“Must-Try Street Food in Antigua & Barbuda Before You Die!” – Video

“Must-Try Street Food in Antigua & Barbuda Before You Die!” – Video

If you are in Antigua and Barbuda, you definitely have to try the street food that this dual island nation has to offer. From delicious pepper pot and funghee to black pineapple and famous jerk chicken, you will experience a variety of flavors and textures that will surely tantalize your taste buds.

In this video, we follow the host as he explores the best street food in Antigua and Barbuda. From rice pudding to M, coconut water to black pineapple, smoothies to sugarcane juice, and finally ending with the mouth-watering jerk pork and chicken with festival, you can see the amazing culinary journey that he embarks on.

With shoutouts to various local businesses, such as Nikki’s Jerk Center and the sugarcane juice vendor, you get a taste of the local hospitality and flair that makes Antigua and Barbuda unique. The host interacts with the locals, tries the delicious food, and immerses himself in the culture of this beautiful Caribbean island.

So if you’re a foodie and a traveler looking for a culinary adventure, make sure to add Antigua and Barbuda to your bucket list. Don’t miss out on trying the street food before you die! Get ready to indulge in the flavors and stories of this amazing country.

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Video Transcript

This is Antiga and barbuta a beautiful Caribbean island that is home to some of the most delicious food I’m on a massive street food tour of Antiga and Barbuda trying everything from bull fooot soup black pineapple blood sausage and the famous antean roasted corn but I’m also learning about the culture and the

People of this beautiful dual island nation let’s go I’ve had blood sausage in Barbados in England I’ve had it all over the Caribbean but today we’re trying an antique and this one’s called rice pudding so it’s not like a a Ros leche this is actually blood sausage

It’s the same thing same thing rice pudding vand special right now hi I’m sorry what’s your name my name is va va yeah V so you have rice pudding rice pudding so you call it rice pudding but it’s blood sausage or no yes if you want

To call it that yeah can we see it black pudding black pudding black pudding oh my God this looks great what’s the process like to make this it’s made of with um rice and a lot of seasoning oh my gosh this reminds me of uh Barbados man yeah and where you

From from I’m from Antiga from the village of villa area yes and how long have you been uh selling this I’ve been selling this for over 20 years 20 years so it’s the best rice pudding my mother and my aunt you learned from your mother and your auntie

And my aunt she just retired about 5 years ago and she’s 93 years old wow so it’s Antiga delicacy rice puding and M I have the other one right here this is the m and what is that is a a stomach yes of the cow is well um being cooked

With um a lot of seasoning onions and celery W garlic a lot of seasoning well I’m definitely getting a rice pudding yes and I usually give this is a um I start like this and I cut it in three and I put in other Slice on it and this is $10

It’s even more than because of the advertisement oh thank you y so she also has M and that’s that’s the tripe that’s the tribe the tri you know the thing man yeah but this is the best yes the best the no I love this rice pudding is the

The ultimate this in in anywhere where they speak uh Castellano or Spanish they call it Moria so in Argentina it’s Moria I like this one because it does have the rice so it is like beautiful soft really hot it was amazing so 10 for this 10 you see10 here we go one bite

M I love the spices 93 years old and she retired by a little spicy this one yes little bit Yeah it falls apart oh yeah so soft hot spicy what else is in here it has in onion garlic onion garlic garlic pepper celery celery and and th

It it is so good it’s like one of the ultimate Delicacies here Inga right I know I know and to fin it’s hard and we mostly serve it on a weekend Friday and a Saturday but it’s expanding now so now we going out now sometimes um I’m here

For 4 days a week Wednesday Thursday and Fridays and also Saturday today too that’s my day that I am I here yes I am well congratulations Friday and the Saturday that’s the big day Friday Saturday of course that’s the day that’s the day everybody comes out more

Relaxed and have rice I love it thank you you want to take this home this is my snack tomorrow morning seriously sry what’s your name it’s the best rice pudding in the whole world the greatest this is the rice pudding why is it so good

It’s so good she make it so good taste really good hot nice tell me one thing it’s special about Ana one thing Antiga is a nice country he beautiful you have kind people you have people there who respect other people and you have yeah anti is a

Nice country and the best rice food in the world a lot of people out there cannot you have some people from different Island cannot make this is the antig best rice ping in the whole world and nothing ever change it the greatest you eat the best flavors you feel so good feel

Good I mean he he already sold it right best rice pudding in the whole world in the whole world nobody can come be it’s too much bro that was the best rice pudding ever thank you I don’t know my my friends all over the world will

Disagree they’ll get mad at me but it’s good it’s good best rice pudding it was unique you know I like the rice though a lot of rice after a lot of food we need coconut to oh yes reh hydrate oh most definitely you’re going to cut it a

Green the scene you don’t know Green always the scene a high high oh my God too much so what are these These are coconuts locally grown coconuts this is a particular variety because some years ago we had a disease here that had um destroyed a lot of the

Nuts so the traditional nuts were destroyed so there were some varieties that we’re we’re we’re out there that could stand the test of time and this is one of them so we are now on the rebound the coconut on the rebound they’re coming back now in the glory so now like

Now you’re here you can get two 3 years ago you couldn’t get a coconut in Antiga but now go you can get it and the Hurricanes did a number on it in baruda too cuz they had a coconut Plantation the hurricane did a number but it it’s

On the way back it’s you know how nature is well I ask because this is small yes well you know the varieties some of them depends on but it’s very sweet you know you have different sizes small large medium but hey the quality is just always up front The Taste is always it’s

All about it’s not how as they say how we look how we okay woo yeah no problem oh ah there it is there it is see it popping I like when it pops like that here we go here we go one two nice and fresh down the down the shoot

Down the shoot down the shoot coconut antean Barb the style that’s what it’s all about Antiga bar the freshon so coconut in there so much water yeah of course I told you don’t judge the book by the cover got to get in there is there any jelly got let’s check and see let’s

Check oh see I didn’t finish it I didn’t finish no no this one is is Virgin so you could drink it from the side now like like you’re drinking from a bowl you could try that one check that one out he’s drinking from a bowl I’m watch your

Extras oh my gosh this a really F nice and sweet oh yes I told I told you man this this this is this is at a different level I’m like yeah this one is nice and young of course how big these are oh yeah this is the this one’s big yes here this

Is a different one this another variety that stand you know stand the test of time too you have this one but again hey it’s just all about nature doing its thing and and just rebounding whenever something happens nature just takes over and come back that’s all about going

Green that’s what we do here in antia and you know we got to get that little I’m sorry what’s your name O go green that’s what call Go Green he’s too kind oh yes I’m the leader of the green party in Anan Bob we’re all about the environment we’re all about we’re about

Everything green nature you name it once it’s green that’s the [Laughter] scene let’s roll pineapple yes this is the best pineapple in Antiga my man how you doing good oh what are you doing here just cing with some pineapple um yeah doing some pineapple we’re doing some other things too we

Don’t go do pineapple this is melon these are local melon so you first have to peel it yeah got to it BR it and then you cut it and set it in whatever you’re going to make with it good so how do you sell it like as a

Cocktail like a fruit cocktail or uh yes you can call it a fruit cocktail or food bow Ana fruit the best in the Caribbean some of the best in the Caribbean this guy knows dude some sometimes the the pine Apple we have is the Ana black

Pineapple yeah I can’t wait to try it we haven’t tried it yet okay when if you just hold a minute they’ll get you some he has Antiga black pineapple yes so where do you get the fruits from do you get it from the farmer or the yes I get

My fruits on the farmer and those that are not from local uh I get them from Miami they come from some come from C did you say Miami Miami no way yeah I know Miami makes the best fruit in Florida in Florida I’m sorry what’s your name me I’m Fitz

Fitz yeah Fitz so how long have you been here Fitz how long have you been on this uh corner at this particular Corner um not I started on the other Corner over there High Street at 1975 1975 yep wow and this is your what you do always

Fruit um this is a part of what I do okay I did something else I I did CR all the cruise ships I used to supply all the cruise ships oh nice and it was a disappointed day for me when the cruise ship ordered some Commodities and then I

The son took part of it and after the sun took part of it I decided to go and do the other part of it and the ship only took a couple and then I went on the road in 1975 that was High Street Corner and then after I decided after

The cruise ship went belly um business up because of the explosion and that was in 75 75 yeah oh so 911 when 911 came I had to change from 91 wow so you’ve been almost 50 years selling fruit out here in the streets of St John St John longer

Than I’ve been alive 10 years before I was born you out here well that’s good that’s good that tells you look great like you look great that tells you something it tells you that stick to oh he added some raisins there and this food is called Mommy

Support this is it mommy support yeah can I try some yeah you’ll get some I’ll get you perfect so what’s one thing you youve been to the other Islands I think what’s one thing that makes Antiga different from maybe the other Islands our the people here is number

One and the soil we have volcanic soil and so it’s like antig M has about the same ante M gu Loop so you find the pineapples here going to be sweeter than the other places almost all the produce that we produc here as dry nice and palatable so you’ll find this here in

Antiga and you probably would find it one or two other place in the region but in terms of pineapple we have about the best pineapple you have in the world we speak a straight languages the others bend the languages to a point oh other langu what’s can you give us a little

Example of like some no well instead I said come here go on Partner come here now go down the road you like that mean let us go down the road and say come here but I said in my dialect and in Jamaica they have their own dialect all

The islands have the dialect so we we we craft in our in our languages in our dialect and we get along a lot with people we very spiritually oriented people and so you find that we do things a little more under under the safer side we are more moral minded we are more

Concerned about people we more people friendly we more human people and things of that nature so this is one of the things that make Antiga um a different place and we have a fantastic array of beaches 365 beaches we have nice Rocky sides we have nice um lookover from

Different point we have some fabulous hotels in this country we just you call it we name it we antig man I’m excited to have some of this pineapple tell you truth this thing has me salivating wow papaya look at this oh that’s the black pineapple a black pineapple

Wow so it’s not really black but the inside’s black no it’s not black the nature of the nature it’s a very cute pineapple yeah it’s a very baby pine it’s a little baby yeah it’s a little baby it’s amazing yeah this is this is um see when you you you planted

Pineapple when you going to um put that put on the the the spray on them what you call the for people the insects and things like that what you’ll have you cover everything are you going to be there pineapp biggest these but these are not really our pineapple but them

Just a demonstration of the size we normally have and this so this is the baby one so this is this is a two pict of it most times our pineapple go better in um August September June July August September that’s when we have the sweet sweet sweet pineapple after you finish

Eating this pineapple you need water cuz it’s so sweet is that sweet that’s sweet sweetest in the Caribbean sweet in the world not the Caribbean people from Germany come here all the time and and they ask me if I have any Antiga Pine but there are certain times of the year

That the Antiga Pine is not as sweet as it would be because it’s we’re trying to make sure that we have things to suit the people rather don’t Fe them coming from all the way different parts of the world and asking through the commodity

And not being able to to to have a taste of it so you find when we sort of induce it to get what we want we don’t get to sweet things but when it’s natur when it comes naturally in June July August September then you have the sweetest

Finapp anywhere over the world so just like any other thing some people have it all the year around we can get it all year but we got it cut enough so I’m going to give you guys a bit of it and this is compliment oh thank you this is the sweetest pineapple on

Earth they say it’s the best the Antiga black pineapple there so sweet burst of water oh I’ll eat this all day it’s ridiculous look how small it is you have another one there it’s tiny I’ve never seen a pineapple this small and this is the the final product

Like that well this this one is a size product not size because as I said they treat them all on one covering so when they’re going to Boom spray them everything gets the same treatment but you always get like this right cuz this one this is like the regular pineapple

Look at the difference size it’s crazy this is my head and this is the baby put like this dude it’s amazing you can go anywhere over the world and try the pineapple and come to Antiga and try the Antiga black especially June July and August when the real season this time is

Off season so you find you find that they’ll come a little smaller and when they’re doing the overhead spray with call the boom Square they Square everything together so some will come big like the guy we showing you earlier but these are the very tiny tiny ones

But they’re also sweet to me these are sweeter than the big big ones because they have less size but these and when the Sun get it and it has a dry T it’s not a watery pineapple so if you put this in a in a food tray then you don’t

Have to wonder if you’re going to run on the other fruit so you can have this in the same fruit you could be allergic to to Pineapple but in your setting or in whatever fruit you make it you can take all the pineapple the stin is different

It’s sweeter it’s firmer and it’s not watery at all it’s just firm and so I’m cutting it in four different pieces here cutting off the head and this is the head you plant this head and it takes 18 months before it to grow into a PL again 18 months wow this one I

Eat put some salt salt some pepper maybe some spices make it a nice Chow in Trinidad they do that I know that they mix it so good I went to barbes in Trinidad one time Guana and we did exchange of of of we made all sorts of little cups

Mangoes um pineapple so mix the fruits you know some christophine put all together so some sauce and some pepper in it add some pepper sauce in it and black pepper White yeah exactly Guana Trinidad Barbados got my beans my ganes my trinis I travel to all these new territories and most

Things first place I go anytime I travel is to the market when I went to Finland in 19 1979 I went straight to the market you went to Finland 79 huh that’s like pre uh Cold War it’s like during Cold War wild wild yeah that was good my man

Thank you so much how much do we owe you for the for the pineapple just give me 10 E 10 e Perfect 10 e so you’re thr like three bucks and that was I got two right teny ten thank you so much continue success thank you thank you

Thank you best pineapple in the world right here I was telling the tourist right across the street from the best pineapple in the world we have smoothies my man Eddie steel Eddie steel yes and what do you do Here Eddie steel yeah I know that’s amazing name like you

Say you had some of the best pineapple I was told I made the best smoothies okay so what do you recommend man okay and I had the like I have like some Sour oranges here these are actually from my backyard I go these myself and I will combine it with like pineapple maybe

Some fion food which is high vitamin C which is pretty good for your immune system let’s do one all I’m ready this is how I like starting my day when I don’t fast I’ll take a nice smoothie so where you from so I am from Miami Miami okay

Cool born and raised okay when I was young I used to hang out and put a lot of D around Sunrise oh yeah yeah man I wear another hat I used to play with a Regan over there called Riot spot oh nice nice wild this is a sweeten N I make from the

Can juice from the can juice yeah everything I do is basically um plantbased natur and how long you’ve been here July this year will make 7 years I’ll be on the corner but prior to that I worked in the hotel indust I’m a train mixologist by profession oh

Awesome what’ you put in there pineapple pineapp yeah this is some passion fruit passion fruit it’s like a slushie yes it’s amazing I love it and especially with this heat outside you need this yeah man thick and it’s no diffusion of uh color and’s okay staying here with you yeah

Yeah that’s fine okay I’m going to try this oh yeah nice and cold love the passion for it oh yeah this will clean your entire system yes definitely def you were in for Lauderdale you had a ree band I used to play with some guys from Jamaica yeah yeah Guan

Huh Riot Squad was the name of the band and we used to open for people like um tabang third world Inner Circle I don’t know if you still have Miami Marine Stadium still exist Miami Marina you know that’s in Virginia key on the way

To Kiwi SK yeah I used to go in there with my friends and they used to do graffiti crazy back in the day that’s when it was like abandoned you know correct correct correct and you know the amazing the amazing thing about the North like foro area is that it’s

Literally the Caribbean in South Florida you go there Jamaicans there’s trinis look antigas how do you call antig Anan yes yes definitely definitely and you were born here on the island I was born here yes I was born here Sunrise musical theater still exist because this a place

That we have played we used to do a place called Tugboat and he’s in for lale and uh Ridley’s up in West Palm Beach and stuff our own and most of the on the East Co so nice and let me ask you how’s the how’s the economy here how

Do you feel it I mean it feels like everything’s perfect but then at the same time we hear some stories you know it’s it’s a bit quiet right now to to be be honest I guess everybody’s um watching what’s happening in the world right now so people you know holding on

On their their money about we do get cruise ship on a daily which is a good thing yeah I think that that’s what drives the entire economy and and what I’m seeing with u you know with people like yourself and others like him that they started in the industry they got

Into the cruise ship industry and then eventually they started and made their own thing which is great right right but yeah I mainly was in the hotel industry you for a while and then I left them cuz while I was in the hotel industry music

As well was a passion and I worked for sandals for number oh you work for sandals well we went to sandals yesterday right there by our di Beach Dion Bay amazing Beach I love what they did there I mean it’s a nice strip you know I don’t recommend Sandos but I recommend going

There are you are you a drummer I’m getting Dr I like myself that’s all right people thank you bro hey Mr steel the best all right smoothie Palace right here in the middle of St John the best smoothies in Antiga and probably the Caribbean because this is amazing but look at this

I want to show you this my man thank you you’re welcome appreciate it over here we have the cruise ships overlooking the entire city it just shows you how important it is to the economy cruise ship tourism the good and the bad the bad for me is the six months of the year

When they don’t come and there’s no tourism this everything is like a ghost town here you know right now three different cruise ships are here I think it’s Royal Norwegian I don’t know what the other one is uh we also have virgin comes here and virgin is the best one

They were telling me to come here with because it like leaves like at 10:00 p.m. at night so at least you know those extra 5 hours cuz most of these leave at 5:00 so between 5:00 and 10 you get to have that dinner crowd you to go party

Before you get back on the ship this is amazing climate today got a little wind sun’s out need some sunblock but with this nice smoothie it starts to melt amazing slug Soulja Boy what’s up my man how you doing I’m good making lots of soups today no I soups

Done for the day done yeah no way you don’t have one yeah course what do you got bum bum bum bum bum I’m thinking what to give you whatever you have left we we saw you online we knew we had to come here don’t worry about that I

Have you online too oh yeah that’s why I have this hot paper waiting for you oh you have that hot me make sure you get a sauce local me this is finished but this is antean bull foot Bull foot yeah but this is finished so I’m just giving you a sample

Wow it looks good and you going to add some pepper in there that’s your choice it’s my choice huh yeah I’m going to try his spicy pepper look at that it’s so thick no it’s hot super hot I’ll give you my sauce David’s been here for you

Ah no problem this is not that hot this is flavorful it’s flavor this is just heat I’m going to try this bull foot soup so what we have in here we have some rice tomorrow to get a better part of the bullot soup both to wrap off

Now M we like kidney beans ni beans red beans red beans this is another bot after a hangover perfect I give you something El to tr water goat water so you know what these water uh dishes we’ve heard about them in other items but we haven’t tried

Any yeah so what is goat meat yeah make from goat meat Brown first seasoning yeah I’ll try it for sure sounds amazing this is antean goat water that’s goat water it’s got cinnamon it does remind me of the the Guyanese Pepper Pot the the cassar thick actually I’m a G oh you

A GU not it’s not really the gese pepp but cuz gese pepper but some people put goat meat but this is goat meat it’s amazing the guy PR use beef and then other meat that you choose but yeah a nice piece to give you to try you going to give me that to

Try oh my gosh it’s so tender it melts it melted off only that soja boy super movements only Soulja Boy soja Boy tell them is that how it goes I can’t sing with you no so your boy is the artist right yeah yeah it’s the artist but I’m not sure M it’s amazing

Soup the only soup place in antig Barb it’s the only soup place in antig Barb yeah that was amazing soup soja boy my man byebye all right guys we’re here at a cricket match we’re going to get some footage it’s awesome I’ve never seen it

Me either so right here at the stadium I guess this field we have this gentleman his name is Timmy Time cocktails he makes some of the best cocktails here on the island right there so let me tell you how much I know about Cricket nothing I just know that

They play this in India and all the commonwealth countries they play this game there’s a guy in the middle he serves it almost like a pitcher and then it bounces and you’re supposed to hit it like a bat right like Baseball hit it and goes out and then he has to go

Around bases I’m guessing that’s how they play I’ve never seen it in action only on TV but this is right here practicing 2018 October so that makes this year one number how many years old are we today okay so David this game is called Cricket it’s a British sport that was

Handed down to us so our actual international team is called West Indies a compilation of players from different Islands Barbados Trinidad gyana Jamaica and tigga St Lucia and so that’s is called the Western the so in this game of cricket what you looking at the gentleman with the hat he’s called a a

Wicket keeper so he stands behind the Wicket and we have like the stumps are here the stumps across there and the guy on the end here he’s a boulder so he’s Bolding to the batter all right and the guy behind there with the gloves he’s the Wicket

Keeper so he’s going to catch the ball now the concept of the game is if you hit the ball you can run between the crease but you better get to the other end because if not you can be stomped out if you hit the ball and the ball

Goes beyond the boundary which is this line right around here then what happens is you get six runs if you hit it within the boundary you get four runs that’s the concept of the game though so it could be very lenty you could have what’s called a test match that goes

About 5 days starting from about 9 to about five oh these guys are probably paying about what they call like 20 overs every six ball uh that equates to one over so before when we were watching it so this is like the third ball and

This guy’s a spinner so what he does he spins the ball and he doesn’t run off as fast as the other guy did he would be a fast baller but he’s a spinner so what he does he will spin the ball in his hands and you can go you have to go

Overhand not like baseball when you just throw it it has to go overhand all right so that’s the whole concept of the game so he hit the ball the guys ran between there so that’s actually one runs wow okay so it’s not like softball it’s under baseball is

Straight right this is over over it’s like over it over and it has to drop within we can’t see it here because it’s marked out so when the guys bowling he can’t go beyond that because that’s going to call a no barall and he has to stay within that square boundage right

There last five days yeah you can have a match which is called a test match that last five days five days it’s almost like one of those tennis matches that last like 18 hours or something but they’ve got they’ve got I mean they do have test matches but they realize that

The game can be too lengthy so they now have what they call 50 overs every six ball is one over they’ve compressed it again to like 20 overs all right so I’m sure this is what these guys are playing right what language is he speaking I

Have no idea what he’s saying oh my go I’m lost oh my gosh oh my gosh I’m an American bro I understand but I’m trying we don’t we don’t believe in rugy and we don’t believe in cricket oh my gosh I’m messing with you guys come Ono I love

You guys and there’s four there’s four like uh national heroes of cricket from here from Antigo they play for the West Indies they used to play for the West Indies used to play for the west and right now anybody playing uh we have about what maybe about three guys playing Jimbo yeah yeah

Joseph we got about two three guys playing right now nice so you guys produce strong cricket players uh yeah I would say that the emphasis on the game has gone down a bit hopefully these guys here these uh young guys they be able to bring exactly cuz it’s a it’s a

Tradition that was handed On To Us by the British not just here in Antiga but most of the cvan we play crickets right we got some roasted corn right here she’s there’s a roadside corn vendor no you’re good you’re good how you doing it’s amazing with that just blowing

It woo it’s hot do you put any butter on it or do do you just eat it like this just like this just like that no but oh wow I’m going to try one but you you’re really roasting them look this like popping right here so what’s your name my name is Jennifer

Jennifer nice to meet you how long have you been doing this uh about 10 years 10 years yes my husband is a farmer and I roast the car wow so your husband’s a farmer and you roast the corn and do you do this all day long like what time do you start the

Corn cuz we know that most Street vendors here in Antiga don’t really do stuff during the week it’s usually on the weekends for us when the crop is ready so the crop is ready it’s usually 3 days for the week or some time five it depends on the amount of

Corn we have got it got it so just like this with no butter no butter just you throw any salt you add anything nothing fre from the farm and they’re very nice we try one they’re very thin corn this nice and charred like straight from the farm so this Farm to

Table right here right here on the side of the road a lot of traffic going up and down the street I’m excited I’m hungry about to break my fast with some Antiga corn Roose corn but but where’s the black pineapple pineapple we got to get it it’s the black pineapple right all

Right I’ll try one how much is it for one we sell according to size okay yeah so I mean one of these longer ones like this this one is like $3 $3 so it’s like one almost one USD a little more than one USD for that oh it smells amazing it’s like popping

Everywhere you eat this every day when it’s available when it’s I know I’m joking yeah but what’s most interesting though is the charcoal mhm yeah this is actually charcoal that we actually make oh you make is charcoal the TRU out so what happened is you get like tree

Trunks M and they will like dig a hole in the ground this quick scenario could probably be like 6 ft long maybe about 4 ft deep maybe about 4 ft wide they’ stack those wooders in there and then they’ll light them a fire and then they’ll put two pipes in there for

Combustion for oxygen so they can burn they’ll cover it with dirt about a week after they remove the dirt then V you get charcoal oh wow yeah so it’s right in the bu it’s an amazing explanation yeah yeah that’s what I got a Char use

It in the hotels barbecue we use it like when we go to the beach with barbecues and for instance like this like for instance if you at home and you want to fight fish you one that part up in your kitchen you get like a this pot right

Here it’s made out of metal but sometimes they can make them out of clay you put your charcoal in and that’s it so they got s yeah what other juices they got in there Rasberry that’s it right let me see the s s sell look at that made my hand red is

That crazy or what it’s frozen though it’s frozen that’s right open this up I biscuits flour first time I tried this I was in um I was in Guyana yeah it’s normally very it’s sweet nice and sweet get a lot in Christmas doesn’t Yeah Christmas Yeah Christmas yeah yeah

Sirm and Guyana they love stuff like this in Christmas oh it’s so tasty they they got any peanut drink over there n they didn’t have any peanut drink they all they had was Um passion fruit yeah so passion fruit and the rest of them are from supermarkets and stuff

Yeah ice cold yeah the reason when you get ice like this is that you drink it along the road you know slowly it heats up the day it’s great but I need this right now so I’ll take one corn by the way it looks like business is

Booming for you because we’ve been here 5 minutes and it’s like you have client after client after client I you guys love Rose corn they love the rose corn they love Rose corn most of the days we have more customers than corn some days you have more customers than corn don’t

Let every Ana know that they’ll come and Rob us oh my gosh it’s amazing yeah we usually have more corn we have more cor than more customers than corn so she says she’s going to you’re going to add this into here this is the the this is

The house or the some people say the shell the shell corn and some customers prefer it like this okay and they eat it from the render paper just like that no added salt nothing you know this reminds me of going back to India when I had corn in India very tasty nice and

Charred just like that sweet no added no not sweet I mean there is some flavor but that comes from the smoke in L of America they do overload they had Mayo they had salces yeah right yeah they had queso they have cheese Cayenne I think right too Cayenne or is it cayenne pepper

Throw some hot sauce on here oh my goodness you say that’s a sin oh it’s a smokey bite come bring the bag me come here come what time you usually here 9:30 a.m. and we’re here until about 2:00 about 2: afternoon B here until you sell out basically and that’s the time we

Sell out no matter what we bring about how is business business is great it’s great yes do you have a lot of the tourists coming through from the cruise ships do they stop here like in big groups or no not a lot sometimes they they will stop

But not a lot not a lot yeah mainly it’s um the local antean bar they will shop so it’s mainly locals eating the corn yes well tourist come eat your corn who comes here is it Americans British I mean what do you feel more of it’s hard to say because usually um the

The tour guides they will come and they speak They Don’t Really interact with us oh they don’t no the tour guide will come along and they will pay for the con introduce them to the con but they don’t say much so I don’t know what the accent

Is so do you know any Antiga slang is there a slang cuz and we noticed you guys speak a little differently than everybody else she said Kumbaya is that she kumb a come from that’s right try again come from ATI come from come from from yeah I tried but I started speaking like

Almost like TR there or something oh my God from Miami come on key and this guy needs to go into the store right now the contractor all right that was amazing Jennifer thank you so much you’re most welcome we appreciate you I’m going to stop by tomorrow maybe I need another

One okay bye thank you bye y it seems like he’s pressing sh sugar can sugar cane juice so we’re going to go ahead to him and see if he can give us a quick interview and tell us about the process and the cane juice perfect sugarcan finally we had it earlier but

That was a chew on this is actual juice yeah this is extracted in this presser hello sir hi how you doing how you doing I’m good I’m good so you do sugarcane yeah this is exactly how they do in India they get it they cut it they put

It in the extractor and they put lime in between sometimes do you do that as well yeah Ginger oh Ginger as well dude just like India let’s let’s get one or two with youself and then you do that once and then you can do it twice you can get a little more

Juice you like take it back and you bend it bend it to do as you see this sugarcane coming out the juice coming from the bottom that’s good what’s your name juicy juicy yeah original you want to bottle it yes sir he’s filling up a bottle right here so I haven’t seen this

Like I’ve seen this big extractor even bigger than this yeah but never this where you just it’s like a tap and this pure sugarcane nothing added no Ginger no no no while ago I’m going to try it right here it’s 10 E 10 EC perfect look look at the color that is

True sugarcane juice you know what we call this in Miami we call it guappo gule PR it’s the best wow this is good this and coconut water what I love about this is that it’s natural sugars and it cleans your system you have one of these in the sun

You’re perfect yeah that’s true yeah I rather have this over any alcohol no beer nothing just sugarcane juice bro I close my eyes and I feel like I’m in Deli right now I’m here h it’s so pure man it feels like like I’m tasting the soil the same time it’s sweet M so

Green you know it’s cool also right here we have a Tamarind Tree look Tamarind oh wow I’ve never seen one you never seen it that’s Tamarind right there yeah that’s Tamarind that’s how they make it Tamarind Chutney Tamarind juice The Tamarind balls same thing so they pull

That they they break it up and they pull out you know they have a small seat and the rest of it is like nice little flesh oh but this is amazing bro yeah so I was telling him that it’s not cold enough but he’s like yeah but that’s why I put

It in here so people get it cold so when you come here instead of getting in you know doing it for you extracting it get when it’s already Frozen oh this is perfect ready to go aming amazing amazing thank you so much 10 EC so it’s like uh say four bucks three bucks

Oh you so how long have you been selling sugarcane here from since in July I mean since July oh you haven’t been doing it for years no July I started so what did you do your whole life in terms of Farming Farming yeah so you’re a farmer

Farmer and I also do landscaping and you do landscaping and do the sugarcane come from your garden yes most of them most of the time sometime I don’t have enough so I have to buy yeah so is the shortage right now or you is good well I have good in stock

For right now so I’m in good shape and who stops here to buy tourists locals tourists local people who knows the machine we and can you tell me one thing that’s unique unique where I mean you can get everything local natural fresh real organic hey super Juice thank you so

Much bro thank now I’m Juiced up I’m Ready the sugar bam dude I can go for a run right now no I was tired that like lifted me that was good it’s good for the back it’s good for the back if you know what I mean so he always come

Around yeah that’s a good customer and he probably have about four customer in the bus need one so he’s a good business customer uhoh what happened there bro I hope they’re okay this probably comes pick a area where maybe because it rained cuz most people would have been

Able to pull off or whatever but I mean he chose the perfect spot this is the intersection between the South and the north literally everybody’s passing through here ambulances this guy’s getting a lot of business right now easily he sold like seven just in the 5 minutes that we’ve been walking 5

Minutes I know exactly who you are thank you so much you’re Timmy right all the time yeah so what do you do here Timmy cocktails cocktails cocktails what she do food also you me with f as well yeah with my my bro here my cousin he’s backyard he’s somewhere around the B

Doing something you know what I mean something well I heard you have the best cocktails so I’m I’m getting a cocktail today all right why not let’s do it let’s make some cocktails do it all right I’m going to be making I’m making it’s made already but what it is we

Found a way here that we we make the cocktails youan beforehand and uh they’re made by antigas top mixologist which is yours truly Timmy know Timmy Time you know what I mean and this is really a vodka based cocktail it’s has some vodka it has a bit of white r the

Local rum I mean bit of coconut rum some Peach lure blue curo which is orange flavored lure fresh lemon lime juice Peach snaps aromatics you know what I mean and then like a homemade lemonade attitude there a whole bunch of fun in a bottle you know what I mean but they

These were made by only two people so only two persons in N can make these you know what I mean so we get it right all the time perfect awesome and it’s called a blue pill you know you normally get the blue pill in the pharmacy but it’s

You can get it here so say it’s a blue pill but where’s the red pill which Rabbit Hole would you like to go down blue pills we need blue pills you got to keep up you know what I’m saying yeah no for sure about different blue pill D

Yeah different BL no dude I was just talking about the matrix it’s the back the one that’s good for your back the good for the back back blue pilling so I was going to say it looks like the incredible hul but no what is the blue man the blue pill the blue man

It’s like Avatar drink the Avatar night crawler or night crawler beautiful with some pineapple on top and that’s the biggest Stu here to many time you know what I mean it’s good it’s a nice cocktail I mean you know what makes me get scared with some of these cocktails

You don’t taste the alcohol yeah that’s that’s so you have two or three and you’re like what’s happening he has about four or five but it’s balanced that’s the trick it’s a balanced me very very balanced you know what I mean so so how long you been here uh say three

Three and a half 4 years since Co I would say you know what I mean Co is what you know I mean got to me to do this you know I mean cuz I was working in bars and for years and traveling in the world representing Antiga competitions all around the region in

The world but uh when the co hit there were no bars open in Antiga and I I decided to create a page that people needed the drinks you me good cocktails and I started bottling cocktails cuz we sell them by the bottle too for retail and I started delivering cocktails all

Over the country on a daily basis even though they had a quite off time at about 12 or 12:30 I used to break the curfew hours still on the road like 2 and 3:00 you know I mean just you know mean taking a risk you cann’t get let

The police see you but you’re okay now I am I I haven’t worked a day since for nobody you know I mean beautiful so what we do now we do a lot of we do this and uh the weekends and we do a lot of functions with my cousin here backyard

Chef Javid and we do functions we do private parties and you know cuz we’ve been working in that industry for some years so we just capitalize on it so let me ask you what’s one unique thing about an it’s just full of love that’s all it is people are lovely they’re kind you

Know I mean it’s it’s as you said it’s Unique you know I mean you have any slang any Anan slang Jesus is coming we all love to say that especially when we’re drinking it guys Jesus is coming I don’t know when he’s coming but we all think he’s coming

Pretty soon Jesus is coming what is it no I know but hypnotic and Hennessy makes the Incredible Hulk is that what is that’s the Hulk but that’s not this far from the Hulk what’s the bluest character in the Marvel Universe night C night is not blue he is oh he isue but I

Mean he’s a weird blue super blue also The Shape Shifter what’s her name yeah Mystique Mystique that’s all the X-Men bro that’s all I got X-Men counts bro X-Men counts I new Deadpool Wolverine I don’t know what I’m saying bro leave me alone Timmy you’re amazing dude thank

You so much bro just I was saying when are you guys going to come to that team because I watch all the time you know oh yeah going all over the place watching in Jamaica doing that you know I mean crabs doing the crabs crab and the

Pigtails with a white rice you know I mean I love it I love it man pigtails are just delicious this is nice it’s very flavorful so people come here at night chill watch cricket yeah sometimes we have a night Cricket just down below there and uh sometimes people just come

And chill chill till about 9:10 I mean have drinks and relax that’s what we do but we normally start here from about midday with lunch cocktails mocktails if you take a look at the menu we do a little bit of everything though it’s not just cocktails we do milkshakes iced coffees

Ice lates ODS of bears you know what I mean I don’t know I’m going with cocktails today if you’re having a rough day you just want to get boo and crawl out I got you you know what I mean it’s a little life Timmy getting me messed up Twisted

Take your time every time everything is everything everything everything is e everything let’s go inside marthas ly ly this is why I speak Spanish man so on the weekends they do food but mostly drinks what should I try hin car rest coronita Corona she has all the all the beers of the

Caribbean here sounds like red stripe what is that no okay guess Domo see she’s from the capital M this is Kito this is nice sweet creamy this is Bailey’s man like Bailey like Bailey the same thing 15 years she’s been here engl or no see you speak English

Good yes yeah so how long have you had this business for 12 12 years old yeah and you like an so her so her brothers are from here her son was born here yeah because there’s a big Dominican by the way the M love to party so no yeah Saturday night party Dominican St they love to go to clubs in Miami all Dominicans always out see Miami mang mang okay wow this no Day hot day no she’s G it to me freeas for meas is the best is the best

Place to go for beaches in all of it’s a nice place see see all of Dr but you know capana you know that area it’s amazing as well but just I went to the the kite surfing capital of the world in so they have both they have the skite

Surfing and the Paras I don’t know how thank you to so she’s named after her mom perfect thank you that was great and there is old school is gambling what is this never seen this you can play pool here relax have a drink in the scorching

Sun that was nice it’s a huge Dominican population so you have people from Dominican Republic people from Dominica uh I’ve met some guyes many guyes and a few trines and then the rest are antig and Jamaicans and Jamaican my man sorry I forgot about the Jamaicans no we met so many of them

Though the last few days yeah and they have amazing jerk in St John she has it we found it Pepper Pot yeah yes pepper pot and funi we’re trying the national dish finally yeah what’s your name my name is Sarah Sarah yeah Sarah we’re going to enjoy this today ni let’s go

$20 20 for the pepper pot and fi yeah it’s fine oh my God it is like Fu it is like yeah how do you make it yeah how do you make the par pot cut up the greens and put them to boil and then I will put the pork to boil by

Itself with the dumpling make everything boil in seasoning and then I over set it in the greens so there pork and there greens and Chicken in it too this is this is all the pork I have chicken um piggy ear and in it dumpling no bro you know what it does

Remind me of oil down Calo too meam G and everything Cal with a little more stuff yeah this pepper p is different from the guyan one this one is pork chicken and it’s a vegetable stew so very different that one’s beef CER reap uh and then they put

The the funi inside so we can’t see it on the outside but usually in a plate it be the funi and then you know this next to Pepper Pot next to it and you mix it yeah and am I going to eat this with a

How am I eating this with a spoon with a spoon yeah yeah cuz usually you would eat it with hands on a plate correct yeah so when you eat it with your hand it’s sweeter and how long have you been here selling uh your food well I tell you the

Truth I don’t count how much he is but I think he about 4 to five 4 5 years can you tell me one thing that’s special about Antiga one thing Antiga is nice sweet you enjoy it and how has it changed in the past few years in your

Opinion over the 40 years over the 40 years years I think it change change a lot change lot a little more expensive that’s everywhere now I know yeah but how do you feel in terms of Tourism a lot of Tourism coming in yeah yeah yeah yeah let’s do it Sarah’s

Pepper Pot let’s try it have Chella oh my God it’s so green oh amazing it’s delicious stew vegetable right here that’s a dumpling this reminds me of the dumplings of U of oil down I had something similar in Grenada I had oil down their national dish and it has this oh it’s

Amazing So Soft then right here we have the pork do we have any bone in here try gra this oh my gosh so good falls apart yeah nice soft I’m trying to get to the funji to the very bottom the chicken’s delicious too oh this is amazing I haven’t had a dish

Like this everything so the very bottom of the funi how do I get down there you got to mash it up there it is there it is it is Fufu no way how do you make this by pounding it that’s better than Alice’s crab right that’s way better than Alice’s

Crab you film the video with Al never go away no that’ll never go away the best it was it was the best C I’ve ever had in my life and we all know whyne don’t disrespect Alice Alice why you in the bucket so you have to dig

Into this one to really pull out the funi funi is exactly the same as Fufu it’s the same thing yeah the same thing yeah and what is it made out of what do you use to make funi your and a little salt in the um so cornmeal and and you mash

It you beat it let me show you this is just like Canan fuu look at that the difference they’re not using their hands for this one I mean here I’m not going to do that in the street but I think if you’re eating this at home you

Might be using your hands look it’s very sticky you pull out all this it’s feeling but it’s super healthy besides the cornmeal the rest of it it’s really good for you yeah look at that love it dude this is a great dish right outside of St John’s we

Have a jerk area lots of jerk right here jerk chicken let’s see if we find some jerk pork smells amazing it’s smell the spices what we going this way I’m going to go this way woo yeah be careful here at night this place looks good right here smells so

Good is that for you yeah all of it hi how you doing hey how you doing welcome to Nikki’s Winner’s J Center thank you yeah I mean the fat on that pork yes looks insane that is good it’s going to like melt my mouth as you can

See our logo here Nikki winner jerk Center so how many gold medals have you won well well she she she got gold for me this looks too good so what do you do chicken and and pork so we have the pork right here oh wow this is the jerk

Pork to the Bone yeah well seasoned you know we’re from Jamaica you’re from Jamaica where in Jamaica are you from from St Elizabeth St Elizabeth all right yes the Bread Basket the Bread Basket amazing okay so this is a jerk Fork right and on this Grill now which is the

Jerk chicken right here oh wow this smells so good and it look good it looks amazing the same as it looks that’s how it tastes even better wow so are there a lot of Jamaicans on the island yes yeah a lot of us are here and and

Bar smells like you have no idea thank you we actually we went to uh Portland went to Boston Beach to try the the home of jerk but the best trick we ever tried was in South Florida near in my house in Miami I wanted to taste mine and tell

I’m going tell you I’m going tell you yeah for sure great so good you guys eat here every day I’m from Guyana you’re from Guyana yeah where’s the pepper pot the pepper pot the egall metm G gy so there’s guy Jamaicans there trines everything on this island that’s is it

That’s is it so what what do you got here we have the the drer sauce which is very hot going to make some right now we have the barbecue and we have the ketchup we also have you know we can leave out the Jamaica gray sauce and

Then we have a little extra just in case you want to pep it up that is it so this is what we have right here at Nikki’s jerk Center you know is this is Friday and Saturday yes so we’re here from Friday Saturday and Sunday all depends

I’m here also also on Thursdays you know yes dud we have Festival festiv the best yeah you just do them like this then you then you just put them in the pot and then sometimes they turn out like this you know I personally love Festival more than all the other do because it’s

Sweet yes it’s very sweet sweet and delicious you know so yeah big up Nicki jerk center right here anti barua get the best jerk pork best jerk chicken that is it where’s the saltfish though that is in the morning in the morning yeah that is in the morning so question

Who has the best KFC Jamaica Jamaica for sure Jamaica sure what and my Festival is better than KFC Festival o my Festival better than KFC Festival that is it dude it looks it looks epic go because pork is the Original Jerk I’m going with pork yes Festival as well my man’s taking the

Chicken and the festival home okay okay perfect need two of Festival right yes it’s going to be so good M and that spicy sauce yeah can’t wait so how long have you been here on the island well I’m here in Antigo I’m going 7even years here 7

Years you made me seven years but doing the business I’m here one year and probably a couple months got it got it look at this pork pork and that bone at the end yeah I C don’t yeah I know but the meat that comes off that is the

Best like I’m salivating looking at it guys this is something about jerk going to like let me see which piece to grab first this is right off the grill woo it’s hot woo she’s a beast that is it oh you guys gave me a lie what are you doing look at

That three festivals a $20 portion of pork I just try it right here very tender it is amazing very tender thank you allergic on top it’s not like too much M the fat in there yeah that’s why the pork is so good cuz it’s the fat meat jerk so we have a lot

Of different sauce and I want to try a little bit should we pour it here look at this like gelatinous Bro Look at that seasoning on top very fake the Fat’s the best part so we have sauces I want to add some what’s the spicy One n one a special Dr senta sauce

Right here they gave me so much I can’t stop eating it though you haven’t had a lot of I haven’t had a lot of food this is my 14th dish no I can’t stop with the fat though what I want to do is I want to

Try this the festival man this is like a crispy oh this one’s going to be great m sauce right here dude this like cookie yeah it’s like cookie nice and sweet what do you add in there the J sauce right jerk sauce yes I’m going to dip this in jerk

Sauce spicy almost like Carolina style barbecue sauce M hey it’s spicy yes oh yeah right that you can have the jerk plain I mean definitely try plain to get all that flavor but you got to add sauce hey the pork’s amazing but the festival is the best Festival I ever had

Thank you thank you thank you more drk you guys are so busy yes very very busy drop it in here you know it’s something about eating and watching the food being made in front of you yes there’s there’s no better experience cuz it really shows

You what the food went through to get to you you know like the love involved you’re Spanish how do you say hello in Spanish hey how do you say hello truck is here the truck like bro what happened what happened I’m sorry what’s your name my name is shiniki

Shiniki yeah it was made of Sean and Nikki sha Niki Nikki you should be proud she’s amazing yes thank you Mommy I tell you you and this you cook it very nice put inside yeah thank you the chicken woo looks tasty wow hey Nikki thank you so much

Yeah you appreciate you nice meet you thank you best jerk best Festival on the island thank you thank you bye thank you bye my man thank you so much appreciate it it’s amazing you were great man you were great what happened here this truck just stopped here oh was an accident what happened

Here was an accident oh my God I can’t even believe that saw that I mean this is the problem with small roads super thin roads look we can’t even get through this way this way this way

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