Must-Try Mofongo: Miami’s Ultimate Puerto Rican Cuisine! – Video

Must-Try Mofongo: Miami’s Ultimate Puerto Rican Cuisine! – Video

Miami’s Best Puerto Rican Food!! Mofongo To Try Before You Die!! is a culinary adventure that takes you on a journey to discover the true taste of Puerto Rico right in Miami. The video showcases some of the best Puerto Rican dishes, with a focus on mofongo, a popular dish made with fried plantains and filled with various meat and seafood options.

The video highlights three top spots in Miami where you can try the most delicious mofongo, such as El Bajareque, Mofongo Restaurant, and El Bori Food Truck. Each restaurant offers their own unique twist on this traditional dish, with mouth-watering flavors and ingredients that will leave you craving for more.

Throughout the video, the host delves into the Puerto Rican community in Miami, exploring the culture, people, and most importantly, the food. From the making of mofongo to the secret sauces and toppings, you get an insider’s look at how these dishes are prepared and why they are so beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Whether you’re a foodie, a traveler, or simply a lover of delicious cuisine, this video is a must-watch for anyone looking to experience the vibrant flavors of Puerto Rico right in the heart of Miami. Don’t miss out on this culinary adventure that will have you craving for more of Miami’s Best Puerto Rican Food!! Mofongo To Try Before You Die!!

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Video Transcript

This is Puerto Rico actually this is Miami today we’re diving deep into the Puerto Rican community of this beautiful city we got the people the culture and most importantly the food the best in Miami follow me hola best there best col right there yes amazing oh dude I love the mask look

At the mask Puerto Rican Diner style and they have the national dish right here Aros k gandules gandulas is it gandulas or gandulas how gandulas gandulas that’s a that was brought in by Africans oh the the Frog Lana that’s like yeah that’s like the sound yeah

Yeah Puerto Rico oh we got the and then we got the sandwich I guess I’ll do five yeah yeah but those are just add prep theas I love this like old school Miami 1970s old school Diner lots of beautiful light coming through Mariano my man how

You doing all right are you this is the fifth generation his dad’s not here today so it’s you and your sister right Priscilla back here let me know what you need to make it comfortable so where’s everybody here from the staff okay so Priscilla is fifth generation so your grandmother your

Great grandmother started yes my grandmother’s mother 74 correct yeah 74 shout out to abuela fin for starting this amazing restaurant thank you so do you speak Spanglish yes yeah yes cuz in Puerto Rico everybody’s a Spang English speaker yes we do we we speak both as in the same

Conversation whatever comes out just comes out and where were you born Miami Miami yes hey you’re like me you’re unicorn yes I am yeah here in Miami it’s it’s rare to come by people that have actually were born here and in terms of the Puerto Rican Community this was the

Old Puerto Rican community in Miami right and you’re the last one standing wow yes for now for now for now we’re going to be PR hopefully so you were raised in this kitchen yes in this kitchen in this restaurant in this neighborhood and and why is there so

Many famous people in Puerto Rico cuz we’re the best no it’s crazy how many there are it’s the food you think it’s the food it’s the food it’s it’s the the personalities and we’re like really we mingle we mingle so what are we making now making the muongo and we’re making

The he eat s Perfect Look they’re frying some good stuff over there looks like uh Alaura oh wow what is that CH poo chich poo por CHS oo looks so good what I really want to see is being made that’s that’s the one thing we really haven’t gotten is being

Made is just like Fufu uh and somebody told me that in Cuba they call it Fufu as well and fried FR things smash ball with some CH hkin and got so you put two big pieces of um pork rinds thaton yeah and then what did you put

Here the garlic the garlic with the oil oh it looks good it’s going to be nice and crispy iluka over here we have the Caba plantain so who taught you how to make this U well just being here my grandmother grandmother taught me everything I know so your grandmother taught your dad

Taught you taught my mom do you know how to make every dish um I’m I just need a little help with that but yeah pretty much the national dish dude that has to be perfect yeah yeah no I’m sure the Puerto Ricans they they know they know when you

Slack add a little more so you finish up your life no no well you could say because of because of this yeah yeah it’s amazing seeing the the influences of the Caribbean with the African cultures like this if you go to I went to Ghana and they make fuu using

This same thing just massive you know uh the only thing is that theirs isn’t as like Rich they don’t add the pork which you guys do they don’t have the chichiron even the garlic that that’s just more of a just a mash no this is the most important part let’s do

This wow yeah so what makes Pan’s food so special I guess the flavor the flavors the natural flavor that no spice though we love spice you love spice I don’t know online it looks like it’s all Mayo ketchup oh we do love may K too but

We sprinkled that spice all over that F yeah yeah and then let me ask you a question we we actually got some hot spice right now do you have hot spice right now yeah but dude unfortunately I got my own nice I got this for you bro this for you

Thank you bro thank you but uh P what’s P hot sauce P’s hot sauce yes um no not really I think no matter where you at when you’re Puerto Rican you’re Puerto Rican you could be in New York you could be in California Miami no matter where

You at Puerto Rico you you carry that in your blood so do you speak moreish English more English everywhere yeah yeah no because that’s one thing you notice in Puerto Rico that everybody’s it’s it’s both languages are official languages yeah but so there is a difference between like a Puerto Rican

That only speaks espanol and then the ones in America who some of them don’t even speak English you know but obviously we’re raised here so it’s different but uh and then uh this lady’s amazing over here cooking all this food The Hondas Hondas Hondas I haven’t been to Honduras

Yet oh no no what are you doing oh what is this oh wow nice and crispy have a little piece of skin Heaven bro delicious we have to see this this is the best thing ever invented from Puerto Rico this balito this is a cod

Fish Fritter I had one the size of my head once amazing yeah yeah I think in PES P here we go it’s not the best I went in a circle here but it’s yours it’s mine balito balito bakalo no bakal bakalo cod fish Fritter y the best I

Love cod cod is a the cold water fish it’s personal favorite Portuguese Love It Spanish love it we also make it it’s called bakala from oh yeah yeah we that’s one of our specials that have here oh nice next time next time yeah oh b b bonon a lot of good dishes

Carlos Carlos the guy Carlos Carlos car Carlos is there he’s just there sandwich no oh that’s the aaura with K so this is the aaura it has meat in it and we’re going to dunk it into this Mayo ketchup oh man sweet Mayo ketchup’s good that recipe has been around for 50

Something years my grand it’s like silky oh laap is still good nice and oily I’m actually in love with it yeah thank you a really good acapa bro the combination epic dude it was too good it was too fire just right out of there bro right

Out of there Marano what is going on here man what is this sandwich this is the hito sandwich almost like the steak sandwich instead of using the bread we use fried plant sois y also goes with the Mayo KET like pizza oh my gosh I can’t wait we also have some secret moo

Juice that we use moo juice yeah so I’ve seen something similar in Cuban culture like Cuban food but not like this this is a a beautiful sandwich so we have the onions the little crispiness Mayon so it’s a true sandwich yeah all right you

Want to take a bite yeah I want to take a bite but I was going to tell you the kapura it you know what it reminds me of AK it’s like the lanese influence cuz it’s it’s almost the same thing I was looking at it I was like wo this oh

That’s the that’s the AR roing good bro fried cod fish and chips everywhere I go bro you know my favorite dish in the world is fish and chips there’s another fish and chips where’s the chips though y got funo chips probably over there yeah I’m taking all this we’re

Eating all this right now guys let me let me take this myself joking I can’t I can’t dud I can’t I I physically can’t right now and over here we have a nice little bread look at Food bro thank you it’s great you three just in case your your

Boys want to jump in so is this typical this is given to every that comes in so everybody gets a little bit of bread with some barlic oh bro this this reminds me of like my childhood right now let’s do back check it out right here I’m going to break this guy

Open oily crunchy got to get that Mayo Look the creamy and silkiness of that I love it man nice and Oly this is the Spanish influence the ESP dude it’s so good had a few of these in um in Portugal not that big though this is like the the big fish and chips at Titanic yeah your food is comforting to

Say the least it is what do you eat what do you like the most the what is yours I don’t know I never tried this one oh you’re I’m going to try it I’m going to try I’m going to jump straight into it this is like

A a steak slider yes ltin Style no bread no bread yeah yeah no but I mean it’s potatoes potatoes better all right here we go is like a confusing great right I love the freshness with the the lettuce should I dip anything into this the the moho right soak this all

Up dude I can imagine this on a beach in Puerto Rico with a madaya insane did you order it did you order it again mhm it’s happiness right here oh I love the crispy onions too and then the potato stick and next to me we have the National Beer I haven’t drank a

Beer in a while it will help you it’s going to help your leg Yeah no this is perfect for the beach yeah you go back to Puerto Rico a lot yeah it’s funny cuz everybody I know from Puerto Rico they go back like three four times a year right it’s right there right

There it right there is cheap yeah it’s still affordable no passport going like a vacation out of the country yeah where do you go in Puerto Rico do you go go to sanan you go to sanan yes yeah I’m dining KRA I haven’t gone VI yeah so VI KRA those are like

The most like virgin like you know Island yeah yeah no tourist which is your favorite which one did you grow up with that you have memories but my best best Isa Gaba yeah you got to come for that how many dishes you have on the menu right now a lot a

Lot like six main dishes that are specials but then it’s alart everything’s alart Lobster we have steak everything everything everything so I’m going to jump in here fried plantains mashed cut this in half over here we have more moo sorry so just dip in the C gosh let it soak it

Up it’s amazing food after that you get this nice greasy crunch little wings oh I like this the greasiness with this the salty with the crunchy mhm you know some people say balito is better than this I prefer this yeah me too the meat you dip it in ketchup and hot sauce

You have hot sauce you can take it home dip it in your hot sauce and and what is the obsession with mayo ketchup Why why are Puerto Ricans so obsessed with it cuz I guess I don’t know I went down a rabbit hole reading about it like you just throw it in there

Yeah I guess it’s an American Americanization of it yeah it’s like um special done a lot of things per mix yeah people who have been coming for years a lot of regulars yes back in the same C and then now their kids or grand kids but we still have see the same

Faces every day same faces every day is a great yeah with that coffee sound it’s like that’s that’s typical Miami by the way anywhere I go I hear this and your and your stop is a mix of like Puerto Ricans ncar urans Cub Cubans well yeah so all the lotos love each

Other here yes pick got to eat the city’s been growing you see it down the street I mean there’s an ex 100 skyscrapers here you know uh have you guys been affected in a good way in a bad way it’s affected Us in in a little bit cuz now it’s like

People are getting back to work getting paid now but when it was a CO it went down a lot so it was a lot of to go it wasn’t a lot you know make no we didn’t get to close which is great we have a ventanita so we just did the thing

Through a ventanita perfect and um a lot of to go like we have half of our customers the majority are to- Go ORD we’re here for for the community but I guess with the new buildings a lot more other people are ordering but to go not

To eat here affect it this in a good way what’s your top selling dish the POA Plancha poaa yeah no we got we got the as well yeah we got the we we’re starting to sell the choco plang which is half chocolate half plang do you have that right now we

Could Coco FL C and for Christmas uh Kito Kito Kito Kito yeah a friend of mine always buys you buy two bottles and it’s like oh it’s so good say creamy coconut with some rum yes perfect oh the rum so are you superstitious am I superstitious I work

With the dad no cuz some people say yeah so I see dead people all there you got to go to that job I don’t want to go to that job that’s the one you got to scary you’re not going to be eating though so let me see this person yes

You’re just going to you’re going to need your chair you’re a more tissue yes I’m a oh wow yeah I just come here to help my days off I’ve been doing that for 23 years where is that down the street down the street oh

Shary I watched a lot of SVU I’ve seen a lot of it in show really and 6 Fe under 6 yeah yeah too much just like that oh my God is it tough coming to the restaurant after work it’s just totally different yeah it’s a different world

Right I just came from quiet these customers are more difficult she can eat right there looking at the I was going to say the customers here right customer here oh there they don’t talk they don’t talk they don’t they’re quiet they’re good they don’t complain I don’t have to

Worry about anything we have door Dash and Uber and they order all go FL chocolate FL exactly how we dragon flu FR us everything fly that’s exactly why we sell out so fast so sad when it’s good it’s good you know it’s good and it’s fresh yeah that’s

Right this is actually number one for me the sandwich with the moo nice garlic oh man amazing wow so you know Puerto Rico is a very unique Island because it’s Latin but it’s American so do you feel like as an American Puerto Rican more Gringo cuz

I’m Gringo I was born here but my parents are Venezuelan buto do you feel that do you guys feel like more American yeah more American I don’t think so we feel at home feel at home especially when we’re from Miami is like we’re in the same place yeah Puerto Ricans are

Puerto Ricans anywhere that’s like the thing it’s like oh you’re Puerto Rican from Hawaii n I’m Puerto Rican Puerto Rican we don’t care I know I know there is a vibe there it you feel it when you it’s just like yeah no plus you can speak English Spanish everybody

Understands each other it’s just like so so simple yes just Vibes they open the door for you of areas will say like fake friendly you feel like that’s true or no at first I was like but then I was like no this is everybody everybody and then when you

Walk down in the neighborhood you can hear people in their windows and they’re jamming and they’re like vibing everybody’s like happy like no words I went after Maria and it felt like everybody was super happy happy yeah exactly what I’m saying and I went right before Maria right before it hit July

Wow and it was everybody had so Puerto Ricans say they don’t like spice but they actually do it’s called p and it’s really spicy so it’s really spicy so I’m just going to grab something oh wow that’s a lot it’s a lot bro you think it’s a lot spicy have

No it’s perfect this on top of the yeah see the pepper has a good flavor that’s what that’s what gives all the food so much flavor one last thing Aros it’s very hot very hot the national dish of Puerto Rico oo so it’s rice and peace wow it’s like soft lots of flavor

Mm this need like that I love your restaurant the setting like this Diner feel very chill this’s like what’s missing in Miami all places like this everybody that comes like they’re at home yeah oo this a great dish so what else is in here ton as well and pork yeah some big

Peas this is the difference like in our Latin Cuisine but cuz you guys are in the Caribbean there’s that extra different beans be no I’m going to try this is Cola champagne India it’s like a champagne Cola Cherry hey for Ricans do like their pque you know I’m really enjoying how

Comforting the food is it has a very like Southern States of America you know their food is very comforting feeling so no Pops in here now JLo where JLo at not JLo now we’re waiting for JLo and Mark no they don’t come together anymore dude they

Can’t we had a lot of Puerto Rican artist like Yandel from B Yandel we had um Eevee Queen we have Fat Joe we have um faruko came um man the list goes on why do you why do you think they come here like is

It cuz you guys are like a staple of the community you guys are kind of like and there also a lot of Word of Mouth a lot of people just telling the other person that you know come over here the food is good and they they trust it what do

These what do these celebrities order when they come here what do they like like what is like to eat I don’t know do you remember any of their orders or anything pretty much every what they get all the time so who’s the most famous person that’s been here who’s the most

Absolutely famous person that’s been to your spot my favorite one is Fat Joe where’s David Beckham dude he’s not Puerto Rican bro no it doesn’t matter DAV right here though I feel like he more likes mushy peas it’s more of a mushy peas gu no he likes fish and

Chips that’s true I don’t know but I’d rather eat these any day of the week than the fish and chips bro this is how you do it you got to dip it you got to you got to do full submersion and then you’re good to go bro don’t worry about

Using forks and knives and none of that this is this is finger food right here wow little cacit Puerto Rican Style Just [Laughter] Cuban twice more today two more out be talking like a Puerto Rican yeah right oh my God so what Isa B they said I part of B and then

They just named us that came from that what they were called before got it you’re like I don’t know yeah I know I heard stop asking me questions we had a good day hey thank you so much you’re welcome amazing thank you for thank you my man

Thank you thank you next spot this is the flag of Puerto Rico no it’s not the Puerto Rico flag’s over there don’t tell me you know the difference we’re in Little Havana it’s a little unexpected but this is where we’re going to find the best m in the city let’s see

Restaurant so right now he’s making a Mojito the Cari left in 1958 from Cuba to Puerto Rico so of course they’ve inherited the drink but if you guys don’t know pñ col was was born in Puerto Rico lots of controversy around it some people say that pin colada was invented

In San Juan but lots of different people claim that they invented it three different places one invented the Frozen pinada that’s at the what is it the Hilton Hotel another one 1963 bachina bar I think that’s a bar right I saw that in a video and then there’s one

More but um you know at least they invented it right and we’re not doing virgin today we’re doing it with some bardi hey my the beer some more ice this is the the industrial blender this is the one for the smoothies it’s perfect is iton so that’s a

Lemonade he’s about to make a p Cola the national drink of Puerto Rico it’s a huge controversy but the real controversy which is better banana colada or pina colada okay what is look at that put some whipped cream on top G cinnamon look at the flag right there it’s a

P yeah the joke it’s amazing Perfecto wow bro oh my gosh it’s so satisfying ice cold get some of the whipped cream right here hey I know one thing the person who inven the P colada love Singing in the Rain colada it’s good bro it’s it’s ice so so there’s many different versions

You have virgin no alcohol you have ice cold this is like this like a slushy wow this on a beach must what is pin colada coconut cream pineapple juice and rum that’s it so this is Kito this is their coconut uh eggnog basically no coconut milk coconut

Milk milk but this is for like Christmas Puerto Rico no col so oh wow oh this no got that rum creaminess the amount of coconut in here a die for the combination between these two sweet and this just pops out it’s so juicy that’s why I love pineapple

Yeah they made it very slushy in here this is a Puerto Rican kitchen restaurant what’s up guys how you doing bro good we’re going to make the right here Guys Miami so how they make Mungo same way they use to make Fufu in West Africa right so the same thing fried plantains mash it they also throw chicharon they throw some pork in there so it it’s a different type of dish but it has that African influence pork chicken and you

Were you born here in Miami or is a difference you see he only wants to speak in Spanish only only spish only speak Spanglish only speak ex chef and she’s making for me the best the P so this is the octopus salad amazing and were you born here or you

From Puerto Rico yeah so do you speak more Spanish or more English more Spanish yeah I understand English and do you feel American or is it like I different no both both Puerto Rican are American yeah know but there some sense of culture you know some pride in being Puerto Rican no have

Oh my gosh so what are you making here just a AAL yes I have here uh orange juice lime juice uh peppers onions and octopus yeah this is like uh Puerto Rican ciche that’s Puerto Rican Sano yeah cuz they also have it in Colombia yeah this this is like a perfect uh soup

To have after after no after you drank too much you have AO wakes you up no no it lifts you from the dead oh man it looks really rich this one this this soup looks amazing hey they serve the the m in the modern pest I like it soene

Ah see see no that’s the thing is that when you’re V it’s either is all day long yeah so the Pasto is very similar to impan so it’s a meat pie was that Chon so like oh look nice some sauteed onions beautiful it’s like a nice Board of fried stuff oh so what’s

That that looks so good bro the steak how juicy it is the oils yeah I like this board it’s a beautiful board for like three four people what is B it’s going to tell me now I don’t understand what he said say making the ooo it’s a big

One Mia so butter got some salt that’s nice nice and rich and creamy some garlic always garlic that is the secret ingredient in the cuisine no a AO more butter yes wow he’s hitting it so hard that it’s like popping up a it’s like nice and thick fried

Plantains you have to get the big chunks it’s hard it’s like garlic it just hits you it’s so pungent least though okay this oh okay with his hand he molds it just like Fufu super hot like scorching hot oh my God he’s going to burn his hand

Wow so he’s making it softer with uh the butter oh look at this look at this how he grabs it dude if you don’t have those gloves on you just burn your hand motor belon yeah this one looks like nice and thick and like the garlic the chunks of garlic

In there massive he molds it perfectly and then he fills it up with whatever meat you want so you have octopus you have uh shrimp shrim pork chicken pork chicken steak beef all right so we’ll go with some beef Chasco steak Chasco 1 minute this gu too fast

Is this the best in Miami it might be got chimichuri we got churrasco massive look at the whole thing is I ask for some mayo ketchup why’ you ask for Mayo ketchup bro Mayo ketchup is there dude it’s their sauce that with this it looks too

Good the chimy chwy that they put on that nice fried plantain some chicha Ron some pork in there then you have the meat on top you have that nice chimy churi I’m going to dive inana okay the’re cousins thank you in the Caribbean this is called the Pilon this is where they

Serve the and over here we have a pastelito very uh sugary this one so PL got pumpkin it’s like a it’s like a tamama see no but it looks it looks a little sweet almost like sweet bread crumbly you have meat in there little chickpea M that one easo Savory and a little

Sweet you know I think this is missing P you know in Venezuela we have the same thing it’s called aaka the okay these are all vegetables mhm yeah it’s a very Savory dish banana and this is the P this is the spice let me try see oh spicy I love pante

Mhm when you see those chilies you know it’s spicy it and here’s the Moment of Truth the I love about this restaurant it’s name and they have many variations so you can just get a different topping say it’s Chim churi Kon and more garlic everything’s garlic here guys

Do you mix this with the Mayo ketchup cuz that’s what I’ve seen great combo yeah so the owners of the restaurant are twins Sonos amazing is it the best all right so he’s from he’s from a place about 30 minute drive from uh from the capital San and

What are you bringing here Carlo poo Carlo de poo so we have to get some more and dip it in here correct it’s like this look how it just soaks it up it’s like bread chicken soup drink it I stop so it has to be fried plantain always fried plantains Fufu is

Boiled plantains right biggest difference but you guys also add pork and chicharon fu fu they never add Meats I can just some Bad Bunny it’s all [Laughter] SL we have to do FL it’s it’s their only dessert no I’m joking they have a we got the flan the famous flan from Puerto

Rico the Coco some coconut flly look at that nice and fluffy egg custard nice caramel on top top Mungo Restaurant where this been my whole life Hool hey if you guys aren going to finish this damn no coco it’s like silky and and sweet the gr coconut on top last time I had Puerto food like six years ago actually in Puerto Rico Miami rare you know it’s a small community you

Got these like three restaurants there actually one also in deep in Kendo I think it’s East Encanto but uh this is what you got got all day one of the best dishes in the Caribbean and always you got the fried bakalo and the aapu which is like K from leanon with the

Flan nothing like it who got the better flan the Cubans or the Puerto Ricans I don’t know the thing is that Puerto Ricans are like a lot of Cubans cuz that left but then you live in Miami so you don’t want to say anything you’ll get

You if you don’t take me away from this I’m going like dude I’m going to take like 3 days home blond’s history dates back to ancient Rome when egg surpluses were transformed into custards to produce both sweet and savory taste the Spaniards took it to the Americans where

It became a delicacy in Puerto Rico like stirred up the best Fond To make money bro that’s what he said to make money no one’s done this no one’s no one’s ever dressed up like a like a it’s the only one dude sorry it’s trying to like Miami right not working this is this is uno Miami only Miami number

One oh okay so there’s baseball games going on that’s why they’re here okay okay I’m telling her like I see a lot of people is like all tourist like no no it’s a lot of Puerto Ricans a lot of locals but of course they have a big influence tourist it’s a Tuesday it’s

1:30 and it’s packed everybody comes here for the I mean you name your restaurant after the most famous dish this is this is all the variations see wow Lobster they have a lobster should I got the lobster dude no but they didn’t surf and turf

Froma they do have a mix oh they have the surf and turf next time next time my man I’m going to remember this one and just like that we’re here at B food truck my boy in there he’s making some my man how you doing how you doing

Brother good good good to see you again I’m back I’m back this guy’s Facebook famous now welcome back thank you okay let’s do this so what more phone are we making today first of all we’re going to start with an appetizer that is an empanada well pionono Empanada Pono is a

Very common feeder in Puerto Rico that has sweet plantain cheese and um ground beef but in this case we have a mix of an empad with a bon we can start with that and then she’s going to make for you guys first of all we need to get a the

Plantilla for the empanadilla very important you know if you go to Argentina or some other place they bake the empanadas in Puerto Rico we we have them fried so it’s a little bit different in this case we’re going to start with the S plantain for the SE plantain on the Empanada very important

We get the ground beef with the ground beef you know that’s the way to put it you know beautiful and then mozzarella cheese you know another important part of them panada see and then you close the Empanada and you do the roll looks like a closed Taco Empanada we can it again

Best get light well it’s a light one it’s light Mhm ice cold oh it’s perfect in this beachy weather right now we’re going to do the main entrance it’s going to be AO in our truck we use three plantains it all depends on the size but most of the time we use three plantain so it’s a

Huge you know you have to cut on slices aada ground beef sweet plantain mozarella cheese with panada outside fried with a Mayo ketchup sauce I like you how you just this like little twist at the very top Pono impana mhm is going to burn my mouth right yeah it’s like

Too hot and you can do it woo I don’t know what’s in here no words no words what’s in there it’s h sweet plantain ground beef and mozzarella cheese M yeah it’s like melting M wow W what a beautiful bite and sweet God damn this is all very unique and

I’ve had so so many dishes today with the Mayo catch right yeah it’s in everything it’s in everything yeah but you need to know how to do it too it’s not just boy May mayo and ketchup that’s it oh no I thought that was literally what they’re doing just like putting it

Together no in our cases so tell us about it in the next video I’ll tell you about it no this one secrets secrets M you’re ridiculous yep see plantain for the have to put the the plantains on the pong this is what we call again top secret the garlic sauce the

Chaon and salt sing Love the crunch yeah see how how it sounds beautiful that’s how supposed to sound you know the masetta with the belong there you go see that’s how you get a beautiful look at the color beautiful here just for representation see how big it

Is just put the hole that way you can you know put the mid inside we put mid inside and in top too it’s a full outside and inside full of protein meat all your favorite veggies right here Fore so now we have the B so remember Stu it in there it’s like an outside inside Muno filled meat because it’s have extensive o obviously we SED the with onions and peppers how’d you learn how to cook bro I mean everyone in my family I mean

First of all she’s you know she’s the one who created everything like I’ll told you but in my case my mom my dad they they know they all know how to cook so that’s how I learned basically that’s how you too and working in restaurant you know I’ve been since I started

Working on a restaurant in 2006 as a dis Watcher and I’ve been learning through the process I’ve been bartender dishwasher cook everything in a kitchen and you moved here what four years ago uh 5 years ago 5 years ago and you’re in the military you told I am I’m

Reservist I’ve been in the Army for almost 11 years wow yeah I’ve been deployed to Iraq I’ve been to Syria Kuwait Qatar many places in the Middle East so we’re both we’ve both been to Iraq you been to Iraq I’ve been Iraq in a different different setting yeah in a

Different set yeah yeah of course but um yeah but a lot of Puerto Ricans serve in the military right it’s like a tradition in Puerto Rico I will say to serve from the military even though you know a lot of people don’t recognize it okay but

Yeah puic you can look at the statistics um we have like the highest Veterans of mostly I think most of the 25 um like most of 25 States wow we have our very high listed rates in the island and if you go overseas there’s Puerto Ricans

Everywhere in the military in all in the all the bratches so we don’t get how Puerto Rico has every celebrity in Dom monan has none that’s true we have a bon Nicki Martin CH but Dominican Republic they have a they have Romeo but Romeo Santos is

Half he’s half and half so yeah we have no but when you when you look at the list there’s so many Mark Anthony Carlos Pon I mean how many in Miami alone all of them all of them this how the music JLo J but she’s new yorican new yorican

New yorican does she even speak Spanish you tell me in the comments so now we have the I’m pretty sure this is the bestall you have today okay so is Puerto Rico a state no yeah I mean I went to college for politics so trust me I can’t answer you

That you know that’s why I wanted to ask you because you’re the one that I feel like with the military background you can explain to us a little bit I have a master in politics so we can talk you know we can talk about politics the

Whole day if you want so why isn’t not a state and do they want to be a state cuz I know like Puerto Ricans they feel like their own culture their own world you could be Puerto Rican like Texas they have their own culture so in Puerto Rico

I love being Puerto Rican but I love being American too so if you ask me as a person she’s different I would like to Puerto Rico to become a state that’s my case but in her case she would like a different way of to see in Puerto Rico

So it’s it all depends on who you ask but that’s up to Congress and I’ve been like that for the past 100 something years yeah it’s in a weird place because it’s a territory that’s Latino which is the only one of its kind and then you know these people

That they’re Americans but they have a Latin background so it’s it’s a hard one it is it is and then not being a state you can’t vote for the for the President right no we have primaries but remember primaries are something that is private from the from from parties you know

Republican party they do whatever the primaries but it’s not like actual presidential you know voting you know Ty knows that those are the natives from the island so you have a big big background yeah I saw not only beautiful woman but we are like the happiest

Countries in the world you can look for that too you know if you go the history of Miami like the first Latino Community here in Miami it was wingwood and it was founded by Puerto Ricans so you can look for that history so that’s the first Latino Community the

Community was the bahamians coming through in cor Grove exactly yeah yeah yeah so yeah Hispanic Community you’re right remedies remedies in my case I still use it whenever I have a headache instead of drinking a pill I put a bigs I don’t know what you know what bigs I

Put that on my forehead or if I have any pain you know it can be my elbow my knees whatever I just good that and she was the one who told me to to do how to do that I would say that’s the only thing I

I do instead of taking pills just Bay or bigs all over my body and I’m going to feel new how about top five things people should know about Puerto Rico we have the second most beautiful beach in the world it’s called flamco and KRA something you should see about Puerto

Rico we have one of the I don’t remember what number right now but we have one of the best bars in the world it’s called La Factoria that’s where they film Theo video the video from with Jan and we have that too we have the second oldest

Church in the old hemisphere the first one is in Dominican Republic we have the second one that is in like we also have the bakardi factory they produce 85% of the whole bakardi that you drink all over the world um we have the second underground river

Like quami there’s so many things I can you know keep talking about Puerto Rico well let’s not talking about Puerto Rico let’s eat the Mungo yeah exactly so what’s in the bottom we have this bottom that’s the sauce that we make a steak with so that’s the juices of the sauce

The juices of steak the onions how much is too much muongo ah a good question I don’t know I mean do the garlic can’t eat every day of my life you know it’s becoming one of my favorite dishes there you go it’s it’s are youto Rican B CH no I’m not Puerto

Rican you sure about that no I love suing it in the in this broth in the bottom here good mix very filling love the pork and cheese are R throughout mhm M do you actually mix it I mean is is that was like something people do yeah like oh they all that

They put the my cches all over the M all over all over the M you can either deep it or do that this how they do in Puerto Rico yes sir I see Spanglish bro how much Spanglish do they speak in Puerto Rico everything in Spanglish everything it’s crazy because

You go to school in BTO Rico and the books are in English but the classes in Spanish so you can imagine how crazy it is yeah books are in English and the classes are in Spanish what logic it’s crazy I don’t know it’s going to be hard

To say which is the best bro they’re all really amazing fungos I like mhm so El bori what does it mean El borua borua yeah basically the tyos they call PUO borinken so we get that slang from the the Bas it’s like a you know we call the BTO Ricans Bas because

Of that of the binkan background of the Native the indos with me I got you dude the food’s really Good that was the best mufo tour of the Puerto Rican community in Miami bye

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