Our Adventure: A Self-Drive Safari in Namibia’s Etosha National Park 🇳🇦 – Video

Our Adventure: A Self-Drive Safari in Namibia’s Etosha National Park 🇳🇦 – Video

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with us as we take you on a self-drive safari in Namibia’s Etosha National Park! From the incredible wildlife sightings to the beautiful landscapes, this video captures our experiences and highlights from our time in this stunning park.

Join us as we explore Swakopmund and the famous Sandwich Harbor before diving into the heart of Etosha National Park. Witness the majestic giraffes, zebras, and rhinos up close, with a special highlight being our encounter with the endangered black rhino at sunset.

Experience the thrill of staying in different campsites within the park, each offering its unique charm and wildlife viewing opportunities. From Okaukuejo to Halali to Namutoni, we share our accommodation experiences and encounters with the diverse wildlife around us.

Despite some health challenges along the way, our journey in Namibia was truly unforgettable. We share tips on the best time to visit the park for optimal wildlife sightings and the unique accommodations available within the park.

As our Namibian adventures come to an end, we look forward to our next destination in South Africa. Stay tuned for our upcoming videos from Cape Town as we continue to explore the beauty of Southern Africa. Join us on our journey by subscribing to our channel and following us on Instagram for more travel updates and adventures.

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Video Transcript

Good morning everyone here from iosha National Park in Namibia we arrived here 2 days ago from swub Mund where we were staying previously I think it took around 6 hours to drive here quite a long drive and this is the best place for safaris in Namibia and also one of

The best place for safaris in the entire world right now we’re staying at a camp called Ok We’re actually staying at a hotel room we were supposed to be camping camping but I’ve been really sick I mentioned in the last video that I could feel like some sort of illness

Coming on and then after we filmed that video I got really sick it started off with like a sore throat and then a really bad headache and then earache and then all my body started hurting the joints the muscles and then I got really fatigued tired and then also dizzy and

I’ve had like fever symptoms so sometimes I feel really hot and even when it’s not that cold I start like shivering I don’t know what I got I don’t know if it was transmitted by a human or if it’s something like a mosquito passed on to me no idea but

Carol’s okay so far she has had a bit of a sore throat though and even now I’m still not feeling good but this is an easier video to film cuz it’s a safari so mainly just going to be sat in the car a lot of the places you’re not even

Allowed to get out of the car so yeah I think it’s doable so the camping areas were $45 for the both of us it was basically just a parking lot though and there was no shelter so the reason that we stayed here is cuz there was no shelter it’ll

Be way too hot in the blazing sun in the namibian summer but this is kind of a bad deal it’s $190 a night and yeah pretty basic Hotel really don’t even have Wii here or anything they do have Wi-Fi in the complex though but it’s more near the

Central areas like the office and even the AC doesn’t completely cool down like it says like you can put 18° or something but it doesn’t go that low and they also have some issues with the water pressure but one of the cool things about this Camp is we have one of

The best water holes in the entire National Park to see animals and it’s just like a 1 2 minute walk from where we’re staying just around here yeah you got to be quiet right that’s what they say and now we can finally put Carol’s new sniper lens to

Test this is what we bought it for so we should be able to really zoom in on the animals I can actually see some ziers coming they’re very far away yeah I can’t see them with my eyes so that’s another thing we also bought these from decathlon some binoculars yeah I think

It was like 30 I think it zooms in more than the camera L and this water hole is also awesome because you’re able to be outside cuz they have this protective fence with wires so the animals can’t come a giraffe a giraffe giraffe is coming really yeah oh Nice So we’re having the breakfast buffet now which is included in the price I forgot to mention that I don’t have much of a appetite since some six so just two toasts for me and a coffee that’s been giving me a bit of a boost at least

Every day and Carol went for the The Omelette yeah cheese omelette there’s not um like many options but The Omelette is good yeah I think they had like bacon sausages and cereals so it’s not too bad either so we going to visit some other water Halls now outside of our campsite

And you can do guided game drives here where you book like a tour with another group of people and I think how much was it uh 50 USD per person uh our initial plan was to do it but since we are spending a lot with the accommodation we

Decided not to do it and also Chris is not feeling well so we’re not going to do it we’re going to do like the self-drive one which is this now and I am the guide the guide yeah I don’t think some random group needs sick Chris

Right next to them so yeah it’s not a good idea I think this is one of the few places where you can actually do it by yourself yeah like uh there are some rules uh like you cannot go uh faster than 60 kilm per hour and also you

Cannot leave your car yeah so I imagine it’s not too dangerous if they they give you that option but we’ll see we’re actually going to a par now that we hope as uh Lions supposed to be Lions there Sometimes So even on our way to the water hole we’re already seeing so many incredible animals like look here just a a giraffe two of them so so close wow I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a giraffe in the wild before in the wild I haven’t just in the zoo when I was Younger So we’ve arrived at the water hole it’s called OK DEA not see in the lion family here right now this is the part that you don’t want to get out of the car oh definitely not especially because you don’t see the Lions so maybe they are

Around here but we don’t see them and that’s actually the scary part for me uh knowing that they are lions and what’s the other animal the hog yeah the W hog Rhino that one is very dangerous and Rhino too uh I see I saw a video of uh a

Rhino attacking a car here in this park I think many years ago and that’s kind of scary but uh I think that’s not uh normal so even if you get something like a flat tire here you’re not allowed to get out of the car you’re just going to

Have to drive back with the flat tire if your car completely breaks down I’m not even sure what you’re supposed to do probably have to call the center there and they bring someone to pick you up but I imagine they will have to get out of the car or something right not sure

How that Works So we’re going back to the water hole at our camp but this time at sunset time it says online that it’s almost guaranteed to see the black rhino here which is actually endangered but apparently at night or around this time sunset time the Rhino or Rhino is coming

Almost every day so hoping to see that all right so we’re in look the moment that we arrive the black rhino is already here our first time ever seeing a rhino in Person A So it is the next morning and we’re changing camps today we’re going to one called halali that’s about an hour and 20 minutes away so it’s not super close and unfortunately I still feel uh really terrible I really don’t know what I’ve got I feel really bad so I think we’re

Not going to Camp there again I think we’ll just upgrade and pay extra to have a comfortable room cuz yeah I think it’ll be torture having to sleep in the in the tent unfortunately we’ve come to a Viewpoint now of the atosha pan what they call it a giant salt pan there’s

Even a little pool here but I don’t think that’s drinking water looks kind of salty got a bunch of oric here so this salt pan is so big that apparently you can see it from space and I remember when we were looking at this place on Google Maps we saw this massive white

Area which I can show you now and we were wondering what the hell it was and that’s it just a massive salt pen I don’t think any animals really go on there not sure though I actually read that when it’s raining a lot and there’s

Water a bit of water on top of the salt uh sometimes there from flamingos go there so yeah there are some animals that go there sometimes yeah I didn’t even know there was flamingos around here I wonder if it turns into like a mirror I know there’s some other places

That when it rains on the salt yeah the one in Bolivia Yeah so we just stopped here uh we saw some cars parked so we imagined that there was something and there are actually many giraffes and zebras together gra is trying to get some shots close closer I think this is the most we’ve seen Giraffes So this is today’s accommodation it was pretty easy to upgrade so it’s $135 a night quite a bit cheaper than the other one it’s also quite nice too I think it’s slightly smaller than the other one the other one also had like a kitchen area although it didn’t have

Anything to cook with but we could take out like gas canister in there this one has a much bigger bathroom though really nice big bathroom and it’s two single beds kind of similar style to the other one actually with with this and we got the mini fridge and Kettle and I think

Here they just provided some teas and coffees nice picture of the zebras I think we literally saw how many zeas right now more than 200 probably were so many and they were like everywhere from maybe the middle of the the way from the other place that we were until here and

We can actually see the like a bit of change in the animals because in the other place we saw many spring box like all the time and here it was more uh zebras and also many giraffes as well it was really cool but you probably noticed that the drive here everything was super

Green it was pretty dry around the other camp site so maybe that’s why and then over there is the camping area which is where we were supposed to stay I think it’s also around $45 a night but once again there’s like no shelter or anything so you just exposed Under the

Sun the whole time I don’t actually see anyone there at all right now so just like the previous campsite this one also has a water hole within walking distance from the campsite it’s called Moringa water hole and on the map it showed an image of elephants so I guess you can

See elephants there sometimes we’ll probably do what we did at the other one we go in now during the day and then we go around sunset time and then tomorrow we go again at Sunrise usually different animals at different times so this is what I was talking about before how it’s

All nice and green around here completely different colorful flowers Too yellow Ones And Better So it’s our final day now we did end up visiting three times the water hole near our camp but two of the times there was absolutely no animals whatsoever and then another time there was just a few zebra so that one wasn’t so good compared to the other camp where we’d

Always see many animals and today we’re going on a drive once again to another Camp we’re not going to be staying there but we’ll be visiting and we stopped at another water hall now I think it’s called goas some other kind of antelope that’s not the spring Buck seems to be

Coming towards us usually they don’t come towards us and you probably saw from the footage that we saw more rhinos so first we saw one in the dist distance on its own which was a white rhino and then later on we were driving and we turned the corner and we would just like

Head on with a rhino and it was with a little kid so we actually got worried cuz we were so close and uh yeah we thought that it might like charge at us being protective right but it just kind of stared at us for a while and then

Went into the bush and that was a black rhino the endangered one Carol knows the difference between the white one and the black one cuz they’re both kind of gray actually yeah they have pretty much the same color but I think what uh is different between them is the The Head

And the mouth uh I think the head of the black rhino the the forehead is very small and also the the mouth is different uh I don’t know how to explain really well but uh when I searched online you can see the the different heads the the black rhino has a smaller

Head and the white one has a bigger head and also the forehead is different so the season that we’re in right now which is the Summer monsoon season is considered to be the worst time to come here to see the big animals especially the the top five the big five so they

Say that it’s better to come in the dry month which I think is around May to October and mainly that’s because since it is raining there will be water sources throughout the park right so the animals will be more spread out whereas in the dry season the animals all have

To come to the same water holes that you can visit and yeah you’ll obviously see all the animals there so I think during May to October it’s way more common to see like elephants I don’t even think we’re going to be able to see the elephants and the lion stuff like that

We’ll see right we’re going to be filming today maybe we’ll get lucky yeah I think uh it’s like for us it’s amazing already so I think I would still come at this time but if you want to make sure that you’re going to see everything especially elephants and stuff it should

Come during the other season the the high season but that’s also a lot more expensive and I think even hard to find accommodations you have to pre-book pretty much everything so yeah it just depends what you want and how much money you can spend here we also saw another

Cool Antelope around here which is called Kudo which is really cool it’s pretty big and it has the big spiry horns probably the coolest horns that we’ve seen in the the park so far so we saw that yesterday at this water hole and then we just saw saw it now on the

Way here again so pretty cool right now we saw about four of them all together really Close So this campsite is namutoni and the bizarre thing about this one is there is a fort here so I mentioned in the previous video that Namibia was colonized by the Germans so the Germans built this fort in 1894 I believe it has been restored multiple times though and

They even held English prisoners of War here all the way out here which is bizarre in this land that has like elephants Lions things like that really didn’t expect to find a fort here not sure if that’s German I think maybe it is looks like there’s nothing open inside though here

It says there’d be a restaurant a shop everything closed I also read that at one point one of the indigenous groups in the area rebelled against the Germans and they destroyed the fort so it was rebuilt in 1904 around that Time we didn’t really see that many animals on the way here in about an hour and 30 minutes not many at all compared to the previous places and this campsite seems pretty much empty barely see anyone here at all staying here also there was no diesel on

The here in The Filling Station the gas station yeah the gas station still live I think we can make it to back to the other camp and hopefully they have diesel over there but just keep in mind that this can happen when you’re Here So this is going to be the end of the video now we ended up staying outside the park cuz we’re going to make our way back to vindu where we’re going to get the flight out of Namibia and head to South Africa just below from here so we

Stayed at this place called itasha Trading Post campsite and this time we decided to do the camping again on top of the truck for the last time and this was just $25 a night it’s kind of a shame that they don’t have this inside the pack the government ones inside the

Park like we said it’s just a parking lot like this area you don’t you don’t get the option to have this kind of thing so it’s similar to what we had in SOS flea where we have like the kitchen area here also got the power outlets and then inside a big

Bathroom I like the inside of this one more than the one in uh saus fle and then this also has hot water so pretty good especially for $25 like I said the one in the park is $45 and you get nothing pretty much and we think that we may have seen a lion

Yesterday yeah so like during the entire Safari thing in the inside the park we were like so excited to see the Lions and we didn’t see any we tried until the last minute and didn’t see any inside but then when it came here last night we were just sitting and having dinner and

Then we heard something uh like two times or maybe three times yeah raar yeah like a lion raar it was definitely and a lion and then when we were looking uh we were looking at this part here uh we saw something like kind of yellow and

Like big I tried to take pictures but it was getting dark so I couldn’t focus it was so no pictures of it and I think it was Alliance and we got very scared yeah it went away really quick as well so we didn’t really have time to get the the

Good camera out it was just right here right after the raw there is a fence here by the way kind of a similar kind of fence that we saw at those water holes so it’s been a really awesome place to visit if you watch the three videos all three of them were very

Unique for us even though we’ve traveled many places in the world we haven’t really seen any places like this Namibia just a shame that the second half of the trip I’ve been feeling bad even now I’m getting better but I’m still not 100% we’re actually thinking that I might

Have Co cuz this is exactly identical to how it was last year exactly a year ago and right now I have a bit of like ear infection feeling a bit dizzy because of the ear infection and that’s exactly what happened last time so I think we’re

Going to get a covid test on the way back and just see and as I mentioned the next videos will be from South Africa specifically Cape Town in South Africa so yeah hopefully I’m good for those videos and that’s what’s coming up Next Oh

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