs and practicing some of the craziest stunts in cinema history Tom Cruz had to work several menial jobs in

A 2012 interview with Playboy magazine Cruz revealed that he had been working paid jobs since he was just 8 years old he would offer to cut grass in the neighborhood rake leaves sell Easter cards and Christmas cards just to earn extra bucks for his family although Cruz

Is now one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood with a net worth of over $600 million money was a bit of a problem for his family while growing up his family Dynamics also added a bit of pressure to the whole mix in another interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1986 Cruz

Explained that following his parents’ divorce his mother had to pick up several jobs to keep the family together which included selling electrical appliances his mother’s impressive work ethic ingrained in him the importance of hard work and dedication in the pursuit of his dreams thankfully Cruz would soon

Find a home in the alluring Hills of Hollywood and eventually become one of the most revered Leading Men in the industry number 19 Dwayne The Rock Johnson as an actor and athlete The Rock has enjoyed one of the richest careers in Hollywood history his journey from WWE Superstar to world famous action

Star has been nothing but dramatic from slamming opponents in the ring and making them feel what The Rock is cooking to dazzling audiences with his brawl and captivating performances Dwayne Johnson has distinguished himself as one of the best to ever do it but back before the glistening streets of

Hollywood Came Calling The Rock had to work some menial jobs to make a living which included working as a dishwasher at the age of 13 Johnson started developing those biceps at Emo’s Pizza in Honolulu where he earned just $3 .45 an hour of course he makes a ton of

Money today and has amassed a staggering sum of over $800 million however some aspects of his old job seem to have stuck with him apparently the action star has grown the habit of washing his dishes with his own hands rather than using a machine while it’s quite funny to imagine this

Musclebound man wearing an apron and huddled over a kitchen sink The Rock claims his dishwashing days are far from over but that’s not all the actor claims he even tried his hands at professional football playing for the University of Miami at the time and although he showed

Great potential for the game a stream of injuries made it quite impossible for him to follow the career path he would eventually find his footing in the world of professional wrestling before landing into the waiting arms of Hollywood number 18 Elon Musk before he climbed to the top of the

Food chain and became the richest man in the world Elon musk was just a humble guy who worked odd jobs to earn a quick Buck for himself and his family the Tesla CEO has grown to become one of the biggest names in the world and probably the most ambitious billionaire in

America with his dream of colonizing the planet Mars but things weren’t always so easy for Elon at the age of 12 the future world’s richest man created his first video game Blaster the source code of the game was later acquired by a South African computer magazine called

PC and office technology for the deal Elon got $500 serving as his first taste of the sweet sweet dough available in the world of tech then while living in British Colombia teenage Elon found himself working as a boiler room cleaner where he earned a decent $16 an hour he

Would da a hazmat suit squeeze through a narrow tunnel that led into the boiler room and shovel hot muck through the tunnel into a wheelbarrow it was a tough job but Elon wasn’t one to to back down from a challenge a trait that has marked his journey from humble beginnings to world famous

Billionaire he also took on odd jobs at his cousin’s Farm tending vegetables shoveling grain bins and cutting Logs with a chainsaw while at the University of Pennsylvania Elon and his roommate Ado ressi also tried their hands at running a nightclub renting a cheap frat house to college students on a weekend

To earn a quick Buck these menial jobs built up a resist iance in young Elon one that eventually took him to Heights that have been deemed unreachable number 17 Kim Kardashian today there are very few names in reality television that can rival the Kardashians from their hit reality shows high-profiled marriages and countless

Successful business ventures the family has grown to become one of the richest in America one of the most famous members of the family Kim Kardashian has successfully transformed into the face of reality television but were things always so easy for the billionaire before Kim became a household name she

Also had to work a couple of menial jobs although her idea of menial May differ from others featured on this list despite her cushy upbringing in Calabasas California which is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the state Kim had always had a job since she was a

Teenager her career started in retail when she began working at a clothing store called body then then after 4 years she discovered eBay and this was the birth of another business venture after selling her $700 Manolo blonic shoes for $2,500 on the site Kim saw the potential in the fashion industry and began

Selling everything she wasn’t wearing she began to make so much profit that this became a staple source of income for her until bigger money came she also worked as a closet girl for Paris Hilton and it was this job that introduced her to the fame and Paparazzi of Hollywood

Today Kim is worth over $1.7 billion with several successful businesses to her name a testament to the resilience she has built since she was a teenager number 16 Tiffany hadish back in 2017 comedian Tiffany hadish found her one-way ticket to stardom with the No Holds Barred runchy

Comedy girls trip since then she has been featured in some huge projects and earned a reputation for her impressive comedy performances but before being thrust into the spotlight hadish had to take the difficult route working menial and odd jobs to make ends meet and sharpen her skills as a teenager she discovered a

Passion for making her classmates laugh and this became the Bedrock of her first career following the advice of a social worker Hades found a home at the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp a free summer program offered by The Comedy Club chain to teach teach underprivileged children how to perform standup comedy the

Experience at the camp would prove vital in hades’s Journey of self-discovery and the Mastery of her skills after graduating from high school she decided to pursue a comedy career using her life as a source material she performed at Bar Mitzvah local comedy clubs and other small shows but there was so little

Money coming in at the time that she was forced to live in her car while working to get her career on track she also Al worked a number of jobs including customer service for Air New Zealand at the Los Angeles International Airport and Alaska Airlines but in 2006 hadish

Got her first big break as a contestant on the television comedy competition show who’s got jokes the rest they say is history number 15 Steve Bushi actor director screenwriter comedian Steve Bushi wears many hats but before the whole world was introduced to his captivating comedic performances Bushi

Wore a different type of hat the actor had kickstarted his professional acting career in 1985 with the comedy film the way it is and since then he has grown to become one of the busiest and most sought-after actors in Hollywood but he wasn’t so confident in his acting after

Leaving High School Bush’s father encouraged him to take the civil service exam and while he waited for an opening with the fire department of New York he decided to try his hands at a couple of menial jobs this included working as a gas station attendant an ice cream truck

Driver and a theater Usher but in 1980 he eventually landed a job at the fire department although he continued to act it wouldn’t be until 1984 before he would bow out of the job to devote himself to acting however following the devastation of the 9/11 attack Bushi

Decided to Dawn his fireman hat one more time offering assistance where he could as the heroes of New York worked to Res rescue the survivors of the World Trade Center bombing number 14 Kevin Hart from his childhood actor and comedian Kevin Hart has always been obsessed with stand-up comedy and comedians in general

According to Hart comedy was the only reliable coping mechanism to battle the trauma of his early days today he has grown to become one of the most successful comedians in Hollywood with several notable projects to his name however back before the money and Fame came in abundance Kevin Hart also worked

A couple of jobs you might find quite surprising one of them was a shoe salesman a job he didn’t find quite satisfying while it might be hard to imagine Kevin Hart trying to Market a pair of shoes this was his reality before he eventually quit to focus on Comedy

Fulltime however taking such a huge leap at that phase of his career was a significant risk as it meant that the paychecks weren’t coming in as they used to thankfully heart’s dedication would soon pay off and with a net worth of over $450 million it’s safe to say this

Guy has made a decent Buck for himself number 13 Madonna it’s hard to imagine that Madonna has been anything else other than a superstar but before she slid into our hearts with her astonishing Beauty and captivating Melodies Madonna had to work some normal jobs to earn a living imagine walking

Into a Dunkin Donuts in the’ 70s and right there on the other side of the counter is Madonna ready to take your order that’s right before shooting to fame Madonna worked at the Duncan Donuts in Times Square New York City but her dut serving days wouldn’t last too long

Before her mischievous side took over taking the next turn in her life and career Madonna switched to posing without clothes for art classes taught by photographer Martin shriber who later sold the pictures to Playboy magazine then in the 1980s she joined the Breakfast Club a rock band which

Comprised her then love interest Dan Gilroy and his brother however contrary to what you might expect she didn’t actually sing instead Madonna started out on the drums and guitar before she eventually quit the band to forge her own path now at 65 Madonna remains one of the most iconic names in the music

Industry with several Awards and accolades to her name a proof of the willpower that was built over years of adversity and hard work work number 12 Michael Jordan just like Madonna many other superstars have become ingrained with their famous Persona that it’s hard to imagine they had a normal life before the

Fame take Michael Jordan as an example this Mega athlete has risen to the Pinnacle of excellence in the world of basketball capturing the hearts of millions of fans worldwide but before he dazzled on the courts Jordan had to contribute to his family’s budget just like everyone else in the household

During his childhood years Jordan’s family struggled financially for a while so one summer his mom Delores signed him up as a maintenance man in a hotel beyond the financial gain Dolores wanted his son to learn the value of hard work a lesson that would stick with Jordan

For the rest of his life and prove vital in his meteoric rise at the time the dream of becoming a future NBA legend had crept into his heart and after this one job he never took on another employment instead he chose to dedicate the bulk of his time to perfecting his

Magical moves in the sport that made him the man he is today number 11 Adele while she may be a multi-millionaire now with a highly successful music career to keep the money flowing Grammy award-winning singer Adele never forgets her workingclass Roots back in the day before her soothing Melodies Echoes

Through the corridors of our hearts Adele had to take on simple jobs turns out she used to work in a cafe in her native hometown of Tottenham in North London while working there she even did so well that she was promoted from server to a full-blown Chef after just a

Year on the floor while the experience gave her some valuable cooling prowess the pay wasn’t so impressive at the time the future Superstar made just £25 for a whole day’s work but she would soon find herself rolling in the deep as her music career kicked off today Adele is one of

The most respected and influential music artists in the world but her origin story reveals that sometimes the greatest treasures can be hidden in the most unexpected places number 10 Harrison Ford over the course of his career Harrison Ford has earned his place on the Mount Rushmore of Hollywood royalty

But before he Shone bright on the big screen with hit Classics like Indiana Jones and of course Star Wars Ford had to take on some normal jobs to make some quick bucks before his acting career shot to the skies Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter this was back in the 1970s but

Soon things started looking up and huge movie roles started coming in during his early days as an actor Ford had to distinguish himself as Harrison J Ford in contrast to the silent movie actor of the same name but that’s not the only fact most people don’t know about our

Favorite Han Solo although most people know him as an actor Ford is also a well-known pilot pulling off heroic real life rescues his piloting career almost took a nose dive when he suffered a severe plane crash in 2015 but luckily he made it out alive for over 60 decades

Harrison Ford has dominated Hollywood as one of the most influential Leading Men while raking in over $300 million not surprisingly he’s still very active in the movie scene and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon number nine Rihanna from the early days of P play to the astronomical rise of

Fenty rihan has sure come a long way transforming from a music Superstar to a fashion Mogul the Barbadian born artist has established her Legacy as a force to be reckoned with but before she released the tunes that made us dance and fall in love Rihanna followed a different path

Entirely back in her home country of Barbados Rihanna was an Army Cadet in a subm military program it’s pretty hard to imagine Rihanna in the military but this was the path she had to follow before stardom Came Calling in 2004 2 years before her first hit single took

The airwaves by storm she even won a beauty pageant and was crowned Miss combermere in the same year she met Jay-Z who was the president of De Jam records at the time and from then on she had only continued to rise in Leaps and Bounds both in her music career and

Personal brands with a net worth of about $1.4 billion it’s safe to say this 16-year-old girl from Barbados has captured the true essence of the American dream number eight Will Smith The Fresh Prince of belir has also come a long way since he first appeared on our screens since the late 1980s Will

Smith has held Hollywood in a choke hold starring in some of the biggest box office hits and establishing his legacy as one of the most success uccessful actors in history while Smith enjoys quite the luxurious life today things weren’t always so plush and smooth as a young child Smith discovered his passion

For music especially rapping by the time he transitioned into his teen years he was dropping bars alongside Jeff towns touring and wowing the crowd with his effortless delivery he also had to work alongside his father installing refrigerators in clients homes although the job wasn’t all that exciting The

Experience taught him the importance of hard work and the income wasn’t all that bad he would eventually quit the job to pursue his lifelong dream of shining on the Hollywood landscape and today Will Smith has earned his place among the greatest to ever rise in the movie industry number seven Jennifer Aniston

Rachel from Friends has grown to become one of the most beloved women in Hollywood earning roles in hit movies like murder mystery Horrible Bosses wander lust and countless other but before Jennifer Aniston landed her iconic role in friends she had to hold down a regular for quite some time while

Waiting for her turn to step into the spotlight Aniston worked as a waitress in New York City for years the journey to stardom was far from easy and after appearing on at least six failed television shows it seemed Aniston’s career would never kick off while she continued to work towards her dream she

Also had to work as a telemarketer selling time shares in the Pok no as she would later reveal the job was a flop and she didn’t make a single sale but that’s not all besides waiting tables and telemarketing Aniston also held a gig cutting hair when she was in junior

High she would offer to give haircuts for 10 bucks a skill that still comes in handy from time to time soon the world was so wrapped up in her beauty and incredible acting skills that she didn’t have to work a regular job anymore but those days taught her lessons that would

Remain with her forever number six Nicki Minaj for the past decade Nicki Minaj has established herself as a dominant figure in the world of Hip Hop with several Awards and certifications to her name as well as one of the largest fan base in the world Nikki has held the

Industry by its throat for a long time and she doesn’t ever plan to let go but before her bars broke records the Superstar had to take on some simple jobs to to earn a living first she worked as a customer care representative at a phone company attending to the

Needs of disgruntled customers but this regular 9 to-5 job never gave her the satisfaction she desired and soon she would quit to pursue her music career she also worked as a Red Lobster waitress in the Bronx New York City but unfortunately she got fired due to her bad attitude towards the customers

According to Nikki herself working as a waitress in a seafood restaurant brought some musical inspiration soon the whole world was dancing to the tunes and Melodies she crafted in those desperate times and the results speak for themselves today before we go on with the rest of the video here’s our

Subscribers pick for today as we explore the origin stories of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars their stories before fame stand as a testament to the power of determination hard work and resilience their epic Tales remind us that dreams are valid and true talents never go unnoticed as we Ponder on their

Journey we can’t help but wonder what if these men and women chose to remain in their day jobs would the world have been denied of their genius which of these stories did you find shocking share with us in the comments section below now let’s get back to the video number five Sylvester

Stallone before hitting it big in Hollywood action star Sylvester Stallone had to make some tough decision Visions as a struggling actor in New York City before Rocky punched his way into our hearts and Rambo shot through every wall that kept him in the shadows Sylvester Stallone was just an ordinary man trying

To get by back in the early 70s Stallone worked a wide variety of odd jobs to keep himself afloat and his dreams alive one of the most notable ones was his job as a lion cage cleaner at the Central Park Zoo strange as it may seem this job

Allowed Stallone to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures providing him with a different perspective on life and perhaps even inspiring some of his later roles this unique job required him to clean up after the Lions feed them and maintain their living spaces while it was not as

Glamorous as the kind of Lifestyle he would later be blessed with these early days forged his life like gold in a crucible building a resilient spirit that has helped him grow both as a person and as a superstar number four Margot Robbie back in 2008 marget Robbie kickstarted her acting career and soon

She would soon receive several accolades for her remarkable performance but it took a while before her career made a Headway and in the meantime Robbie had to take on several jobs that might surprise you according to the actress herself she has taken on all kinds of jobs you can imagine from

Working in restaurants behind the bars and in the kitchen to doing retail and even working as a secretary the list is endless throughout her life Robbie has always considered herself a woman of action and would often take on up to three jobs at the same time even more

Incredible was her job at Subway where she made amazing sandwiches for customers this love for perfectly crafted sandwiches is trait she shares with her onscreen Persona harleyquinn eventually she switched to acting full-time and soon the whole world was enamored by her acting prowess and Beauty with several Awards to prove her

Worth Margot Robbie is undoubtedly one of the most successful women in Hollywood today number three Hugh Jackman known for his versatility and ability to blend into several different characters Hugh Jackman has grown to become one of the most influential actors in Hollywood from the first time he burst onto the scene his undeniable

Charm and remarkable acting skills have captivated our attention and we can’t ever seem to get enough but as a teenager Jackman was a far cry from the actor that we know and love today due to his physical appearance and athletic background Jackman once worked as an assistant physical education teacher but

His teaching days wouldn’t last too long as his acting career soon picked up and started Landing roles in hit movies like X-Men the greatest showman and Les Mizer but the craziest of his old jobs would be his gig as Coco the Clown back before landing The Wolverine role Jackman would

Perform at children’s parties and sometimes this didn’t go all too well over the course of his Rich career the actor has amassed several Awards including a Grammy award a Golden Globe award for best actor and a special Tony Award and he remains one of the top leading men in the American movie

Industry number two Paul McCartney in the 1960s the whole world was introduced to the new wave of popular music and this is in part thanks to the Beatles this iconic band was able to transform the genre into a creative and highly commercial art form Paul McCartney a

Vital member of this band played a key role in the transformation but beyond the Beatles McCartney also enjoyed a highly successful career and is regarded as one of the most popular solo performers of all time in terms of both sales and concert attendance but before his music career picked up Paul McCartney worked

Very ious jobs to make ends meet this included a brief stint as a delivery boy for a local bakery and his job as a cinema Usher mcartney was also said to have worked at a warehouse where he had to engage in some grueling physical labor number one Melissa McCarthy comedian Melissa McCarthy is

One of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood presently but back in the early days of her career things weren’t so smooth when this comedy Queen first moved to Los Angeles she she had to share a studio apartment didn’t own a car and was struggling financially to

Keep the roof over her head and pay her bills McCarthy had to work as a barista at a Santa Monica Starbucks even though she is transformed into a much beloved actress herself McCarthy recalled being Star Struck and nervous a couple of times when she had to attend to a couple

Of famous people over the years the world has come to appreciate her comedic genius and with many highly successful roles under her belt it’s safe to say that this Barista has come a really long way thank you for watching this video see you in the next one

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