Reunited: Kelly and Mark With Their All My Children Baby

Reunited: Kelly and Mark With Their All My Children Baby

Fans of the iconic soap opera “All My Children” were thrilled to see Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos reunite with their on-screen baby on Monday’s episode of “Live with Kelly and Mark.” The co-hosts and real-life spouses were surprised by the now 23-year-old actor who played Baby Enzo on the show.

The emotional reunion took place in front of a live studio audience, as the former on-screen family shared laughs and memories from their time together on the beloved soap opera. Kelly and Mark couldn’t contain their excitement as they reminisced about filming scenes with Baby Enzo, who stole the hearts of viewers with his adorable antics.

The actor, whose real name is Jesse Martin, shared his gratitude for the opportunity to work with Kelly and Mark on “All My Children” and expressed his love for the show that launched his acting career. The trio posed for photos together, marking a special moment that fans will cherish for years to come.

It’s always heartwarming to see cast members from beloved TV shows reunite, and this reunion was no exception. The bond between Kelly, Mark, and Baby Enzo was evident as they shared a special moment on live television, bringing back memories of the magic that “All My Children” brought to viewers for so many years.

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