North Korea’s 12 Taboos: What Not to Do in the Hermit Kingdom – Video

North Korea’s 12 Taboos: What Not to Do in the Hermit Kingdom – Video

12 Taboos in North Korea!
It’s hard to believe that in this era, there are still places where people don’t know how to use condoms, can’t wear jeans, or even worse, can’t even use the internet.
But that’s not all, because the place I’m talking about is Korea, and this is a video about strange and absurd things that only exist in this country.

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12 things absolutely forbidden in North Korea it’s hard to believe that in this era there are still places where people don’t know how to use condoms can’t wear jeans or even worse can’t even use the internet but that’s not all because the place I’m talking about is Korea and

This is a video about strange and absurd things that only exist in this country number 12 do not buy condoms and sanitary napkins and Escape fee from from North Korea has revealed the concept of sex in the world’s most mysterious country she said that since she was born and raised in pongyang she

Has never heard of condoms even the first days she fled the country she didn’t understand why things like this existed or how to use them or where to buy them she was shocked to learn that in Korea sex education is taught in schools and girls are Tau and to use

Condoms it’s hard to believe but most North Koreans don’t know that condoms exist a few decades ago they appear Ed on the black market but were not very popular now it’s almost impossible to buy condoms because people don’t need them sanitary napkins are also never found in North Korean stories it may

Sound surprising but women here still have to use cloth towels when they have their period and then wash them again and again after this information was revealed in 2012 dozens of South Korean activists released balloons carrying leaflets condoms and sanitary napkins across the border of the democratic people Republic of Korea the incident

Happened west of the yonan Border 60 came from the South Korean capital cell despite threats of merciless military retaliation from pongyang activists used 20 balloons carrying 150,000 leaflets 5,000 condoms and some other items North Korea sent the military to shoot down all the balloons and then pyang

Announced that it would launch a fierce attack without warning if it discovered that South Korea was continuing to spread leaflets it seems that the North Korean government wants its people to stay away from these contraceptives number 11 tolling abroad will result in being shot since the founding of the country North Korea has

Ban all people from leaving the territory and even calling abroad is absolutely prohibited even for a foreigner in North Korea all local SIM cards only allow domestic calls in 2016 North Korean leader Kim also ordered police forces to hunt down and punish people calling abroad in the decree sent

To security agencies and the people Mr Kim warned that anyone who calls abroad will be charged with the crime of disclosing information to the enemy will be considered spies and will be punished subject to severe punishments including firing squad the government wants to control the information that people can access from outside including

Communication via telephone blocking calls abroad helps keep people’s information and thinking being focused on the message the government wants to convey avoid exposing them to negative information about the government creating opposition and losing number 10 punishing three generations the legal system as in the Middle Ages torture and Punishment in

Cruel and Humane fors public executions arbitrary detention are what people describe about the law enforcement system in peace yield one of the most absurd laws in the North Korean government has come up with is the three generation punishment law under this law not only the offender but also his or

Her family can be affected if a person violates the law in North Korea not only themselves but also three generations of their family can be affected by this behavior these three generations include the offender their parents and their children these family members may be removed from employment or educational

Opportunities or be detained and even given similar sentences by disciplining The Violator entire family the government wants to create strong social pressure making people afraid and not daring to violate the law in addition by handling violators and their families the government May hope that people will hesitate or not want to participate in

Any reactionary acts with concerns about the consequences spilling over to the public later generations it is the extremely strict laws and control system in North Korea that led to people’s obedience and compliance with leaders and authorities however currently the harshness towards the people is having the opposite effect North Korean youth

Realize they’re being detained in their own country and are looking for ways to leave or overthrow the government this right number nine can’t buy a car owning a car in North Korea is almost impossible even though the country has had an auto industry since the 1950s the country’s law does not allow individuals

To own cars except in some special cases for work or government agency purposes this country has about 23,000 cars out of a total of about 25 million people of which most are official Vehicles owned by the government since 2017 North Korea began allowing individuals to buy cars

North Koreans can own cars as personal vehicles on the grounds that personal cars can be a source of contribution actively participate in the Nationwide transport however registering and buying a car here is still very difficult because the procedures for reviewing identity and the reason for buying are

Quite complicated to be able to register these vehicles must be serich serich includes two types the first type is trucks and buses owned by state organizations or companies for transportation purposes the second type is a car owned by an individual but that individual registers it through a transportation company this is the way

People can own a car some others ask people with for foreign nationality or do some work related to foreign organizations to make it easier to buy a car after registration users also have to spend many types of money such as money to use the name for businesses or

Circulation fees to be able to move the car normally another reason why it is difficult for consumers to buy cars is the high price the average price for a car here is about 10,000 USD but the average income of a person is only about 1,300 used in addition not being able to

Buy fuel freely but having to buy it in limited quantities is also the reason why owning a car is more difficult until now North Korea is still embargoed so many companies are not allowed to sell cars in this country limited internet also makes it more difficult for users to search for vehicle

Information number eight do not spend local currency unbelievably in North Korea the government does not allow people to spend their local currency Cy the one instead they force people and all tourists to spend foreign currency if you come here to travel and book a hotel staffed do not accept payments in

One but only us uan or Euros if they don’t have enough change customers will receive multiple currencies of equal value to the amount that needs to be sent back the above Story shows the contradictions in the North Korean economy the country’s banking system is struggling with International sanctions

But does not miss the opport Unity to have a strong domestic currency the official exchange rate is still propagated a factor control by the state even so people still limit their use of one to avoid hyperinflation and slightly improve their livelihoods hair cutting has its own

Rules I want to emphasize to you once again that in North Korea you will not have any freedom even your hairstyle will be strictly controlled by the government people are only allowed to cut their hair in 28 different hairstyles or of which North Korean women get their haircut based on 18

Standard models while men choose from 10 available models issued by the state women are somewhat more favored as the number of hair styles they receive is nearly twice as high as that of men married women have the right to add some style to their hairstyle such as curling

It meanwhile North Korean men are unlucky to be born here not only are the number of hairstyles limited but North Korean men also have to follow a series of haircut rules issued by the government for young men hair should not be longer than 5 cm and hair must be cut

Once every half a month pongyang believes that long hair will eat up nutrients from the brain so it’s best to keep hair short older men are allowed to have longer hair but not more than 7 cm one more thing North Korean men seem to be forbidden to follow leader Kim

Jong-un’s hairstyle shaved on the sides and long hair on top because there is no image of this hairstyle in the list this was a popular hairstyle in the West in the 1990s was imitated by many fans of famous bands such as Pearl Jam and lemon heads so the question is why does Kim

Jong-un have such a hairstyle number six do not access the worldwide web North Korea officially opened internet access to its people in 2008 at that time many countries expected more openness from North Korea but things did not turn out that way North Korea’s internet is called Quang Mayon

This is only an internal internet Network completely disconnected from the outside world so people cannot access International sites the kangmo network is provided free of charge mainly through the library system and computers here only a small number of people have access to the internet the websites that people visit are mainly from government

Organizations the internet system here filters all online information and information on the website system in North Korea is strictly controlled if North Korean citizens try to access the world’s web to view foreign cultural product especially Korean ones they will immediately be denounced and charged with crimes against the

Government use your own calendar North Korea seems to want to build a world of their own a place that goes completely against the rest of the world while all Humanity arranges its calendar according to the laws of the Moon and the Sun North Korea creates its own calendar

According to the birthday of the Kim family indeed North Korea does not use the Western solar calendar inste the country took the year of birth of the late Kim is s leader 1912 as the first year of the jue calendar system named after the country’s Jewish ideology for example according to this calculation

The calendar year 2018 would be equivalent to the year due 107 in North Korea the Jun calendar is based on the philosophy of judism an important part of political ideology in North Korea According to which people are at the center of all activities and decisions in society the use of this separate

Calendar can also be seen to express cultural Independence and National sovereignty the June mindset often emphasizes building self-reliance and providing for oneself independent of outside influences therefore the use of a separate calendar can be seen as part of the expression of Independence and autonomy of the people of pyong gang

Number four do not bring books about religion and human rights North Korea is one of the countries that bans Christians because Christians are hostile and opposed to the socialist government so these people are the target of arrest and investigation attacked and even killed thousands of people are believed to have been

Arrested and imprisoned in labor camps including an American missionary Kenneth Bay who was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor there was also at least one Catholic who is publicly executed for the crime of Distributing Bibles in North Korea there is only one saint that is the current ruler of this country Kim

Jongan therefore any propaganda about Christianity or any other religious book that is not part of North Korean culture will be considered anti-government and will be punished books about human rights and liberalism are also absolutely prohibited main reason for this is to keep people away from opinions ideas or information that the

Government sees as a threat to its power the government is concerned that the dissemination of religious materials could increase the concentration of power in religions or ideologies that are inconsistent with State policy at the same time controlling and banning books on human rights also aims to control information and prevent the

Spread of ideas about freedom and democracy which the government considers a threat to stability current political system by keeping people from accessing information from outside sources governments try to keep their power and control from being lost or threatened by opposing opinions and ideologies number three filming and photography are prohibited I have one

Piece of advice for people who want to go to North Kore don’t bring a camera to film because here even taking photos is not allowed visitors to North Korea are not allowed to talk or take pictures with local people many people rumored that a local person was executed for

Voluntarily talking to foreigners as for tourists the incident of the American student War beer or most recently the incident of the Japanese tourist is a warning that we cannot take lightly in 2018 a Japanese tourist was arrested while filming in pyang this 39y old man was traveling in a tour group to North

Korea organized by a foreign agent and was scheduled to leave the country on August 13 if not arrested the Japanese government then did everything possible to collect information find out the the incident of their citizens being arrested and promote efforts through diplomatic Channels with the North Korean Embassy in Beijing to release

This man but despite great efforts until now the Japanese have not been able to reclaim their citizen the 39-year-old man is believed to have been executed after pongyang authorities failed to extract any valuable information from him number two can’t take a hot bath at home in a cold place with year- round

Temperatures often below zero de like North Korea it’s terrible to not have hot water to use but with an extremely poor and backward country like North Korea how can people have the conditions to use hot water all year round therefore there will be no hot water supply in the homes of North Korean

People so those who can afford it will often visit public bath houses while the rest will boil water and dilute it with cold water to take a bath in addition there is no central heating system for the house in winter and people also have to burn wood stoves to cope with the

Cold many sources of information and reports from International organizations have shown that people in North Korea often face poverty and difficulty in basic resources especially after International sanctions and restrict trade with this country people who escaped from North Korea affirms that every winter there were people who

Starved and froze to death and even during fair means many small villages were wiped out in six cold months number one band blue jeans North Korea is an isolated country even North Korean People’s Clothing is restricted with strict regulations they do not have the opportunity to access World fashion

Trends but mainly wear monochromatic dark clothes wearing flashy stylish or unusual clothing will be considered westernized and punished jeans in general were banned for a long time in North Korea because the outfit was considered associated with America North Korean women often wear vintage dresses from the’ 40s worker clothes military

Uniforms or traditional hanbok in the capital pongyang hel’s clothing is strictly controlled even though no official documents have been issued a patrol team called the youth league will stop and question anyone who they feel is not dressing properly women wearing pens short tight outfits are easily targeted and of course blue jeans are

The most sought after by this Patrol this law does not apply to tourists but remember you will not be allowed to wear jeans when visiting the Kim is s and Kim Jong ill memorials restrictions and prohibitions in North Korea or just a small part of the life that millions of

People there face every day let’s spread awareness share information and support efforts to open opportunity for the people of North Korea that way we can create a brighter future where everyone has freedom and autonomous lies let’s stand together for everyone’s freedom and Power

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