The Uniqueness of Thailand’s Pattaya Walking Street – Video

The Uniqueness of Thailand’s Pattaya Walking Street – Video

There is NOTHING Like Thailand! In this video, we take a walk around the famous Pattaya Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand. You will get to see the vibrant and lively atmosphere of one of the craziest streets in the country. Whether you’re planning a trip to Pattaya or simply looking for Thailand videos to enjoy, this is the video for you! Join the channel to get access to perks and get 10% off Safety Wing Travel Insurance. This video contains affiliate links for products and services that the audience might receive value from. All rights reserved © 2023 Travelwithchris LLC. Enjoy the tour of Pattaya Walking Street and the encounters with the locals!

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Video Transcript

Need to actually spend more time going into  some of these places while I’m here they they   all look like a good time this here is a gentleman  club oh she’s excited oh that was clean that was   clean but yeah these clubs pretty much uh  the go-o houses pretty much run the entire

Streets what’s up everybody welcome back  to another beautiful evening here in pataya   Thailand now today I’m actually gonna be walking  the walking streets for the first time in about   what four or five months now and show you guys  I love Thailand so much up buddy what do you  

Have yeah I have many your shop yes man what’s up  bro you like Muhammad Ali tyen BL I like Muhammad   Ali but I want something Thai bro Thailand you got  something Thai I wasn’t even expecting to do some  

Shopping but man your shop looks nice where are  you from We’re from Thailand Thailand but I’m my   papa mama from Nepal we born in Thailand oh okay  I think you like Thailand lady too I I like I like  

Latinas you know the you like the Latinas huh  you like the Latinas latina mean you don’t like   Latina women where Latin you like Nepali women or  Thai women I good both both good I agree with you   everyone’s good you’re right every W is good  you’re right but lady must be give okay lady  

No like no good exactly yeah he’s right he’s right  all right well as I was mentioning I was going to   give you guys a tour around Paya walking street  but first which part of let’s buy a shirt uh I’m  

From California nice Place Long Beach in the South  have you been to the US before no no no sir you   need to come visit us man yeah hey um so what’s  your best seller what’s the most popular shirts  

This one Thailand shirt elant shirt the elephant  shirt and the Thailand shirts okay what’s the best   price for a good man like me this one normally 300  I give you for you best price high price 200 200  

Okay that sounds like a pretty good deal actually  okay you have one that’s uh 2XL yes sir we all   know how small the tie sizes are huh that one yeah  um which one do you think will look better on me I  

Think this one best okay let me try that one okay  why not many many yeah you have many designs how   long have you owned this shop for H this is a 15  years man 15 years you see American shirt oh yeah  

Muhammad Ali how much do the Muhammad Ali ones go  for 300 I give you 250 250 oh same same okay you   know what ganja ganja yeah the ganja you know  what how about I leave the Thailand shirt and  

I buy the um the Bob Marley shirt this one 200  I give you 150 150 yeah okay all right I’ll buy   that one then I’ll leave the Thailand shirt okay  tomorrow you buy thaine shirt okay okay tomorrow  

I buy thaine shirt you have change bro yes sir I  only got the big bills right now no problem sir   maybe later on this week I come back and spend  some more money with you okay sir okay all right  

Well that’s a great way to start a video um yeah  support his business your business is open every   day every no breaks all right well his little shop  is tucked away in this um alley next to the W gwa  

Pure Indian food but yeah guys today I’m going  to walk around payo walking Street and show you   guys the vibe show you the night life and most  importantly show you if it is worth coming out   and spending your time now this video might be a  little bit difficult to film because yesterday as  

I was scrolling the The Walking Street I actually  noticed the security guards were throwing like uh   lights into people’s C however um 500 6 7 80050  yeah oh thank you so much bro so I appreciate 10  

And I give you a bag no don’t worry about the  10 bot okay okay yeah just the bag please and   um yeah but either way people are still walking  around taking videos taking photos it’s one of  

The most touristic streets in Thailand so let  me go show you guys around and you can get out   what is that this a big dick can make what is  that it’s the B oh okay make you good job make  

You good job make you stay in the room huh one  night one night only oh man maybe next time I’m   young bro no problem young people don’t need  sometime you need you know when when sometime   they sometime if you need like this make you  big and good enjoy okay okay maybe maybe I’ll  

Try next time all right take care brother see you  tomorrow brother yeah have a good night all right   you too nice lady find you bring here okay if I  find a nice lady I’ll bring her to you all right  

We’ll talk later brother hello all right let’s  keep walking now what a funny guy so he said if   I find a nice lady for him to bring them on over  but yeah this here is the plaza where their shop  

Is located in case you guys want to come on by and  uh say what’s up to them all right now let’s start   our little walk because if not we’re going to get  super distracted very easily you guys know how  

How much of a easily easy easy of a distraction  I can be but you know what I need something to   drink so let’s actually um purchase a nice beer  now they have these little um minivans that are  

Converted into bars absolutely everywhere however  they play a lot of music so I can’t actually head   up there and order a beer but definitely great  little spots to hang out and enjoy yourself a   nice cold one before enjoying the night life  here in putaya hey how’s it going bro he’s a  

Big fan of oh really man thanks a lot bro where  you from I’m from India from India tiet man I   want to go to tiet one day where you from same  place oh man amazing nice to meet you guys bro  

How you enjoying Paya it’s a VI huh just came you  just came two hours ago two oh bro you wasn’t oh   puket was good though huh puk’s wild Wella Savage  sh and I see you guys got that you’re doing it  

Right you’re doing it right you know what why  not hold on let’s turn this around real quick that’s all right I appreciate you man you can’t  never say no when you run into some good people   you know what I’m saying well thanks a lot for  watching the videos I appreciate you hey enjoy  

Your time in pay all right take care guys maybe  I’ll see you tomorrow somewhere it’s small place   all right later guys Good Vibes Good Vibes all  right now let’s head off into patay I think that  

Got the that got the Vibes feeling right you  know it’s always nice when you get a a warm   welcome and especially by some people that just  got here cuz I know that probably hyped them up  

A little bit too the fact that you know you show  to a place and you see exactly sa and you see a   familiar face you know anyways let’s turn this  uh camera around right now I’m walking through  

Like a pretty dark end of the street but I can’t  really walk on the opposite side of the street cuz   there’s a lot of um girls that are actually out  here working right now let me see if I can get a  

Little zoom in and show you guys what I mean but  yeah they don’t really like the camera on that   side of the street however let me see if I can  show you guys exactly what I mean well that’s  

What the street looks look like on Paya Beach Road  just woman completely lining up the entire Street   and that’s not just today cuz it’s a Friday that’s  actually um every night in every direction so just  

Something to keep in mind if you’re coming on out  here now along this Boardwalk you find a lot of   like souvenir shops you know shops uh selling  knives and lighters and all kinds of jewelry   watches sunglasses because you are by the beach  it’s a pretty nice place oh look there’s a little  

Bar right here maybe we can make a purchase from  here okay they got everything in here all the fun   stuff all right let’s see where the bartender  is so cop is this your shop yeah you sell beer okay thank you so much all right  no beer in there let’s keep it walking  

Look you can buy some sandals a nice  shirt to go out in some adult things all right maybe we could grab a beer from here  can I get one CH yeah please one Chong so this  

Here the cocktail menus like they got mojito sex  on the beach Blue Hawaii all kinds of uh imported   beers as well fully stocked bar not a bad place  to hang out huh and of course you can get here  

With the bot bus just like you can pretty much the  entire strip how much sir 70 buck 70 bucks let me see oh c cop nice Chang nice  you can never go wrong with a chain yep and obviously the prices that you pay  for the chain outside of the Walking Street are  

A lot keeper thank you amazing amazing bar you  have here yeah bro I want to make sure everybody   comes to your cocktail bar okay come by and tell  him you saw me you saw him on the video and make  

His day see you later sir so yeah he’s located  right at the CM Sunset Beach Barn right along the   the main road that leades up to pataya walking  Street of course another 7-Eleven it wouldn’t   be any streets in Thailand without at least two  or three of those bad boys got the lotto seller  

Moto taxis but you know what let’s actually  switch the hands real quick sorry for the shaky   footage but I’m not left-handed and whenever I  use my left hand it’s rough so let’s just turn  

Around and use it this way but look at all the  nice massages that going on um man when I’m in   Thailand these These are twice a day mandatory  always when I’m walking around here I stop in  

The middle of the day and get myself a nice foot  massage it always feels good especially when they   use the menal so that’s a pro tip if you got  guys want a nice refreshing massage use the Mena all right well we’re about to approach  walking street now now glattus and my brother are  

Actually here as well so the Hunt is going to be  to try and find them once we’re in there as well   man it’s always quite impressive to see how much  Paya changes in just short amount of time actually  

That’s very much true for most of Thailand you  leave for a couple months and you return and   it’s changed so much I can only imagine for all  you guys watching that you know it’s been years  

Since you’ve been here I can imagine you guys are  like what the hell’s happened to that place but   it’s changed in a good way a lot of things um have  gotten better since the whole co uh situation took  

Place in the world and Paya I can honestly say is  back it’s nice good good to see at least I mean   the economy was struggling in many parts of the  world and Thailand felt it extremely hard as here  

In Thailand they very much depend on the Taurus  dollars to keep rolling in you know what I’m   saying a lot of people are just turning to arrive  to the walking Street as well because it is only  

About what 1 p.m. so it’s still quite early even  if it is in fact a Wednesday it’s still very much early so my brother actually pointed out something  very interesting earlier as well too because it is  

He is a first timer here in Thailand he actually  pointed out that um there was no Tuk Tuk Here In   Paya and I feel like I’ve gotten that comment a  lot of times on my videos and yes guys for all  

Of you who have never been to Thailand before  pataya is one of those cities that doesn’t have   Tuk TS as well as puket basically you can find  the tukk around Bangkok andet side of the island  

On I mean on the south side of the country you  can find tukk as well they just look completely   different and they’re more like yeah very short  uh vans what’s up what’s up bro oh how are you  

Good good how are you fine where are you from I’m  from India from India amazing bro oh nice amazing   how you enjoying Thailand it’s a Vibe huh enjoy  your time on in pataya bro appreciate that um  

Travel with Chris man a lot of good Indian people  I’ve I’ve been meeting here at pataya there’s so   many huh yes yes and puket as well yeah PUK in  PUK there are various yeah there’s so many huh  

Well yeah man it’s travel with Chris you’ll find  me on there you’re about to be a you’re about to   be on the vog too travel with Chris travel with  for all you guys that are first time watching  

You guys that are subscribed too please support  your boy oh you’re subscribed no way I’m a your   subscribers oh man dude that’s crazy thanks so  much bro I appreciate you yo big love always   yeah let’s do it man he subscribed already come  on now much love to my Indian people coming back

Soon appreciate you bro thank you sir enjoy enjoy  P all right take care brother oh man that was such   a good feeling all right guys I can’t believe how  much support I’ve received from you guys over the  

Course of the last few years I still can’t believe  this is my reality that this is my my dream has   come true and I’m forever grateful for you guys  seriously you guys have changed my life completely  

And I hope to just continue to keep on um you know  sharing blessings with others and Sharing Smiles   to you guys all right well here is the Walking  Street welcome to pataya sign at the top now  

It’s time for us to enter this amazing street  now I’m actually about to well you know what   let’s just keep the camera rolling I was going to  actually turn my flash off of my camera to see if  

Maybe that helps take away with the white like the  whiteness in the in the footage but I think that’s   just iPhone iPhone stuff all right well hopefully  it’s focused there guys but yeah everything seems  

To be pretty active here for a Wednesday I mean  look you got all the clubs open bars being playing music this incredible shop  right here in front of us man it’s good vibes out here it’s  not even it’s not as busy as it  

Is during the weekend but that  is also very very much nice as   well you know sometimes the weekends  can be a little bit too much here in pataya now you know what I found  extremely interesting about Taya   walking Street the last few  days oh I almost dropped my

Here that was not good but is that  they have a tourist police Center   out here right now in the middle of the  strip and they actually have U police   police officers with English Flags Italian  flags and they’re from like those countries  

Who speak that language I think they’re  probably assigned here by the embassy or   something I’m not too sure but it’s nice  to see that they’re looking out for their people man there’s so much going on nice little seafood restaurant what is this some sort of Japanese Club

Aogo of course you got the  guys out here offering all   of the crazy shows that can only be found here in Thailand oh man it’s crazy out here tonight yo such a [Music] Vibe this club here  is called Fahrenheit man Fahrenheit aogo that  

Sounds like a fun place I need to actually  spend more time going into some of these   places while I’m here they they all look  like a good time this here is a gentleman club Dam there’s a lot of vendors out  here a lot of people selling everything  

From packs and cigarettes to bites as  well as like the typical jewelry you   see in Thailand you got a street  magician out here performing some   tricks this guy’s actually incredibly  good I see him out here quite [Music] often Diamond Arcade New Star Bar  and yeah every a lot of the girls  

Have signs on them that say 99 bot per  beer so not terribly bad the iron club Aogo now here on this walking Street as well you  don’t have to come here just to Party Guys you   can actually come out here just to have some  food a snack um there’s a lot of like little  

Green shops where you can sit down and you know  smoke something have a coffee it’s a good time   you don’t have to come out here just to party  I mean I come out here on Plenty of nights to  

Just have a beer and walk around and you know  sight sight see and people watch a little bit   but yeah these clubs pretty much uh the goo  houses pretty much run the entire streets all   the way as far back as um that that building  back there and there’s a lot of streets that  

Actually Veer off to the sides as well that  have a lot of um they have a lot of stuff going on man they’re playing some good music though to  be honest I might stay out a little bit longer  

After this video The High Times let me know what  you guys think of these videos and if you guys   would like to see a lot more in the future oh last  time I was here I did this one that was good fun  

I I don’t know if you guys remember I sunk her  the first time let’s see we might have to do it [Music] again how much 100 100 okay let me see oh she’s excited oh that was clean that was  clean man he was good that was a fast fast try  

Too you could tell she loves that though  oh he missed that last one yeah that was   fun yeah last time I was the one throwing  it but you know what I get enjoyment out   of just watching let’s see if anybody  else would wants to try and knock her

Down oh that’s nice he even tipped her  a little bit more that’s how it should be so yeah it’s very active out here you can  only imagine that on the weekends it’s even [Music] crazier you even got guys out here trying  to uh sell you suits sorry I keep looking this way  

I’m not used to filming with the phone anymore  but at night it just works better um but yeah   you even got the guys selling suits out here like  who comes to Paya walking Street looking for a

Su oh man it’s though I love the Vibes seriously  the energy is contagious poti walking street is   like one of those places that you don’t have  even have to be in the mood to go out so the   moment you arrive there you’re going to  be feeling like damn all right I I came  

To party I want to stay out late you know  and that’s exactly how I feel right [Music] now and yeah there’s people from all over  the world here guys like the streets you   all you got to do is look around and  you can just see that there’s people  

From all over the world Here In  Paya right now and every single day and to be honest payo walking street is  known for being a a lot more expensive of a   place to hang out but you can still very  much find deals and some good prices on a  

Lot of beers and a lot of places without  entry fees as well you just got to look   around and I always recommend don’t stick  to walking Street there’s so much to Paya   so many other places to explore in  so many areas with better NightLight  

Walking street is cool to experience but  you shouldn’t stay here the entire time in but yeah inside here you got  a bunch of different pool bars   where you can actually Jump On In  and play some pool enjoy your time

It’s quite amazing out here for it being  low season and you know in the middle of   the week I wasn’t expecting pataya to be this  this active but I guess yeah it’s just back to   normal the last few visits that I had to  the city were obviously after covid times  

And it just feels like every few weeks  or every few months so much is changing Oh my God look at who we just ran into  what up party people how is it good out   it feels good huh there’s a lot of people  I was just telling everybody that our last   few visits to uh were obviously after Co  and it was slowly like coming back to life  

But now it is like it’s crazy out here all  right well you know what um how’s it down there oh okay well I think I’m going to walk down  to the end um and then got a little bit longer out  

Here there’s a lot of stuff going on where’s your  beer at all right all right well give me a little   L okay all right well see you guys in a second  bye all right well it was fun seeing them yeah  

They’re pretty much just out uh doing some people  watching glattus glattus and Andrew they’ve been   filming all day long well Andrew you know he’s  part of the team now so he’s been out filming   all day long as well so um yeah they didn’t  really have the energy the same energy to come  

Out and make a video but it is what it is I I feel  that way as well sometimes oh man it is crazy out here so the average price for a massage I  know a lot of you guys want to know that is  

Around 300 Bots here in this area to 350 for  the hour and that’s like a full tie body oil   massage or or a foot massage now you can’t  find them as cheap as like 250 here um and  

In Bangkok you can find them as cheap as like  180 in some in the very local areas if you’re   on csan road obviously it’s going to be  about 350 as well which is about um yeah  

$1 man my my exchanges in my head are always  completely off but yeah feel free to look it up a lot of Indian clubs I wonder what happen right  now these guys must have got Rowdy yeah I think I think they must  have just got Rowdy inside the club  

Oh man there’s a lot of people that  are Rowdy right now I wonder what’s happening yeah this is Crazy man this there’s some  aggressive people out here tonight you know I’m here to bring  you guys the drama as well guys guys why not we got to have  a little bit of drama in the videos this is better than Netflix people I’m  telling you that’s why YouTube’s taking over  

We’re live in person no edits who else can  do it like that right all right let’s keep   it walking let’s get down to the end a little  bit and then see if anything changes down the   road and let me know what you guys think  of this um iPhone footage hopefully it’s  

Doing it doing this place Justice because  it’s quite hard to you know show you guys   exactly how this place is outside of uh well  on a camera so yeah there’s a lot of Russian   girl areas nowadays as well you see a  lot of signs that say where’s Russian girls a Russian [Music] bar

Man that place is lit every night I walk  by that uh by this ring bar it’s always   going [Music] crazy and yeah it looks like down  on this side of the strip it starts to get a  

Little quiet but this here is where it ends like  you can grab yourself a little coconut water if   you make it to an to the end a little celebration  coconuts a little celebration durian pineapples   they also have what a little bit of clothing  shops elephant pants bathrooms over on this way

Another massage spots it’s a nice little  place well yeah I think um yeah that’s   pretty much the tour of Paya walking Street  you know what why don’t we do a little walk   um a little walk back and then we’ll see what  we get or where we where we stop this video  

I’ll show you guys a little bit more on the  way back but yeah let me know what you guys   think of Paya walking street is it a Vibe is  it does it meet up to the expectations let me Know now as I’ve been uh mentioning the entire  video keep in mind that it is early out here   right now guys a lot of people don’t come  out until like 11:30 midnight and these   bars stay open till 5:6 a.m. so it’s it’s  super early you come out here on a Friday  

Night you definitely want to be out here at  like 11:00 p.m. minim I mean earliest if you   come many earlier you might be a little bit  disappointed in what you see so keep that in mind crazy Russian

Girls seems to be a common Trend that name  all around the world where there’s like a   like a adult area or a crazy nighlife area they  always have like a crazy Russian place kind of   like they always have a an Irish Pub everywhere  in the world it’s almost standard days isn’t It man they’ve been feisty here all night  huh they’re a little feisty at the Indian restaurant I’m walking bro I can  film I’m just filming I can walk and film yeah so this place is is crazy  popping every night as well Leela

Club yeah so many amazing Vibes out here you  can get a little uh suit shop made visit a suit shop but yeah it’s a pretty cool little area this  place these these Indian guys pretty pretty much  

Got a little um bothered by my comments and  that that I can film anywhere and they kind   of just kep trilling behind me but you know those  people are the ones that give a Thailand some bad  

Name when they get aggressive like that of stuff  you’re just out here you know showing the people   promoting the streets all right whoa you know what  guys I think this is where oh you know what it’s  

Too loud right now I think this here is where  I’m going to bring this video to an end let me   know what you guys thought of this let me know if  Paya Thailand is on your list and if you visited  

Recently how has it changed over years let us know  down in the comments and of course if you got any   recommendations for night life don’t cheap out  leave them down in the comments for everybody to enjoy I was the one to take a love I  remember how we started to realize what my

Supply strange Motions like a  shift in the flow a change coming

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