Best Activities in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina – Video

Best Activities in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina – Video

Looking for the perfect travel destination that’s off the beaten path? Look no further than Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina! This charming city is filled with history, culture, and stunning architecture that will leave you in awe.

In our latest video, we take you on a journey through the top things to do in Mostar, showcasing the best sites and attractions that this beautiful town has to offer. From the iconic Stari Most bridge, to the bustling Old Bazaar, and the picturesque mosques with their signature minarets, there is no shortage of sights to see in Mostar.

But that’s not all – we also take you on a river boat ride, explore the local museums, and indulge in the delicious Bosnian cuisine. And if you’re a coffee lover, be sure to try the authentic Bosnian coffee for a truly unique experience.

And for all the animal lovers out there, don’t forget to meet the friendly local cat population that calls Mostar their home. These furry feline friends are sure to bring a smile to your face as you explore the city.

So whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or just looking for a beautiful and unique destination to explore, Mostar has something for everyone. Watch our video to discover the top things to do in Mostar and start planning your next adventure in this hidden gem of the Balkans. ☕️🌉🕌 #Mostar #BosniaHerzegovina #TravelGoals

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Video Transcript

We are in mostar and today we’re going to walk  you through the top sites you need to see when   visiting this beautiful town mostar is one of  the prettiest cities in the Balkans the first   thing you need to see is located in the center  of mostar’s Old Town and that’s the Stari Most  

Also known as the old bridge this iconic 16th  century ottoman bridge is not only a UNESCO world   heritage site but it’s also the defining symbol  of mostar itself this bridge is an architectural   and Engineering Marvel and when it was built  in the 1500s it was a large single arch bridge  

In the world sadly it was destroyed during the  Bosnian war in the 1990s but was rebuilt using   the same traditional techniques as the original  bridge and now is one of the most Lively spots   in the city so behind me we have the starry  most bridge this is probably the most iconic  

Spot in all of mostar and believe it or not  the entire town a mostar gets its name from   The Bridge hundreds of years ago the original  Guardians of the bridge were called the mostari   and over time that name evolved to become the name  of the city this bridge behind me is probably most  

Well known now for the divers that jump off it  believe it or not this has been a diving hot   spot for a while they’ve been professional dive  competitions from the top of the bridge since   the 1960s and that tradition still lives on today  throughout the day you’ll find people standing on  

The edge of the bridge collecting money for them  to jump off we’ve heard when they get about 20   to 25 they’ll have enough money to justify the  jump and it has been so fun watching them jump   off the bridge behind us we’re here mid-september  and I’d say there’s probably been a jumper every  

Hour or so so I could only imagine in peak season  they’re probably here way more often and speaking   of bridge jumpers we found the best spot to view  these Daredevils is from the river rather than  

On the bridge itself so be sure to make your way  down to water level if you want to see some great   jumps I wish we had signs to hold up to rate the  Dives but I think I’d give them all a 10 just for

Jumping next on our list is to explore Mostar’s  old bazaar this bustling Market’s lined with   charming shops cafes and restaurants and  we felt it was one of the most Picture   Perfect markets we visited in all our time  in Europe along this stretch of mostar’s Old  

Town you’ll find plenty of places to shop for  souvenirs Savor delicious Bosnian Cuisine and   experience the city’s vibrant atmosphere with  mostar’s Rich ottoman Heritage the bazar is   an authentic way to immerse yourself in the  culture as you wander narrow Stone streets   filled with charmming shops traditional  crafts and vibrant cafes being located  

Near the starry most Bridge it’s great place to  find vendors selling all sorts of interesting   goodies you’ll find tapestries leather goods  authentic Turkish coffee sets and much much more we’re in the Grand Market area right  now and it is hustling and bustling this  

Place feels way more authentic than some of  the other markets we’ve been to in Europe and   I think that’s due to a lot of the local shop  selling things that seem way more authentic   you can definitely tell the ottoman influence  here you’ll find people selling Turkish towels  

Kashmir scarves evil eyes traditional  bosny coffee pots so there’s way more   here than just your classic fridge magnets the  other thing that’s so cool about this area is   it just captures that ottoman energy behind me  you can see some of the minettes which are from  

The mosques and five times throughout the day  they’ll actually play over the speakers to call   to prayer and you can actually hear that sound  echoing through the streets giving it such a   unique Ambiance when you’re wandering through  here so it really does feel like a cultural

Experience oh and if you have the time  be sure to explore the bizaar when the   Sun goes down in mostar’s Old Town  the nighttime lighting is so pretty   and paints the buildings that line the  bizarre streets in such a beautiful

Glow and to further appreciate this ottoman  Heritage you’ll need to visit one of the many   mosques in this area with their picture  perfect spires called minettes creating   the fairy tale backdrop of the main Bridge  you want to venture closer for a better  

View there are two main mosques with minettes  you can climb the first one is a 17th century   mosque located right near the Stari Most bridge  and offers you terrific views of the bridge   itself the second one’s a slightly older  mosque which is from the 15th century and  

Is a masterpiece both inside and out we found  this mosque to be less crowded than the first   one here you’ll take off your shoes pay the  admission ticket and enter the mosque inside   you’ll find a simple yet strikingly pretty  house of worship to admire as well as a  

Spiral staircase inside the minet you can climb  for a panoramic view of the city and the Narretva River so I’m climbing the spiral stair case  in the minaret right now and it is incredibly   narrow I’m getting to an opening here it  looks like we can peak our head out  

Here this is a secondary worship area on the  second floor all right from the outside this   place looked a little small but I’m getting  a little winded coming up here it’s actually   a lot taller than I thought so I’ve  made it to the top and I think this  

Little metal crate is the door to let you  outside it kind of swings open like [Music] so I’ve officially made it to the top and  I have this entire place to myself and the   views you get are just absolutely  incredible I will have to say I’m  

A little bit shaky I have a slight fear  of height and the wall here keeping you   in is very short so I’m going to be extra  careful up here while I’m enjoying these   views all right can you see Courtney from  over here I think that’s her right down

There yeah it’s a pretty amazing view Another thing you need to see well on most star  is the Crooked bridge this is the little sibling   of the larger Stari Most bridge and was used  as a trial run to test the architecture and   engineering before the main Bridge was built  being built in the 1500s this is much more  

Than just a beautiful bridge in the heart of  mostar as it’s a living piece of History this   bridge felt like it was straight out of a fairy  tale with its location being slightly off the   beaten path so it’s far less crowded than the  story most we’re at the Crooked bridge right  

Now this is another top spot to see while your  mostar one of the things I love about this area   in this town overall is one of the beautiful  architecture but also the streets here with   it being a River Town there’s just that magical  energy of it being tranquil and soothing you get  

The sounds of the running water here that’s so  relaxing and peaceful and all the walkways here   seem to be made of Riverstone so it’s kind of  like a cobblestone both unique mostar flare I   definitely recommend wearing good shoes if you’re  walking here cuz it can get somewhat uneven with  

The patterns here but it really adds to The  beautiful landscape okay so first impressions   of most are we knew that we were going to  love it here but it’s actually blowing even   those expectations out of the water we kind of  figured everything would be centered around the  

Main Bridge which it definitely is but there’s  still so much to explore in the old town here   there are so many interweaving bridges little  shops and really authentic Turkish decoration   everywhere we’re kind of obsessed in a way it’s  kind of reminding us of Aguas Calientes but kind of  

Like the Turkish European version of that it’s a  little hard to get to but I think it’s absolutely   worth a trip and we’re almost thinking we should  have spent more time here because it is just so [Music] gorgeous next on our list is to take  a ride on an inflatable speedboat along the  

Naretva River here for just 10 km. you can  Charter a ride to zoom you up and down   the scenic Waterway you can purchase tickets  on site from the ticket booth at water level   near the star most bridge and rides typically  last about 10 minutes we’ve heard this is an  

Amazing way to see most our from the water is a  fast and affordable attraction while in [Music] town this next item on our list is helpful  for gaining a deeper understanding of   mostar’s unique history and that’s to  visit one of the many museums located  

Around the Old Town some of mostar’s top  museums include the war photo exhibition   which showcases powerful images documenting  the Bosnian war and its impact on the city   we’ve heard this is a somber experience but  helps you appreciate the resilient into the  

City and locals around the city you’ll still  see scars of the war blasted into many of the   surrounding buildings so this Museum helps tell  the stories behind this horrible and relatively   recent War if you’re interested in the more  peaceful side of mostar’s culture you’ll  

Need to visit the kitas house this house  is a snapshot in time of how locals used   to live it seems great if you’d like a day in  the life experience and cost just four marks to enter And while there’s tons to see in  mostar there’s even more to taste Bosnia  

Is world-renowned for its cuisine and most of has  a vibrant food scene here you’ll find cafes lining   the picture perfect streets rooftop Terraces  overlooking the beautiful Skyline in Riverview   restaurants serving up amazing local Staples at  reasonable prices we felt the food we ate a most  

Start was some of the best we’ve ever had and  we have an entire video walking through the top   food you need to try while in bosia and herina so  make sure you subscribe and check that video out  

As well and while we’re talking about food another  thing you need to do in mostar is try an authentic   Bosnian coffee thanks to the ottoman culture here  in Mostar and thats ordering a coffee is about much more  

Than just the drink it’s about the ritual here  you’ll be served your coffee in the traditional   Turkish style completely with ornate fixings to  make it a one-of-a kind experience not to mention   the coffee is incredibly rich and bold making  it an absolute must try for coffee lovers one  

Visiting mostar and if you’re an animal lover  you’re going to love mostar because you’d have   to go out of your way to miss this next thing to  see and that’s the friendly local cat population   that calls this ancient city their home in mostar  you can expect to find many furry feline friends  

Navigating this historic City and taking  in all the views we found this Moss secured for   some cute kittens right in their garden and it’s  unbelievably entertaining watching these kittens   see the world so if you’re looking to see some  of the cutest cats in mostar be sure to wander  

Down this way one of the things that was so  unexpected and such a pleasant surprise when   we came to mostar is how many cats there are here  we’ve seen so many kids just playing around and  

They’re all so friendly and cute we just dumble  on a bunch of them here and we are loving watching   them play how cute is this oh my gosh these  cats are so small they like to russle I think  

Courtney’s officially made a new friend this might  be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen look how tiny   this little guy is he’s so friendly he might be  coming home with a cat so that’s our list of top  

Things to do in mostar if you enjoyed this video  please give this video a like And subscribe to our   channel to see our upcoming travels in the future  next up we’re heading to Montenegro to explore the  

Fortress city of cotor and then off to Greece to  explore the islands and the mainland so be sure   to subscribe so you don’t miss it thanks so much  for watching and we’ll see you in the next one [Music] [Music] bye

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