The 12 Taboos and Weird Things in Brazil That Surprised the Entire World – Video

The 12 Taboos and Weird Things in Brazil That Surprised the Entire World – Video

12 Taboos in Brazil and Weird Things That Shocked the Whole World !
Football, fiery dances, and wonderful tropical landscapes are impressive things that Brazil possesses. Although the attraction of this country is great, you must really consider before deciding to visit this South American country. Because in addition to the wonderful things we just mentioned, Brazil also scares many tourists because of its many strange laws and weird things that I think the faint of heart cannot overcome!

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12 prohibited things in Brazil and weird things that shocked the whole world football fiery dances and wonderful tropical Landscapes are impressive things that Brazil possesses although the attraction of this country is great you must really consider before deciding to visit this South American country because in addition to the wonderful

Things we just mentioned Brazil also scares many tourists because of its many strange laws and weird things that I think the faint of heart cannot overcome number 12 it’s forbidden to use the okay symbol in the culture of many Western countries especially in the US using the

Thumb and index finger to join to form a circle with the remaining three fingers pointing up is a common action it helps inform others that you are however this is considered one of the tabos in Brazil that you should avoid people in some Mediterranean and Latin American countries including Brazil consider this

Aran a vulgar and obscene gesture because it simp symbolizes the penis in addition the sign devil is not used in this country this sign is often used by rock music fans as a symbolic image of the Devil with the palm of the hand clenched while the index and pinky

Fingers are raised they look like Devil’s horns however in this country they consider this sign to mean that their wife has been unfaithful this can cause misunderstandings and even lead to locals attacking you therefore if you have a habit of using these fingerprints you should remove them before going to Brazil

Number 11 it’s forbidden to go to Snake Island blessed by nature for beautiful scenery however IL quada grandi Island in Brazil is the leading habitat of the world’s most venomous snakes ilad quada Grandy Island located off the coast of Brazil also known as snake island is one

Of the most dangerous lands in the world the island is quite large about 430,000 M2 with an average density of five poisonous snakes per 1 M2 of land the land is a terror for fishermen passing through here because there are no Predators on the ground the snake stranded on Snake Island reproduce

Uncontrollably according to estimates on the islands there are about 2,000 to 4,000 golden spearhead vipers and many other types of extremely poisonous snakes you need to know that a bite from a yellow-headed Cobra can kill an adult with many symptoms such as pain swelling vomiting bruising internal bleeding kidney failure rain Hemorrhage and

Leading to Serious muscle necrosis after only 2 hours the has left Snake Island uninhabited the family of the lighthous keeper on the island was the last person to appear on the island in 1920 it is said that snakes snuck into the house through the windows and killed the entire ill-fated family according to

Legend snakes first appeared here because of pirates to protect the safety of buried Treasures on the island ancient Pirates released many poisonous snakes here however this is still a big question because when the owner of the above treasure returns they also have to face a nightmare called poisonous snakes

Because of the level of danger Brazilian government has banned people from setting foot on this island government strictly controls visits to ilad quada Grande currently only the Navy in this country and researchers or videographers are allowed to come here to maintain the lighthouse as well as learn about the

Pristine ecosystem extremely unique on this dangerous Island number te if forbidden to show discomfort with food not every food in the world you can eat especially when you come to a new place however even if it is difficult to eat you should not show your unpleasant attitude because Brazilians hate this in Brazilian

Culture they are very respectful of all food in addition people in this South American country are taboo about using their hands to eat food they use knives and forks to eat their eating habit is to hold a fork in their left hand and a knife in their right hand for adults

Eating ice cream and chewing gum on the street while walking is considered R if you want to eat sandwiches hamburgers pizza and fried chicken you must use paper towels to pick up the food and even use a knife and fork to cut the pizza number nine it’s forbidden to

Flaunt your wealth you may not know that Brazil has one of the highest crime rates in the world therefore showing off personal assets and showing off wealth is considered one of the taboos in Brazil that you should absolutely avoid when going out keep all valuable jewelry

Such as rings and necklaces at home with a phone or camera you should keep it in your pocket and keep it carefully to prevent bad guys in some areas in Brazil tourists don’t even dare to take out their phones to make contact there are a lot of crimes here especially robberies

Therefore it is important to always be careful and avoid showing off valuables in public places especially in areas with low security levels always Focus focus on your own safety don’t attract unnecessary attention by showing off your possessions or valuables when you visit public places in Brazil number eight to not enter the

Slums this is the most important rule to keep you safe when coming to this country because the slums here are controlled by illegal criminal gangs the fact that a stranger suddenly wandered into their territory seemed like a big threat and you will most likely encounter Danger on on YouTube today

There are still many videos with titles like images that cannot be shown on TV and most of those images come from Brazil accurately portraying the face of this multiethnic country countless videos of Hostage kidnappings end in bloody images where the only solution is for the police to find an opportunity to

Shoot a sniper at the perpetrator’s death Spock the center of the forehead M the police cannot always shoot so accurately and if there is a mistake the hostage is the one who suffers the worst consequences but in Brazil that solution is extremely normal and the Brazilian police force is always complained of

Being terribly incompetent and corrupt stopping cars with guns and shooting victims in broad daylight cor up them is also a common occurrence in Brazil as if people had to brush their teeth when they wake up at the same time Brazilian police are just as dangerous as that country’s criminals when they are ready

To stop a normal person in the middle of the night take off their shoes take a baon and whip them several times cles on the soles of their feet and then then harass him for some money before letting the subject go in panic they cling to very simple excuses to ensure security

We must control all night walkers in case they are criminals in the slums the mysterious Amazon forest the Amazon is the world’s largest tropical forest with an area of 6, 700,000 km2 of which 60% is located in Brazil it seems like you need to take a few few survival

Courses before coming to this South American country because if you accidentally get lost in the Amazon forest only those skills can save your life because even if you armed to the teeth it is difficult to guarantee your life when in the Amazon rainforest alone the first problem you have to face is

Not food or water but the natives here there are many mysterious and dangerous tribes living in the forest they are not friendly any foreigners who trespass into the area they live in will become prey even though their weapons were rudimentary their knowledge of the terrain also made those carrying guns

And bullets terrified and killed in addition to humans legendary creatures of this Forest will also easily take your life mosquitoes ants giant spiders Jaguars anacondas and panhas will always put you in danger in the Amazon rainforest there is also a giant spider whose leg span alone is up to 24 cm long

Enough to fit on your face with this size it can attack even a bird although it only likes to eat insects and does not eat human flesh you should not touch it because it is poisonous many people are afraid of anent Pyon has in the Amazon rainforest in reality they do not

Actively attack like in the movies but when you are healthy a bleeding scratch can stimulate the Killer Instinct of these creatures this immediately the real Horrors are still large animals such as Jaguars it resembles a large cat second only in size to lions and tigers its bite force and speed will kill you

In an instant although there are not many Jaguars in the Amazon rainforest once you encounter one your life can only depend on God’s will you need to know that this is the only cat species that specializes in hunting crocodiles as for anacondas I probably don’t need to remind you much about how dangerous

They are the best advice is not to go to Amazon if you are not a researcher stay in the cities and have fun with the people there it will be better for you number six land of only women single guys take out a pen and paper and write

Down this address right away I’m sure it will be paradise for you no matter how long you’ve been lonely he will definitely find your other half my life we would like to introduce the town of NOA Duke Cordo where there are many beautiful young Brazilian women inviting

Single men to live because most of the local men are married the town of noiva du cord in Southeastern Brazil is almost exclusively female it is located about 90 chem from the capital boo Horizon mzg State and is famous for its many beautiful women when mentioning the town

Of noad cordoro in Brazil most people think of a place full of beautiful and cheerful girls this place is famous as more than 90% of the people are women of the 600 women about 300 are of working age and unmarried here men over 18 years

Old will go out to make a living and only a few come home on weekends with women were forced to shoulder the town’s work themselves due to the lack of men the situation caused some girls to call for single men to come live in the town

Of NOA du cord the people are almost feminist women are responsible for all areas of life from farming to construction planning or religion together they built a prosperous town without the need for men of course there are still some men living here but the number is very small and they don’t do

Any important work some people are husbands but only appear at home a few times s a year but in the end women still long for a husband to share everything with after information about the town thirsty for a husband was published in the media many boys Express their excitement however it’s not

Because they’re unmarried that the girls in noiva do Cordo are easygoing they also have strict conditions set for their Other Half Men Who come to town looking for wives also need to know how to wash dishes they laundry cook and clean the toilet here everything must be

Equal to this day the town of NOA do daro is still one of the most special places in the world with old women who have never kissed anyone being late is considered a beautiful culture surely you remember the crazy feeling of having to wait for someone during appointment someone who

Is late makes everyone hate them but in Brazil if you are the one who arrives early you are the one who is discriminated against by Society a writer writing about Brazil once set people who are in a hurry will feel miserable when they come to Brazil this

Is not wrong because local people often do not show up on time for appointments and always arrive very late BBC reporter Lucy Bryson had an unforgettable experience when she was invited to a party in Rio danger Lucy arrived at the host’s house a few minutes after the invited time and was surprised because

The living room was still littered with unpicked food bags the host appeared after taking a shower and jokingly said I’m not ready yet due to their leisurely life is a beach and attitude combined with the congested traffic situation in Brazil or simply stopping to talk to a

Friend in the middle of the street locals do not expectations also do not appreciate punctuality in communication party plans are often affected by the above situation so the party host considers it a polite attitude to hold the party later than the party opening time that has become an unwritten law in

Brazil most clearly shown in the city of Rio De Janeiro however the Brazilians also draw a line arriving late they will try to arrive on time when going to meetings and business meetings because it is not part of social events festivals or meeting friends where they

Just arrive at any time and are at least 30 minutes late invited nudist beaches Brazilian authorities are very strict with act considered harassing or obscene but they let nudist beach operate extremely comfortably Brazil has up to eight official nudist beaches scattered in five states parba bahaya isiro Santo RI

De Janeiro and Santa Katarina the most famous is pra D tambaba the oldest nudest Beach of laye naturalism since 1991 with a very eye catching landscape many tourists seem quite strange when going to nudist beach in Brazil however that is quite normal for people here nude beaches are often places where

People can feel comfortable being naked however attention to privacy and respect is important don’t take photos or videos of others without consent respect other people’s privacy as you would want to earn theirs number drink beer alone in Brazilian culture drinking beer is often associated with social connection and

Interaction with others drinking beer is often seen to create a space to communicate share and connect with friends family or colleagues they are party lovers and cannot drink alcohol alone for them enjoying beer often comes with SH sharing stories and creating a vibrant social environment with a bottle

Of beer about 700 M Brazilians often pour out a small cup for themselves and pour out other cups to invite people around them even strangers it seems that this cultural feature makes Brazil become the world’s leading peer and alcohol consumer the celebration of events such as Carnival festivals and

Other social events is often accompanied by the consumption of beer and wine creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone the combination of a strong social culture and the diversity of the Beer Market has contributed to the popularity and consumption of beer and wine in Brazil passionate about music and dancing Brazilians were born to dance to music that is the affirmation of every visitor after coming to this country Brazilian music is extremely diverse and colorful just like the culture of this country taking sber music as an example no one immediately thinks of Brazil when

Seeing those enchanting dances the samb dance always appears in carnival festivals an international symbol of Brazil placed in the world music genre sambba music is a blend of upbeats Melodies and skillful dance moves of dancers immediately attracting the audience’s attention from the first seconds the history of traditional

Brazilian music is filled with blurred lines between element saisa the sacred and the profane country and city indigenous culture Portuguese L Hispanic culture and African culture or between tradition traditional art and contemporary music however it is this interaction that has helped Brazilian music have a completely unique and unmistakable character and this

Difference is most clearly defined with SBA music besides sambba there are other types of dances such as for x and cfwi a form of dance that combines Martial Arts and Music with high performance dancing is not only for entertainment but also a way to to express and celebrate Brazilian Traditions festivals and

Cultural Pride for local people dancing is also an indispensable activity of daily life expressing The Joy excitement and friendliness of Brazilian culture number one okay wait it seems that nature pays a lot of attention to this South American country in addition to a snake island and an Amazon forest

Brazil also possesses one of the strangest phenomena in the world the pororoca wave appearing only once every 2 years between February and March wave 6 to 9 M High lasting for dozens of minutes wipe out everything in their path from houses trees to animals not a tsunami not a toxic wave but the

Destructive power of long waves is not inferior to the two friends above twice a year between February and March the Atlantic Ocean angrily creates waves rolling up the Amazon River Brazil creating the longest greatest wave on Earth this phenomenon is called poroka by Brazilians starting from the tides in

The Atlantic Ocean When approaching the edge of the river in fact this phenomenon occurs in rivers with shallow water narrow and funnel-shaped River mouths they tide passing through the shallow water of the river mouth will create waves up to 6m or even 9M high and last for about 30 minutes at dawn

Tourists and Surfers can hear the hissing of monkeys and the dull growls of other animals signaling High tide when it reached land it almost destroyed everything from houses to roadside trees however there are still many people who like to experience the feeling of danger by surfing on these waves while tides

Are usually stable and occur periodically estrine tidal waves are a very difficult phenomenon to predict the occurrence of this phenomenon depends on a number of factors among which wind and River depth can vary between seasons in recorded history the pooka wave that took place in 2003 lasted up to 37

Minutes over a distance of 50 cam causing heavy damage to a large area and immediately causing people in this area to fall into poverty housing and poverty thank you for taking the time to explore the strange and special things in Brazil with me let me know what you think about

This special country Below in the comments section

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