“Red Sea Crisis, Fraudulent Electors, and the Search for Cillian Murphy | Full  Episode” – Video

“Red Sea Crisis, Fraudulent Electors, and the Search for Cillian Murphy | Full Episode” – Video

Crisis in the Red Sea; Fake Electors; Finding Cillian Murphy | 60 Minutes Full Episodes offers a deep dive into the global trade disruptions caused by a dangerous militia in Yemen, the US Navy’s efforts to combat them, and the potential implications for the global economy. The episode starts by highlighting the houthis’ attacks on commercial ships passing through the Red Sea and the US Navy’s response to protect the vital trade routes. With the houthis targeting ships from multiple nations, including the US, tensions rise in the region as the coalition Operation Prosperity Guardian works to safeguard the area. The episode also touches on the political motives behind the houthis’ actions, their use of advanced weapons like anti-ship ballistic missiles, and the urgency of the situation. Additionally, the episode explores the impact of the disruptions on global trade and the potential risks for the economy. Amidst the crisis in the Red Sea, the episode also features an interview with Hollywood star Cillian Murphy, who reflects on his preference for privacy and his unexpected Oscar nomination. Overall, Crisis in the Red Sea; Fake Electors; Finding Cillian Murphy | 60 Minutes Full Episodes offers a gripping and informative look at a critical geopolitical and economic issue.

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Global trade has been severely disrupted in the Red Sea by a dangerous militia in Yemen who the US Navy is trying to stop when was the last time that the US Navy operated at this pace for a couple months I think you’d have to go back to

World War II where you have ships who are engaged in combat when I say engaged in combat where they’re getting shot at we’re getting shot at and we’re shooting Back ah beautiful kids Andrew good good I’m going to blame you Andrew if they don’t do it can you imagine the repercussions on myself my family if it was me Andrew hit who prevented Donald Trump from winning Wisconsin you’re saying you were scared it was not a safe time

If my lawyer is right and the whole reason Trump loses Wisconsin is because of me I would be scared to death 5,000 mil from Hollywood Oppenheimer star Killian Murphy prefers a beach to a red carpet but his Oscar nomination brings a blinding light to an artist who’d rather

Disappear Emily Blunt told me half joking your interview with Killian will be a disaster is this going to be a disaster I don’t I hope not we’ll find out I’m Leslie stall I’m Bill Whitaker I’m Anderson Cooper I’m Sharon alony I’m John wortheim I’m Cecilia Vega I’m Nora

Odonnell I’m Scott P those stories and more tonight on 60 Minutes after Hamas launched its deadly terrorist attack in Israel this past October and Israel began its unrelenting war in Gaza in response President Biden warned Iran and its proxies in the Middle East to stay out of it one of

Those groups decided instead that it was all in that group is a Shia militia from Yemen known as the houthis Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East but its 1,200 M of Coastline leads in and out of the Suez Canal the primary route by sea between Europe and Asia

Responsible for a trillion dollars a year in global trade so when the houthis began to attack commercial ships in solidarity with Hamas President Biden faced a crisis in the Red Sea and sent the US Navy into its first major fight of the 21st century yeah the left turn back around

Our report begins not on the water but in the air we’re from a US Navy reconnaissance plane 500 ft above the Red Sea we were the first journalists to see the types of commercial ships the houthis have targeted and the US warships sent to protect Them we are not going to let the hoies hold this straight hostage vice admiral Brad Cooper is the US military’s Deputy commander in the Middle East after October 7th as the Navy’s top officer in the region he ordered the fifth Fleet into an area it typically sailed right through how many sailors

Are now in the Red Sea yeah we’ve got about 7,000 uh right now so it’s a it’s a large commitment what makes the Red Sea one of the most important waterways in the world 15% of global trade flows exactly through the Red Sea and so keeping these Wild waterways open is

Critical it’s a core commitment the United States has from a strategic perspective maintaining the free flow of Commerce the Red Sea is about the size of California in the north the Suez Canal in the South the 20 mile wide straight known in Arabic as the Babel MB

Or in English as the Gate of grief it was near there 3 months ago that a Japanese chartered ship built to carry cars was hijacked by the houthis who posted this video since then according to the Pentagon the houthis have attacked at least 45 ships and the

US Navy has shot down more than 95 drones and missiles fired by the militia that controls onethird of Yemen including the capital SAA as houthi attacks intensified in December and January the world’s largest container ship companies all made the decision to avoid the Suz and and go around Africa’s

Cape of Good Hope adding as much as a month of travel time and a million dollars in fuel US Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell told 60 minutes two weeks ago the diversions pose a risk to the global economy and in the near term that’s going to affect Europe much more than

It’s going to affect us Tesla and Volvo were both forced to suspend some European production last month due to supply chain disruptions there are still ships going through the Suz mostly smaller regional carriers that are willing to run the current risks of the Red Sea how much has that

In terms of that traffic has it been reduced by half it’s been reduced um on any given day sometimes 40% but it’s clearly flowing and I think in many respects it’s flowing because of the defensive umbrella that we put over the southern Red Sea for sure the official name of that defense

Of umbrella is Operation Prosperity Guardian it’s a coalition of more than 20 Nations that includes the United Kingdom but most of the ships aircraft and Firepower are coming from America when was the last time that the US Navy operated at this pace for a couple months I think you’d have to go

Back to World War II where you have ships who are engaged in combat when I say engaged in combat where they’re getting shot at we’re getting shot at and we’re shooting back initially the houthis backed by Iran stated they would only shoot at ships linked to Israel in support of the Palestinian

People and to force a ceasefire in Gaza their ultimate political aims as well as their actual aim appears to be less precise they have fired at ships tied to dozens of Nations the houthi official motto is God is great death to America death to Israel a curse upon the Jews Victory to Islam

While their slogan may not be new their weapons and tactics are according to Admiral Cooper the houthis are the first entity in the history of the world to use anti-ship ballistic missiles ever firing against shipping no one has ever used no one has ever used an anti- ship ballistic missile certainly against

Commercial shipping much less against US Navy ships Admiral Cooper took us inside the fifth fleet’s Command Center at Naval headquarters in Bahrain I think there’s a sense that the houthis are sort of like a rag tag kind of terrorist group yeah yeah yeah that can be a sense

And it would be a false sense and we we would be unwise to consider that you know 10 years of being supplied uh by the Iranians very sophisticated Advanced weapons they have hit a few ships all those targets how many of them are directed at US Naval assets the

Overwhelming majority over these last couple months have been directed at um internationally flag Merchant ships a small percentage of them are directly at US Navy ships what kind of damage would one of those anti- ship ballistic missiles do on a commercial ship well let’s go right here this is exactly what

It looks like the houthis attacked it and you can see in Practical terms what the damage was the houthis also have inexpensive Iranian designed attack drones in their Arsenal like the 15t wide Samad with a range of up to 1100 miles some of their anti-ship ballistic missiles resemble

The Iranian weapons seen here and can hit targets up to about 300 miles away if there is an anti- ship ballistic missile launch this ballistic missile travels at about Mach 5 about 3,000 miles an hour how much time is there between a houthi launch and then it

Could reach a US ship if it’s coming toward them now just put yourself in the seat of the Destroyer captain on that ship he has about nine to 15 seconds to make a decision they’re going to shoot that down it’s intense to speak to one of those Destroyer captains deployed in the

Southern Red Sea we took a 5em helicopter ride from the USS Dwight D Eisenhower over to the USS Mason where we met Commander Justin Smith the Destroyer is one of four American warships in the area that have shot down more than a dozen of the houthi anti-ship ballistic missiles how

Quickly can you see those anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes out and providing me that decision space to give me the 9 to 15 seconds as the captain of this ship on what my actions are going to be you made it sound like that’s a lot of time 9 to

15 seconds it doesn’t sound like much seems very small in very shorten duration uh but my crew has that ready proficiency to be able to engage we learn that so far in this crisis the Navy has fired about a 100 of their standard surfac to- a missiles

That can cost as much as $4 million each rer over the decision to fire one at an incoming houthi missile or kamakazi attack drone is made in the ship’s combat information center or cicc 33 we can be attacked at any time and any place that’s where command Smith

Showed us a video of the USS Mason doing just that you see an intercept here followed by a quick explosion showing a successful engagement the weapon systems that you have on board here and specifically the standard missiles those are expensive weapons and you’re using them to shoot down

$110,000 drones is that worth it I don’t think you put a price tag on safety and the defense of our sailers on board you you have to be right 100% of the time they just have to get right once at 27 knots to close a day before our visit to

The USS Mason about 100 miles away another US Destroyer needed its weapon of Last Resort a defensive Cannon called a SE whiz to shoot down a houy cruise missile that was a mile out and closing fast most us warships have one of these gun systems seen here in exercises

The USS Dwight de Eisenhower has two on that ship with its 5,000 Sailors and more than 75 Aircraft strike group Commander rear Admiral Mark migz told us the houthis have proven to be resourceful adversaries there are the intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance drones that the houthis are launching how have you seen them use when we first got to this this uh area that uh we would

Detect the Drone and then all of a sudden you know 10 minutes later or 5 minutes later there was an attack in other words a ballistic missile being launched uh or a cruise missile being launched and we’ve deduced over time that they are obviously using these drones to perfect their targeting

Solution since the war in Israel and Gaza began other Iranian backed militias have targeted US forces in Jordan Iraq and Syria with at least 170 attacks that injured 183 service members and killed three Admiral migz told us so far the USS Eisenhower has only been focused on

The houthis in the southern Red Sea since January 11th its planes have been regularly striking their launch SES in Yemen as have us destroyed destroyers the US also conducted a Cyber attack on an Iranian spy ship that was gathering intelligence in and around the Red Sea but the houthi attacks keep coming could

The houthis do this without Iranian support no for a decade the Iranians have been supplying the houthis they’ve been resupplying them they’re resupplying them as we sit here right now uh it see we know this is happening they’re advising them and they’re providing targeting information this is

Crystal still clear are there members of Iran’s Elite revolutionary guard Corps that are actually on the ground in Yemen providing intelligence and targeting the Iranian revolutionary guard Corps is inside Yemen and they are serving side by side uh with the houthis advising them and providing targeted information

And so what have we done to degrade that capability yeah that’s that will obviously end up being a policy decision our role at this point is to simply be ready and continue to to be uh aggressive in exercising our right to self-defense do these offensive US air strikes against these houy Targets in

Yemen risk escalating this conflict yeah I don’t think so we’re targeting those platforms that are targeting us if we were to look at the calendar right since October 7th the surging of US forces to the Red Sea and yet they keep firing back they keep seeming to be

Opportunistic in their response is the US Navy the fifth Fleet are the actions having an effect it’s very clear that we are degrading their capability and every single day they attempt to attack us we’re eliminating and disrupting them in ways that are meaningful and I do believe have an

Impact how long does this go on well I have a pretty clear uh endgame in mind and that is the restoration of of the free flow of Commerce and safe navigation in the southern Red Sea the month after the presidential election in 2020 Democratic and Republican electors representing the

Candidate who won the popular vote in their states gathered across the country to formally cast electoral votes for president but in seven states that Joe Biden won Republican electors got together anyway and C phony votes for Donald Trump they become known as fake electors and according to Federal

Prosecutors they were part of a plan to overturn the election orchestrated by prot Trump attorneys with Trump’s support state criminal charges have been filed against fake electors in Georgia Michigan and Nevada Wisconsin’s fake electors haven’t been charged and several weeks ago one of them Andrew hit an attorney and former chairman of the

State Republican party agreed to sit down with us to explore exp laain how he says he and Wisconsin’s other GOP electors were tricked by the Trump campaign you were head of the Republican party in Wisconsin were you a big Trump supporter I worked tirelessly for him I

You know day and night let’s put it together for the president of the United States one more time often times phone calls would start by 6:00 in the morning and wouldn’t end until 10:30 at night I did everything I possibly could the Wisconsin Republican party chairman Andrew hit Andrew hit was often singled

Out by President Trump at rallies in Wisconsin Andrew hit Andrew hit how are we doing Andrew going to win this St got to win it but Trump didn’t win in Wisconsin he lost to Joe Biden by some 20,700 votes the Trump campaign appealed challenging more than 200,000 absentee

Ballots on technical grounds in two Democratic counties if you count the lawful votes Trump won Wisconsin by a good margin that was false what he said was false the Trump campaign woned the votes in DNE County and Milwaukee County toss did you support that idea it wasn’t something that I was comfortable with

Danne County and Milwaukee County in Wisconsin are the most liberal counties the majority of the black population Wisconsin live in those two counties correct correct personally you did not believe all those absentee ballots should be thrown out well I voted that way you know I voted that way you didn’t

Think your own vote should be thrown out no on November 30th Wisconsin’s Democratic governor Tony iers certified Joe Biden’s Victory authorizing the state’s Democratic electors to gather at the state capital on December 14th to cast their electoral votes for Biden but days earlier Andrew hit says he received

A call from the Republican National Committee what was the reach out to you can we get a list of the Wisconsin Republican electors that made you suspicious it did I was was already concerned that they were going to try to say that the Democratic electors were not proper in Wisconsin because of fraud

You didn’t believe there was any W no and I was very involved obviously in the election pit was one of 10 Republicans nominated to be an elector if Trump won in Wisconsin on December 4th he says he was advised by the state gop’s outside legal council to gather the other

Republican electors on December 14th at the capital and as a contingency signed a document claiming Trump won the state in case a court overturn the election in Wisconsin in case the legal arguments that the Trump team is making actually win in court right and I remember asking how how can this be that

A court overturns the election and just because we don’t meet and fill out this paperwork on the 14th that Trump would forfeit Wisconsin and the legal analysis back was the statute’s very clear the electors have to meet at noon at the capitl in Wisconsin on December 14th

That morning the state supreme court in a 4-3 ruling rejected the Trump campaign’s attempt to throw out more than 200,000 votes but Andrew hit says he and the other Republican electors met anyway to cast fake votes because he’d been told the Trump campaign would appeal to the US Supreme Court Kenneth

Ches a prot trump attorney who was an alleged architect of the fake elector plan showed up to watch we got specific advice from our lawyers that these documents were meaningless unless a court said they had meeting you were deciding to sign this document as an elector and getting the other electors

To sign this document based on a court challenge that you yourself don’t believe has legitimacy I wouldn’t say it doesn’t have legitimacy that’s different than not personally agreeing with it you personally don’t believe believe that legitimate votes by Wisconsin residents should be tossed out and yet you are

Signing a document in support of a lawsuit which is alleging just that and if I didn’t do that and the court did throw out those votes it would have been solely my fault that Trump wouldn’t have won Wisconsin ah beautiful kids Andrew good good I’m GNA blame you Andrew if

They don’t do it can you imagine the repercussions on myself my family if it was me Andrew hit who prevented Donald Trump from winning Wisconsin you’re saying you were scared absolutely scared of trump supporters in your state it was not a safe time if my lawyer is

Right and the whole reason Trump loses Wisconsin is because of me I would be scared to die death signing legal documents of such consequence that you don’t believe in and you don’t believe the underlying reason for the documents it’s I mean it’s not exactly a profile

En courage no how do you feel about that now I mean terrible if I knew what I knew now I wouldn’t have done it it was kept from us that there was this alternate scheme alternate motive that alleged alternate scheme is a prominent part of special Council Jack Smith’s indictment of the former

President charging Donald J Trump with conspiring to defraud the United States according to Smith what began as a legal strategy in Wisconsin evolved into a corrupt plan involving six other states as well Donald J Trump of the State of Florida number of votes 11 Arizona Georgia Nevada New Mexico Pennsylvania

And Michigan said we can’t enter or some of the fake electors couldn’t convince police to let them into the capital yeah the electors are already here they’ve been checked in Jack Smith cites this December 6 memo written by Ken chesbro detailing ways the Trump campaign can prevent Biden from amassing

270 electoral votes on January 6 Smith alleges the multi-state scheme was designed to create a fake controversy and positioned the vice president to supplant legitimate electors with Trump’s fake electors and certify him as president by January 4th according to internal emails some in the Trump campaign were panicking they believe the

Fake elector documents from Michigan and Wisconsin hadn’t arrived in vice president Mike Pence’s Senate Office your colleague texted you freaking Trump idiots want someone to fly original elector paper to the Senate President you wrote this is just nuts what was nuts about it I mean we have the certification coming on the

6th um how how do you not have the paperwork I mean you’ve said that you only went along with this plan to preserve Trump’s candidacy in the event of a Court ruling January 4th just two days before January 6th did you really think that was still possible well

Remember the Wisconsin Supreme Court had been appealed and so January 4th it seemed like yeah it’s possible that a much more conservative United States Supreme Court could overturn a 43 decision to get the paperwork to Washington they picked Alicia Gunther then a 23-year-old law school student working part-time for Wisconsin’s

Republican party I was on break from law school um and wanted to make some extra money for to pay for books and worked for the party for my month off of school so on January 4th I got a call from the executive director of the Republican party of Wisconsin since I was helping

Out at the time what did you think when you got the text at first I didn’t know what it was and then he followed up and asked you know that the Trump campaign wanted these papers flown out to DC because they had gotten lost in the mail

Gunther says she picked up the papers here at the state party headquarters and on January 5th flew to Washington so this is the email she showed us her email chain with Ken chesbro and the Trump campaign senior adviser Mike Roman explaining that I should only give the

Documents to Ken chesboro so um and then they asked me to meet up with him outside the Trump Hotel I mean it sounds very secretive yeah I thought that that email was pretty odd and dramatic and you knew what was happening on January 6 in terms

Of the the certification of the vote I don’t know if I was very tuned into that truly because I thought that a court of law would have need to needed to overturn the election for those documents to be used did you know what chesboro looked like so he had actually

Sent me a selfie so he sent you a selfie so that you would know it was him yeah can I see yeah she still has the photo saved on her phone that’s that’s Ken chesboro mhm what did he say to you he kind of took a dramatic step back and

Looked at me and said you might have just made history Ken chesbro told investigators he delivered the Wisconsin documents to Capitol Hill the next day on January 6th he can be seen in videos outside the Capal near conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and I want to look even more deeply at the fake elector

Scheme according to the January 6 select committee an aid to Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson tried to arrange to get the fake elector slates to vice president Pence and I hope Mike is going to do the right thing I hope so I hope so because if Mike Pence does the right thing we

Win the election but Pence’s Aid refused texting do not give that to him according to the committee when the Senate chamber had to be evacuated the real electoral votes in these boxes were taken to safety and when Congress resumed they were returned into the house chamber pursuant to Senate concurrent resol vice

President Pence announced the election results and closed the session at 3:44 a.m. January 7th the Supreme Court ultimately declined to hear the Trump campaign’s lawsuit in Wisconsin what do you think about Donald Trump continuing to claim that the 2020 was stolen it I mean it wasn’t stolen it wasn’t stolen in

Wisconsin this past December Andrew hit and Wisconsin’s other Republican electors settled a civil lawsuit against them by some of the state’s Democratic electors they admitted they signed a document that was used as part of an attempt to improperly overturn the 2020 presidential election results hit resigned as chairman of the

Wisconsin Republican party in August 2021 he’s co operated with the January 6 committee using our electors in ways that we weren’t told about um and we wouldn’t have supported and he says he’s also cooperated with Federal prosecutors he maintains he and the other fake electors in Wisconsin were tricked

Whenever anybody sees our text messages our emails our documents they understand they know they con their conclusion is we were tricked the January 6 committee thought Jack Smith specifically in his indictment refers to some of the electors were tricked that was us the former president is known to watch 60

Minutes if he’s watching what would you want to say to him I would say that this country needs to move forward that we need a leader who is tackles serious problems and serious issues that this country faces and we need faith in our institutions again and the next president of the

United States needs to do that and in your opinion that’s not him it is not him correct they might try real electors in Michigan on their fake counterparts they were going to try to sneak in the night before night before and sleep in the capital at 60 minutes overtime.com

2023 was the year the world learned to pronounce Killian the ancient Irish name seemed to be on everyone’s lips as the film Oppenheimer became a blockbuster with 13 Oscar nominations including best actor for Killian Murphy Murphy has worked non-stop for nearly 30 years but it was the Epic drama of the atom IC

Bomb that ignited a star in this moment with a Golden Globe under his pork pie hat and the Oscars three weeks away Murphy is more famous than well known so we set out to learn more we were warned the 47-year-old Irishman is reserved and wouldn’t talk about himself but we

Discovered finding Killian Murphy depends on where you look Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula was named for a goddess before such things were written and for 6,000 years stories have passed by Ear so if verse inhabits every Irish Soul then in a Country Pub Killian Murphy is among peers as he would have it just a man with a pint to lift and no Fame to Bear what is the meaning of Ireland oh man to you I don’t think I can answer that question

Satisfactorily it’s defined who who I am as a person um and my values it’s just home home includes his wife of 20 years two teenage sons and Scout a lab named for the character in To Kill a Mockingbird that figures Murphy has always let stories lead his

Path you find so much empathy in novels you know because there you are putting yourself into somebody else’s point of view and I’ve always been a big reader when a movie can connect with someone and they feel seen or feel heard or or a novel can change somebody’s life

Or piece of music an album can change someone’s life and I’ve had all that happen to me and that’s the power of good art I think there’s a straight line from the music in the pub to Oppenheimer I think they’re from the same Source I

Mean I really do I I don’t see I see it’s all in a Continuum you know what I mean it’s just a form of expression expression in the eyes of Jay Robert Oppenheimer the physicist who created the atam bond but never controlled it if they detonated too high in the air the blast

Wouldn’t be as powerful with respect Dr Oppenheimer we’ll take it from here I remember reading at the beginning about him that he was more riddle than answer and I thought oh okay wow that’s that’s interesting I’m curious about your notes the riddle was in this script by writer director Christopher Nolan

Printed in Red so it couldn’t be photocopied I did genuinely think it’s one of the greatest screenplays I’d ever read and you told him I’ll do it I mean I said I’d do it before I read it I always say that’s quite a risk why would

You do that it’s always paid off for me you know in every film that I’ve worked with him on I’m not going back I’m not going back there have been six Chris Nolan films for Murphy Dunkirk Inception and three bman titles would you like to see my mask you

Told me that getting a film made and getting it seene yeah is a miracle it is and then if if if it’s anywh good that’s a miracle and then if it connects with audien that’s a miracle so it’s a miracle upon Miracle upon Miracle to have a film like Oppenheimer it really

Is his Oppenheimer was not so much a miracle as hard work he lost 28 lbs to get the silhouette then he rose to the character step by step over 6 months reading listening to oppenheimer’s lectures and covering miles on the Beach Performing for scout I remember at one point I said to

Chris Chris there appears to be um he appears to speak Dutch here and I think he’s giving a lecture in Dutch here what are we going to do about that and Chris said you mean what are you going to do about that Bing Al what’s he saying Murphy says he put all

He learned in the back of his mind and acted on Instinct I think instinct is your most powerful tool that you have as an actor nothing must be predetermined so therefore you mustn’t have a plan about how you’re going to play stuff and I love that it’s like being buffeted by

The wind and being buffered by emotion you don’t get to commit the sin and then I was all feel sorry for you Emily Blunt plays oppenheimer’s tormented wife you pull yourself together he’s very visceral to be in a scene with it’s like you he transports you he’ll kidnap you in a scene my

Favorite acting moment of his in Oppenheimer is the scene after the bomb has been dropped and he’s addressing all of the people at Los Alamos world will remember this day he somehow welds together the concept of being proud of what they did yes and regretting it very deeply yes all at the

Same time I know it’s too soon to it’s too soon to determine what the results of the bombing are but I’ll bet the Japanese didn’t like it no one moment is about one thing and if you’re as agile as someone like Killian and is vulnerable and is

Clever you can play it all but I don’t know if many people can do what he does Killian Murphy discovered agility in his hometown cork his mother was a teacher his father a school inspector in high school Murphy and his brother had a band Performing led to acting class and his first play this is more like the size of a storage room than a theater yeah but that’s all we were used to his first theater 1996 age 20 the play was disco pigs which grew to bigger theaters and became a movie why did you think you

Could be an actor I didn’t I was very comfortable on stage in front of an audience from when I was little I never had any nerves doing that it felt um natural you know and thrilling in this theater what did you learn about acting there’s a a fire escape door right there

And that’s a kind of an Alleyway there and so you get a lot of like drunk guys out of their mind bashing up against the the fire escape door and it used to kind of energize us so I remember learning about like taking what ever you have of

Responding to whatever the energy is in the room and using it that’s really good training yeah maintaining your character with the drunk guy yelling through the fire escape door yeah yeah I and I and I think theater is such a a an absurd undertaking when you think of it you

Know because at any point it could collapse and go wrong it’s dangerous yeah and I love that aspect of it yeah that love led him to drop Law School and since then there have been a dozen plays and 40 movies I love it when it becomes an immersive experience

Um uh I love getting lost in it in the early days that was with theater it felt kind of extraordinary that with just the Power of Will and a couple of lights and a good script we were creating this world um so it’s that’s kind of addictive when it works well it worked

Well in 2013 in a bre break out role as a leading man in the series peaky blinders Murphy plays Thomas Shelby who survives World War I to lead a family of gangsters you mostly in the war so you know the battle plans always change and get up here it

Is they’re all damaged broken men but something got knocked in him and he came back with this incredible drive and ambition and like I’m not afraid of death so now I can do whatever I Want in Tommy Shelby you created a sympathetic relatable monster K I care the only way to my people listen I like to be challenged and I I when I read something I want to go I don’t really know how I can do that you in 10 years of peaky blinders Murphy came into

His own I heard very early on in my career a director it was one of the sydneys it could have be in Sydney no it could be in Sydney poock but one of them said it takes 30 years to make an actor it’s not just technique and experience

And all that it’s it’s it’s maturing as a as a as a human being and and uh trying to Grapple with life and figure it out and all of that stuff so by the time you’ve been doing it for 30 years you’ve all of that banked hopefully and

Eventually then I think you’ll get to a point where you might be an okay actor maturing is the theme of Murphy’s next film based on the novel small things like these he plays Bill Furlong tormented by Injustice his wife fears his empathy will upend their lives don’t you have a question

As if you want to get on in this life there are things you have to ignore that’s eileene Walsh no actor has known Murphy longer she was his first partner in Disco pigs 28 years ago is his work ethic rooted in fear or Joy oh that’s a good

Question I think it can only be Joy but it sometimes takes a lot of pain to get to that Joy the deeper we go with acting the cost is greater for us and physically I know Oppenheimer you know has costed him for the weight loss he insisted and you know it was his

Choice to do but then it was the the right choice to create that amazing silhouette but from the very beginning our warm-ups for disco pigs involved us punching each other quite hard and like going for it and then bursting out into it this huge ball of velocity coming into it was the

Beginning of an Oppenheimer was the whole kind of atom of Us now after three decades of work Killian Murphy is cast in the most familiar Irish Legend of all maybe there is gold a 24 Karat goldplated statue at the end of his spectrum of talent you have screwed this up though you know and what way you used to be an actor yeah

And now you’re a movie star oh okay am I I think you can be both you know I I I’ve never understood that term really movie star I’ve always just felt like I’m an actor that’s I think a term for other people rather than for me the last minute of 60 Minutes is

Sponsored by United Healthcare there for what matters on Friday Russia announced the death of Alexi naalii Vladimir Putin’s most prominent political opponent the report says he collapsed after taking a walk at his Arctic prison Colony we spoke with him a little over 3 years ago in Berlin where he was recovering from

Poisoning from a chemical weapon ordered he told us by President Putin I think for Putin uh why he’s using this chemical weapon to do do both kill me and you know terrify others it’s something really scary and Putin is enjoying it you have said you think that

Mr Putin’s responsible I don’t think I’m sure that he’s responsible naali returned to Russia to face trial imprisonment and near certain death I’m Leslie stall will be back next week with another edition of 60 Minutes more with Oscar nominee Killian Murphy Coming Back Live this week on CBS mornings

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