Top 10 Instances of Bad Actors Delivering Great Performances – Video

Top 10 Instances of Bad Actors Delivering Great Performances – Video

The world of acting is a tough one to crack, and sometimes even the most seasoned actors can struggle to deliver a convincing performance. However, there are moments when bad actors surprise us all with flashes of brilliance that leave us speechless. In this video from WatchMojo, we dive into the Top 10 Times Bad Actors Did a Great Job in their roles.

From Adam Sandler in “Uncut Gems” to Steven Seagal in “Under Siege,” these actors found the perfect roles to showcase their talents beyond their usual typecasting. Hayden Christensen’s portrayal of journalist Steven Glass in “Shattered Glass” and Jessica Alba’s performance in “Sin City” also make the list, proving that everyone deserves a second chance to shine on the big screen.

But perhaps the most unexpected inclusion is Tyler Perry in “Gone Girl,” where the actor best known for his Madea character delivers a jaw-dropping performance as defense attorney Tanner Bolt. It just goes to show that with the right material and direction, even the most criticized actors can deliver performances that leave a lasting impact.

So next time you find yourself doubting an actor’s abilities, remember these Top 10 Times Bad Actors Did a Great Job and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. After all, as this video demonstrates, everyone deserves a shot at redemption in the world of acting.

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Those actions that once made you feel completely ashamed and totally discouraged will allow you to share with other people how to be a useful human being welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the most notable movie roles in which actors with a notoriety for subpar performances

Showed unexpected flashes of Brilliance why do you think I kept writing you those letters it wasn’t just gratitude number 10 Adam Sandler uncut gems all right with the jazi all right rub that tattoo for me okay here we go after breaking out on SNL Adam Sandler starred in a string of

Comedy films that were commercially successful but torn apart by critics his turning flicks like Mr Deeds and Jack and Jill earned him multiple golden raspberry nods and a reputation as a less than Stellar actor why do you keep saying that although Sandler began to redeem himself with a more tender

Portrayal in punch drunk love his Evolution into a formidable actor became complete with 29 19’s uncut gems departing from his usual comedic style Sandler plays A desperate New York City Jeweler burdened by Massive debt with no shticks and gimmi to fall back to the actor sinks his teeth into the role

Delivering a magnetic performance that many consider the best of his entire career look at this it’s Kevin Garnett’s 2008 Championship rank number nine Steven seagull Under Siege a quick look at Steven sigal’s filmography and you could argue he has essentially played the same character for decades himself

Stking an officer come on that’s not striking an officer striking an officer oddly enough zolas failed to be convincing in most of those roles but even a broken clock is right twice a day are you like some special forces guy or something I’m just a cook in the 1992

Action thriller Under Siege seol’s martial arts training experience and skills all lined up perfectly to produce a surprisingly compelling performance the typically stoic actor is unexpectedly likable playing a former Navy SEAL facing off against a group of mercenaries led by Tommy Lee Jones in the sea of seagull laughably bad movies

Under Siege is one of only a handful to achieve both financial and critical success burning a fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes all of your ridiculous pitiful Antics are going to change a thing you and I we’re puppets in the same sick play number eight Vince vaugh brawl in

Cellblock 99 Vince vaugh began his career with promise but with the turn of the Millennium came a series of gettable comedies that failed to Showcase his acting strengths give me a reason to turn your face into a cocktail I don’t scare me like that I might curl up on

The floor like your buddy by the 2010s hardly anyone took the actor seriously that is until director s Craig Zer came along Zer cast vaugh as the lead in his Grindhouse prison Thriller braw and cellblock 99 leveraging his imposing stature the role depicts the actor as a menacing anti-hero who best communicates

With his fists Brad Brad what’s wrong with you it’s Bradley I’m psychotic vau effortlessly pulls it off delivering a performance that is both intimidating and nuanced and adds some emotional depth to the otherwise Savage movie it’s a surprising direction for vau and one we can only hope he sticks with they

Will not listen to you that’s fine you’re the ones going to be making noise number seven Hayden Christensen shattered glass best known for his turn as a young Darth Bader Hayden Christensen is one actor that hasn’t quite earned the love of fans and critics I don’t like sand

It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere but beyond his widely criticized performances Christensen has demonstrated that with the right material he can actually deliver this was most evident in his portrayal of disgrace journalist Steven glass in 2003 shattered glass some reporters think it’s political content that makes a

Story memorable I think it’s the people you find they’re quirks their flaws will makes them funny will makes them human Christensen portrays the smug report who came under Fire after his stories were revealed to be mere Fabrications ironically the whiny self-pitying attitude the actor was criticized for in

The Star Wars films turned out to be a perfect fit for the role the result was a well-rounded depiction that earned Christensen unexpected critical Acclaim this is the new Republic remember nothing slides here number six Dane Cook Dan in Real Life this is my brother Dan

And uh he needs your advice he met some hottie downtown and um she’s a little sh shocked yeah wouldn’t you be Mitch neglects to mention that in their little weekend away she’s going to meet our entire family I didn’t want to scare her off the pool of comedians who have

Delivered surprisingly great dramatic performances includes big names like Jim Carrey Jamie Fox and Robin Williams we won’t classify him in the same category as such renowned figures Dan Cook still deserves some recognition for his role in 2007’s Dan in Real Life cook plays Mitch burns the younger brother of Steve

Carell’s titular character who’s a philandro turned lover boy yes yes yeah what what do we call that always did have the words whether he’s leading an aerobics routine or sharing a duet with Carell cook manages to break away from his usual facius image and embodies a genuinely Charming Persona the film receiv received mostly favorable reviews from critics and audiences alike and remains Cook’s most compelling performance to date number five Jessica Alba Sin City Sin City broke new ground with its innovative visual style and depiction of violence it was also the vehicle through which Jessica Alba was introduced to a broader

Audience what about you are you leaving town hell no I like it here in the film Alba played exotic dancer Nancy Callahan in one of her very first starring roles in a major Motion Picture the fresh-faced actress fully immersed herself in the character even been visiting strip clubs beforehand to

Prepare tried to fall in love with boys even thought I did once or twice but I was already in love consequently she turned out a convincing portrayal that earned her the MTV movie award for sexiest performance however Alba failed to capitalize on this promising potential her subsequent roles

Have largely been derided by critics and she’s received multiple Razzy nominations since can’t lose you not again you’ll never lose me NY number four Jennifer Lopez Hustlers starring in what was regarded as one of the worst films ever made can leave a lasting stain on anyone’s career it’s turkey time

Huh Goble Goble for Jennifer Lopez that stain persisted for over two decades following her performance in the critically reviled gie Lopez stumbled through a couple of romantic comedies that failed to Curry her much favor however with her career finding turn as Ramona in 2019s Hustlers the singer

Actress and Dancer showed that she still had a lot to prove I mean some of the girls have been in like Playboy Hustler I was a centerold once no way 93 Lopez brings her effortless charm to the portrayal serving up a performance that is equal parts bold ruthless and sensitive she garnered

Overwhelming praise for her portrayal and was nominated for several trophies including a Golden Globe and a sag award you want them drunk enough to get their credit card but sober enough to sign a check number three shy La buff honey boy creating art is a powerful way for

Artists to process trauma that’s exactly what shy lauff did with 2019s honey boy you come see me and Mogi boy I’m talking about the RO I’m talking about lice the former child actor who faced a slew of personal issues in his adulthood wrote the film script as a therapy exercise in

Rehab honey boy draws inspiration from lau’s childhood and his comp licated relationship with his father for such a sensitive subject there was no one better suited for the paternal role than the buff himself you know I bet if you went over there and ask that boy right

Now who he wants to be when he grows up he would say me no no why is that I don’t know this personal connection allowed him to infuse the character with authenticity avoiding the risk of delivering a hammy portrayal instead lauff brings warmth humor and emotional depth to the role making honey

Boy a standout amid the numerous subpar entries in his filmography I want to make a movie about you you’re making a movie about me well make me look good boy number two Marlin wein requium for a dream traditionally known for his comedic roles Marlin wein defied expectations

With a remarkable dramatic turn in reim for a dream the actor was fresh off his sitcom the weighin Bros when he landed the role of Tyrone a troubled character grappling with substance use disorder I don’t want to be running the streets my whole life my sneakers all ripped up my

Nose running down to my chin even director Darren aronovsky was hesitant to cast wein but the actor ultimately blew everyone away with his captivating portrayal wein displays a level of authenticity and emotional range that is uncommon even among season dramatic actors seems like a thousand years ago

Since last summer man watching it now it’s hard to not be completely immersed in the character’s desperate psyche and it’s even harder to reconcile this performance with Wayne’s roles in film such as little man and the scary movie franchise well then it’s time to dance old man come on before we continue be

Sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Tyler Perry

Gone Girl the 2014 psychological Thriller Gone Girl surprised audiences with many unexpected twists but perhaps The Twist nobody saw coming was a brilliant performance from Tyler Perry Elvis is in Missouri Wily known for his portrayal of the tough yet nurturing Grandma bedia Perry has faced intense criticism for his projects and his

Choice of characters why you got to be such a square hence many had their reservations when it was announced that he would play defense attorney Tanner bolt in the David Fincher directed film but Perry turned out to be outstanding portraying the character with as much Prestige and Brilliance as one would

Expect it’s one of the rare instances where Perry allowed himself to be directed by someone else and based on this performance he should probably consider doing so more often I’ll always regret it that works what is your favorite performance by a terrible actor sound off in the comments below maybe

Our lives would have been different you know or maybe it would just been the same did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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