Press Conference for ‘Megalopolis’ at the Cannes Film Festival – Video

Press Conference for ‘Megalopolis’ at the Cannes Film Festival – Video

‘Megalopolis’ Press Conference – Cannes Film Festival

The ‘Megalopolis’ Press Conference at the Cannes Film Festival was a powerful and emotional event with an array of talented actors and collaborators. Director Francis Coppola, alongside a stellar cast including Adam Driver, Aubrey Plaza, and Lawrence Fishburn, answered questions with passion and depth.

The film, 40 years in the making, received a standing ovation at its premiere. Coppola expressed relief and joy at the reception, highlighting the importance of artists in shining light on contemporary issues. The film’s exploration of politics and society was praised, with Coppola emphasizing the role of artists in inspiring hope for a better world.

The discussion also touched on the film’s music, the challenges of taking risks in the industry, and the significance of time in art. Coppola’s vision and collaborative approach were emphasized by the cast, highlighting his ability to inspire and push boundaries.

Overall, the press conference showcased the deep connection between the cast and director, revealing a film that is both visionary and transformative. The film’s exploration of time, courage, and the power of art left a lasting impression on all those involved.

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