“Samsung’s CES Product Event: Recap in 6 Minutes – See all the Reveals!” – Video

“Samsung’s CES Product Event: Recap in 6 Minutes – See all the Reveals!” – Video

Samsung's CES Product Event: Watch Everything Revealed in 6 Minutes

Samsung’s CES Product Event: Watch Everything Revealed in 6 Minutes

The Samsung CES Product Event showcased a wide array of groundbreaking technology that is set to redefine the way we interact with our devices. The New Bali, Samsung’s true AI companion, is more advanced than ever, with the ability to project visuals on your wall and seamlessly interact with other connected devices. Additionally, Samsung introduced the transparent microed, a revolutionary screen technology that is shaping the future of premium visual display.

The 202 24 screen lineup, equipped with on device AI and intelligent integration across devices, promises a superior viewing experience. The latest Samsung Neo 8K TV with the Nq8 uh AI gen 3 chip offers stunning visuals and enhanced speed, making every action smoother and more responsive. The Premiere 8K projector, boasting a 150-inch display, brings the theater experience into your home with unparalleled quality.

Not only did Samsung unveil impressive advancements in visual technology, but they also introduced innovative products for the home, such as the bespoke family Hub refrigerator and the AI-powered laundry combo. The new Galaxy Book 4 Series, equipped with Intel Core Ultra processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 47d laptop GPU, promises unmatched AI capabilities for boosted productivity.

The event concluded with the announcement of Samsung’s continued partnership with Microsoft, bringing personalized recommendations and enhanced navigation capabilities through devices such as the Galaxy Book 4 and Galaxy smartphones. The future of technology looks promising with Samsung’s latest innovations showcased at the CES event.

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Video Transcript

Hello CES it’s great to see you again many of you here may remember our Bali prototype from 2020 I’m excited to introduce the New Bali it is it is your true AI companion with more advanced intelligence Bali can come right to you and project visuals on your

Wall it can also help you interact with other connected devices or take care of hassles like turning switches on and off we’re taking this technology one step further with our new transparent microed you really have to see it to believe it clearly our screens are evolving and redefining the standards in premium

Visual display technology our 202 24 screen lineup comes with on device Ai and intelligent integration across devices allowing you to upscale the experience the latest Samsung Neo 8K is a beast of an AI screen with our most advanced Neo QED chip set to date the

Nq8 uh AI gen 3 chip features a neural processing unit with over 500 neural networks that’s eight times more than our previous model meaning our latest TVs are even smarter the npu of this processor runs at Double the speed of our previous model this also means that every action

Is smoother and every command more responsive visuals are strikingly sharp and detailed thanks to Samsung Neil’s 8K Ai upscaling and AI motion enhancer Technologies sound and dialogue are optimized based on active voice amplifier Pro which analyzes and adjusts voice tracks against background noises and if you’re big into gaming Samsung

Neo’s AI engine instantly optimizes picture and sound quality based on the game or genre you want to play this year we’re also introducing the new Premiere 8K with an expansive 150 in display this projector is the world’s first to feature less 8K transmission it brings yes please go

Ahead it’s super cool it brings a fullscale movie theater experience right into your home now another exciting addition to our lineup is the music frame this customizable speaker seamlessly integrates into your space with dual built-in woofers and intelligent audio processor sing it sings effortlessly with your Samsung TV and Soundbar via Q

Symphony leveraging Samsung’s AI sound Technologies Q Symphony allows all of your compatible speakers to augment Bas and Surround Sound while intelligently adapting to the Acoustics of your home this is the bespoke four-door Flex refrigerator with AI family Hub plus with a 32-in screen it can help you explore all the connected possibilities

Avail ailable in the kitchen and this year we’re introducing AI Vision inside it uses the power of connected intelligence to make your frid’s internal camera a little Smarter with AI Vision inside your fridge can recognize what goes in or is taken out and it will update your food

List the fridge can also send you a notification for items you’ve set up with an expiration date this can help you use up the ingredients before they go bad reducing the amount of food that goes to waste each week Samsung’s new bespoke AI laundry combo not only frees

Up space at home but it also uses smart technology it automatically senses fabric types and soil levels and adjusts the wash time and detergent as needed we’re also launching a new AI powered Robot vacuum meet Samsung’s latest bespoke jetbot combo it recognizes a wide variety of flooring types including hardwood and

Carpets and tailor its settings based on the material for example when you’re approaching the carpet area the BET’s bespoke jetbot combo detects and decides whether to lift them up or go back to its station and leave the mop behind it also uses AI object recognition to avoid getting stuck on

Cables or rugs while identifying specific spaces like bathrooms and entrances and doorways unveiled in December our new galaxy book 4 Series is our most connected and intelligent lineup of Galaxy books yet the galaxy book 4 Series is equipped with a new Intel Core Ultra processor that features a newly added neural Processing

Unit the galaxy book 4 ultra also comes with a dedicated Nvidia GeForce RTX 47d laptop GPU these components enable unmatched new AI capabilities and help boost your productivity but we’re not done here at CES I’m happy to share the latest developments for our continued partnership with Microsoft from March this year galaxy

Book 4 and Galaxy smartphone owners will be able to experience the incredible new capabilities supported by Microsoft co-pilot ready Vision can deliver personalized recommendations from where you want to stop for coffee to the B of your music for your morning and evening commutes so let’s say you’re in a new

City for a work meeting and you want to grab a bite of breakfast on your way you’re not really sure of the streets or the restaurants around but with ready vision and Ready Care your vehicle will not only show you where to turn and watch out for a hidden

Stop sign but I will actually give you recommended points of interest right on your windshield thank you and have a great yes

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