Run-off Vote in Iran on July 5th

Run-off Vote in Iran on July 5th

Iranians are gearing up for a historic run-off vote on 5 July as no candidate managed to secure a majority in the recent election. With over a million votes deemed invalid by the Interior Ministry, the race between Pezeshkian and Jalili remains tight.

Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi announced the end of the first round of voting, emphasizing the safety, health, competitiveness, and valuable participation in the election. Despite traditionally praising public participation, officials are facing a record low turnout of 40 percent.

The upcoming run-off vote is crucial for determining the future leadership of Iran. With tensions running high and the stakes higher than ever, all eyes are on the candidates as they campaign vigorously to secure the support of the Iranian people.

Stay tuned as the nation awaits the final outcome of the Iran run-off vote on 5 July.

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