Savage Kingdom: Rise of Exiles – The Makulu Pack (Full Episode) – Documentary

Savage Kingdom: Rise of Exiles – The Makulu Pack (Full Episode) – Documentary

Rise of Exiles: The Makulu Pack (Full Episode) | Savage Kingdom

In the full episode of “Rise of Exiles: The Makulu Pack” in the Savage Kingdom series, a soldier is murdered, leading to mayhem within the Makulu pack. With the reigning tyrants reveling in the atrocities of war, power is fleeting and the keys to the kingdom are forged in blood. Mler, the old leader of the Makulu pack, concedes to the inevitable rise of Kitso as the new leader. Kitso must lead the pack against the Hyena Queen amidst seasonal floods, while tensions rise within the pack.

Meanwhile, the exiled Queens are building their own coalition to challenge the growing power of Mammutti and her army. As alliances are tested and loyalties are questioned, the fate of the Savage Kingdom hangs in the balance. With the next generation of warriors being groomed, battles for dominance and survival intensify.

As Kitso rises to the occasion, he must prove his worth as a leader and unite the pack against the tyrants threatening their domain. With the Western Pride and other rival factions looming, the struggle for power and control escalates, setting the stage for an epic confrontation in the Savage Kingdom.

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Video Transcript

A soldier is murdered murder and Mayhem the makulu pack descends into turmoil exiled Queens build their own coalition the reigning tyrants cherish the atrocities of [Applause] war power is fleeting the keys to the kingdom are forged in blood mler has led the makulu pack well for

Years but he no longer has the strength for battle There is one poised to take the Reigns kidso the old man’s prote but M hatler will never step aside without a Push nobody wants this Mah hatler knows it’s inevitable and Concedes the alpha female has final Approval And just like that kitso is their new leader he wears his scars with pride as his star Rises his first task to lead the pack against the hyena Queen the seasonal flood is at its peak forcing everyone together conflict is inevitable di lady is learning to navigate this dangerous well

But it’s a constant struggle keeping her Cubs out of trouble her eldest son sepo feels the urge to kill but he doesn’t know how or who Deol lady sees her son’s potential and they need to eat but she’s still faster stronger better alone you stay here until I call yeah now come quickly too late mutti’s minions are everywhere thieves on the take oh hunting for others is not energy well spent they must keep moving exiled to the wat’s

Edge rarted on the western Pride are rebuilding safe from the infested heart of the Kingdom but something is not right Mamut she must be sent a Message such insolence such Vermin ramaha will shut them down r Harter kills Intruders send that message back to your queen he has too much at stake this is not just a home this is now a nursery the Queens have six Cups five females and one male very good odds this brood will more than double their forces females will be future Warriors if rohara and his brother can keep them Alive mutzi and her Army now run Unchecked growing arrogant and rich on Limitless spoils what have we here A desperate mother and a very sick Baby How quickly The Merchant of death come calling they’d laugh at her suffering It is only a matter of time and her son is Gone there will be no Sentiment The Commander’s orders are Simple take what’s ours [Applause] it does not matter who you are no one can oppose a for L this size not a grieving giant not Anyone kito’s new rule brings peace to the makulu pack he is kind and allows their now useless old General to stay the new leader knows the importance of loyalty But now it’s time for Kito to prove his own worth The Hunt is his to Lead follow me and we shall Feast come kitso brings them Together the makulu pack is back United and Strong and ready to take on tyrants mammutti moves unchallenged through the kingdom defeating all who oppose her she wallows in her success a brilliant and ruthless General and she knows her real weapon is numbers their future domination will take a different kind of leadership mutzi and her sisters carry the next generation of Soldiers but they will all be Tested even tyrants are born weak and helpless and everyone in the Kingdom will kill to bring them down What up and his siblings relish their Adventures but Deco lady does not she will never be at peace until her Cubs are Grown she’s pushed to her limits in someone else’s stronghold Ramo hared and his brother Patrol this Border this is Western Pride territory a jealous King will not share with Anyone the punishment for Trespassing is death no matter who you are Deal lady draws the attention of the Kings the young mother sacrifices herself to save her CS desperate cries are met with only silence did I do enough deal lady fears the worst Despite their youthful innocence her Cubs knew exactly what to Do SEO and his siblings are finally understanding how this Kingdom works kitsu is coming of age as head of the makulu Pack he’s living the dream it’s time to forge a new Legacy and add strength to the pack But myut Scouts are still always on their tail no matter what kitso does they just keep coming he must lead them somewhere safe where his new Dynasty can grow to become a force that will reckon with the scourge the Western Pride holds court on the fringes but someone is not

Happy rohar is no natural in the nursery the Cubs adore him but he’s not feeling very adorable His Queens do their best to keep the Peace be careful little ones A king needs his space some alone time might do him Good but with rohart gone his family is exposed this is rotten Army s Central Command hidden here in the heart of the Kingdom the nursery is their inner sanctum mammutti is a gifted commander and devot voted mother to a prince and Princess her daughter is The Heir Apparent next in line for the crown she will want for nothing she already shows the Evil Genius of leadership that’s my Girl the future is yours for the taking it’s in our our blood diol lady’s Cubs are growing up so she can enjoy a r moment of Peace SEO and his siblings explore every dimension of their adopted world they’ve been pushed into the swamp this much water makes the hunt much Harder seo’s instincts are Strong but he still has much to learn for now it’s all up to de lady she’s a masterful Hunter but her Cubs did not follow and now they’re stuck Stranded by Deep Water alone and Helpless de lady has no choice but to give up her prize and return to them another dinner cancelled the fa’s lucky day the family hasn’t had a proper meal in days the Cubs need to keep up and grow up fast she needs their help to hunt here they’re running out of time

When history Chronicles War few record a tyrant’s gentle Aside but far from the front line these are mud’s most prized Possessions Natural Born Fighters but still so small so vulnerable many eyes guard the precious Brood but it only takes a distracted moment the spoiled princess is alone and unguarded who’s this Beast a great fanged monster with terrible Tusks but there’s no mistaking the stench of Evil muty and the clan return to find the princess safe she was cautious and wise soon she will be the one to be feared With ramara and his brother away the lionesses of the western Pride can breathe some relief no temperamental Kings to a peace but in their absence the door is open to Another a solitary Nomad wants what rohara Has to get it this Drifter would kill the Cubs but the Queens will not let that happen They call the Shots bow to us and leave is they’re going to take the kingdom the family must stay as One Loyal United and strong females of the ultimate Power with five young Lionesses the Western Pride sets their sights on the Savage Kingdom

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