Must-See Spots in Venice, Italy: Top Things to Do in the City of Canals – Video

Must-See Spots in Venice, Italy: Top Things to Do in the City of Canals – Video

Rialto Bridge. This iconic structure, dating back to the 16th century, is the oldest bridge spanning the Grand Canal. With its beautiful arches and stunning views, it’s a must-see when visiting Venice. From there, make sure to stop by the Libraire Acqua Alta, a unique bookstore known for its quirky displays of books piled in boats and bathtubs. It’s a charming and whimsical spot that book lovers will adore.

Of course, a trip to Venice wouldn’t be complete without a gondola ride. It’s a quintessential Venetian experience that allows you to see the city from a different perspective, gliding along its historic canals. And if you want to experience Venice like a local, hop on the Vaporetto, the city’s public water bus. It’s a convenient and affordable way to navigate the city’s waterways and see its stunning architecture from the water. After all the sightseeing, take a leisurely stroll down Calle Varisco, a charming and atmospheric street lined with shops and cafes, perfect for some laid-back exploration.

For those interested in street art, don’t miss the Banksy painting in Venice. It’s a rare piece from the elusive artist and provides a modern and thought-provoking contrast to the city’s rich history. And if you need a break from the hustle and bustle, head to the Royal Gardens, a peaceful oasis in the heart of Venice. It’s a lovely green space to relax and unwind, surrounded by beautiful architecture and tranquil scenery.

With so much to see and do in Venice, it’s important to plan your visit to make the most of your time in this magical city. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, Venice has something for everyone to discover and enjoy. So grab a coffee, get your packing cubes ready, and start planning your unforgettable trip to Venice, Italy!

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We’re in Venice Italy and today we’re going to walk you through the top things you need to see when visiting this amazing City a Venice with its iconic architecture endless Bridges and one of a kind atmosphere there’s so much to see in this floating city and while it’s

Sometimes recommended to just get lost in Venice it’s also nice to come with a plan our first stop takes us to one of the prettiest viewpoints in Venice and that’s the pon Dell Academia also known as the Academia Bridge while this wooden bridge isn’t the oldest or most

Impressive structure on the Grand Canal its location can’t be beat and the views from the top are absolutely terrific if you’re looking to score one of the prettiest viewpoints in all of Venice this is the spot not to mention being slightly further away from the other main tourist attractions this bridge is

Much less crowded than other Venetian viewpoints we’re currently on the Academia Bridge in Venice and this is probably one of the most gorgeous views of the city here we’re overlooking the Basilica to Santa Maria and this is a pretty Lively spot with all the boats coming in it’s also kind of funny this

Exact view behind me was my desktop photo for a while for my work computer so it’s awesome to see it in real life I didn’t even know where this photo was taken I just knew it was gorgeous and it was in Venice but man that view speaks

For itself this is probably my favorite site we’ve seen so far here the next thing you need to see when you visit Venice is pza San Marco or informally St Mark Square being centrally located in the heart of Venice St Mark square is a key Landmark to get your bearings in

This chaotic City with history dating back to the 9th century this is one of Italy’s most culturally significant plazas despite the fact that it’s prone to flooding in venice’s high tide this beautiful Square was considered by Napoleon to be the drawing room of Europe a huge compliment for its

Elegance in addition to its Grand architecture the square is surrounded by bustling cafes one of which Cafe floran is the oldest Coffee House in Italy and the second oldest in the entire world its intricate interior and elegant exterior have been enjoyed for centuries and I’ve attracted historical heroes

Such as Lord Byron and Charles Dickens it was the only coffee house that served women when it opened and today you can still enjoy live classic music played by the band outside which creates a cozy atmosphere to slowly sip an expensive drink just past C floran is a Square’s

Famous Clock Tower the capan day s Marco while the original Clock Tower was built in the 9th century and used both as a clock tower and a lighthouse it violently collapsed in 1902 and miraculously nobody was injured in the fall today you can take an elevator to

The top for 8 Euros to score one of the best views of the Venetian Skyline in while near the capan be sure to check out St Mark’s Clock Tower a dorm with two giant Moors that actually swing their hammers to ring the bell every hour this clock tower also has one of

The world’s first digital clock displays with time displaying in both Roman and Arabic numerals this was used for Sailors to be able to see the time even from their far away ships so we’re in St Mark square right now this is the heart of Venice and it is hustling and

Bustling you’ll probably find the biggest crowds here so keep a close eye on your belongings and watch out for pickpockets but it is absolutely breathtaking and while it’s massive there’s actually not a lot of seating here you’re actually not allowed to sit on any of the steps here so don’t plan

On eating a nice picnic lunch here cuz there’s really nowhere to sit and while on PIAA St Marco you’ll need to pop into St Mark’s Cathedral one of the most unique and mysterious churches in Europe believe it or not the grand domes you see from the outside are actually fake

And are made of just thin wood and Lead this was to make the church seem grander and more importantly lighter as heavier materials would cause the church to sink when it comes time to enter you need to wear the appropriate clothes so be sure to bring a shell to cover your shoulders

As you enter you’ll notice rather than being decorated in painted frescos like most Italian basilicas this church is adorned in intricate gold mosaics in fact St Marks has so many mosaics that if you stretch them out you could cover nearly two American football fields which is even more impressive because

Those tiles are actually made of real gold and while many of these mosaics to pick classic Catholic images some of these mosaics actually tell the story of this particular Church’s most famous Tale in the year 828 two venan Merchants actually stole the body of St Mark himself from Egypt and smuggled it back

To Venice this church was used to House St Mark’s Body and just like that St Mark became the patron St of Venice and while in near St Mark’s Cathedral you’ll need to visit the next item on our list the bridge of size so right behind me we

Have the bridge of size this is absolutely a gorgeous bridge but it has kind of a morbid history so this bridge connects Do’s Palace to the prisons that are attached to it and the myth of this bridge is that prisoners going from Do’s Palace to their prison would get their

Last glimpse of Venice Crossing this bridge and before we came here we were actually wondering what they would be looking at and we can’t believe how gorgeous it is on the other side of this bridge so definitely a grim history but it’s kind of cool to actually see what

The prisoners were looking at now it’s also said that a couple that passes under the bridge of size in a gondola and shares a kiss under the bridge will share eternal love forever so if you’re into superstitions definitely cross that off your list while you’re here and for the fellow

Pittsburgh fans out there this bridge of size actually inspired the bridge of size in Pittsburgh kind of cool seeing that in the road and while we’re discussing venice’s famous Bridges you’ll need to W 15 minutes over to see the most famous structure spanning the Grand Canal Rialto Bridge to reach the

Rialto Bridge just follow signs for per Rialto and when you arrive you’ll be greeted by one of venice’s most notable icons being the oldest bridge in Venice and with its history dating back to the 12th century this is more than just a bridge it’s part of Venetian culture on

The bridge you’ll find shops selling authentic Venetian Souvenirs of blown glass art and lens and from the Bridge’s Edge you’ll get one of the best views of Venice in the Grand Canal if you want to get pictures of the bridge without the crowds you’ll need to get here early we

Actually did our engagement photo shoot in Venice and arrived near the bridge around 7:00 a.m. and we were lucky enough to get some great pictures without the crowds near the Rialto Bridge you’ll also find the Rialto Market which is a great spot to grab lunch we stopped here in our Venice food

Tour so be sure to check that out to see some of the most iconic and delicious foods to try on your trip to Venice if you’re looking to pick up a souvenir or score some interesting pictures in Venice you’ll need to wander down to the library Aqua ala this iconic bookstore

Is a classic Venetian gem with antique books and prints for sale on every inch of this building many of the items are kept in old boats or wooden tubs is the shopkeeper needed a way to keep his massive collection off the ground to protect from flooding in addition to the

Books and the store’s famous book staircase there is one more secret that this store is known for so one of the awesome things about this book shop is it’s actually on the canal and they have a gondola anchored outside so if you want to get a picture inside a gondola

Without paying for a gondola ride this is a free way to do that and if you’re wondering why I’m looking like a fool like this you have to wear your backpacks on the front in the store so we’re leaving that book shop right now and that was way more Charming than we

Expected even if you’re not into books they had prints and lots of other things too so definitely a cool shop in venice and if you’re looking to get on the water longer than that photo op in the bookstore you’ll love these next two items on our list the first way should

Come as no surprise and that’s taking a gondola tour of the city exploring venice’s Charming canals from an intricately decorated Gondola can be an unforgettable experience in menice but there are a few things you should know first you’ll find gonders offering rides all over the city just look for rowers

In their iconic striped outfits or one of the many signs offering their services before you jump in the first galow you see consider what you’d like to see on your ride if you want to see more of the Grand Canal consider hiring a gond leier near there if you prefer

Quieter side canals find a gond leier in an area away from the main attractions regardless where you book from you’ll pay the same price everywhere in the city and typically be on the water for 30 to 40 minutes if you inst instead want to ride a gondola for cheap

Consider finding one of the seven trto Crossings in the city here for just €2 a Gondolier will quickly F you across the Grand Canal and if you’d like to save a buck experience Venice from the water and learn some interesting history this next item is for you and that’s to take

Venice’s vaporetto line one vaporo literally translates to water bus and these water buses are an amazing way to affordably see Venice from the water we recommend traveling to the Pia Roma station which is the first station on venice’s vaporo line one here you can purchase a ticket for a boat heading

Towards Piaza San Marco and see the prettiest stretch of the Grand Canal from the water we recommend bringing your own earbuds and downloading the free Rick Steve’s audio tour app as he’s a free audio tour perfectly timed to this water bus Journey that points out all the key attractions along this water

Bus route we cover this at a greater link and our how to plan a trip to Venice Venice travel guide video so make sure you’re subscribed and check out that video as well to maximize your time in Venice anyways once on the water you get some of the best views of venice’s

Buildings and have an enjoyable time cruising through the Grand Canal if you’re looking to see an odd alley in Venice you’ll need to wander to C varisco being under 2 ft across the street is so narrow it doesn’t even show up on some maps in Venice so we’re

Walking into the most Narrow Street in all of Venice and it is narrow if I had my elbows out or even if I walked with broad shoulders it is very tight sneaking through here this is crazy narrow you almost have to hold your breath in here if you’re claustrophobic

It is definitely a little tight in here but it is such a cool SP and ends at a really cool Outlook at one of the canals and it seems pretty residential the further you get in which makes me think this is an actual street that people go

To get to their houses so pretty crazy to think about and to get to this Narrow Street we just plugged in Cal veriso into our phones on Google Maps and it took us right there it’s pretty obvious which one it is and if you’re an art

Buff be sure to wander down to this next part of town see one of venice’s most famous modern art pieces there’s several art museums in Venice where you can appreciate some amazing works of art if you don’t feel like ditching out the money to see that there’s actually an

Original Bank SE in Venice and that’s right behind me if you want to see it you can come right to this bridge we’ll link it in the description box below in case you want to see a work by one of the most famous street artists in the

World if you’re looking to beat the heat in Venice be sure to wander over to the Royal Gardens located near Piaza San Marco the Royal Gardens were actually commissioned by Napoleon himself to give the Royal Palace an outdoor green area while just a small Park this is an

Enjoyable way to relax away from the crowds and beat the heat in Venice so we’re in the Royal Gardens right now I think there’s three things we really love about this place the first is it’s free the second is it’s shaded and the third is there’s benches everywhere here

It seems like in Venice there’s lots of rules against sitting places so in St Marks on the bridges you’re not supposed to sit in loer but this park it seems like the perfect spot to relax get out of the Sun and enjoy Venice so that’s

Our list of the top things you need to do when you visit Venice Italy if you found this video useful please consider giving this video a like And subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss a travel video in the future next up we’re headed to Trieste and then off to

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