“Mammoni: A Look into the  Archive” – Video

“Mammoni: A Look into the Archive” – Video

In a throwback segment from 2001, 60 Minutes Archive explores the fascinating phenomenon of “mammoni” in Italy. Mammoni are grown men who continue to live at home with their mothers well into adulthood, enjoying a life of luxury and comfort. These handsome, charming bachelors have jobs, girlfriends, and disposable income, yet they choose to remain in their childhood bedrooms, where their mothers cater to their every need.

The episode delves into the cultural and societal reasons behind this unique lifestyle, showcasing interviews with Italian men who proudly embrace being mama’s boys. While critics may see this as a mark of immaturity, for these men and their families, it is a cherished tradition rooted in deep family values.

As Italy grapples with a declining birth rate and the challenges of modernization, the concept of mammoni sheds light on the enduring importance of family ties and the central role of mothers in Italian society. This insightful episode offers a glimpse into a world where independence takes a back seat to familial loyalty and love.

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